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Wild Alien (A Sci Fi Alien Abduction Romance) (Vithohn Warriors) by Stella Sky (120)


Alexa’s small, smooth body writhed beneath me, and I closed my eyes as I moved on top of her, my member throbbing with anticipation. I could feel the heat of her insides without even venturing in myself, and the desire to explore and conquer my human once and for all was overpowering.

When she had nudged me forward so that our sexes were touching, I had nearly taken her right then and there. But she was so unbelievably beautiful. I wanted to take a moment just to relish in the perfection of her human body. It seemed truer than ever that there was nobody else in the universe who could possibly match her. Not now, and not in any other timeframe, either.

I pulsed in longing when Alexa bucked her hips against me. It was an invitation to continue my journey inside of her. What kind of a man would I be if I refused?

Alexa moaned deeply as I pushed myself inside, gently at first, reveling in the tendrils of pleasure that electrified my body as I found myself engulfed by the warmth of her body. Alexa gripped my shoulders, breathing heavily with an expression of pure rapture on her face. She seemed to want this as much as I did.

The music at the event downstairs had begun, and it was loud enough to drown out the sounds of our love-making. Still, it was also a sign that we didn’t have much time left. There would be all the time in the world to explore her body fully when I took her home. But for now, it was time to gratify my female.

Alexa gasped, her small fingers digging into the flesh of my back as I buried myself fully inside of her. Her body rode the waves of her pleasure naturally, and I was shocked by the delicious surge of bliss I felt as her body moved against me, gyrating in a sort of unspoken dance that only she and I seemed to hear the music to.

I felt a deep need to release myself inside of her, and picked up the speed of my thrusting, until Alexa was gulping in brisk bursts of air and letting them out in little hisses and moans of pleasure that made my member harder than it had ever been before.

I paused for a moment, and we gazed tenderly at each other before I finally unleashed all of my power. To my surprise, Alexa was able to handle it just fine, gasping and moaning and thrusting right back against me as I filled her again and again, until I could feel the tingling sensation of my orgasm building in my abdomen.

She seemed to sense it and closed her eyes tightly, her muscles contracting tightly around my desperate manhood. The friction of our bodies created an explosion of fire inside us both, and the sudden eruption of my climax rocked us both. Alexa’s clear eyes opened in sudden bliss as she felt the rush of my hot fluids inside of her. She shuddered as her orgasm made her breasts rise and fall in ecstasy, until I had emptied every last drop of myself inside of her.

We collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily with our fingers intertwined. Finally, I got up and helped Alexa to her feet.

“We’d best get back to the party,” I said.

Alexa fixed a strange look on me, her eyes shimmering.

“Are you sad?” I asked, puzzled this time by her display. “Or happy?”

Alexa touched my cheek and kissed me tenderly.

“Both,” she said.

The action was unsettling, and we dressed quickly before heading back down the stairs to the party.

“Chaz’z!” I was suddenly being pulled away from Alexa and into a group of men from my platoon in the war. I searched the crowd frantically for my female, but she was already gone.


I don’t know how it happened. One minute I was standing with my female, and the next I was being dragged away to an exclusive section of the palace and being fed drink after drink by the men from the war. We were all unhappy about the state of things, and although nobody dared to say it in the royal palace, none of us agreed with Supreme Leader Aloitus’ motivations. The Kalron were innocent people. Who were we to decide that they didn’t deserve the resources they were sitting on? Even if they didn’t want to use or sell them themselves. That was their choice, not ours. There was no reason to assist the Vellreq in their quest for universal domination.

The event went on late into the night, and Aloitus eventually rounded everybody up to give his typical speech and thank us all for our service. He seemed to sense that if he didn’t do something to benefit us for continuing his immoral war, then his command would suffer. And so, unsurprisingly, at the end of the evening, all of us were loaded with bonuses and new gadgets that, despite my anger toward that man and his reign, were quite exciting.

I was completely drunk by the end of the night, and my concern suddenly became seeing to it that somebody got my female back home. Everybody laughed and agreed they would see to it that she was safe, but it seemed insincere on their parts. I knew I was in no condition to drive, and ultimately passed out in the palace bar.

I woke up in the infirmary late in the afternoon, confused and embarrassed about my display the night before. What had gotten into me? I could only blame the stress of planning a rebellion against the only government I had ever known, on top of the strange mixture of emotions I felt from finally copulating with my human. It had been the most incredible thing I had ever experienced.

And yet, something about it had left her feeling unhappy. I was sure of it. I had never seen happy tears before, but the ones she had given me were not happy. What had I done wrong?

“Chaz’z, glad to see you’re among the living,” the medic, a man named Thash’r, said. “Usually when your guys end up here it’s really bad news.”

I smiled grimly. I knew that from experience. I had been in these halls many times to visit wounded comrades. “I’m fine. Just had too much to drink.”

“So I hear,” Thash’r said, giving me a knowing smile. “Get home and get some rest, will you? You need it to lead our men out there.”

I felt a twinge of nausea but did my best to smile.

“My thanks to you,” I said with a deep bow.

“Of course,” Thash’r said, returning my gesture. “Take care of yourself. Have that human of yours prepare you some Yusha; you know it’s good for hangovers.”

“Right,” I said, laughing. “If she’s willing to go back into the kitchen after the last time.”

Thash’r grinned, and I left, feeling a surge of optimism in my breast. What was with this gloomy mood I was in? As long as I could get home and see Alexa again, everything was going to be fine.


“Alexa, are you here?” I asked, stepping into my home. It was nice to be back after all the time out in battle.


Alexa stepped out, giving me a strange look.

“I see you made it home safely,” I said, smiling at her.

“Whatever,” Alexa said, turning her back on me. “I’m hungry. That chick you have doing the cooking hasn’t been coming around.”

“What? Why wouldn’t Temal come to provide meals to you?”

“I don’t know,” Alexa said defiantly. “All I said was that her soup thing looked like it was going to eat me instead of vice versa. I thought it was funny.”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Alexa was acting strange again. Almost the way she had been when I had first brought her home. I suddenly remembered my gift for her. Maybe that would cheer her up.

“Why don’t you take this, then, and I’ll make you something to eat.”

I offered the camera to her, excited to see her face light up the way it had the night before. But she grabbed it without even looking at it and went into the common room, where she flopped herself into a seat and dropped the camera onto the floor.

For some reason, I was immediately filled with rage.

“What is wrong with you?” I growled, tearing into the living room and lifting the camera from the floor and stuffing it back in my bag. “Why are you acting this way?”

“What way?” Alex protested, her voice unattractively high-pitched.

I grasped for the words to describe how she was making me feel, but came up short. What was the point of trying to communicate with a human anyway? Maybe everybody else was right, and they were just lesser beings.

“Whatever,” Alexa grumbled, crossing her arms over her chest and pouting.

I was half-tempted to slam the camera down to the ground and let it fall to shatters. But I had to control my temper.

“Get out of my sight,” I said coolly.


“You heard what I said. Get out of here before you regret it.”

Alexa’s eyes grew wide, and she shot off the couch and into her bedroom. The door hissed shut behind her, and I sighed, clenching my fists tightly. What the hell was going on with that female? Whatever it was, I hoped she would get over it soon.


“You’re home!”

I whipped around with my fists drawn, ready to attack the next person who snuck up on me.

“Easy,” Temal said, a bemused grin on her face. “I’m just here to clean up a bit and make your stupid female something to eat.”

“She said you haven’t been coming around,” I said, raising an eyebrow at her. “I think not eating for a while makes her act strange.

“I don’t think that’s what makes her act strange,” Temal said mysteriously, brushing past me and walking into the kitchen.

“Maybe you’ve been right all along,” I sighed, leaning against the table. “What if humans really are just too inferior to try to get along with? I’m sorry for snapping at you before.”

Temal smiled. “It’s nothing. Thank you for not firing me.”

“Well I still might if you keep neglecting to feed my human when I’m gone,” I said sternly. “She’s acting really strange. Almost like a different person.”


Temal trailed off and grew silent.

“What?” I asked.

“I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but I’ve seen something kind of strange. You know, you wanted me to feed your human. Not somebody else’s.”

“What? What are you talking about?” I asked, now sufficiently confused.

“That girl in there? That’s not the Alexa I met before. It’s a different Alexa.”

Now I was convinced that Temal was either messing with me or that she was just going insane.

“What are you talking about?” I exclaimed. “Stop trying to joke with me. You know it’s inappropriate.”

“I’m serious! There are two of them! And they look exactly the same.”

“I didn’t think so. I looked it up. It’s a phenomenon that happens mostly to humans. Their bodies are so inefficient, I swear. They—”

I glared sternly at Temal and she cleared her throat. “Anyway, they’re twins. I saw one of them take off to Zod’s house. So of course I followed her. I didn’t want to find out she was interested in Zod, of all people. That would dishonor you. But she was there talking to the twin. The twin I guess was distressed about Zod, so the other one took her place. So you have the other one right now.”

I slunk down into the chair beside the table, anger once again curdling in my breast. What was going on? What did all of this mean?

“I didn’t know whether you would be back home yet or taking care of paperwork and things like that at the palace, but I thought I would come back and check. It’s honestly bizarre. The female Zod has looks just like yours. And I’m not just saying that because I’m being racist. There’s something weird going on here.”

I was silent for a moment, summoning the image of Zod’s human. She had looked a lot like Alexa. But I thought that it was tactless for me to say so.

“Alexa!” I called finally. There was no movement, and so I shouted it again. “Alexa!”

I heard the bedroom door hiss open, and soon Alexa was standing in front of me.

“What?” she asked glumly, fixing a dark glare on me.

“Are you a twin?”

Somehow, the color of her skin turned chalky white, and I raised a brow at her menacingly. “Answer my question.”

“Well, I knew you would end up finding out eventually,” Alexa said with a shrill laugh. “Yeah. My twin is here too. Weird, huh?”

“Did the two of you switch places?”


“Alexa!” I growled, my hearts palpitating quickly in anger.

“All right! Stop yelling, jeez. And my name’s not Alexa. It’s Samantha. All right? So just…stop calling me that.”

My eyes widened as I did everything in my power to control my temper. I could feel the delight rolling off of Temal, who was watching the whole spectacle in the background. As annoying as it was, it felt like she was the only person I could trust now.

“So that wasn’t you last night?” I exclaimed.

“Last night?” Sam said, raising an eyebrow suggestively at me. Another wave of fury washed over me, and I started toward her with my hands balled into fists.

“She’s just a human,” Temal said, gripping my shoulder tightly. “Let it go.”

I seethed at Samantha, but I knew Temal was right. There would be no good in harming the human. What I needed to do was talk to Alexa. Now.


“Commander?” Zod asked, rubbing his head. He must have been nearly as hungover as I was, though I hadn’t seen him at the bar. Rumor had it he had disappeared early to speak privately with Supreme Leader Aloitus and hadn’t been seen for most of the duration of the event. Though he did apparently leave with an extra pile of money.

“Zod, I need to speak to you.”

I forced my way into Zod’s house, and spotted Alexa immediately. Her eyes widened, and she did her best to hide her face, but not before I saw a deep purple bruise forming on her cheek. What had Zod done to her?

“What about?”

As angry as I was at the humans, would it really do any good to bring Zod into this? If even I felt betrayed enough to raise my hand to a female, what would a man like Zod do with the information?

“I…I was thinking about what we should do the next time we go to Kalron.”

“Kalron? Commander, leave the strategizing to the men whose job it is to maintain order,” Zod said, rubbing his eyes tiredly. “I am not feeling up to discussing work. We have the day off, remember? Why don’t you go enjoy yourself for once instead of being such a tight ass all the time?”

I searched my mind for a response that didn’t involve turning Zod into a living pretzel, and once I finally had it, I smiled patiently at him.

“Of course. Good day to you, Captain. Thank you for your time.”

I bowed deeply, and glared at Alexa. She caught my eye, her eyes frantic, and I whipped around, turning my back on her icily. I left Zod’s home feeling worse than I had before I had seen Alexa. What was I going to do?


“Thanks,” Samantha said, stuffing her mouth full of food and grimacing as she swallowed. “It’s been way too long since I’ve eaten something. Why don’t they make the labels of your food stuff a little more human-friendly?”

“Why don’t you make an attempt to learn to speak and read Thressl’n, now that you’re stuck living here?” I retorted darkly. It took all I had not to unleash my temper on this human, especially knowing what kinds of tricks she was capable of pulling.

Samantha shrugged and continued eating.

“I need you to switch back with Alexa,” I said as she chewed. “As soon as you possibly can.”

“But why? I don’t like Zod. He has bad breath. And he’s cranky all the time.”

“Because I need to talk to her, and if Zod finds out about this, all of us are going to be in serious trouble. Do you understand? The Supreme Leader is close to this man, and if we piss him off, it’s going to be my head. And who knows what will happen to you and your sister if things get out of hand? He’s already hit her since the last time I’ve seen her.”

“What? He hit her?” Samantha seemed genuinely shocked. “He never hit me before!”

“That…is shocking,” I grumbled, clenching my fist under the table.

“Well if he’s gonna go and hurt my sister like that, then I guess I’ll switch back. He’s always been sweet to me. It’s a little gross, really, but I’m used to him.”

“Will you be able to switch with her without being detected?”

“Sure,” Samantha exclaimed cheerfully. “We already did it once, remember?”

I sighed. “Need I remind you that you were, in fact, detected? Which is why we are having this conversation right now. That makes sense to you, right?”

Samantha glowered and nodded, taking another bite of the food she allegedly hated.

“Great. I will arrange the switch this time. I will find out when Zod is working and escort you to his home. You are not to tell him anything about the switches or your twin. When we arrive at his home, we will act like it is a social call. But when I leave, I will be leaving with your sister. She has a lot of explaining to do.”

Samantha eyed me curiously, but mercifully said nothing else. If this was going to go right, she would have to keep her mouth shut.



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