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Wild Alien (A Sci Fi Alien Abduction Romance) (Vithohn Warriors) by Stella Sky (81)




I had my warrior back. It was bliss to have him finally put the past behind us and give in to desire. I didn’t know how much longer I could stand not making love to him. Then he finally did. Not only did he make love to me, but he ravaged me. He made love to me the way my boss in New York ravaged all those women. It was what I had wanted for so long. I finally had that kind of experience where you just want to greedily and hungrily fuck your partner. It was perfect, and it lasted for two days. It was like a cleansing session for us.


After those two days, we finally took a break. We sat on the beach enjoying a good swim. We needed to get some rest and be refreshed.


"Is there anything else that you want from me,” he asked me.


“Oh, I didn't know that I could ask for anything,” I said playfully.


“You are the mother of my child. You are to be my wife soon. Anything that you want will be yours, I guarantee it,” he said.


“Well, there is one thing that I want, but it is sort of dangerous,” I said to him.


“I love danger. As long as it is not too dangerous,” he said with a wink.


“Remember the cave? Remember the cave where we first came together?” I said to him.


“How could I forget?” he said with a smile.


“I want to go back there.”


“You do? Why? What would we do there?”


“What we did before,” I said playfully.


“That sounds like fun,” he said.


“Really? When can we do it?” I asked.


“How about now?” he said as he stood up.


“Now?” I said.


“Did you have other plans?” he asked.


“No, I do not,” I said as I stood up. He shifted into dragon form. His long wings stretched out behind him. He flapped them up and down to stretch them. Then he looked at me.


“Ready?” he asked.


“Yes, I am ready,” I said to him.


He scooped me up into his arms. “You are a kinky human. You want to go back there to feel like we are in danger again. Even though you know quite well that the island is very safe now,” he said.


“Yes, but we could pretend like it isn't,” I said to him.


“Like I said: kinky. Let's go,” he said. He took off in the air. His wings moved up and down behind us. He flew very fast over the village and then over the jungle. Soon we were on the other side of the island and moving out over the ocean. We were flying toward the sun. It was very beautiful. And I was excited that he was interested in playing these games with me. It was very healthy for our sex life.


Soon, the little island came into sight. I could see the massive rock wall with the cave. I grew excited just seeing it. He landed in the sand outside of the cave.


“Stay here while I check it out first. You do not know; there could be some wild animals in there,” he said.


“Oh, that sounds very dangerous,” I said, playing with the idea that we were in danger.


He walked inside the cave. I waited outside. I could see the many shells on the beach, the same ones that his father made us bring to him. It made me laugh.


“It is all clear in here. What did you have in mind?” he asked.


“Can you create a fire for us inside the cave?” I asked him.


“One fire, coming right up,” he said. I followed him into the cave. I enjoyed watching him pile wood onto the burnt wood that was still there from our previous visit. Then, I watched as his belly glowed. Then he shot fired from his mouth and onto the wood. A roaring fire lit up the cave.


“Now what?” he asked.


“Now this,” I said as I pulled off the sheer dress. Then I pulled off my loincloth and chest covering. I stood there naked in front of the fire.


“That sounds like a good plan,” he said.


Over the next few hours, we indulged ourselves making love in the sand. We did not stay the night like we did before. He was so protective that he would not allow it. He picked me up, and we flew back to the village just in time for the sunset. It was very romantic.


Michelle and I had a victory party, just she and I on the beach the very next day. We danced in the sand and frolicked in the shallow water.


“I am so happy for you Amelia,” Michelle said.


“I am happy to. I did not think that it was going to happen. I started to lose faith that Ravinn still wanted me. I am so happy that it finally happened,” I said to her with a smile.


“So am I. Now you can be happy instead of crying, and we can have a good time here in paradise,” she said teasing me.


We were celebrating the fact that Ravinn finally made love to me. After waiting so long, he finally gave in to his desire and let the past be the past. It was the best sex that I had ever had in my life. It was full of hunger. It was full of satisfying our urges that we had denied for so long. Ever since then, we continue to make love as much as we could. We did it in the morning, and when there was time, we did it in the afternoon. And of course, we did it all night, causing many sleepless nights. I slept in during the day a lot in order to catch up on my sleep. We were like animals. We could not keep our hands off of each other. All it took was one raging argument for him to wake up and remember, see me for who I was. After that, we were golden.


This was the beginning of a peaceful and calm future. From that point on, it did seem like we were living in paradise. All was working out for everyone. Stephanie and Brenda were soon married to their warriors and then were pregnant right away. Michelle indulged in having a year to figure out what she wanted, and who she wanted, according to the King’s command. We lived in complete bliss, us women that were brought to this alien planet of Kelon together. It was completely surreal that it was happening to us and that we enjoyed it.


Many, many months later, we were blessed with another triumph.


“I think it is happening, Ravinn,” I said as I stood in his massive hut in the trees. He was cutting fruit to eat and did not look at me.


“What is happening?” he asked.


“I think it is coming,” I said as I put my hands on my full belly.


“Oh shit! Okay, come over here and lay on the bed,” he said guiding me over. “I will fetch the midwife. Hold on!” he said as he shifted and jumped out the window. In thirty seconds, he was back and carrying the midwife in his arms. She looked very surprised, as though he did not warn her but simply scooped her from the ground.


“It is my time,” I said to her as I had my hands on my belly.


“Yes, it is,” she smiled. Then she went to work. Then out of nowhere, Callisto, Ravinn’s father, arrived.


“I got your message, Ravinn. It is time!” he smiled.


“Yes, father!” he hugged him. It was good that they were excited. I was excited too, but also scared. But it was fast and easy. I gave birth to a son, a hybrid.


“We named him Daken Keed,” I said to Michelle as I carried my bundle of joy in my arms. She was standing with Stephanie and Brenda in my hut. Everyone close to Ravinn and I were around and celebrating.


“He is beautiful. Congratulations,” Michelle said.


“He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,” I said. I was truly happy now that I had him and had Ravinn. I looked at Ravinn across the room. I was beaming with joy, and he had the same happy look on his face. I could not believe that the alien warrior that drove me to frustration when I first met him was now the father of my child. So much had changed.


I could not believe that I had left my life as a secretary in New York and started a life on an alien planet. I had been bored with my life, and I was treated badly at work. All of that seemed like it was many years ago. Time flew by very fast. I did not recognize the Amelia that I was back in New York.


Being taken by the Draqua was the best thing that could ever have happened to me. If I had to live that moment all over again, I would. I had found adventure and happiness in the most unusual place. It was very magical, and I would not trade it in for anything else.


A few weeks later, we were set in our routine with the new baby.


“Are you happy?” Ravinn asked me as we sat in the sand on the shoreline of the beach. He carried our son in his arms.


“I am so happy that I feel like I am going to burst with happiness,” I told him. He gave me a very deep kiss on my lips.


“I feel the same way. I never thought I could be this happy. I never thought I could learn to leave the past in the past. I changed everything that I am for you, Amelia, and I would do it again and again. You are everything to me, my beautiful wife. I love you,” he said.


“And I love you, my alien dragon shifter. You are magical,” I said back to him. We sat in the sand watching the sun dip into the ocean in the distance. The golden orange and pink colors danced on the turquoise blue waters. I had truly found paradise, but I had to leave Earth in order to find it.


The End



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