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Trois: Episode 2: An MMF Romance (Trois Serial) by Brill Harper (1)


“I’M GOING TO TAKE IT out now. You okay with that, little bit?”

I nod, not trusting my voice. It. His cock. The throbbing bulge inside his shorts.

Is this really happening? I walked in on my hot roommates watching porn twenty minutes ago and now they are going to masturbate in front of me.

I will finally, finally get to see a penis in the wild.

“Bad idea, man,” Fletcher says. “We should stop this now, before we go too far.”

Shane ignores the warning from Fletch and exposes his big, throbbing dick. I gasp. He’s huge! He allows me to stare for a moment, taking in how gigantic his cock is. I study the thick long shaft, the plum-shaped head glistening with pre-cum, and the heavy furred balls hanging beneath it still nested in his shorts.

I gulp.

“Your turn, Fletch.”

I whip my head to the side. Will he show me too? Fletch is the more rational of the two, but that didn’t stop him from participating in our three-way make-out session the other day.

“This is not going to happen,” Fletch says as he stares at the television. The porn isn’t really as interesting to me as what is going on right here on this couch.

Shane slides his hand around his shaft. “You’re right, man. Your monster would probably scare her anyway.”

“Shut the fuck up, Shane.”


“Fletch is hung like a fucking horse.”

My eyes get wide, and I can’t stop the quick glance at Shane’s cock, still out. Still huge.

“Yeah, Velma. Fletch is even bigger.” He fake whispers, “He’s enormous. Biggest I’ve ever seen.”

“I’m going to kill you, Shane.”

"So... when you say Fletch has the biggest you've ever seen, how big are we talking exactly?"

Shane laughs. “For science, of course.”

"Well, you can't just casually drop that kind of information on a girl and expect her not to ask any follow-up questions." I wish I had my notebook with me to record this.

“I’m right here,” Fletch protests.

"Seriously, I want to see it." Oh, geez. I think I said that out loud.

“He’s part Viking or something.”

Fletch shakes his head but surprises all of us by pulling down his shorts. His erect cock springs out, and I gasp at the size of it. It flexes and swells even more while I am watching it. “Whoa.”

It is thick and almost lewd, it is so big.

“Told you,” Shane says. Then he nudges me. “You should touch it.”

“Can I?” Normally, this would not be my reaction, I think. But not only am I super turned on, but my curiosity and desire for knowledge is amped up to eleven.

“This isn’t a petting zoo,” Fletch says, but he’s exhaling a little too loudly for me to believe he is immune to how hot this is.

“Please, Fletch.” I look down at the anaconda between his legs. “Please. I really want to touch it.”

“Listen to her begging to touch your cock. That’s fucking hot.”

The look on Fletch’s face changes at Shane’s words. He has an edge now. A darker one than I’ve seen on our all-American college boy. An exhilarating rush travels through my body. There’s more to him than he shows most people. More to his perfect Boy Scout persona. I want to see him go to that primal place I see lurking beneath the surface of his gaze. It’s dark and swampy and primordial. I’m half afraid he’s going to drag me to his cave and half afraid he never will.

“You sure?” he asks.

Consent is very important in this household, I’ve noticed.

“I really want to touch your cock. I’ve never touched one before.”

He nods.

I take hold of his dick, gingerly compared to all the movies I’ve seen, and examine the hard shaft. Fletch guides my hand and I watch, mesmerized by the mushroom head that will no way fit in any person’s vagina. He guides my hand back up, and together we repeat this motion several times slowly. His hand falls away, and I repeat the slow up and down motion on my own.

“Oh, yeah, little bit. You got it.” This is from Shane, who is stroking himself while he watches.

Fletch stops my hand and makes me switch to my left. “I want to see you wrap that little hand around Shane’s dick too.”

The air changes in the room. It’s not just fun and games anymore. The tone in Fletch’s voice is all authority and something in me responds instantly. Like I’ve been waiting for his voice my whole life. Nerves of anticipation dance up and down my spine.

Shane’s hand is still holding his cock, but he isn't jerking off anymore. I think he’s just as surprised by Fletch’s tone as I am.

While still holding on to Fletch with my left hand, I wrap my right hand around Shane and give him a hard squeeze, testing the silky flesh as he moans. I pull up slowly and a large drop of clear liquid bulges out the tip and drips down the side.

"Yes, stroke that cock, baby," Fletch says. “Stroke us both.”

Normally, that kind of talk would seem cheesy to me. But right now, it’s ratcheting up my already thrumming pulse.

They are both dripping in pre-cum, lubricating themselves and making it easy for my hand to glide up and down their shafts. The moans from the guys are making my head spin. I can’t believe I’m doing this. That this is really me. Boring old me. Two cocks. Two gorgeous men in the palms of my hands. Literally.

Fletch stills my left hand. “Make Shane come. I want to watch.”

I devote all my energy to Shane’s dick now that I’m no longer multi-tasking. Up and down, faster now, I add a little flourish at the top. Shane begins to pump his hips, fucking his hot prick through my fist. "Yeah, that's it."

“How does he feel in your hand?” Fletch asks me.

“Velvety, warm. So hard and thick.” I keep stroking and Shane’s dick gets redder, the head seeming more sensitive and a darker purple. I have the sudden urge to kiss it. Taste it.

And then his back arches. “Gonna come.”

He grabs my hand, maybe afraid I’ll stop too soon, and his body starts quaking. His cock throbs in my hand just as it erupts, sticky white cum continuing to spurt in pulse after pulse.

“Oh, God. There’s so much,” I say in honest surprise.

He groans lustily as he coats my hand. “Job well done,” he says after moaning again.

I bring my hand to my mouth and lick my fingers.

“Fuck, baby, that’s so hot,” Shane says, and it fills me with a strange kind of knowing pride. There’s a woman settling into the heart of me. Instincts I worried I might not have are beginning to show themselves. Dark, dirty instincts.

“Not done yet,” Fletch says, reaching for me and pulling me roughly to him. His grip is powerful. Possessive. My name comes out of his mouth in a hoarse whisper and suddenly his lips are pushing into mine. He growls against my lips.

He’s palming the flagpole in his lap. It’s tall and proud and a hungry. Primal lust surges through me. I take both hands to him eagerly.

“Oh, sweet Jesus. Your hands are wet.” Wet with Shane’s cum. I’m off the charts on a scale of prude to slut right now. I am stroking a guy using the cum of his best friend as lube. And I love it.

Fletch leans back and closes his eyes as I practice the same moves I just learned. He’s breathing hard, and the electricity in the air is sparking. He thrusts himself hard into my hands and spurts. It’s fascinating. I want more. I want him to do it again. I want Shane to do it again.

But then the once electric vibe in the room cools quickly, the three of us suddenly aware of what we’re doing. What we’ve done.

The porno on the 72-inch screen seems too loud, too brash.

My hands are sticky and wet.

“Hey, you want us to do you a solid, too?” Shane asks.

I jump up off the couch. “Um. No. That was great, guys. Thanks.”

That was great, guys, thanks?

“Pen, let us take care of you.”

“No, thanks. I have to go study calculus now. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

I am so freaked out by what I did. Who I’m becoming. Who I want to become. Because that is the thing that freaks me out the most. Not that I just gave two boys hand jobs on our couch. It’s that I want to do more. I want to lose myself in the feelings of sexiness and power I felt. I want to touch them both everywhere. I want them inside my body. Not one. Not the other. Both.

I want them both. If things went further, though, how would they look at me in the morning? I’m already awkward most of the time, I can’t imagine how I could manage acting normal after doing the things I want to do with them. This really should stop now. Before we go too far.