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Found in Beaumont (Lone Star Brothers Book 1) by Susi Hawke (1)


I stood in the dark shadows of the large, abandoned warehouse as I watched over the two omegas who’d caught my eye that night. I still wasn’t sure what had possessed me to follow them earlier, let alone stand here hours later with my back pressed against a crumbling cement wall while they slumbered a few yards away.

From a distance, they’d looked like twin angels with their pale skin and golden blond hair that had shone so brightly, even under the streetlights. It wasn’t until they’d gotten closer and walked past me that I’d realized they weren’t twins.

One was a little softer-looking than the other. Though both were petite and almost looked fragile, the softer one had a cherubic face and wide, trusting eyes. The other had walked protectively on the street side of the sidewalk, his eyes darting around as though looking for any danger that might cross their path. His harder, more angular, elfin face had been just as appealing as the rounder one of his friend.

I’d been mesmerized by the sight of them and had been helpless to do anything other than follow them. I’d waited until they were half a block away before I slowly followed in their wake, merging in with the shadows as I went so as not to frighten them. I needed more information.

I had so many questions. Who were they? Why had they caught my eye like they had? And why was I still, all these hours later, compelled to stand here watching over them? Yes, I had a lot of things I wanted answered.

The most important question of all was why they were staying here. They were curled up on a filthy, discarded mattress shoved up against the wall of this empty building. Except it wasn’t really empty, was it?

Used condoms, broken needles, old drug paraphernalia, and trash were the least of the things littering the cement floor. The place was filled with the dregs of the streets—people who had nowhere else to go were huddled here for warmth, although the building really wasn’t much better than the chilly September weather outside.

While the rest of the people hunkered down in this place were either shooting up, having sex, or coming down from a high, the pair of angels slept peacefully despite their surroundings.

Lying there on the mattress, they were curled up together, entwined around each other like a pair of puppies. Even amidst the filth and horror of this place they apparently called home, my twin beauties were like rays of sunshine.

I jolted as the sound of breaking glass crashed to my right. I looked over to see something flying through the air from a now empty windowpane in one of the windows set high along the wall.

It had been one of the few panes that still held intact glass. “Had been” being the operative words there. Raucous laughter echoed as an engine gunned and a vehicle roared off. Just some more fucking punks, probably bored and looking for kicks.

A sketchy-looking alpha in a raggedy trench coat stumbled toward my angels. He stopped at the foot of their makeshift bed, leering down at them as he pushed the flaps of his coat aside and fumbled with his belt buckle.

Nope. Not on my watch, buddy. Silently, I stepped forward while he whipped his pale cock out and began to beat it while staring fixedly at my sweetly pair of angel boys.

Once I got closer, my fist flew out and unerringly met its target. After punching him in the temple, the man slumped to the ground, holding his head and groaning with pain.

Ignoring the distasteful sight of his now flaccid cock hanging from his open pants, I jerked him up by an arm and dragged him across the warehouse, intent on getting him far away from my angels. I flung him into a pile of trash and wiped my hands on my pant legs as he scurried back, whimpering in fear.

My lip curled as the rancid smell of his piss filled the air. Good. He needed to have the piss scared out of him.

“I’m sorry, mister. Them your boys? I didn’t mean nothing, I promise. I never done more than have a good wank once I knew they was sound asleep. I swear it. I ain’t never touched ‘em, neither.”

“And you never fucking will,” I growled. “You don’t touch them, you don’t go near them. In fact, you’d better not even fucking look at them. This is your one warning. The next time, you’ll never see me coming—and trust me when I say that nobody will know where to find the body. Just to be clear, I’m not threatening you, this is a guarantee.”

The man nodded so fast he resembled a bobblehead on a vibrating base. “I won’t! As far as I know, them two boys ain’t even alive no more.”

“Make sure you keep your word,” I said softly as I held up a long bowie knife. A shaft of moonlight coming in through the broken windows glanced off its steel edge. I grinned malevolently as I ran a finger along the blade. “I’d really hate to have to come find you again; bodies are such a bitch to dispose of, you know?”

His eyes rolled back as the man flopped limply back into the trash. I shook my head as I shoved the knife back into its sheath. It’d been a long time since I’d scared someone so bad that they’d passed out. I smirked as a loose bag of trash rolled down the pile and bounced off his head.

People scurried to get out of my way like the rats they were as I made my way back to my angels. They’d slept peacefully through the whole thing, blissfully unaware of what had almost happened. As I resumed my position against the wall, I wondered how many times things like that had occurred while they slept. How many pieces of filth had thought it was appropriate to jerk off over their sleeping bodies?

Obviously, my angels needed a protector. A grizzled, angry veteran like me probably wasn’t fit to lick the bottom of their feet, let alone enter their orbit. Protection though? Now, that I could do.