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Darkest Sin by Ashton Blackthorne (1)

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Darkest Sin illustrates the culmination of a life filled with turmoil and sordid sexiness. It is loosely based upon my own life.

Many readers will want to know just why I penned this tale. I grew up surrounded by secrets. My mother left me at a young age and I was always curious to find her to know just why she’d left. The pain she caused me as a young boy leaving me as she did was overwhelming. Like most children, I blamed myself. I spent the majority of my young years searching for answers, but found none.

When I graduated high school, I went to college for business so that I could achieve my dream of working on Wall Street for my father’s investment company. However, I decided I didn’t want follow in his footsteps immediately, so I joined the U.S. Navy. After completing my tour of duty, I went on to work for him in his company. Little did I know, my father was hiding many secrets from me.

I spent years working and partying living the high life when all of a sudden, my beloved father passed away from pancreatic cancer.

A few months after my father’s death I discovered a number of shocking things about my family. These events are detailed in this book.

So that the readers are aware, this book is raw and passionate. When I began to write about my life, the words poured from me like blood from a wound. Raw and open, I detailed my most harrowing experiences and traumatic memories. I also decided to detail other family members’ sagas, their pain, and their experiences.

I felt I should include Amber’s life story as well to further expand on her experiences. Amber suffered traumatic pain at the hands of those closest to her. This is touched on in this book, so those who have issues with such subject matter should be aware. Amber is a very strong woman and I greatly admire the courage and fortitude it took for her to put her story out here publicly so that other women who share her pain can also be made whole by reading of her healing.

This book also contains scenes of drug use and criminal behavior by certain characters. This is absolutely true and the character who suffers from the devastating effects of drug addiction and his subsequent redemption struggled for many years to achieve the respect of those including myself he deeply admired. I am VERY proud of his progress and continue to support him in his sobriety.

My life as a dominant is also explored in this book. I lived for many years trying to suppress my dominant urges when I met a wonderful woman who showed me that being dominant was simply who I was. I still practice the lifestyle in a moderate fashion with my partner. I want readers to know that in NO way do I assume that a woman who shows submission to a man is weak or unequal in ANY way. I cherish my love and she is every bit my equal. I have the greatest respect for her as a human being and as a woman. This being said, ALL sexual scenes in this book are performed with consenting adults who use protection. I choose not to include details of safe sex practices in the body of the book itself as I feel that it impedes the readers’ enjoyment.

Lastly, I wish to state that there are SOME events in this book that have been fabricated for the enjoyment of readers. The names, places, and specifics of events have been changed to protect the identities of those involved. I purposefully chose NOT to label this book nonfiction or an autobiographical account of my life for just that reason. I will leave it to you, the readers to determine what is fact and what is fiction.

People can be harsh in their criticisms of things they do not understand so this is why I am explaining myself to you before you join me on my spellbinding journey. Keep an open mind, let yourself be carried away by the intensity of your feelings and imagination as you read my words…



***Trigger warning***

This book does contain very intense scenes of sexual trauma. It is not told to be titillating, rather to illustrate a character’s traumatic past. If these types of scenes upset you, please be aware of it.










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