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Trois: Episode 4: An MMF Romance (Trois Serial) by Brill Harper (1)


I AM COMING OFF THE biggest sex high of my life when I see Jenna in the hall freaking the fuck out.


Jenna just caught her best friend doing the walk of shame out of her brother’s room. And it wasn’t just Fletch that Penelope was having sex with. We are all busted.

We’re in the hall, and I close the door behind me because it smells like sex in there and that seems a little counterintuitive to calming this chick down.

“What the fuck is going on?” Jenna yells.

“Calm down, Jenna. You’re going to wake up Mom and Dad,” Fletch says in his very reasonable voice.

But Jenna is not a girl easily reasoned with.

“I don’t fucking care! What did you two do to her?”

Penelope grabs her wrist and speaks in a hushed tone, “Nothing. It’s not like that. It’s...complicated.”

Jenna points at Fletch. “I asked you to take care of her, not take advantage of her. How could you do this?”

Pen is still trying to calm her down. “They didn’t take advantage of me.”

They?” Jenna’s voice rises to stadium levels. “They’re both doing you?”

“Oh my God.” Penelope buries her face in her hands. My immediate instinct is to wrap my arm around her, but I don’t want to make a bad situation worse.

“What’s going on out here?”

Fletch’s face turns white as he hears his mother’s voice. Oh man, bad situation just got worse.

“Mrs. Fletcher,” I say, trying to sound neutral. “Jenna just learned that Fletch and Penelope are dating and she’s a little upset that nobody told her. We’ll try to keep it down, but you can go back to bed.”

“Dating?” Jenna sneers. She points to the bedroom door. “They’ve both been having sex with her, Mom. They took my sweet, innocent friend and corrupted her. I can’t even believe this is happening. I trusted you, Fletch. You were supposed to look out for her like a sister. Not fuck her.”

“Language, young lady.”

Jenna’s eyes round with surprise and her cheeks get very, very red. “Are you kidding me right now? My language is what’s wrong with this situation?”

Mr. Fletcher comes out wrapping his bathrobe around him. Hell, he’s wearing the same pajama pants that Fletch is wearing. “What’s going on out here? Are we waking the neighborhood for a good reason?”

Little Bit looks like she is about to cry, and I hate that. I hate anything that hurts her. She’s wringing her hands and pleading with her best friend. “Jenna, please don’t be mad at them. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before. I was just worried.”

“Worried about what?” Jenna’s voice booms off the walls.

“She was worried you might not handle it very well and freak out,” I say dryly.

“Shut up, Shane,” all five people in the hall say.

“How long has this been going on?” Jenna asks. The anger is leaching out of her voice to be replaced by a pretty raw sadness. Shit. We hurt her feelings.

“A while...”

“How long?” Jenna pushes. “Were you guys doing it when I came out to visit? Oh my God, were you doing them both and that guy Jones?”

“No. No. Nothing like that.”

Penelope looks up at Fletcher, and the fucker gets this totally whipped look on his face when he pulls her to his side. “I know this isn’t what any of you want to hear right now, but the three of us are in a relationship and it’s nobody’s business but ours. Nobody owes you an explanation, Jenna.”

Her eyes fill with tears. “Pen and I used to share everything.”

“I wasn’t ready to share this. I’m sorry,” Penelope says.

“It’s sick,” Jenna says in a wobbly voice.

“No, it’s really not,” says Fletch. His chest gets bigger, and I think he gains an inch in height. “It’s not what you’re used to, but that doesn’t make it wrong. It’s not sick. It’s love.”

Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher look like they are going to hurl. “Let’s just deal with this tomorrow, shall we?” Mrs. Fletchers says. “Things will make more sense after a good night sleep.”

As if on cue, an alarm clock in their room goes off.

“Time to put the bird in the oven,” Mr. Fletcher says. “Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.”


AFTER A VERY AWKWARD meal of dry turkey and stilted conversation, Fletch and I agree to go get Velma from her parents’ and just go home. We needed to be together. We needed to be home. Our home.

There was very little talking in the car. When we get in the house, Penelope’s phone rings. She looks hopeful for a second, but then shakes her head. “It’s not Jenna.”

She takes her bag into her room while she answers the call, and I throw myself onto the couch. “This sucks. You okay, man?”

“We should have just told everyone from the beginning. Now it seems like we were ashamed.”

“Well for a while, you were.”

He chews the inside of his cheek. “I don’t know what the right thing is.” Usually when he gets all glowering like this, I invite him to shoot zombies on the big screen with me. I don’t think that will do it right now, and I find myself wondering if I’m supposed to hug him. Is that part of this now? He said relationship, and included me, and that wigs me the fuck out, to be honest. But he’s the best dude I know and doesn’t deserve this shit and I kind of wish that putting my arm around him would be the thing that would make him feel better. Since I’m not sure it wouldn’t make things weird, I keep it to myself.

Penelope comes out of her room with a tight jaw and a white face. “That was housing. My roommate, Sami, isn’t coming back to school after the break. They said they know I haven’t been staying there, but that I can move back in if I want to. That I’ll get a new roommate at semester.”

I’m more torn than I thought I would ever be about her moving out. It almost seems like this is destiny saying to break it off now. Maybe she can patch things up with Jenna. Maybe she can have a more normal college experience, living in the dorms and not fucking two guys.

But I don’t want her to go. I really don’t want her to go.

My heart just ices up at the thought. I promised myself I would never do this. That relationships are bad news. That life was meant to be fun and settling down is the opposite of that. No responsibilities means never letting anyone down. Not being in a relationship means I wouldn’t have the opportunity to hurt someone. To be weak like my old man.

“What do you want to do?” Fletch asks her in his cool, authoritative tone. I want to fucking punch him in the neck for it. Why isn’t he begging her to stay? He’s the one who should be good at this. For convincing her that this is what she wants and needs.

She shrugs and suddenly looks so small. “I don’t know. Maybe it would be easier to move out.”

“Don’t,” my voice croaks out before I realize I’d even opened my mouth. “Don’t go. We can work this out.”

My mind is flashing a neon stop sign at the back of my eyelids. I’m moving into dangerous territory here.

If I want something too much, then I’m bound to screw it up. And I want this. More than I can say. “You and said the L word last night. If you want me to bow out, I will, but don’t go.”

“Fuck you, Shane,” Fletch says. “Just because you won’t say it doesn’t mean you don’t feel it.” He rolls his neck like he’s getting ready for a workout. “Penelope, you belong with us. The three of us belong together. I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks. I don’t even care what Shane says. We are a unit. We’re a family. And it only works with the three of us. But we can’t make the decision for you. You have to want to stay. We’ll face whatever we have to together, but you have to choose this. Us.”

The little wheels in her head start turning. You can see them if you look close enough. “Why? Why do you guys want me? I mean, I know that both of you can get any girl you want—one that doesn’t rip your family or friendship apart.”

“Nobody is ripping my friendship with Fletcher apart. You add a new dimension to it for sure—but if anything, you made it stronger.”

Wait. I said that. Out loud. And I didn’t burst into flames or anything.

“My family will come around, Pen. Jenna’s always been hotheaded, you just never had it directed at you before.”

She bites her lip. “And your political ambitions? You think it’s going to go over very well when they dig around your college years and find out you were polyamorous?”

Fletch pulls her down to the couch and sits down so we’re all in the spots from the night of the hand job. “I plan to still be polyamorous if and when I run for office, so there will be nothing for anyone to dig for. You guys will be right there at my side already.”

Whoa. Pen and I look at each other. Dude just declared long-term long-term.

“The two of you look surprised, so let me make it as clear as I can. I love you. Both.” I think my heart just skipped a beat. “And I don’t know exactly what our future looks like other than we will be together for it. When we were together last night, I knew it meant forever and I won’t change my mind.”

Holy shit. The door isn’t that far. I could jump up and sprint across the room and just start running. He’s fast, but I’ll have adrenaline on my side. Just call me Shane Gump because I’m pretty sure once I start running, I won’t stop. Ever.

He loves us both? Like love love? Bro love? What the fuck is even happening right now?

“Forever?” Penelope says in a weak voice, and I’m stoked that I’m not the only one with doubts. “Because I’m not easy to love,” Penelope says. “I get weird and sometimes closed off and I don’t always know how to talk to people.”

I let Fletch say the words to reassure her because I’m having a hard time swallowing, much less talking. I can’t stop thinking about the part where he said love. I mean, we’ve done the bro-dude versions of I love you over the years, but now that we are sleeping in the same bed most nights and sometimes touching peen, does he mean the next level love? Like now we’re boyfriends?

I can’t even say I love Penelope, am I supposed to be able to love them both?

I didn’t hear what he just told her, but she looks cool with it. And he doesn’t seem to be circling back to his comment, so maybe the best thing to do is ignore it for now.

“Did they say what was wrong with Sami? Your dorm roommate?” I ask.

“No. I just hope it means she’s getting the help she needs.”

Damn. She’s so sweet. If that had been my dorm roommate, I’d have probably been less nice about it. That girl caused her a lot of drama. But that’s just Pen I guess. She thinks she’s bad with people, but I don’t see it the same way. After all, she’s been a pint-sized bottle of glue in this house.

I lean over and kiss her. ‘You’re smart.” I kiss her again. “You’re sexy.” I kiss her one more time. “And I’m really glad you’re staying. You make me happy.” This time she kisses me. When I come up for air, Fletch is smiling wolfishly as he watches us. That always gets my motor running, having him watch. “I say we celebrate Thanksgiving our way. Starting with giving Velma so many Os she passes out harder than a turkey coma.”

“Challenge accepted,” Fletcher adds, and before you know it we’re naked and Penelope is facing me while slowly lowering herself onto Fletch on the couch, and I can see the juicy, snug walls of her pussy surrounding his cock, inch by inch. Yeah, watching them revs my motor just as much as him watching us. Their thighs touch, and they give a push toward each other until he is balls deep inside her and we all three groan.

Normally, this is where I get my dick in her mouth, but I’m mesmerized at the close-up sight of Fletch’s rock hard cock sliding into her sweet pussy. I watch as he fucks her, watch his pole moving in and out of her, watch her get wetter the more he strokes in and out. His balls are bouncing back and forth, her breasts are bobbing in rhythm as she rides him, ash she goes back and forth and up and down on his cock. Something comes over me, and I get on my knees and lean closer, stick out my tongue, and begin lapping at her clit. I go someplace else when I hear her moan and feel the shaft of Fletch’s cock slide along my lips as it pumps in and out of her pussy.

This is unchartered territory here.

In the back of my head, warning bells sound. But it’s just bodies. It’s just making her feel good. And I would do anything to make this girl feel good. I hated seeing her look defeated today. I don’t want her to feel ashamed of what we do to each other in this house. I hated the thought of her leaving us. Leaving me.

I run my hands down the back of her smooth calves. “You both look so hot.” I dive back in, feeling his cock graze my tongue as he's sliding in and out of her pussy, and I suck her clit and then something louder than warning bells sound in my head. Something primal and deep and new. An instinct rises up in me, and I lower my head. Hesitantly, I move my hand down to get a quick feel of his balls. When he makes no objection, I cup his balls in my hand.

Fuck. He’s got a set on him to go with that big horse cock. They are hot and silky and a little hairy, reminding me he’s a guy. I’m a guy. I’ve got my hand on his guy balls.

“That’s so hot,” Penelope says. And she’s not wrong.

I don’t think anymore. I’m all animal now. I’ve gone someplace new and dark and dangerous. I gently start sucking on his balls while he pumps our girlfriend’s pussy. After a few minutes of this, I move up and start sucking one of her tits, keeping my hand on her clit and feeling my best friend brushing up against my hand with every one of his strokes.

I make eye contact with Fletch. My best friend. My apparent housemate for life, and I go back down and tongue my best friend’s testicles until he starts coming.

I’m faced with a couple of choices here, but I’m the hedonist. I’m the reckless one, right? So I taste him, taste the mixture of them both as the overflow trails down his sac. Penelope holds my head there, stroking my hair, calling me baby, and I become a man possessed of getting every last drop.

I come without ever touching my own dick.



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