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Wicked Paradise: An Alpha Billionaire Romance by Tia Lewis (12)


When will people ever learn? I sighed as I sat back in the limo. The cool air on my various bruises felt good. The man hadn’t left too many marks on me, but the one or two he did, managed to annoy me. In the seat across from Bianca and me, were the couple that we’d gotten out of that disastrous situation. I rested my chin on my hand and stared out the window, trying to tune them out.

I wanted to look over at Bianca and ask how she was, but I knew there would be a better time for that. She was the type of girl that liked to be reserved. There was little chance she’d tell me how she felt with others here, so there was no point in bothering to ask.

“So, where are we taking them?” she asked me, tapping me on the arm.

I turned to her suddenly. “Huh? What? Oh… Right. Well, that’s up to them, I suppose.” The two were still going at each other. I tried to interject a few times, but it didn’t work. The woman was obviously the more antagonizing of the two. Hurt burned in the man’s throat as he spoke.

From the bits of the conversation I managed to catch, my interest started to pique. “We were separated! That guy meant nothing to me!” shrieked the woman.

“It was one day, the first day, and you fucking hopped on some random guy’s cock! How can I believe you even wanna be with me when you wanna do shit like that? You flirt right in front of me like I’m not even there!” The man put his hands up, angrily running his fingers through his hair. “God… Goddammit! Can’t you see that I… I love you…?”

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t be making a scene right now…”

He looked over at us. “What? Them? They’re not even paying attention. Even when we’re right next to each other, you won’t give me the time of day. Did you even hear anything I just said?” The man let out a groan of frustration. “I wish… Just once you’d listen to me…”

“How do you expect me to listen when you barely even look at me anymore?”

The pounding in my head was getting worse. I reached up to rub my temples and took a deep breath. Trying not to be too rude, held a hand up and said, “Hey, so.” They ignored me, continuing to argue. “Hey!” I nearly shouted. At this, they quieted down.

“So, what are your names?”



“I’m Dustin, Dustin Baldwin and this is my…assistant, Bianca.” I folded my hands in my lap and sat back. “We’ll take you wherever you want to go, I just wanted to get you out of that bad situation, and I’m glad that I did. Now… In exchange for this, I’m going to tell you to do something for me.”

“What is it?” asked Sandra.

“You and your husband here.” Perhaps I can have a bit of fun with these two. I’m sure Bianca won’t mind. Even if she does, I won’t have to hear about it until later… “How long have you two been together?”

“About six months now,” Larry replied.

I nodded slowly. “Ah, I see. You two must’ve felt pretty strongly about each other then, hmm?”

“At the time, maybe...” replied Sandra, looking away from me.

“What changed that?”

Larry coughed up a dry chuckle. “It’s complicated, but basically… Our bedroom is…”

I looked over at Bianca from the corner of my eye to see her shuffling in her seat. It’s like she already knows what I’m planning… “I see. Well, I know this isn’t a bedroom. It’s a much livelier place. Maybe, if you two would act upon my request, you’d find some of the life here and take it back home, hmm?”

“What do you mean by that?” asked Sandra, her eyes wide.

“Yeah, what?” asked Larry.

“It’s simple.” I leaned in, looking at them both sternly. “I want you two to start to fuck. Right now.”

“What?!” the two of them asked in shock.

“Dustin…” I heard Bianca whisper to me.

“You’ll like this…” I replied, swiping a finger across her leg. “Hush.”

She quieted down, and I continued to the couple, “Listen, I know it might sound strange, but I know a thing or two about these kinds of things. If you two can’t get passionate about each other in private, how do you expect to feel anything at all? Come now… You don’t want the flame to die out, do you?”

They looked at each other for a long while. “No…” they concluded.

“Then you’ll do as I say.”

The two of them nodded. “Good. Now, don’t look over here at all. I don’t want you to even ‘see’ us here, you understand me? All you’re going to see is the other person. The one you love.”

They turned to face each other, dashes of red on both of their cheeks. I shifted a little to help adjust myself, a warmth starting between my legs in anticipation.

“Now kiss her,” I commanded quietly.

Larry moved in slowly, but Sandra pulled away from him. A sour look took over Larry’s face as he turned away, but before either of them could say anything, I growled, “I said kiss.”

They looked at me as if my command confused them. I looked at them individually to let them get a good understanding of my intentions. There was no confusing it—I wanted this to happen.

Surprisingly, I could feel Bianca beside me. She attempted to shift herself to the side a little to get closer to the window. Her eyes were glued to the things moving outside it. Well, that’s no fun, now is it?

I leaned in close to her ear just as Larry and Sandra tried to kiss again. “Don’t fight it, Bianca,” I whispered, brushing my lips past her ear. “You know what you want.” I could feel her shiver a little and heard her gulp—hard.

“Uh… I…” she stammered, pulling in her arms and legs.

“Look at them,” I commanded softly, a hand draped across her legs.

When she dared to take a peek, I looked with her. The two lovers across from us were getting into their own rhythm and “dance.” Larry took the lead. His strong hands held Sandra against the car seat as he forced his tongue into her mouth, his growls audible as well as her gasps. They locked lips for a while, hands traveling through clothes, teasing what lie just beneath them.

It brought a feeling of satisfaction over me. Just enough to get a taste of it. I could feel my shorts growing a little tighter—prompting me to adjust again out of Bianca’s sight. Gotta keep her in the dark about me. If she knew how much I enjoyed this, she might have the upper hand.

“Ah…! Ohhh… Oh, God…” huffed Sandra as they finally broke the kiss, her hot pants filling the car. Larry didn’t waste any time and went straight to the side of her neck. He assaulted her hot flesh with sloppy kisses up and down the side.

“Harder,” I asserted. “Show her what she’s been missing all this time.”

Larry obeyed my command, taking one of Sandra’s plump breasts into his hand and massaging it as he bit down on her neck. Sandra let out a quiet moan, melting under Larry’s touch. Her little erect nipple pressed against Larry’s thumb as he teased and flicked the nub. “Arrghh… Ah…! L-Larry!” she cried out, his fingers twisting and tweaking her nipple.

“Now…” I started to say as a finger trailed down the side of my slightly outlined hardness. “Keep going. Show each other the passion you have for the other.”

It took him a second, but eventually, I saw the look that meant he understood. “God, I’ve missed this,” Larry exclaimed. Silently, he slinked down between his wife’s legs, spreading her thighs apart. One leg hung off the seat while the other straightened out along its back. She looked down at him with want and need in her eyes—a look I’d seen far too many times.

Just watching them so closely made my mouth water, but I refused to let Bianca know.

Looking over at her it was all too evident how flustered she was, however. As soon as our eyes met, she asked me, “Dustin, can you take me back to the hotel? Now?

“Of course,” I replied with a little grin. “I trust we’ll arrive right when these two are ready for the main event…”

The tent in Larry’s shorts was straining against the car seat. I peeked in closer to watch him adjust himself to settle between the opening he had made my spreading her thighs wide. He ground his erection against her heat while continuing to lavish her neck and breasts with attention. Every movement was full of passion and lust. He was erratic—driven crazy by the scent and feel of his women. This feeling, I knew, was what all men strived for in life. They craved it more than anything else.

Sandra wriggled and squirmed below him, her hands in his hair one moment and flailing to the sides the next. Moans poured out of her open mouth, and the smells of hot sensuality filled the limo. You’re not the only one who’s missed this, Larry. God, I love this country… I caught myself smirking and wiped it off my face.

Catching my composure, I said, “Give it to her. Make her feel like she’s never had you before!” My grip tightened around the armrest, clenching the soft fabric beneath.

“Yes, sir!” Larry cried out as he continued to grind into his wife. A shiver ran down my spine, making me take a deep breath to control myself.

Sandra whimpered a little, her legs naturally spreading wider as Larry ground into her. “L-Larry… Oh, my God… I forgot how big you were…!” Hot breaths escaped from her open mouth, only joined by the occasional moan or grunt of ecstasy.

Trying not to let myself get caught up in the scene, I forced myself to look away from the pair. I turned to Bianca and told her, “We’ll be there soon. Not too long now.” She didn’t look over at me, so I lightly tapped her on the leg.

The action seemed to shock her—knock her out of a trance. She looked at me with wide eyes filled with glimmers of desire. I bet she didn’t know it, but I’d seen the look too many times before. Not so innocent, are you Bianca? The thought made me feel warm, but not in a comforting sense. It was a feral heat that spread all over my body and brought on the feeling of adrenaline and excitement.

She was close to me. So close to me, that I could take her right now. My mind flipped between thoughts of an orgy and how it would play out. How the four of us could combine with one another, but I restrained myself. No, I thought. It’s far too early for that. She has to be broken gently.

“Did you hear me?” I asked her in a breathy voice. She nodded slowly. I only kept her attention briefly as it was stolen away by the couple across from us. They’d changed positions, Sandra now sitting on Larry’s lap and grinding her center over his erection, his head thrown back enjoying the sensations as she kissed the side of his neck.

The sight was enough to bring a slight smile to my face, and two fingers dipped down to stroke up the side of my thigh. Their tips just barely grazed past my hardness, but I still got a few tingles from it.

“Dustin…” Bianca whined. “I don’t know if this is…”

As the limo finally came to a stop, I knew I had to brace myself for whatever Bianca was thinking.

From the corner of my eye, I caught Bianca rubbing the side of her hand between her legs. Good. I knew you’d like it.



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