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The Dragon Twins: Dragon's Blood M.C. - MMM Paranormal Romance by B.A. Stretke (1)




The twins, Forbes and Flynn were the last of the Quest Dragons of Clan Keith to be still waiting to find their mates. They'd stood by these last nearly eight years and watched as every other member of their Quest found their mates and established their lives. The Seer had told them all of the Quest dragons would find their mates where the first was found.

Calum Keith, their Chieftain, was the first to find his mate. He found Chance Bashford in this dusty, out of the way, town and that was the reason Clan Keith had set down roots here in Laramie.

There hadn't been a child born to their Circle in well over three centuries, and that was what caused their King to send them on this Quest. Without new life, a dragon circle would lose their magic and die out. The Quest was the last hope for the Shetland Dragon Circle. Now Chance was pregnant with the first child, and it signaled the beginning of growth and prosperity to Clan Keith and the Shetland Dragon Circle. Their King was well pleased, and the elders and those wishing to relocate would be arriving soon from the homeland.

Calum and his men established themselves in the area, bought massive tracks of land, built homes and lodges all in preparation for this day. The Shetland Dragon Circle, on the orders of King Duncan, would begin to reform itself in Wyoming.


"I'd like to turn the restaurant over to Dane and see about purchasing the Federal," Flynn mentioned casually to his twin Forbes as they sat together on the back deck enjoying the evening sun. "I'm not cut out for food service on the scale of the Embers Restaurant." He glanced over at Forbes who was listening closely. He knew his twin was never into the restaurant but supported and helped him run it because he thought it was Flynn’s dream.

“Why the Federal?” Forbes asked trying not to show how excited he was that Flynn was interested in moving on from the Embers.

"I need something more interesting than an eatery. I enjoy cooking, but I've discovered that cooking rapidly and in the volume necessary for a restaurant, is not my dream. I prefer to cook for the family. The Federal is for sale, and I'm ready for something rougher, less confined, and more interesting." Flynn left it there and waited for Forbes to comment or advise.

"Has Dane agreed to take over the Embers?" Dane had worked as a short-order cook at a local diner before being mated to Alrick, the Second to their Chieftain. For the past few years, he'd worked with them in the kitchen on a part-time basis and helped in its operation by serving in other capacities as well. He was well versed and experienced in the restaurant business, but would Alrick want his mate operating a business full-time?

"Yes, he has. He already discussed it with Alrick, and as long as it doesn't consume all of his time, it's a go." Flynn chuckled. "Yeah that surprised me too, but Dane plans on hiring a full staff including a chef, so he'll simply act as manager. He wants to make sure he has time for both Alrick and Archie." Archie was Dane's nephew who he and Alrick adopted after Dane's sister died.

"Have you checked out the Federal lately?" Forbes and Flynn used to frequent the joint when looking for a warm and willing body for the night. Lately, the level of clientele there had them looking elsewhere. "As you know, the place has a reputation for being seedy and full of shady characters with a bent towards the degenerate. Do you plan to run it as is or are you going to try and class it up?”

“Not necessarily class it up, but I’d like to raise it out of the sewer.” Flynn snorted as Forbes barked a laugh.

"Yeah, that'd be a good start," Forbes added.

"You willing to go partners with me on this?" Flynn knew he could handle it on his own, but he didn't want to. He preferred to work with his twin. They had their own individual interests as well, with Forbes being the Clan medic and Flynn, the cook. But they were joint partners on all their major undertakings including the Quest that brought them to America.

They were identical twins and had a lot in common from their tastes in food to their tastes in men. One of their interests and kinks that they hadn’t been able to indulge in for a while, with the demands of their schedules at the restaurant, was their fascination with double teaming.

The twins liked to share their men when it was agreeable to all. Sometimes they would share one man and sometimes two. They used to pick up their one-night stands at the Federal but over the past couple of years the pickings had gone considerably downhill, so they’d moved to the clubs downtown.

"Sure, it sounds interesting, and maybe we can improve the clientele." Forbes winked at his brother.

“My thoughts exactly. Let’s check it out later this evening and see how we feel about the place and then head to the VIP Club and see if we can pick up something fun for the night.” Forbes was on board with that idea. The VIP was a popular gay club and their customers at least bathed regularly, which was something the Federal could not boast.

“Sounds wonderful, it’s been awhile.” They both fell silent for a few minutes as they lost themselves in the anticipation. Forbes laughed and turned to his brother with a big expectant smile. “Let’s go now. I want to get to the VIP early.” They jumped to their feet and raced to the garage that housed the larger vehicles.

"Let's take the black SUV. It's big enough that we can take him in the back seat if the situation calls for it." Flynn joked.

“I’d rather save it for one of our large beds back home, but I have nothing against starting the evening in the back seat.” Forbes quipped with that same expectant smile still firmly in place.

Hunter Davis, the new bartender at the Federal, was about to reach the end of his patience. He'd been on the job now for almost two days, and he was going to start breaking fingers if men did not stop grabbing his ass.

He wasn't even dressed provocatively, just jeans and a white V-neck t-shirt, nothing to warrant the salacious attention he was getting. The previous day he left with actual bruises on his ass and thighs and one guy, uglier than shit, actually grabbed him by the junk. Luckily, he was so drunk that Hunter punched him once and he went down.

It wouldn't be so bad if they tipped as well as touched, but the Federal regulars were cheap sons of bitches. The tip jar had nothing but a couple of cigarette butts in it so far, by quitting time it should be full, of cigarette butts. If it weren't for the fact that he needed a job and needed one immediately, he would not have considered the Federal. But the manager came through for him in his time of desperation, so Hunter would give the job his best effort.

He managed to move to the left just as a huge grubby paw went for a feel and finally Hunter began to feel his rhythm. He dodged another and then another, and then Frank came from the back and threatened everyone standing at the bar.

"Touch him again, and I'll gut the lot of you." That seemed to do the trick for a while anyway. Frank had some real clout with this bunch, and the relief was wonderful as Hunter focused on the orders and moving the drinks along.

Perhaps in a month or two he could find another job but for now, this was his life, and he needed to make the best of it. Besides, Frank wasn’t that bad, and the tips might improve. The internal pep talk did not improve his mood, and soon the hands on his ass were back and the mauling resumed.

“Break time.” Briggs the other bartender called to him. The guy was huge and angry looking, and no one touched him unless he wanted them to, and Hunter noticed that he often wanted them to. But that was not Hunter’s business and if working on his father’s ranch for the whole of his life taught him anything, it was how to mind your own damn business.

He wished his brother Lyle had learned that lesson, but he hadn't, and now Hunter was here slinging drinks for what appeared to be the lowest level of Laramie's social structure. He poured himself a club soda and headed for the broom closet that doubled as their break room.

He'd like to go out back and get some air, but the last time he did that he discovered the alley was used primarily for sexual encounters. The activity and number of people in the alley rivaled the number inside the bar. The broom closet break room was a safer choice, and the privacy was a plus.

As he sat there sipping his soda and listening to the now muted sounds of the loud riotous bar, his mind took a short journey back two days to the ranch that had been his home. Life had changed on a dime for him. One minute he was cleaning the stable, and the next he was thrown bodily into his truck with a smattering of his belongings and ordered off the property.

His father had never been a soft, fair, or giving man and didn't abide long explanations or apologies, but Hunter had never realized just how cold he really was. He'd foolishly thought family trumped everything but apparently not sexual orientation. He knew his father wouldn't be happy about it and that was why Hunter had kept that secret and adhered to the don't ask, don't tell mindset.

He didn't flaunt it, and he didn't discuss it; his private life was his own business. Only one person knew besides himself, and that was Lyle. His brother for whatever reason decided to inform their father of Hunter's proclivity as he called it. The moment was a blur of shouts and violence and culminated in Hunter no longer having a home or a family. Now he was scrambling for work and living out of his truck.

He had a little in savings, just a few hundred and he wasn't ready to blow it on a motel. It was all that stood between him and utter devastation, as he saw it. He checked his watch and quickly downed his soda. His break was nearly over, and it would be Briggs' turn, leaving him to man the bar alone for thirty minutes. He took a deep breath gathered his fortitude and headed back out front.

The Federal was busy as was usual for this bar. Forbes parked the SUV down the street, so as to not look like they were going to the Federal, yes it had finally developed that kind of reputation. The place had become near disgusting and was frequented more now by the paranormal crowd than the human. Nothing against the many wolf shifters that go there but basic hygiene is something that should not be considered an annual activity. 

“The building will need some repairs and updating before we start on the inside.” Flynn made some cursory observations.

“Have you checked on the business itself? Does it have its paperwork in order and is the place solvent?” Forbes held the door for Flynn to enter.

“Yeah, it supports itself and the owner.” Flynn smiled. “It isn’t raking in the dollars but with some upgrades and a new mission it could attract better and wealthier patrons.”

"The first thing we do is change the name," Forbes stated. "Something that says come and have a drink with us and we promise not to assault or kill you." Flynn laughed.

“That will be the first order of business.” They took a quick look around grabbed a couple of beers from Briggs and found some seats near the bar but off to the side so they could observe for a while.

“Briggs said Frank hired a new bartender. Said he’s young and hung but playing hard to get.” Flynn commented.

"Briggs is such a classy gentleman it's a wonder the Waldorf downtown hasn't snapped him up already."

Hunter stood back and watched while Briggs served a man so distractingly good looking that Hunter actually just stared. He was frozen by the presence of this stunning man, so unexpected among this sea of ugliness. He didn’t belong here, yet he appeared comfortable and at ease. He had an aura of strength and confidence. Hunter noticed that no one gave him unwanted lecherous attention, but the hungry looks were many.

Hunter felt a strange surge of jealousy rush through him as the man was appraised by every guy at the bar including Briggs. Hunter didn’t even know this man, why was he feeling jealous over others watching him? He tried to shake it off and stepped up to his station.

“It’s all yours, I’ll be back in thirty.” Briggs disappeared quickly into the back and Hunter was left to handle the customers alone. He watched as the good-looking guy sat down at a table to his left. Hunter was taken aback by the fact that Mr. Handsome sat down with a man who looked exactly like him, he had a twin.

The ideas rushing through his brain were intriguing, in a lecherous sort of way. Hunter could just imagine himself sandwiched salaciously between the two gorgeous and hunky men. Wavy black hair, vibrant green eyes, and muscles abounded in Hunter's lustful daydream.

"Hey! Wake up, idiot. Two beers, now!" The man in front of him was yelling and pushing others aside. Hunter was pulled from his imaginings by the man’s ill-mannered shouts. He ignored him and dealt with the other customers in front of him. He knew it was a risk, the guy looked mean, but he wasn’t anyone’s bitch, especially not some scum at the Federal.

He should have expected it, but he didn't and was ill prepared when the hulking beast reached across the bar and grabbed him around the throat then drug Hunter over the surface of the bar towards him. His face was close enough that Hunter tried to turn his head to avoid the rancid stench of his breath. He'd never smelled anything so bad, and he'd been a ranch hand his entire life.

"I'm going to rip your fucking throat out." The guy stated with a scary calm that was much more upsetting than his anger had been. Hunter tried to get free and tried to speak, but both were unsuccessful. Panic began to overtake him when suddenly the deadly man was being pulled away from him and the hand, he had around Hunter's neck was twisted backward until he let go.

Hunter dropped back down onto his feet and watched as Mr. Handsome threw the brute across the room. He landed on a table occupied by five equally looking angry men who didn’t take kindly to the disruption. Soon the twin hotties where wiping the floor with the group of men and it was outrageous, but they appeared to be enjoying themselves. For two guys who looked too polished to be at the Federal, they could easily hold their own in a brawl and then some.

Hunter couldn’t stop himself from just watching the two gorgeous men move with grace and control even under these conditions of total chaos. The twins were magnificent as they worked in tandem disposing of one after the other of their attackers. The entire bar was soon engulfed in the fight and Hunter ducked into the back room as Briggs charged forward along with the bouncer Andy. He hoped the twins didn’t get hurt and he hoped he still had a job when it was all over.

Flynn approached the bar to get a couple more beers when the ignorant wolf shifter decided to get physical with the new bartender. The guy was scared, piss your pants scared, and the intensity of that feeling hit Flynn like he owned it the closer he got to the bar. 

Flynn could feel the guys panic like a kick in the head. It was acrid and distasteful, and Flynn was immediately swamped with a driving need to eliminate the threat to this beautiful young man. His dragon was suddenly on the surface and preparing to kill for this stranger.

He grabbed the wolf with the intent to do great bodily harm. This beast would pay for touching the sweet bartender. It wasn't his business, and usually, Flynn was not the type to start a fight. He enjoyed a good brawl but rarely was he the instigator. But there was something about this bartender that demanded Flynn step up and defend him. It wasn't until Flynn took the wolf's hand crushing the bones as he removed it from the bartender's throat that the realization hit him.

The lanky delicious looking human with the blond hair and blue eyes was his mate. Flynn was floored by the knowledge that he was next to find his mate. Like Forbes, he'd waited and watched as all the other men found their respective mates and looked forward to the day it would be his turn. This man right here was Fates gift, this man belonged to him. The mixture of joy and excitement was driving his dragon wild.

The threat to his mate had to be destroyed, and that was the only thought in his head right now. Forbes jumped in immediately and together they were taking on the wolf pack and their jackal friends with ease. They were no match for two dragons, they were no match for one.

A firearm discharged, and suddenly the fight began to slow down, and everyone checked for wounds. It was Frank, the manager, a human with a penchant for paranormal cock. He was aware of their kind and tended to attract the least of the lot. He built this business into the hole that it was today and seemed satisfied with its lowlife status. He wasn't a bad guy, just self-serving.

Frank charged into the main room with Briggs and Andy on either side of him as if he would have had the balls to be there without their assistance. He could talk tough, but he relied completely on hired muscle.

“What the fuck is going on here?” He yelled and emptied the other barrel of his shotgun into the ceiling before stopping to reload. Flynn was struck by the unnecessary damage being done to the interior of the bar. He would take the gun from Frank if he considered discharging it again but so far, the man was content in just waving it around. Flynn glanced behind the bar, but his mate was not there. He could still feel his distress, so he was nearby.

The wolf was the first to speak and began shouting accusations against Flynn and Forbes and Hunter. Flynn assumed Hunter was the bartender. Frank dismissed the charges against Hunter but turned on Flynn and Forbes as the cause of the beat down. Flynn noticed Hunter moving from the back towards the bar, and he kept his eyes on him. Nothing could happen to Hunter; Flynn's dragon was so close any threat would be instantly destroyed.

The wolves and the jackals banded together in blaming Flynn and Forbes as the cause of the fracas, and Frank was more than willing to end the problem as soon as possible. He turned his shotgun on them, and they did not flinch as the others in the room had done. A flash of uncertainty appeared in his eyes as he lowered his weapon.

Flynn knew that Frank and many of the others in the room were not familiar with their kind. Dragons were rare, and they were also nearly indestructible. Wolves and jackals could be brought down by a well-placed bullet, whereas no man-made weapon could harm a dragon.

"You two get the fuck out of my bar and don't come back," Frank said with force, but uncertainty remained as he stepped back behind Briggs and Andy.

“You’re banning us because some useless wolves and worthless jackals told you we hurt them?” Forbes taunted the bystanders who began to growl and perform a few bluff charges. No one actually came at them. Everyone was unclear as to their species and unwilling to take them on again.

Forbes couldn't help himself and with a flash of awareness showed himself briefly to the wolves from the table. The dragon came forward and met their terrified gazes, and just that fast Forbes pulled it back, so no one else saw, only the wolves bore witness. The wolves began to howl and run for the door knocking each other out of the way and fighting for release. Forbes chuckled and turned back to Frank who was unaware of what he'd just done but knew he did something.

"Get out both of you. I don't want you scaring away the customers. Leave, or I'll call the police." That was about as hollow a threat as there ever was. One move towards the phone and the entire place would be emptied in seconds flat.

“It wasn’t their fault, Frank.” Hunter could not stand back and let them take the fall for helping him. “They were saving me from a serious beatdown.” Hunter pointed at the man who’d assaulted him. The guy stepped back and began to deny, and no one claimed otherwise. It was expected in an establishment that catered to clientele of this caliber. There weren’t any witnesses, and no one was interested in getting involved. Forbes smiled as he glanced around the room.

"Let it go, Flynn, we have bigger fish to fry." Forbes glanced over at the wolf who started the fight and winked. He was gratified by the immediate flinch and flash of fear. Most in the Clan were unaware of Forbes' penchant for shit stirring. He was seen as the serious and dutiful warrior and medic only Calum and Flynn knew the real Forbes and his tendency towards subtle provocation.

The fact that Hunter stood up for them was touching and indicated that the recognition of a connection was there. Flynn was pleased with the miniscule progress. He couldn't wait to tell Forbes that he'd found his mate and it was Hunter, the good-looking bartender. Forbes was going to be so jealous, but for now, they would leave. Hunter will be safe for the remainder of the evening. No one will bother him for fear of retribution from the twins. 

"It's okay Hunter, we'll leave," Flynn spoke with a tenderness that had Forbes looking at him curiously, and then he glanced over at Hunter who was making his way towards them. It was when the human got within a few feet that the sensation of familiarity hit Forbes and it was followed by what felt like a full body shock wave.

Forbes locked his eyes to Hunter and held on. This was his mate, the bartender who was attacked by that piece of shit shifter was Forbes's mate. His mind spun for a moment before coming up with a plan. He reached out his hand when Hunter was close enough, and the young man took it.

The connection was like a blast of heat that warmed Forbes to his soul. He released Hunter slowly as Flynn moved closer and took Hunter’s hand. The touch was enlightening and left him with a drive so fierce he would have difficulty walking out the door. He would come back later, after hours and talk to Hunter. He stared at the young man completely floored by the discovery and over the moon at the same time.

Flynn finally had the opportunity to touch his mate, and the anticipation was heightened by Forbes' irritatingly lengthy handshake. Hunter's touch was everything he imagined it would be, warm and strong and full of possibilities. He would say goodbye for now, but he would return later.

“It’s okay.” They both said in unison as Flynn released Hunter’s hand.  Frank came up and demanded that Hunter get back to work and it took considerable control to keep from knocking Frank back on his ass. Unfortunately, Forbes did not have that level of control and with one quick punch laid Frank out on the dirty floor. Briggs and Andy came rushing to his aid but backed off after suffering a similar fate.

Flynn took Forbes by the upper arm and forcefully guided him to the door. "We're going already, quite you're fucking crying," Flynn shouted back at them as Frank continued to threaten to call the authorities. They both turned and winked at Hunter before exiting the establishment.





Hunter heard Frank yelling for him to get behind the bar, but his attention was on the two men leisurely walking out the door. They were spectacular, and he couldn't take his eyes off them. He thought the first one was handsome but the second was just as stunning. If he could have one, it would be impossible for him to choose. Breathtaking, that was the word for those two champions. He'd never met anyone with so much confidence and so sure of their place in the world and their ability to maintain it. He wished for even a tenth of such power.

“Do your job, Hunter or go home.” Frank bellowed about two inches from his ear. Hunter turned abruptly and was taken aback by Frank’s split lip and the swelling that accompanied it. It was impossible to feel sorry for him considering he had been asking for it.

"Forbes and Flynn Keith put them on the list. They don't come here again. You hear me?" He was now bellowing at Briggs who seemed to take it in stride.

“There is no list.” He stated flatly.

"Then make one!" Frank stormed into the back, and the bar got back to normal, sex, drugs, booze and sleaze. He had to find another job soon, Hunter lamented. The upside was he now had names for the two hotties who would be dominating his dreams tonight, Forbes and Flynn, sexy names for sexy men.

“Keep your head down and just do your job.” Briggs’ gruff advice came through the lustful fog that had filled his mind. Hunter nodded and put his focus where it belonged. He needed this job if he ever wanted to get out of his car and get into a motel.

“Don’t worry about the wolf.” Briggs told him during a break in the rush. “I’m sure the brothers scared him enough that he won’t bother you again.” Briggs must have been referring to the man who assaulted him, but Hunter didn't understand the wolf reference. Maybe it was the guy's nickname. Forbes had made the same reference he called them wolves and jackals.

“Thanks.” Hunter wasn’t sure what else to say.

"We need to buy that place immediately, Hunter needs to be safe. That wolf who attacked him might try again he looked the type to go after revenge, and there is something else that I need to tell you . . ." Flynn began to tell Forbes of his connection to Hunter during their drive back to the Lodge but before he could finish Forbes broke in.

“Yes, we have to keep him safe, Hunter is my mate.” Forbes blurted the information. “We need to protect him, and that place is not safe under Franks management. Hunter could be a target after tonight. Some paranormals don’t grasp the power of a dragon or the devastation they can inflict. That big fucker might be stupid enough to try something.”

Flynn was floored by Forbes’ declaration and so blurted out his own claim and held firm. “Hunter is my mate, not yours.” Forbes pulled up to the front of the garage and stopped the vehicle before turning on his brother.

“You are delusional brother, Hunter is mine. I felt him the moment he came close and was sure of it when we touched. Hunter is my mate.” Forbes emphasized the last with a hard stare.

"The only one delusional here is you, Forbes. I knew he was mine when I tore that wolf away from him. Hunter is not your mate, he is mine." They continued to argue getting louder as they rounded the back of the Lodge towards the expansive back deck.

"I didn't know he was my mate at first, I was just there to back you up, but once he got close, I was ready to clear the damn room for him." Forbes poked him in the upper arm.

“Don’t poke me, you crazy bastard.” Flynn barked at him. “Is this some stupid stunt you’re playing at? Are you just trying to get me all jacked up and ready to end you by claiming my mate is your own?”

"I'm not playing at anything and Hunter belongs to me." Forbes' voice was deep yet loud. They jumped up onto the deck and were about to go inside in search of Calum when they noticed him sitting there with a drink in hand quietly taking in the sights and sounds of the night.

They both acknowledged him, and he motioned for them to sit down. “It’s rare for you two to bicker.” He said. “You’re fighting over a man?”

"I found my mate," Flynn stated quickly and cut an irritated glance at his brother.

“He found my mate is what he’s trying to say.” Forbes countered.

“I’m not trying to say anything, I’m saying Hunter is my mate.”

“Hunter is mine!”

Calum raised his hand, and the two immediately fell silent.

“You are both claiming the same man to be your mate?” He asked. They both nodded but did not speak.

“Are you certain that this man is your mate?” He looked at Flynn first and then Forbes both nodded and then commented.

“I scented him and then when we touched there was no doubt. My dragon recognized him immediately. The feelings were otherworldly in their pleasure and intensity. Hunter is my mate. I was ready to kill for him.” Flynn stated with his heart and soul on his sleeve.

“I could see nothing but him when he came close and when we touched my life was no longer my own. Hunter is my mate.” Forbes spoke impassionedly from the heart.

"He obviously belongs to you both," Calum stated without hesitation.

"How can that be?" Flynn was the first to speak, but Forbes followed with a similar question.

“Have you known or met any other dragon twins?” Calum began.

“No, none.” They said while shaking their heads.

“I don’t know if it is always the case, but it is true of all the twins that I have known over my life.” Flynn and Forbes were suddenly on edge waiting for Calum to explain. They both wanted their mate and wanted to understand what was happening to them. Who did Hunter truly belong to? Neither could imagine having to walk away from their mate and their brother.

"Every set of twins that I have known shared one mate. It was explained to me that dragon twins come from a single egg and that the dragon essence of that egg is split in two, rendering two beings but one dragon essence. Just as you two are identical, so are your dragons. You share a mate because you are two parts of one whole. I don't know if that is fact or myth, all I know is what I have experienced." Calum paused and drank down the last of his wine and set the glass on the nearby table. "What's happening to you two is not unusual, but I understand your confusion."

Forbes and Flynn stared at one another for a few moments taking in and sorting out what Calum had just told them. “Why didn’t we know this?” Forbes was the first to comment.

“We’ve never met any other dragon twins. We’ve never met dragons who share a mate, so the question never came up.” Flynn offered his own explanation.

“So, you accept that Hunter is mate to us both?” Forbes was struggling to understand it all.

"You're not lying, and neither am I, so what other explanation is there?" Flynn asked. The thought of sharing a mate with Forbes was not abhorrent or even really that upsetting. They'd shared many a man in their past, so it was not a foreign concept.

Forbes accepted that this had to be the truth but had never considered that he and Flynn would share one man for eternity. They’d enjoyed sharing and tended to be attracted to the same type of man. It all made sense to a certain degree, but could they share a mate and not become jealous or possessive?

“Can we do this Flynn?” Forbes voiced his deepest concern.  “Will we become resentful, will it pull us apart in the end?” Forbes was comforted by his brother’s instant denial of that possibility.

"I've never felt jealousy where you are concerned, Forbes. Not even when we were arguing about Hunter in the SUV. I thought you were mistaken, but I wasn't afraid that you would take my mate from me. Does that make sense to you? How did you feel when we were fighting?" Flynn asked thoughtfully.

"I thought you were mistaken, but I never felt threatened," Forbes admitted. "Hunter is mine, my blood boils and burns for him, and my dragon is pushing at me trying to get out. But with that said I know that you are feeling the same. Hunter belongs to us both" Forbes finished with a satisfied smile. "This is going to be good."

Flynn sat back and regarded his brother seriously for a few moments. Is it really possible for them to share a mate? Their best hook ups had always been shared hook ups, that was a fact, but could they be happy for the rest of their lives with such an arrangement? His mind settled when he felt the calm, peaceful acceptance that overtook Forbes and his dragon. “Yes, he belongs to us both.” Flynn nodded and stated with an equally satisfied smile.

"Well, I'll leave you two to work out the details. My Chance is upstairs resting, and he will soon be giving birth to our first child. Clan Keith will welcome its first new member in centuries. It is a new beginning for us, for our Clan, and for our Circle." Calum was proud and excited and the air buzzed with his expectant joy. Nothing was more amazing than a new birth, especially to a Circle that'd been so long without. This was the reason for their Quest and the longing of their people.

"We're happy for you Calum, and your child will be the most beloved of our people." Both Forbes and Flynn extended the blessing and Calum hurried back upstairs to be with his mate.

"I heard talk that members of our Circle will be traveling here very soon. King Duncan is beginning the relocation based on the success of our Quest." Forbes leaned back in his chair and cast his eyes toward the tree line. "The birth of the first child breathes new life into our numbers just as Calum said. This is a time to celebrate especially considering you and me, the last of our group, have found our mate."

"This is an extraordinary time for us, we have honored our people and our King, and soon our numbers will rise and be robust." Flynn too leaned back in his chair just taking in the accomplishments and the marvelous future they all were looking forward to.

“This is a little mind blowing, isn’t it?” Forbes commented softly without making eye contact. “We have the same mate. I’m getting used to the idea but still how are we going to persuade Hunter to bond with both of us? Will he be open to having two mates? I have a feeling it’s not going to be easy.”

“We need to find out more about him, so we are prepared to persuade. We can ask Cameron to check him out in the morning. I doubt Bryn would want us bothering his mate at this late hour.” Flynn chuckled at the memory of those two getting together, the bookish virgin and the Clan bad boy. But they managed to make it work and so too would he and Forbes make it work with Hunter.

"Hunter responded to both of us if I remember correctly. He was eyeing you up as much as he was me. I discounted it at the time because we're twins, but I think he is genuinely attracted to us both." Flynn added as an afterthought.

“We should go back at quitting time and make sure he gets home okay. Some of those wolves can be real bastards.” Forbes stated as he checked his watch.

“I don’t think any of the wolves will bother him after the scare you gave them. I saw you flash your dragon at them and smelled the piss in their pants afterward.” Flynn laughed.

"They needed to be warned, and the only one that pissed himself was the big one you were wrestling with." Forbes made clear. “Let’s go anyway, I want to see our mate again. My dragon is lonely already.”

"Yeah, mine too, let's go." Flynn followed Forbes back to the SUV. It was nearly two in the morning, and the bar would be closing soon. On the way, they decided to take the romancing slow and work at being Hunter's friends first. The guy appeared unsure of himself and uncomfortable behind the bar of the Federal. He was a decent man that came through clear, so they surmised that working at the Federal was probably not his first choice.

“We’ll find out his address and hopefully get his phone number. Those are our goals for the night.” Forbes stated clearly as he pulled up and parked a block down from the Federal. Flynn nodded his agreement with the plan.

"He's skittish, but I think we made a good impression by defending him against the wolf pack. I don't think he will fear us." Flynn added. "But with that said, he's a young human who is destined to be mated to two Scottish dragons so yeah, we need to go slow."

Forbes turned to Flynn with another of his expectant smiles that lit up his face. "He's our mate, Flynn. He's ours, we finally found him." The enormity of that statement hit them both, and they stopped and stared at one another for a moment. Like everyone in their Clan, Forbes and Flynn searched for over a century for this moment in time. The fact that the moment had arrived, and Fate had presented them with such a beautiful reward was both exhilarating and humbling.

"Let's go see him," Flynn said finally, and they hurried towards the Federal. The last of the patrons were filing out and giving them no attention. The Federal and its customer base had a way of not giving a single shit about anything or anyone. Hunter did not belong in a business that was run in the manner that the Federal was run.

They stood off to each side of the front door waiting for Hunter to emerge. The lights went out inside, and the door swung open carefully as someone peeked out checking the area before emerging. It was Hunter, and both of them were well pleased that he was not taking his safety lightly and understood the dangers surrounding a place like this. What they hadn't expected was for him to jump and try to run back inside the bar when he spotted them standing there.

Forbes reached out and took him by the upper arm before Hunter could get away, and he felt the fear course through him. The sensation was heartbreaking, and he immediately released him. "I'm not here to hurt you, Hunter." He said quickly and took a half step back as Flynn stepped forward.

“We were worried about you and wanted to make sure you got home okay. The clowns that were bothering you earlier have a tendency to take things too far sometimes. We wanted to make sure they didn’t start anything with you on your way home.” Flynn reached out and touched Hunter’s shoulder channeling the soothing effect of his dragon. To his delight, he saw the instant reaction on Hunter’s face as he visibly settled down and his heart rate and breathing slowed back to normal.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to insinuate that I thought either of you were a threat." Hunter dropped his gaze to the cracked sidewalk for a moment and then back up to regard them both. "I appreciate what you both did for me in there and thank you for checking in on me, but I'm fine. I don't live far from here, and I have my truck. I'll be okay." His assurances struck them as forced and laced with an apprehension which didn't make sense, but they could detect no lies.

Forbes and Flynn walked with Hunter to his truck one on each side of him in a stance they knew would soon become second nature as he was brought into their lives and their culture. He would be the final mate to the Quest dragons a mission that took over one hundred years to complete. He was a prize they would treasure.

The need to be near him was growing by the minute and the desire to own him body and soul was flooding Flynn’s heart and mind. He glanced over at Forbes and could see the need clearly etched in the creases around Forbes’ eyes and the set of his jaw.

Going slow was a good idea, but difficult to put into practice when their mate was so near and so pleasing. They followed him to a small red truck that looked as if it had seen its better days. The vehicle was clean and cared for, but the years of hard use were obvious. Hunter stopped at the door unlocked in and swung it open before turning to regard them.

"Thank you for seeing me to my truck, but I'll be fine from here. I haven't lived here long but I know this town, and I can take care of myself. You don't have to worry about me." Hunter looked tense but not fearful.

“Let me give you my cell number in case you do have problems.” Forbes stepped forward and held out his hand and to his complete surprise Hunter reached into his pocket and gave him his phone. No questions just handed it over that in itself added another puzzle to the equation.

Forbes was eager to have Hunter’s number but believed it would have and should have been a more difficult process. He hoped it was the growing trust between them and not that Hunter handed his phone over to everyone.

"Call us if those guys from tonight give you any more trouble. Call us if you just want to talk." Flynn added as Forbes handed the small smart phone back to him. Hunter smiled and nodded as he got into the truck and slowly pulled away from the curb. He was heading East. They kept an eye on him as they raced back to their SUV and promptly began to follow him without headlights and at a distance that would not raise the alarm.




Hunter wanted in the worst way to have been able to just hang with those guys for a while, but he couldn’t, not yet anyway. The fact that he was living out of his truck was not information he wanted the handsome twins to know. Working at the Federal and being roughed up by that goon was enough humiliation for one day. The homelessness could wait for another time.

In a week or so he would have enough set aside to at least get a small room in a cheap motel. Until then he had to make do in his truck and at the gym. He’d accepted a two-week trial membership which gave him a place to shower change and work out. The working out part was just for show, but he found the effort rewarding and it helped him expend some of his pent-up anger.

He checked his mirror but didn't see the twins following. He wasn't sure of the car they drove, but there weren't any cars behind him at this hour. A part of him wished they'd persisted and pushed to know more, and the practical part knew he was better off on his own right now. His life was in too much of an upheaval to manage social engagements on top of pure survival.

He wasn’t in a position to entertain although the twins might have been worth giving it a try. He smiled to himself as he pulled up to the curb in a semi-residential area and parked. He’d decided that parking near houses led to less suspicion than parking in an alley or anywhere downtown.

After sitting and watching the area for a few minutes just to make sure there wouldn’t be any trouble from residents noticing him there, he laid down on the bench seat of his truck and tried to get a couple of hours of sleep. He planned to wake early and move his vehicle to another location, so no one got suspicious and then get another couple of hours. He really didn’t want to deal with the police.

Once he began to shut down for the day, his mind instantly went to the gorgeous Keith twins. Hunter was so glad that he'd gotten their names. The first one who came to his aid was Flynn, and he was fucking amazing and his moves so effortless as he took that guy, that Briggs referred to as wolf, apart.

Forbes entered the fight as soon as the group from the table entered the brawl. They were used to fighting together, that was obvious by the way they moved in unison to take out one after the other. It was a joy to watch considering most of those men had treated him like dirt over the past couple of days. Watching them get their comeuppance was supremely gratifying.

Hunter wished he’d had Forbes and Flynn nearby when his father and brother turned on him. Watching them get tossed around the yard would have also been gratifying. His father had grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and drug to his truck and tossed in while Lyle threw his things into the back.

Those people had been his family, his life and he'd worked side by side with them his entire life. Broken trust, broken lives, broken man. That was how he saw himself, and now he was fighting to find himself again and center his life with a focus on the future. He was a ranch hand, a laborer with varying skills in carpentry, animal husbandry, land management, and fortunately bartending.

His father held parties for the men who worked for him twice a year, and it was always Hunter's duty to man the bar. He was never attending the party, he was working it, just like his brother. Lyle was there to fetch and serve, clean and compliment. It was fun sometimes, but in their father's eyes, they were never the equals of the men they worked with, so the parties were not for them.

Hunter took a deep cleansing breath and attempted to clear the past from his thoughts. Everything cleared except for two criminally handsome men who held on and made him want and need and wish he was clever enough to attract them and skilled enough to keep them. Why he wanted them both was a mystery, but it was a delicious mystery. Hunter had never been with two men before and never really thought about it either apart from seeing it in porn.

The idea of having them both, having sexy twins focused exclusively on his pleasure was something for his tired and stressed out mind to savor. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone checking to make sure their numbers were there. He doubted he’d ever use them, but he felt comforted knowing he had a lifeline of sorts.

He was surprised and pleased by the fact that both of their cell numbers were there. Forbes had entered his and Flynn's numbers and also included the land line for the Lodge where they lived. He gave Hunter three numbers in case he needed someone. Their thoughtfulness warmed his heart and left him feeling rather emotional. It was likely that they'd forget about him in a day or two, but right now this was real, and it meant the world to him.

They followed at a distance and watched as he pulled up near several houses and parked. They too pulled over and cut the engine and waited for him to emerge and go inside one of the residences. They waited as he sat there and didn’t move.

“Do you think he spotted us?” Flynn suggested as a possible reason for him hesitating.

"No, he didn't see us. He wouldn't just sit there if he saw us." Forbes spoke softly as his mind worked on possible explanations. "Perhaps he has an unpleasant roommate, or he forgot his keys." He shook his head. "I don't know."

They watched as he appeared to lay down on the front seat. "He's sleeping in his truck," Flynn stated the obvious. "Why is he sleeping in his truck? This is really upsetting my dragon."

Forbes moved to exit the SUV, but Flynn grabbed his arm. “We shouldn’t bother him. I think he’s living out of his truck. I know this section of town, none of these are rentals. He doesn’t live here.” Forbes closed his door quietly and sat back in his seat.

“What should we do?” He asked.

"Wait and watch over him for now," Flynn answered. "We have to finalize that purchase of the Federal immediately." He added in a flurry as he scrambled for options, clearly fretting over Hunter's welfare. "We can renovate Franks back room into a bedroom for Hunter if he doesn't feel comfortable coming home with us right away." Forbes chuckled at Flynn.

“You got it all worked out.” Forbes kept his eyes on Hunter’s truck and the surrounding area. “I wonder why he hasn’t utilized the shelter?”

"Pride probably, he's most likely never been homeless before, and shelters are very humbling for some people. It's a shame, but that's the way it is." Flynn pulled out his tablet and began researching. He didn't have the skills Cameron had but he knew how to look up social media accounts, and he hoped Hunter was on social media. Unfortunately, there wasn't a single post on any platform.

After about an hour and a half, Hunter sat up and started his truck. "He's on the move," Forbes announced as he started the SUV and slowly pulled away from the curb keeping his lights off.

“Where’s he going at this hour?” Flynn watched the truck closely fearing that they might lose him. “It’s not even four in the morning, why did he leave the residential area?”

“I think it’s a system he has. He doesn’t stay in one spot all night in case the locals get suspicious and call the police. They followed him across town to the other side and ended up not too far from the Lodge. Hunter parked in front of a ranch house that looked to be vacant and sat there again for a few minutes before laying down on the front seat.

“This is one hell of a way for our mate to be living, Forbes. We have to do something fast.” Flynn was envisioning all manner of things happening to their vulnerable human mate. "There are too many paranormal creatures in this town for Hunter to sleep in his truck. He's not safe."

"I agree, we have to convince him to come home with us or something. Neither of us knows him or what he might agree to. What are we going to say?" Forbes was at a loss. Their human mate was skittish and not likely to agree to come to the Lodge and he probably wouldn't allow them to pay for a motel room. He was scrambling for a solution when Flynn caught his attention with a light slap to his arm.

“Calum convinced Chance to come to the Lodge by offering him a room to rent extra cheap of course. Perhaps we can take a page from Calum’s playbook.”

"That might work, or we could complete the purchase of the Federal and as his employers, we can give him a hefty advance. He'll have enough to rent a motel room, but the purchase might take a while and in the mean time he's still on the street." Forbes and Flynn tossed several ideas back and forth not settling on any as the perfect solution. They'd sat back to relax while keeping a keen eye on their mate when something caught their attention. It was a vampire for fuck sake, they could smell the freak from a block away, and it was checking out Hunter's truck.

They were out of their vehicle and moving toward the would-be attacker in seconds. Hunter hadn’t popped his head up, so he was clearly still asleep as this asshole leered inside. The vampire was so focused on his prey that he failed to hear the brothers approach until it was too late to run. It was in that moment that Hunter woke up, wide eyed and terrified at the face that was peering in at him from his driver’s side window.

Hunter woke to a scratching sound and sat up to come face to face with a man looking at him through his driver’s window. He looked unkempt and a little crazy, more like a monster than a man. The face was pale, white tissue kind of pale and the eyes were a bright red that caught him and held him in their thrall. Hunter felt his panic raising as he fought against the power drawing him nearer.

As he continued to stare, unable to look away, the creature slowly opened its mouth as if feeding on and excited by the look of fear and suspense expressed by its victim. The creature revealed not only disgusting looking brownish stained teeth, but also a pair of abnormally elongated incisors that looked to be as sharp as a knife.

If Hunter's rational mind wasn't rebelling against the possibility, he would have called the thing a vampire, but it had to be something else. It had to be something that was real because it was at his window trying to get in. Hunter tried to reach for his keys that he left in the ignition, but all he managed to do was knock them to the floor. This was a nightmare, it has to be a bad dream.

The thing smashed the driver’s window and was reaching in for Hunter who was frantically trying to stay out of its reach. Then it suddenly froze and turned to his right seemingly started by something that Hunter could not see.  What he did see was this thing abruptly burst and become engulfed in a clear blue flame and fall to the earth as nothing more than powdered dust. This occurred in seconds, he was there and then he was dust. He was gone, neutralized by something more powerful than him.

While Hunter continued to stare out his broken window, a figure emerged and then another, and Hunter found the prospect of confronting whatever did that to the creature too much to endure and his mind shut down.

The moment the vampire punched his fist through Hunter’s window was also the moment the vampire knew he was going to die. He turned just in time to see Forbes unleash the dragon fire upon him incinerating him in seconds. Dragon fire burned hot and pure and left nothing behind but a fine purified dust.

Forbes and Flynn rushed to the truck and saw Hunter seated there with a blank stare. He was looking at them but not seeming to see them and then his eyes closed, and he dropped back against the seat. Hunter had passed out.

"Let's move him to the passenger side, and I'll drive him to the Lodge. You bring the SUV." Forbes instructed, but Flynn gave him the side eye before contradicting him.

“Maybe I should drive him to the Lodge, and you bring the SUV.” Forbes smiled.

"How about we both drive him to the Lodge and pick up the SUV later?" That was more agreeable. Flynn hurried to the passenger side and helped Forbes to reposition the now unconscious Hunter to the center of the bench seat. He got in, and Hunter instantly fell to rest his head against Flynn's shoulder. Flynn wrapped his arm around Hunter and cuddled him close.

Once Forbes was seated and pulling away from the curb, he dropped his hand to rest against the inside of Hunter’s thigh. They looked at one another and the feeling of home hit them both. This is how it was destined to be, Forbes and Flynn with Hunter cuddled between them.

“This is where he belongs.” Flynn voiced his observation. “Whatever troubles plague him, we will fix.”

“This is exactly where he belongs.” Forbes agreed. “Now we just need to convince him of that fact. We also need to be prepared for when he wakes up. He’s going to be confused and have a lot of questions.”

“We’ll go to the guest house behind the garden. It’s private and it’ll allow us the time and space to hopefully win him over.” Flynn suggested. It was one of three guest houses that Calum had built and was the smallest of the three but still measured over three-thousand square feet. “Maybe we should see if Calum would allow us to move to the guest house permanently. I’d like our own place.” He finished and looked over at Forbes.

“The guest house behind the garden is perfect. It’s hidden but not located too far from the Lodge in case we’re needed. It’s also beautiful, Hunter will like it.” Forbes took Hunter’s hand and raised it to his lips for a gentle kiss while Flynn kissed Hunter on the top of his head. They pulled the truck around to the back of the property and parked by the side of the large garage. It was a short walk to the guest house that had been built behind the garden. It was a beautiful structure in a beautiful location perfect for their perfect mate.

"I'll carry him," Flynn said as he eased himself out of the truck before reaching back for Hunter. Forbes took a tarp from the garage and secured it over the broken window in the driver's door to keep the morning dew out of the interior. He then caught up with Flynn and Hunter and quickly opened the guesthouse door for them.

“Put him in the smaller room for now. I don’t think he’s ready to share a bedroom with us yet.” Forbes instructed as he headed to the kitchen for water and aspirin. He met them moments later and watched as Flynn carefully laid Hunter on the bed and took his boots off and made him as comfortable as possible. He was still unconscious, and Forbes was not sure when he would wake. The shock could keep him under for a while. He set the water and aspirin on the bedside table.

They sat on either side of the bed each holding one of Hunter’s hands and waited. This was so right even if Forbes had thought the idea of sharing a mate to be ludicrous at first now it seemed natural and right. This was his twin, Flynn, who he’d shared many a man with in the past. Sitting here with both of them holding Hunter and caring for him, it was right and proper and as it should be. This was their destiny.

“If we hadn’t been there tonight, Hunter would have been killed. He wouldn’t have survived the vampire attack. He would have been lost to us forever.” Flynn’s voice was rife with anxiety. The fear of what might have been filled his heart and mind. The danger was so close and could have been missed if they hadn’t gone to the Federal, if they hadn’t followed him, if they hadn’t decided to stay with him, so many things came together to save their mate.

“Fate brought him to us so we could save him. We were there for him and will always be there for him.” Forbes answered with enough solid conviction that Flynn was forced to agree and accept that their saving him was meant to be. Everything happened this night for a reason.

“He’s been asleep a long time. Are you sure he’s alright?” Flynn trusted his brother’s medical ability but also worried that something might have been missed.

"He's fine physically, but mentally he's still coming to grips with what he witnessed. It'll take a while, but he's alright." Forbes reached up and brushed the hair off Hunter's forehead and felt for his temperature. "He's okay, everything is normal we just have to wait."




Hunter woke not recognizing the smells or the mood of what was surrounding him. He was on a bed, not his bench seat, and his hands were being held. The touch was firm, yet loving and he was drawing strength from the embrace. He could feel the sensation of energy surging in slow beats into his hands and feeding the rest of his body. It was a ridiculous claim, yet it was true. It was the sense of power prickling his nerves that had woken him in the first place.

He opened his eyes and took in the two men on either side of him. The brothers, the twins from earlier in the evening. Were they real or a figment of his lustful imagination? He'd gone to sleep with these two sexy bastards on his mind, was this just a lucid experience? He flexed his grip, and the twins flexed back. They were there, they were real but where exactly was here?

"Do you remember anything?" Forbes asked him. He knew it was Forbes because he was the one with a serious set to his brow and a firmness around his mouth. Flynn was bright eyed and more playful. They were both formidable men and, he sensed, deadly in their own right, but they didn't scare him. He thought for a moment considering the question Forbes had asked. Did he remember anything? "About what?" He said his voice barely there.

"About what happened on Pine Street," Flynn spoke up.

"You were there." He said, and then the entire event came back to him in a rush of panic. The crazy beast that broke his window and the fire that consumed him. Hunter found his heart had lurched into his throat and chocked out his breath. Speech was impossible as he stared into Forbes' brilliant green eyes and then into Flynn's matching gaze. They'd vaporized that thing.

He tried to jump from the bed, but Forbes and Flynn were on him instantly each holding him gently yet persuasively and comforting him with their touch and soft words of soothing compassion. Hunter stopped resisting and fell into Forbes' arms while Flynn continued to rub his back and place warm, lovely kisses to his shoulders.

“Easy my love. You’re safe with us. We won’t hurt you and neither will anyone else.” Forbes breathed the words into Hunter’s ear. “You are ours to protect.” He added and kissed the side of Hunter’s face.

The touches and the words combined with his heightened emotional state brought on the one thing he'd fiercely fought off for days. Something he hadn't given into in years was welling up in his soul and pushing him over the edge. Tears were falling, and he couldn't stop them. He rubbed his face against Forbes' shirt trying to get his emotions in check but the more they comforted him, the more emotional he became. 

He found himself wrapped in their arms Forbes in front and Flynn behind him and it was the most secure and settled he'd felt in forever. It was a feeling like no other, and it left him with the desire to remain just like this for the rest of his life. The two men were simply holding him not asking for anything just giving him what he needed. Hunter hadn't realized how desperately he craved to be held. After a few minutes, he sat up but remained within the circle of their arms.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to go all emotional on you. I know you saved me from that thing. I don’t know how you did it, but I know you did. Thank you for being there.” He drew in a ragged breath before continued.

“That thing didn’t look human. It looked like a monster, a raging monster.  I’ve seen things since coming to Laramie that I am hard pressed to explain or put a name too. But that guy was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I know there have to be powers at work here that are outside the norm for an average American town.”

He paused to organize his words and his meaning, trying not to sound crazy. "I suspect you two are probably more than what meets the eye as well. I'm not asking for an explanation, not yet anyhow, I just want you to know where I'm at cognitively speaking."

Hunter wasn’t ready to hear the truth regarding the society of Laramie. He had too much on his plate with his life being pulled out from under him just a few days ago. He needed to process his personal pain and get his life back onto a stable foundation before taking on news that was sure to be extreme enough to shift his understanding of the world, he lived in.

He knew some truths, but he wasn't going to think about it now since he still had to sleep in his car. Fearing the night was not something he could afford right now. Forbes pressed him closer, and he felt a light kiss to the side of his head.

"Let me tell you this much," Flynn spoke to him from behind. "What you experienced this night was real including how much Forbes and I care about you."

"We like you Hunter, and we'd like to get to know you better." Forbes chimed in urging Hunter to listen. "We understand your hesitance in learning everything about this town, and when you're ready, we will tell you everything. There will be no lies and no half-truths between us but in the meantime let's get to know each other."

“I’d like to know you too, but my life is a mess right now, and I have more baggage than you could imagine. I’m not light or carefree, my life is heavy, and I doubt if I even have the capacity or strength right now to be a friend to anyone." Hunter hated sharing his pain or allowing anyone to touch his sadness, but it seemed to flow naturally when speaking with Forbes and Flynn. Being near them called for honesty, and he had no explanation for it. Perhaps it was because they promised him honesty.

"We're not without issue ourselves, as you eluded to earlier." Flynn chuckled, and Hunter felt the rumble against his back. They were still holding him close. "But like Forbes' said, let's get to know each other and just see where it goes, no expectations and no judgment."

Hunter nodded first and then put a voice to his acceptance. "Alright, I'd like that, I'd really like that." He was at a loss as to why he fell so quickly, but he didn't want to drive these two visions of perfection away. He could fight it but down deep he too wanted to see where this would go. He didn’t know if they wanted more than friendship from him, but he certainly hoped so.

Hunter’s thoughts began to scramble as he contemplated having to pick one of them. It would be an impossible choice. Together they were the perfect partners for him with Forbes’ hard lined care and concern and Flynn’s natural tenderness.

Together they were everything but how could he tell them that he wanted them both without looking a selfish and kinky bastard? He decided that was a conversation he would never have with them and squashed the lustful imaginings before they took root.

The twins began to release him and eased him back down onto the bed. He wanted to reach out to them and pull them down with him, but he resisted.

"You have had a tiring night so why don't you try and rest a while it's still early," Flynn spoke softly. "There's water and aspirin by the bed if you need it and the room has an attached bathroom."

“Where am I? Where’s my truck?” He had forgotten to ask. The twins both smiled at his sudden concern.

“You’re at our place in the guestroom and your truck is outside. So, relax and sleep.” Forbes’ words were more of an order and Hunter had no trouble following that order. He burrowed into the thick comforter as Flynn threw a blanket over him and tucked him in. It wasn’t long before he felt himself drifting off snug in a cocoon of blankets.

"I'll call and arrange to have our things moved here," Flynn stated as they headed towards the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Forbes had put it on to brew before joining his brother and mate in the bedroom. He poured a cup for Flynn and himself and they sat at the small island in the middle of the room.

"Cameron's an early riser so I'll call him and see if he can get any information and background on our Hunter Davis." Forbes immediately pulled out his phone and began the discussion with Cameron as Flynn spoke with Alrick who gave them permission to take over the guest house and assured them their things would be gathered and transferred. He also informed him that Kyle had taken over the process of purchasing the Federal for them.

Alrick ordered them to stay close to their mate and their duties would be suspended until after their bond was established and secure. Everyone in their Clan understood the vital importance of a mate and everyone was thrilled that the final two of their Quest had succeeded in finding theirs.

“Has Chance given birth?” He figured he’d have heard if he had but needed to check.

“Not yet but it’s getting close. Calum is not leaving his side.” Alrick sounded pleased, but Flynn also sensed a hint of worry. This was the first child in so long that everyone was holding their breath. "There will be a great party when the elders arrive from home to celebrate the birth and the completion of our Quest."

Alrick circled the conversation back to them finding their mate and congratulated them. The fact that he and Forbes shared one man did not cause a second of surprise or concern to his leaders. “Take care of your mate and if you need anything else call.”

"We will, thank you, Alrick, and give Calum my and Forbes love and regard." With that, he hung up and turned to look at his twin who was still seated across the table from him sipping his coffee. "It's all set." He said, and Forbes nodded.

"Cameron will get back to us as soon as he has anything, which won't be long, according to him." Forbes cocked a half smile at the man's confidence. Cameron had been quiet and somewhat withdrawn when he first arrived, but over the past year and a half, he'd found his purpose and his confidence within Clan Keith. His computer work and investigatory skills were without equal. It was to the point that even Kyle their crack tech specialist called Cameron for help and pointers.

"Well, we already know that there's baggage, as he called it." Flynn finished his coffee and poured himself another cup. "He's living out of his car, few possessions, his life has recently been turned upside down."

"He's also desperate otherwise he wouldn't have taken a job at the Federal," Forbes added. "He's not the type of guy who aspires to a bartending job at the shittiest hole in town."

"He was a ranch hand, or his family were ranchers. It's obvious by the brand and condition of his boots along with the well-used pickup, and the muscles and callouses show hard physical labor." Flynn speculated further.

"He seemed to be responding to us, both of us," Forbes mentioned while pouring himself another cup of coffee and leaning back against the counter. “I hate that he was in danger but saving his life has worked in our favor. But I never want that to happen again. He is never to be in danger again.” He added with force.

"We can't let him go back to the Federal. The purchase is in motion, Alrick has Kyle handling it, and we'll be the owners eventually, but we can't let him go back there.  That bunch of wolves may be holding a grudge. I don't want to take any chances with his protection.”  Flynn continued their dilemma. Forbes finished his coffee, rinsed his cup and put it on the drainer.

"We'll figure something out but for now the place is closed we don't have to worry about him going back there," Forbes said with a smile that was treacherous. "I called in some code violations to the health department and the fire department. The place is likely to remain closed until we take it over."

“Good move.” Flynn congratulated his brother with a slap on the shoulder. “So, we wait for him to wake up.”


Hunter woke the second time a little more rested. He knew where he was and what had happened. His mind was clear although this situation confounded him. The handsome twins rescued him and brought him to their home. They took care of him and let him rest. It was so confusing because they weren’t asking him for anything, at least not yet, anyway.

His whole life had been run on the barter system, no one did anything without getting something in return. No freebies and no good will, everything revolved around cash or goods with no trust or favors offered. But then his father was a well-known rat bastard and not just to his two sons.

Mr. Davis had no real friends, only people that worked for him and people he did business with. No one trusted Mr. Davis because there was no reason to, he'd lie and cheat at every opportunity. He was not a good man, and he received no favors, unfortunately, that made life for him and Lyle that much harder.

As much as Hunter hated working for his father, it was all he knew. Having that life taken away from him so abruptly shook his perception of himself. If he wasn’t a ranch hand working his father’s ranch, then who was he. At twenty years old and only a basic high school diploma, ranching was all he knew.

He pulled himself to the edge of the bed and sat with his bare feet on the plush rug. He saw his boots and socks over by the side table. He also noticed the water and aspirin. He drank the water and took the aspirin. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone to check for missed calls. His brother had called him five times since he'd checked his phone yesterday. Hunter had no desire to speak with Lyle. Lyle got what he wanted, so there was nothing left to be said.

He stopped abruptly when he noticed a text from Frank. The Federal was closed for repairs, and so Hunter didn't need to report to work until the weekend. Frank would notify him when his schedule would resume. He could pick up his check any time after five for the two days he'd worked. That would amount to just under two hundred bucks, not enough to do anything with.

He sat there staring at his phone for a few minutes before tucking it back into his pocket and heading to the attached bathroom. “Get cleaned up and figure out your next move.” He spoke to himself in the mirror before stripping down for a quick shower.

"He's awake, I hear the shower," Flynn said as they maneuvered the extra-large and long bed into a comfortable position in the room along with their personal things. The guest house was large, tall ceilings and lots of space. The master bedroom was massive with an attached bathroom which boasted a large jetted tub and a beautiful walk-in shower. It also had three sinks which suit their purpose perfectly. This would become their room, the three of them and both Flynn and Forbes worked to make it as welcoming and comfortable and possible.

"I really like this place," Flynn commented. "We should have moved out here years ago when it was first built."

"It is a great space." Forbes agreed and then stilled for a moment as he listened for Hunter. "He's out of the shower." He said, and they couldn't hide their excitement at having their mate there with them.

Hunter dressed in the clothes he had on yesterday, but at least he felt better. He towel dried his hair and let it take care of itself. He stood there for a few minutes and stared at the door as he contemplated speaking with Forbes and Flynn. They spoke of things last night some fantastical and some personal but there were a lot of questions left unanswered on both sides.

Flynn and Forbes were in the living room when Hunter walked in. “Hello.” He said hesitantly and sat down on the nearest chair.

“Hello.” They said together and took a seat on the sofa across from Hunter’s chair. “How are you feeling?” Flynn added.

Hunter nodded his head. “I’m good, thank you.” Silence ensued.

The silence was excruciating, but Hunter wasn't sure how to fill it. He needed to speak they sat there both of them watching him and waiting. Forbes was relaxing back against the cushions with his arm across the back of the sofa and his feet stretched out in front of him whereas Flynn was pitched forward with his forearms resting on his thighs.

“The Federal is closed for repairs.” Hunter blurted.

"A lot of code violations, I hear," Forbes stated casually.

"I wouldn't doubt it," Hunter responded.

"Are you hungry," Flynn asked.

"Yes." He answered immediately. Hunter was so relieved. He was starving, he hadn't eaten since yesterday morning, and that had been just an apple. Also, he wouldn't have to do a lot of talking if he were eating. He shouldn't be so nervous he'd cried in their arms earlier, and they'd comforted him, and now here he was all tongue-tied.

“I put together a breakfast for you. I know it’s the middle of the afternoon, but I like cooking breakfast.” Flynn pulled out some plates and prepared dishes for all of them. He and Forbes hadn’t eaten instead wanting to wait for their mate. They all sat at the island with the twins taking a seat on either side of Hunter.

“With the Federal closed, do you have other employment or just the bartending gig?” Forbes asked between bites.

“I’ve only been in town a few days, the Federal was the quickest job I could get, I don’t have any other.” Hunter’s embarrassment was on the rise.

Forbes turned to look at him directly and held him in that burning green stare. “You cannot sleep in your truck. There are things out there that can hurt you.”

"Yeah, I met one last night. But something stronger took it out before it could bother me." He turned back and forth looking at both Forbes and Flynn. He chose not to take it further and diverted his train of thought. "I have enough money for a motel room for a few days and hopefully I will find another job soon."

“Stay here with us. No need to waste your money on a motel. This house is part of a larger estate, there is plenty of room. Please stay.” The offer by Flynn caught Hunter by surprise. He felt like he knew them, but did he know them well enough to accept an offered room? They’ve done nothing but help him so far, but Hunter knew he tended to be naïve. He wanted to say yes. Could he say yes?

"Just say yes, Hunter." Came the deep, serious tones of Forbes.

“I want to, but I can’t pay you much.”

"We don't need your money, let us help you." Flynn moved closer as did Forbes. Hunter could feel their warmth, and it made him relax, how crazy was that? Their nearness always left him feeling better.

“Yes, I’ll stay. Thank you.” Hunter felt a weight lift off him the moment he decided to stay with the handsome strangers. He smiled suddenly filled with a sense of relief and expectancy.

Forbes and Flynn spent the next half hour explaining to Hunter the layout of the property, the inhabitants and the businesses owned by the group. They explained their background without getting into the paranormal side of things. Flynn told him they were all family and even threw out the word clan several times and he seemed to grasp it. They'd traveled for years as a motorcycle club known as the Dragon's Blood but over the past eight years had settled in Laramie and have been making it their home. There was a lot more to share, but this process would be a step at a time.

Flynn glanced at Forbes to see if he had anything to add. Forbes turned in his seat and had Hunter do the same so that they were face to face. He took both of Hunter’s hands in his before he began. Cameron had informed Forbes of a fair amount of Hunter’s back story. Cameron was definitely a master when it came to searching out information from social media. Hunter did not hold any social media accounts, but his brother and neighbors did. Forbes had a good idea what Hunter went through and had shared it with Flynn.

“I just want to make something clear in case you were unsure. Flynn and I are both gay as are the majority of our family. You will find that most of the men living at the Lodge and on the surrounding properties are gay and have partners. There is no stigma here, everyone is accepted for who they are.” Forbes kept his gaze firm yet open. “Are you okay with that?”

“Yeah, that’s okay.” Hunter’s voice was less than a whisper and his eyes filled with pain. Forbes continued to hold his hands as Flynn began to rub his shoulders. They were his mates, they had the ability to comfort him when he was hurting. Forbes wanted to ask him about the things his brother had posted. Some of it was brutal and some was filled with regret, but the gist was pure betrayal. Hunter had been abandoned by both his father and his brother, kicked out and banished from his home.

Forbes wanted to take him into his arms and assure him he didn’t need those people. He and Flynn were there for him, they would always be there for him as would the Clan and the Dragon Circle. Hunter was not alone, and he was not without protection, but he didn’t know that.

Hunter took a long shaky breath and spoke again. “I hid who I was because it was not accepted in my corner of the world. For years I managed to hide and pretend. Only one person knew the truth and I trusted that person with my life, and they sold me out for a birthright.” Hunter shook his head and gave a sickening laugh. “There was no birthright, there was only hard work and humiliation.” He took several deep breaths clearly trying to get his emotions in check.

"All I have is my truck and the few things in the back. My father didn't give me time to pack. I came to Laramie because I thought I could get a job here quickly, but that proved harder than I thought. The Federal was a dive bar, but they hired me immediately." He lifted his head and looked at Forbes not realizing he'd dropped his gaze until he looked into those brilliant green eyes and felt the power of that look.

Flynn was still rubbing his shoulders, and nothing had ever felt so good. He’d just told them about his family, and he was not feeling embarrassed or humiliated, it was okay. He sensed no judgment. Forbes leaned in and took Hunter's lips in a gentle embrace and progressively deepened the kiss as Hunter gradually began to reciprocate.

Hunter was tingling down to his toes the sensations coming from the ministrations of these two men was intense. Forbes moved his hands to Hunter’s waist and steadily pulled him closer until Hunter was straddling Forbes’ lap.

Flynn continued to massage his back and shoulders and peppered kisses to his neck and shoulders. He pressed himself up against Hunter's back forcing him against Forbes' growing hardness. Hunter felt Flynn slowly riding him from behind, and the movement was pressing Hunter firmly against Forbes. The experience was mind blowing but also so loving that Hunter found himself melting into their arms.

Forbes released Hunter’s lips and moved to trail hungry kisses across his jaw and down his throat as Flynn shifted his position and turned Hunter’s head to the side taking possession of his plump reddened lips.

Flynn was over the moon at the ease and acceptance of their mate. Hunter was in a heightened state of emotion which added to the embrace and opened him to the possibilities of two. Flynn ate away at Hunter’s willing mouth, tasting him and committing it to memory.

Forbes gripped Hunter's waist firmer pressing them tightly together. He felt Hunter's hardness riding his own, and it was stirring him to his depth and encouraging him to go faster, but he moved slowly to savor Hunter's growing excitement. His dragon though had other ideas and pushed for the completion of their bond, but this was Hunter's introduction to the Keith twins, and it had to be handled perfectly.

Flynn pressed his groin into Hunter’s supple ass and began a rhythm that was both titillating and liberating. Having his mate in his arms and responding was the answer to his dreams. The moans and signs of satisfaction coming from Hunter made his need for more ratchet up and caused his dragon to begin to stir. He felt the shift in his eyes and the ripple of scales as they washed across his face. He was slipping as Hunter invaded his soul.

Forbes saw that Flynn was losing the battle with his dragon and rather than have Hunter catch a glimpse of the subtle shift he turned Hunter back to him and began a slow ebbing of the kiss and brought the moment to a soft conclusion. All were catching their breath as Flynn and Forbes held tight to their mate.




Forbes and Flynn were feeling positive about their progress so far although they hadn't discussed the paranormal aspect of things. The fact he agreed to stay with them and had no qualms with making out was fantastic. It would provide ample opportunity for them to grow their connection and their bond and introduce Hunter to the joy of two.  From there they'd get into the discussion of dragons, vampires, and werewolves all of whom, whether he knew it or not, Hunter had already met.

They eased apart, Forbes helped Hunter return to his chair as Flynn continued his attention and loving words. "Let's get you settled here with us," Flynn said. Hunter was still looking blissed out a bit, and it warmed them to know they had this effect on their mate.

“Go with Flynn get your things from the Federal and pick up some clothes and personal items.” Forbes handed Flynn a handful of cash. Forbes wasn’t into credit or debit, he liked green backs. Flynn took it and put it in his pocket, he wasn’t going to argue, Hunter belonged to them both. They would share the expenses.

“No, you don’t have to do that.” Hunter balked at the gift.

"Consider it a loan," Forbes said in order to get the man to accept.

"Okay, but I'll pay you back." He insisted, and Forbes gave him a half smile.

“I know you will.” He answered. Forbes wasn’t thinking in terms of green backs.

Flynn left with Hunter to accompany him to the Federal to get his last check and Forbes headed to the main house to see about Chance and the baby and meet with Cameron. He wanted to know if Hunter’s dad and brother were potential problems or people who could be relegated, in time, to Hunter’s past. He hated being away from his mate, but he knew Flynn would take good care of him. The separation hit him once the two pulled out of the drive and he was left standing alone on the porch.

The idea that he would feel such loss and need at the absence of his mate would have been difficult to understand yesterday. Today it was real, and it was a burning that started in his gut and then slowly encompassed his entire being.

Every other warrior’s plight in winning and securing their mate became tangible, and he felt regret at not taking their need more serious at the time and being of more help to them.  He pulled his thoughts out of his feelings, schooled his features and headed to the main house. But the memory of Hunter’s pliant body in his arms was something he continued to hold close.

Flynn drove and Hunter sat next to him in the SUV as they made their way to the Federal. Frank told him he could pick up his check after five and it was now five thirty. Flynn parked out front and was about to get out when Hunter stopped him.

“I should go in alone.” He said but didn’t look all that convinced.

“I should go with you.” Flynn countered.

“If you want to, but you don’t have to.” Flynn could sense that Hunter was afraid of appearing helpless.

"I want to," Flynn stated and got out quickly rounding the vehicle to stand next to Hunter.

When they entered the bar, Flynn was glad he insisted on accompanying Hunter. There standing with Frank and Briggs was the large wolf from last night who’d accosted his mate. His dragon became immediately defensive and pushed to the surface. Flynn moved to stand slightly in front of Hunter although still to his left. Everyone in the room noticed the move except Hunter.

Briggs moved to the end of the bar and the wolf went with him. Frank remained and addressed the two when they approached. "Hello, Hunter. Sorry, we had to close down, but some piece of shit complained to the city about our cleanliness and our fire safety." He turned to towards Flynn before adding. "You wouldn't know who that was, would you?"

“Of course, I do. Forbes called, he’s a stickler for safety.” Flynn stated with what looked like a warm smile. “Wouldn’t want any of your regulars getting sick or hurt.” He added and glanced down the bar towards the wolf who was glaring at him but unwilling to come closer.

Frank looked at him hard but like the wolf seemed unwilling to engage further. He handed Hunter his check and then turned towards the two at the end of the bar giving them his back.

“Is it all there Hunter? I wouldn’t want them to stiff you.” Flynn had called his brother the instigator, but he too had that inclination, but he wasn’t as bad as Forbes. Frank turned around abruptly and eyed Hunter for a fraction of a second but dropped his gaze when Flynn stepped in front of him.

"It's all here. Thank you, Frank." Hunter must have felt the need to try and settle the aggressive energy sparking through the air. Flynn didn't think he needed to thank Frank for anything. He earned that money, it wasn't a gift. Frank nodded and turned back to the wolf and Briggs. "Let's get out of here," Hunter suggested, but it took Flynn a couple of beats to turn and follow him.

There was something lingering that had Flynn's attention, but he wasn't sure what it was. The wolf was angry that was tangible and could be his constant state of mind, or he was as they suspected looking for payback. When the wolf looked at them, he saw intent, and that was the signal his dragon held on to. He would discuss it with Forbes when they got home, the wolf may be meeting the white marble before the day was over.

"That was tenser than I'd expected," Hunter commented as they returned to the SUV. "I doubt Frank will have me back after the repairs. I think my time at the Federal is over just going by the stink eye that was being flashed."

"Not necessarily." Flynn started the vehicle once Hunter was buckled in. "Frank isn't the owner, he's the manager, and I hear the new owners are looking to replace him."

Hunter was intrigued. “New owners? When do they take possession? Do you think I might have a chance at keeping my job?”

“Do you want to keep your job?”

“It’s not what I imagined I’d be doing but I’m adjusting, and it pays well. The tips are terrible, but it pays well. Yes, I’d like to keep my job.” Hunter tried to explain and sound positive. He needed the job he didn’t want the job.

“If money wasn’t a crushing issue for you now, would you still want your job back?”

"Hell no, that place scares the shit out of me," Hunter responded without contemplation. If he didn't need the money so urgently, he would apply elsewhere and wait.

"What job would you like, if you could choose?" Flynn sounded casual, but Hunter sensed he was looking for real information.

“I like bartending, I just don’t like bartending at the Federal.” Hunter turned to look at Flynn directly went he barked a laugh.

“Well, I have good news for you then. I have it on good authority that the new owners are looking to class up the joint. They want to make it a reputable drinking establishment.” Flynn sounded like he had a lot of inside information and Hunter ached to ask questions. Hunter was about to ask if he could get the e-mail of the new owners or other contact information when Flynn pulled up to one of the larger department stores downtown and parked.

“Come on Hunter let’s go spend Forbes’ money.” He laughed and slipped his arm around Hunter as they entered the store.

Forbes met with Cameron in the tech room which consisted of wall to wall state of the art technology. Calum demanded that the tech department always stays ahead of the curve. Technology was the way of the future and the way to stay hidden and protected while earning the most on every dollar and growing their culture. Staying on the cutting edge was a necessity.

It seemed that mates were chosen by Fate for their capacity to love and accept the unusual and also their skills and connections. Each mate fit the Clan to perfection and always brought something new and special that the dragons didn't even know they needed until they did. Forbes wondered what Hunter would bring apart from his pure beauty and excellence.

“Hey Forbes, sit.” Cameron was behind his vast desk which was filled with monitors of varying sizes. Cameron was tied into everything so that the dragons were never surprised. Forbes took a seat in the chair off to the side of the desk, so he had clear eye contact with Cameron.

Cameron lifted his eyes from his keypad and smiled at Forbes. “Congratulations on finding your mate.”

"Thank you, he belongs to Flynn and me." Forbes clarified in case Cameron wasn't aware. The sweet smile told him he knew.

“Yeah, I know, that is so cool Forbes. I’m happy for both of you. I look forward to meeting him, from what I’ve found he seems like a good guy.”

“He is a good guy.” Forbes found that he puffed up with pride at hearing kind things about his mate. “Flynn and I are very fortunate.”

Forbes explained his concerns regarding Hunter’s father and brother and wanted to be prepared for whatever trouble they may try to stir up with Hunter.  Cameron spent a few minutes gathering what was available for Forbes to go through at his leisure. When finished he emailed the file to Forbes.

"His brother Lyle is desperate to reconcile, but Hunter has shut him out, which is understandable considering he destroyed Hunter's life. I don't think he's all bad, but the father, Alan Davis is definitely a bad guy. But with that said I doubt he'll bother Hunter. He cut him out of his life, and I believe that's an end to it." Cameron gave a brief synopsis of his findings.

"Thanks, Cameron."

“Glad to help.”

Flynn watched as Hunter carefully picked out a few outfits being obviously too concerned about the price and finally Flynn couldn’t take it any longer.

"Hunter, price is no object. We may not look it, but Forbes and I are not without means we can easily afford to buy you whatever you wish. Don't go cheap, cheap clothes don't last, and you know that."

Flynn came up beside him and started putting the things he didn't like back on the shelf and started grabbing some quality clothing that he knew would look great on Hunter. Hunter started to balk at the cost and the quantity, but Flynn's, don't argue with me, expression caused him to step back and shut up.

Hunter declined to try things on stating that he was sure everything would fit. Flynn convinced him to try on the black form-fitting dress pants that Hunter didn't want, but Flynn had to have them. They fit Hunter like a second skin cupping his ass and package to perfection. Flynn got hard just thinking about taking Hunter while he wore those sexy, fuck me now pants. Forbes was sure to thank him for that purchase.

Hunter seemed to feel awkward, and Flynn understood his discomfort, but he needed things, and his mates were damn well going to buy them for him. They completed check out and were carrying the bags to the SUV when Hunter realized he didn't have his cell phone.

“I think I might have left it in the dressing room. Those pants didn’t leave any room for cell phones.” He said laughing, as he rushed back inside.




Hunter was not paying attention as he told the cashier that he was going to check the dressing room for his phone. He rounded the corner that leads to the stall he'd used and came face to face with a solid, unmovable body. The person had deliberately stepped out in front of him purposely running into him.

“Hey, watch where you’re going.” He said as he tried to walk past the man.

“I was.” The man said through clenched teeth. Hunter looked up at him and quickly recognized he was in trouble. This was one of the men from the bar fight. He’d been sitting at the table in the back when the fight broke out. But why was he here? Why was he bothering him?

Hunter stepped back but kept his eyes on him. “What’s your problem?”

"You are, son, you are." He sneered and grabbed Hunter and started dragging him to a side door. "I'm going to fucking rip your throat out and enjoy every minute." Hunter tried to fight, but the guy was strong, freakishly strong like the guy who'd hauled him over the bar by his neck. He struggled to get free and began calling for help as the door that led to the side alley closed behind them.

Flynn felt the panic before he heard the cry and raced into the shop and back towards the fitting rooms. He checked the stall and grabbed Hunter’s phone. He followed his mates fear and the stench of a jackal to the side door and rushed out into the alley. Panic and rage took him over at the sight of his mate crumpled against the block wall. Hunter was hurt, Flynn could smell blood and Hunter wasn’t moving. He rushed towards him and saw the jackal running away.

Flynn was torn with the need to pursue and the need to take care of his injured mate. The jackal would be dealt with, but for now, he needed to see to his mate. He did a quick scan of Hunter's person noticing the bruising on his throat and the cuts to his upper arms where his shirt was torn. "Can you stand up?" He asked, and Hunter just stared at him like he didn't understand his words.

He scooped Hunter up into his arms and carried him to the SUV. He didn’t want to linger in the alley in case the cashier had called the police. “Let’s get you home. Forbes will see to your injuries, he’s a medic.” Flynn took one deep breath after another forcing his dragon to back down. Now was not the time to shift in front of his mate. Hunter had enough shock for one afternoon.

“What was that thing? He looked like a wild dog.” Hunter managed to croak out as he gave a full body shudder. “He looked worse than that monster that attacked me last night.

"He shifted in front of you?" Flynn was floored. There was one rule that was honored by all paranormal species, and that was, you never shift in public in front of humans. It's the one thing that had kept the paranormal world safe and hidden for hundreds of years.

"His face and hands changed into some sort of hairy beast, and then when he heard you coming, he changed back and started running. I've never seen anyone move as fast as he did." He looked at Flynn with a look that said he wanted to know why but was afraid to hear it.

“This is part of the conversation we started last night. Are you sure you want to know?” Flynn asked as he pulled into the Lodge drive and continued to the back and parked in front of their home. When Hunter didn’t respond immediately, he turned off the engine and turned in his seat to look at him directly and held his gaze.

“Yes, I think I need to know.” Hunter’s thoughtful response spoke to his character and intelligence. Denial is not safety and hiding from the truth is no way to live your life.

Flynn went to Hunter's side of the vehicle, and when he started to wince as he tried to get out, Flynn once again scooped him up into his arms and carried him towards the house. Forbes was on the porch waiting, and Flynn saw the flash of rage encompass his expression when he saw that Hunter was injured.

"What happened?" Forbes rushed them and took Hunter from Flynn's arms and cuddled him tight while tucking Hunter's face into his shoulder. Forbes was feeling his skin prickling and his dragon's agitation at seeing the bruises and blood. His eyes were flashing hot, and he didn't want Hunter to see.

They hurried into the house and went straight to their bedroom, he decided then and there that Hunter belonged with them, not in the guest room. They would convince him one way or another to stay with them.

He set him down on the edge of the bed and instructed Flynn to grab the first aid kit from the bathroom. Forbes crouched down in front of Hunter and swept the hair back from Hunter’s face so he could see him more clearly. “Are you hurt elsewhere besides your neck and your arm.” He kept his voice even and low. Hunter looked to be on an emotional edge and Forbes didn’t want him to tumble over.

"My side," Hunter told him.

"May I?" Forbes asked before raising the hem of his t-shirt. Hunter nodded and moved his arm and leaned to the one side. "Are you okay with taking this off?" Hunter nodded again, and Forbes gently removed the torn t-shirt.

He then took the items from Flynn and cleaned and dressed the wounds. They were shallow, surface injuries and would heal rapidly. Being the mate to a dragon, even an unclaimed mate aided in rapid healing when in close proximity of the dragon or rather dragons in this case. He would be well soon Forbes kept telling himself in order to stay calm enough to help him.

Flynn remained seated on the edge of the bed next to Hunter and Forbes was still crouched between Hunter's legs. Forbes rested his hands at Hunter's waist and his arms on Hunter's legs as he asked again, what happened. Now that Hunter was cared for, and his wellness established Forbes wanted the whole story.

Flynn started and gave his account of what happened, and then Hunter filled in the rest except for the shifting part. Flynn wasn't sure why he chose to ignore that part, but he intended to address it.

"The attacker was a jackal, I caught his scent in the store and the alley," Flynn stated boldly. Forbes shot him a warning glance at his openness and Flynn quickly added. "The fucker shifted in front of Hunter." Forbes' eyes grew wide, and he turned to look at Hunter.

“Jackal as in, jackal the animal?” Hunter’s words were careful and spaced. He looked back and forth between Flynn and Forbes.

"Yes." They both said at the same time. Forbes backed off, and although he continued to hold onto Hunter, he let Flynn explain what needed to be explained, starting with the importance that the information given would be kept secret. Hunter agreed, so Flynn began with the vampire from last night. Forbes watched Hunter's expressions and gauged his acceptance of what he was being told.

Hunter was stunned and a little dazed by what he was hearing. His mind scrambled for other explanations and reasons why these two would lie to him, but he came up with nothing. Everyone knew the stories about Laramie, the whispers of thing not being quite right. Everyone knew someone, who knew someone who saw something strange or otherworldly, but he always just shrugged it off. Since arriving in Laramie though, he had seen and felt things not normal but kept filing them away as anomalies or misunderstandings. But what he saw last night and what he saw today could not be explained away.

How could this entire other world exist right next to him and he not know of it? The word shifter made sense in as much as he'd heard the word used in a mythological sense but not in reality. This was real, the man turned into a jackal and the man last night turned into a bloodthirsty beast, and according to Flynn, there were wolves and a variety of other species that were both human and animal.

“I want so bad to say that I think you’re crazy, but I know that you’re not. The evidence has been right in front of me more than once. But my mind is racing right now trying to fit this new knowledge into my old understanding of this world.” Hunter suddenly felt a horror wash over him. “I’ve hunted with my brother, we’ve killed deer and elk and one bear.”

"You didn't kill a shifter," Forbes assured him. "Shifters don't run wild, and they don't shift during hunting season. Shifters have existed for as long as humans have, we know how to protect ourselves." Hunter heard the admittance as soon as Forbes voiced it, but he wasn't ready to go further.

“The Federal is a shifter bar?” Hunter decided to ask instead of the question that was hanging between them.

“Yes, but some humans go there too. They just don’t realize they’re surrounded by shifters, mostly wolves.” Flynn answered.

“Briggs, Frank?” The question was clear, so Flynn answered.

“Briggs yes, Frank no.”

Hunter turned back to Forbes and asked the question. “Are you and Flynn shifters?”

"Yes," Forbes answered with just the one word. Forbes and Flynn exchanged looks wondering if Hunter would ask what kind but instead he looked to the ceiling, let out a long and labored breath and then pitched forward resting his head on Forbes' shoulder.

Forbes immediately wrapped his arms around him, and Flynn began to rub circles on his lower back.

“It all makes sense, in the most bizarre way imaginable, but it all makes sense.” Hunter rolled his head back and forth and then reached out to place his hand on Flynn’s knee and then ran his hand up his thigh and back to his knee. He did this slowly taking in the feeling of the warm and solid flesh beneath his touch.

He enjoyed the closeness of these men, and he needed to touch them both. He placed his other hand on Forbes' chest and relished stroking his rigid muscles as much as he enjoyed Flynn's firm thigh. Together they set him on fire, the energy and the intensity of what he was feeling made his head spin. He wanted them both so badly he was aching. He rubbed his face into Forbes’ shoulder again and boldly placed a soft kiss to the side of his throat.

At the same time, he allowed his hand to travel up Flynn's leg to lightly brush his fingers across his hardening cock. It was outlandish, but he couldn't help himself. He could feel the brothers coming closer enveloping him and reciprocating his advances. His head was lifted by Forbes, and with a steadying hand on the back of his head Forbes once again took his lips in a demanding embrace and seized the opportunity to thrust inside when Hunter opened to suck in a desperate breath.

Flynn was shocked and delighted by Hunter’s bold move. Never in his life had a touch felt so right as Hunter’s hand on his cock. He and Forbes exchanged a glance when it became obvious Hunter wanted more than just a hug, and so it began. This was the beginning, tonight they would claim their mate.

Hunter's bare torso was white as snow with his arms a soft tan. It was a look Flynn decided he loved. His body was smaller than theirs, but his muscles were toned from hard work, and Flynn hungered to have Hunter’s callous roughened hands on his bare cock.

Hunter groaned as Forbes ate away at his mouth. He went for it and gripped Flynn’s throbbing cock. Flynn gave a lustful groan of his own and covered Hunter’s hand with his own to keep it there not wanting him to move it. He ground his cock into Hunter’s grip showing him that his advances were more than welcome while moving slightly to trail kisses across his shoulder.

Hunter moved with both men giving and getting and loving the slow buildup to a climax that would surely take his breath away. He wasn't a prude and definitely not a virgin, but the thought of taking both men was sending a nervous yet excited thrill up his spine.

Forbes released his mouth for a moment to ask some questions and all Hunter wanted was his lips back on his. Thankfully his thoughts were diverted to Flynn who was currently unfastening Hunter’s jeans and little by little slipping his hand inside. His touch on Hunter’s sensitized flesh was arousing him to a painful condition. He needed his pants off in the worst way and right now.

"We want to make love to you. Do you want us, Hunter, do you want us both as much as we want you?" Forbes made their desires clear, and Hunter refused to shy away.

“Yes, yes I want you both. God, I want you both.” Hunter held back nothing.

Hunter soon found himself laid out flat as his jeans were removed. He was now completely naked, his body on full view for these two men to devour. Forbes and Flynn ate him up with their eyes as they too quickly disrobed tossing their clothes aside in a rush to join him on the large expansive bed. Hunter had never been in a bed this big. There was plenty of space for all three of them with room to spare.

The twins were a sight to behold as acres of smooth tanned flesh pulled tight across hard muscle was bared for his viewing pleasure. His breathing became labored, and his heart rate skyrocketed with the anticipation of what was to come. He couldn't take his eyes off them, so masculine, so gorgeous and they wanted him.

Forbes came up on his right and Flynn on his left and stretched out on their sides facing him. Flynn reached for him and rolled Hunter to his side to face him while Forbes positioned himself flush to Hunter’s back. It was becoming familiar to him to have one in front and one in back as they treated him to a sensual sensory explosion. Their bodies, their scent, their touch, Hunter was beginning to crave everything about them like a man possessed. 

Flynn began with gentle touches and a soft explorative kiss. Forbes first pressed his substantial cock firmly against the crease of Hunter’s ass, not entering just riding the surface and triggering the creation of an intense need.

Flynn’s hands were everywhere at first and then one settled on stroking Hunters cock and messaging his balls. Flynn’s large firm grip provided a satisfaction Hunter hadn’t known before. By stimulating him at every pleasure point Flynn and Forbes were sinking him into a total blissful meltdown.

Hunter reached between down between him and Flynn and wrapped his fingers around Flynn's hard, leaking cock feeling the hot pulsing neediness within. Hunter groaned into Flynn's mouth when Forbes entered him with his fingers. He felt a cool slippery substance and fleetingly wondered when He'd gotten the lube. The thrusting of his large fingers stretched and stimulated him widening his passage for the two of them.

Flynn released his lips and moved to place open mouth kisses down his throat and across his shoulder. Hunter kissed him in return on his cheek and ear any available piece of flesh within reach. He was losing himself in these men, and he loved it.

It wasn’t long although it seemed an eternity before Hunter felt Forbes probing his hole with the head of his cock. He was thrusting causing pressure that increased slowly until he popped inside stretching the muscles even further and heightening Hunter’s pleasure tenfold.

Flynn gripped him tighter and rapidly stroked Hunter's sensitive member as Forbes pushed further and plunged deep inside filling him fully and stretching him to accommodate his considerable size and length. Hunter's channel gripped Forbes cock and held him tight within his warm, velvety embrace.

Hunter felt the moment his channel relaxed, and Forbes began a rhythm of pounding thrusts which forced Hunter's cock to slide rapidly back and forth within Flynn's grasp. The buildup was reaching an unbearable level.

Forbes suddenly plunged deep ramming their bodies together and came hard with a bursting growl of pleasure and pain that fanned the back of Hunter’s neck. The instant that Forbes came Hunter too exploded in Flynn’s hand painting his palm with his warm seed. His head was reeling with the power of the experience.

Just as Hunter was gaining his bearings, Forbes struck sinking his teeth in Hunter's shoulder biting down and sucking the flesh into his mouth. Hunter instantly stiffened and came again orgasming a second time in less than a minute. His eyes rolled back in his head this time, and he rode the flashing lights that danced behind his eyelids. It was magnificent, but it wasn't over.

Forbes licked the wound, and the act eased the sting to a sensitively erotic level which Hunter had no explanation for. He was lulling in the aftershocks when Forbes slowly pulled out and rolled Hunter towards him giving his back to Flynn. Hunter was floored by the tender look in Forbes' eyes and the loving way he touched him. The encounter touched him and, in that moment, he could feel them both, heart and soul. "You are ours, Hunter, our love our mate, ours forever," Forbes spoke so softly against Hunter's cheek that the words were felt more than heard.

Forbes covered Hunter’s face and shoulder with soft kisses and tiny seductive nips while Flynn kissed the back of his neck. Hunter knew what was coming and ached for it needing the fullness of his other lover to feel complete. Flynn thrust inside easily and began a vigorous pounding of Hunter’s hole filling him over and over and hitting his prostate on every slam. It was sending him into a state of frenzied excitement which was pushing him immediately over the edge.

Within minutes Hunter was crying out, and Forbes swallowed every cry. Hunter came even harder than he had the last two times, he didn't think it was possible, but he was covering Forbes' groin with warm ejaculate and trying to breathe. Again, he was bitten, Flynn struck sinking his teeth into his other shoulder and sucking up the flesh much as Forbes had done.

“No, no, it can be possible.” Hunter slammed his eyes shut and uttered through strained grinding teeth as he came once more adding to the pool of seed dripping down Forbes’s abdomen. His mind and his nerves were tingling and swirling as the lights flashed in the corners of his eyes making his vision fade in and out and then nothing.






Forbes continued to kiss and caress Hunter while Flynn licked the wound closed and sealed his bond with their mate. Hunter was now theirs in every way, he belonged to them, the dragon twins. They lay there for a few minutes holding Hunter between them glorying in the connection that had been established.

"I have never been as happy as I am at this moment," Flynn stated and wrapped his arms around Hunter.

"He's a treasure, Flynn, our treasure." Forbes was proud and impressed with their mate's stamina and his capacity to believe the fantastical. He placed another kiss to Hunter's forehead and smoothed the hair back from his face. "We knocked him out, Flynn."

Flynn chuckled. “He went out with a smile.” Forbes barked a laugh and then grew serious.

“His attacker was the jackal from the fight last night?” Forbes questioned.

“Yes, he took off as soon as he heard me coming. I couldn’t go after him and leave Hunter alone and injured.” Flynn rubbed the palm of his hand up and down Hunter’s leg calming himself with the touch of his mate.

“You did the right thing. Besides, I know where to find the jackal.” Forbes let go of Hunter and sat up on the edge of the bed. “Rest until he wakes up. Keep him safe.” He instructed Flynn and bent to place one last kiss to his mate’s lips.

“I love you more than life.” He whispered into Hunter’s ear and Flynn seconded the statement from behind Hunter.

"I'll be back," Forbes said and grabbed his clothes and left.

Flynn cuddled his mate close and pulled the comforter over them both. His mate was overcome, and the rest was good for him. Flynn was well aware that Forbes’ intended to eliminate the threat to their mate, and he was confident in his success. Jackals were tough and heartless, but they were also of low intelligence, hence attacking the mate of a dragon.

Hunter came to gradually and rolled over to face Flynn who was cuddling him close. The memory of their lovemaking came back to him, and he smiled sweetly. "Hello." He said with just a touch of shyness.

“Hello, my love, how are you?” Flynn’s voice was so comforting Hunter just wanted to roll in it.

"I'm good." Hunter ran his fingers down the side of Flynn's face needing to touch and convince himself that it was all real. Their lovemaking had been beyond expectations there had been no awkward moments or self-consciousness of any kind. These men treated him to a perfect feast of sensual delight.

“Come closer, I want to hold you.” Flynn pulled Hunter closer and wrapped him in his arms. Hunter looked behind him and realized then that Forbes was not there, and he suddenly felt distraught. The bed was cold and empty on his right side. Why was he not there? Where did he go?

Flynn felt Hunter’s mood change. “What’s wrong?”

“Where’s Forbes, why did he leave?” The insecurity ran in his tone.

“He had to take care of something, he won’t be long. As a matter of fact, he thought you’d still be asleep when he returned.” Flynn rushed to assure him.

"I wish he was here with us," Hunter stated and Flynn heard the desire and the need. The connection was taking shape. They'd claimed their mate and now their bond would grow with every word, every touch, every look, it would grow.

“I’m sorry I blacked out on you, again, but the experience was just so . . .” Hunter trailed off at the memory of their lovemaking.

“Fantastic.” Flynn filled in with a smirk.

“Even better than that.” Hunter flattered him.

“I love compliments, my love, keep them coming because my ego needs the fuel.” Flynn barked another laugh. “I’ll be sure and let Forbes know that you were thoroughly pleased with our efforts.”

"I'm still exhausted," Hunter remarked and then yawned.

"Well then close your eyes and snuggle up close. We can sleep for a while, there's no rush." Flynn held him tight, and Hunter rested his head on Flynn's shoulder and fell back to sleep.

Forbes loathed leaving his mate especially since he just claimed him and their bond was so new, but Hunter’s well-being was contingent on Forbes finding the jackal that had assaulted Hunter and finishing him. There was an abandoned building on the far edge of town that the jackals had been using as a hangout. He would start there. He knew who he was looking for.

He drove up and parked near the front of the building he didn’t care who saw him, he was there to eliminate the threat to his mate. Anyone who got in his way would likewise be eliminated. His dragon began to get agitated and wanted to just level the building and be done with it, but Forbes wanted to see this fucker. He wanted to look him in the eye when he killed him.

Three jackals tried to jump him as he entered, they were no match for a pissed off dragon, he finished the lot of them without breaking stride. He heard voices coming from the back, and he went straight for them. There were five sitting around talking, but they jumped to their feet when Forbes entered. Four of them did the smart thing and immediately ran out the back door but one stood there and glared at him, and it was just the jackal he was looking for.

"You assaulted my mate and left him bleeding in an alley," Forbes stated with fury and puffs of smoke escaping his mouth and nose. A shift seemed imminent. The Jackal smiled wide but took a step back towards the door. He really did not understand that death stood a few feet from him.

“That little whore, Hunter Davis, is not your . . .” The jackal’s words were cut off when the dragon burst forth and incinerated him with a single breath. He panicked and tried to run at the last second, but you can’t outrun dragon fire.

The building could not withstand the sheer size of Forbes' dragon. As it broke through the walls and ceiling, the structure began to fall in on itself. He turned, and as he left, he shifted back and walked to his car. Forbes looked back at the destruction behind him and set fire to what remained of the building. That nest of jackals had been removed, but the threat to his mate still remained.

As he drove home, he thought about it and realized that there was more to what was going on than just random attacks. Someone was directing these individuals. Laramie was a rough place but not so dangerous that one would expect to be attacked twice in less than a day. It felt like a set up to Forbes. He planned to discuss his suspicions with Flynn as soon as he got home.

The thought of home brought thoughts of Hunter and his sweet face and sexy body. He was the perfect mate for them. He was strong, rational and loving and he seemed to trust his instincts. Forbes needed to get back, being separated from Hunter was difficult, and he could feel his dragon whining.

Flynn and Hunter rested for another half hour before getting up. Hunter cleaned up in the attached bath and Flynn used the bath in the guestroom. He thought about asking to shower with Hunter, but he was probably a little sore and Flynn doubted he could shower with the man without getting physical. Hunter’s body was a thing of beauty for sure and just the sight of all that tempting flesh and taught muscle made his blood burn.

Flynn was in the kitchen cooking dinner when Forbes returned. He came to the kitchen poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down at the island. “Where is Hunter?” He asked.

"Taking a shower, we just got up a few minutes ago. I thought I'd cook dinner, steak, and baked potatoes, that should get his strength back." He smiled at Forbes over his shoulder and Forbes returned the gesture. "Did you take care of the problem?"

“Yes, that threat has been removed, but the problem isn’t over.” Forbes drank about half his cup of coffee before setting it down and sharing his misgivings. Flynn walked over to the island and leaned his hip against it as he listened.

“The two attacks feel off to me.” He began. “Why would a vampire attack a man in a locked truck in a residential area rather than just troll the alleys downtown for a likely victim. Besides, there hasn't been a vampire attack in this town in a very long time." Forbes saw that his brother was catching on as awareness seem to light up his eyes along with a touch of dread.

“And the jackal, why would he go after Hunter? Jackals don’t hold grudges or crave vengeance, they don’t care about anything and just live their lives from one urge to the next. They don’t have the depth necessary for a grudge or vengeance, but they will do anything for money.”

"You think someone else is responsible," Flynn interjected. "The wolf?"

"That would be my guess," Forbes stated. "It would be easy for him to hire the vampire and that jackal to carry out his dirty work and I could see him wanting revenge. He was made to look small in front of the others, and I believe he's going after Hunter to get to us." Forbes found that his dragon was itching to go after the wolf in question.

“Could he really be that stupid?” Flynn asked.

"Some paranormals still do not comprehend the power of a dragon," Forbes told him. "We’ve been here nearly eight years now, but we're still considered new to the area. Not everyone knows who we are and what we are capable of, but this wolf is soon to find out." Forbes finished his coffee.

“In the meantime, I agree with you, we need to be vigilant in Hunter’s care and protection. One of us should to be with him at all times until we figure this out.” Flynn said and then turned back to the meal he was preparing just as Hunter entered the kitchen all cleaned up and smelling like heaven.

"Forbes, you're home." Hunter went towards him. He really missed this guy, and it confounded him why, but he knew what he felt. Forbes stood and abruptly gathered Hunter up into his arms, lifting him off his feet and began a barrage of kisses that took Hunter’s breath away. Forbes felt it too, Hunter realized to his delight as he ate up the attention.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you woke. I hated leaving you, but I had something that I had to take care of, and it couldn’t wait.” Forbes explained between kisses. He set him back onto his feet but kept him close rubbing his hand up and down Hunter’s back like he too needed the contact. It was a strange thing, but Hunter was obsessed with touching these guys, he couldn’t get enough. It was as if he were feeding off their energy.

"Have a seat, dinner will be ready shortly," Flynn instructed as he began to prepare their plates. Hunter gently pulled away from Forbes and moved to stand at the end of the island facing them both. He'd overheard part of their discussion upon entering the kitchen, and he was ready to ask the questions he'd shied away from earlier. He was comfortable now and was ready to know more.

They turned towards him sensing that he had something to say and were giving him their full attention. Hunter placed the palms of his hands against the top of the island to steady himself for the answers he knew he was about to receive.

“Did you kill the vampire?” His first question.

“Yes.” Forbes and Flynn both responded evenly.

“Did you kill the jackal? Is that the business you were taking care of?” He glanced at Forbes as he asked.

"Yes," Forbes said and then added. "I would kill anyone who dares threaten your life."

“As would I.” Flynn joined.

He should be upset by what they were admitting, but he wasn't. They saved him in the bar, in his truck, in the alley and now they eliminated the jackal who would have surely killed him if Flynn had not arrived.

Anxiety and fear had been his constant companions for so long that the feeling that he could now let go and just live was a very heady experience. Even with the level of threats that had been coming his way he felt safe in the hands of his lovers Forbes and Flynn.

He wasn't weak or timid, but life had kicked him around so badly over the past few days that any shred of confidence had abandoned him. Now he was getting back his center and feeling a foundation under him once again. Whatever they did, whatever Forbes had to do, he would stand with him always, and he knew this to be true to the depths of his being.

His opinion of the brothers strengthened even further with Forbes’ next declaration.

“I will not apologize for protecting you. You are the center of my world now and I love you more than my own life. That may sound crazy to you, but it is the truth. I will always love and protect you, you are my mate I can do nothing else.” This was followed by Flynn echoing the same sentiments. They were deadly serious.

“I understand, and I can tell you that I feel the same.” He wasn’t going to pretend to demure or play games. “I feel right here with you, I know there’s something between us, it’s like I’ve been waiting my whole life just to meet you two. Normally I would be freaking out and running away about now, but I’m not worried. This . . .” He gestured back and forth between them. “This is right, and I think I belong here.”

"You were born for us as we were born for you," Flynn assured him.

“This is exactly where you belong.” Forbes cut in, and his eyes were bright like they were on fire. The image made Hunter tremble, just a glance and he was burning. He looked to Flynn, and his eyes held the same fire. It was intoxicating, but he had to ask the rest of his questions, he had to finish this.

“What kind of shifters are you?” Hunter needed to know.

"We are not native to this land," Forbes stated and then looked at Flynn his expression asking him to continue. Hunter knew Forbes considered Flynn the better speaker and often deferred to him when explanations were required. Forbes tended to be harsher and to the point, whereas Flynn was mellow and patient. Hunter had to admit he loved them both. Barely twenty-four hours and he had already fallen hard for these two. Two men, he was in love with two men. 

“Our people reside, primarily in Northern Europe and parts of Russia. Our home Circle is from the Shetland Islands.” Flynn decided to start at the beginning. If he was going to explain who and what they were Hunter would need the complete backstory. He told him of the quest that Clan Keith embarked upon in the name of their King. He spoke of the years of searching and traveling as a motorcycle club. It was easy to move about and not garner too much attention, everyone avoided biker clubs.

Hunter leaned his forearms on the island and listened intently to the story of their lives. Flynn spoke with excitement in his voice as he related many treasured memories. The life he described sounded full and vibrant.

Flynn laughed softly. “Sorry, got a little off subject. You don’t need to know every detail, I suppose.”

"I love listening to you, I could listen to you all day, Flynn," Hunter told him.

“Thank you, my love.” Flynn then got back to answering his question.

“We settled here in this dusty little town because this is where we found the first mate. Our Chieftain, Calum found his mate Chance Bashford at the Café near the theater. We stopped there for coffee as we were passing through and he scented Chance. That was the beginning of this life for all of us. According to our seer, all our mates would be found where the first is found.

Over the past nearly eight years all the members of this quest have found their mates, except for us. Yesterday the Quest of Clan Keith was completed when Forbes and I found our mate." Flynn paused, and both he and Forbes trained their eyes on Hunter.

Hunter straightened up and dropped his hands to his sides as he waited.

"You are our mate, Hunter. You are the one we have been searching the continent to find. We have been waiting in this town for years, waiting for you to come to us. You belong to us, Forbes and me. We claimed you and set the bonding process in motion when we bit you. You felt the connection fall into place. It was foretold, and it is our destiny to be together, the three of us. You were born to be ours, and we were born to be yours." Flynn went on to explain the sacredness of mates and the importance to the growth of their people.

Hunter tried to take it all in, but the amount of fantastic information he was being given was overloading his ability to process. Any other time in any other place with different circumstances he would have scoffed and refused to even consider what he was being told.

This was unlike anything he’d come up against, but he knew it to be true, it was all true and he knew it to his core. After several minutes of silence, Hunter asked his question again.

“What kind of shifter are you?”

"We are dragon, as are all the members of Clan Keith apart from the mates. We are members of the Shetland Dragon Circle and we serve the Dragon King Duncan Adair." Forbes stated in his usual straight forward manner, but Hunter appreciated the clarity.

Forbes turned the floor back over to Flynn who explained in detail what it was to be the mate of a dragon or in Hunter’s case, two dragons. He told him of the changes in his life and physiology along with the increased life span and the off chance that Hunter could get pregnant.

Hunter raised his hand, and everyone fell silent. “Okay, that’s a lot to take in but I believe you, I don’t know why but I believe you. It will take me a while to process everything, but I will, all except for that last nugget. There is currently no room in my head for that possibility, so we can talk about that later, much later.”

“Whatever you need, we will help you every step of the way.” Flynn jumped in.

“Okay, let’s eat, I’m hungry and the smell of that steak is making my mouth water.” Hunter ended the discussion, for now.

Flynn plated the meal and they sat together at the island, Hunter in the middle and Forbes and Flynn on either side. They ate and discussed every part of their lives. The mundane little personal things that make up a person’s life. The steady process of getting to know one another. Hunter did not venture into the paranormal, just questions of friends and family and likes and dislikes.

Forbes was impressed with his mate's ability to take a boatload of information and process it in such a way that it did not crush him. He could see the wheels turning, but Hunter wasn't shutting down or trying to run away, which was important. 

Their relationship was speeding ahead faster than he'd anticipated. With the jackal shifting in front of him and the death of the vampire, Hunter had to be brought into the secret sooner that they would have preferred. But he was handling it, and it seemed to strengthen their bond. Claiming Hunter was a big assist in gaining his trust and understanding. The claiming connected their souls and he was able to feel, if not see the truth in their words.

Flynn did a fine job explaining the facts of their lives in the gentlest way possible as far as Forbes was concerned. Now all that remained was to make Hunter aware of the danger regarding the wolf and get his agreement to not venture out alone until the matter was settled.

They finished and together cleaned up the kitchen before retiring to the living room. Hunter sat in the middle of the largest sofa in the room and the twins sat on either side of him. Forbes was pleased with Hunter’s apparent desire to have them close and have them surround him. It was something that would possibly ease in time but for now, the three of them needed to stay close. It was all about the connecting of their souls.

Forbes reached over and took Hunter's hand in his and Flynn placed his hand possessively on Hunter's knee. "We need to discuss a situation that is brewing," Flynn stated. He'd dumped a lot on Hunter in the past few hours, and now he was going to share their suspicions regarding the wolf from the Federal. Hunter has been open and accepting so far, he just hoped he continued to be.

“Does it have something to do with what you and Forbes were talking about before I walked into the kitchen, is it about the wolf that grabbed me at the bar?” Hunter asked and looked at each of them before turning back to give Flynn his attention.

“Yes, we believe he’s the person behind the incidents with the vampire and the jackal. It’s looking like he may have hired them to attack you. If that’s true, then your safety is still an issue.” Flynn squeezed Hunter’s knee assuring him that he had nothing to fear.

"Do you think he will send someone else?" Hunter sounded worried, and Flynn hated that sound.

"He may, or he may try to get to you himself. What we need for you to do is agree to not leave this property unless Forbes or I are with you. You're safe here, no one sane would ever trespass on Dragon's Blood property.

"We need time to locate this bastard, and if his intent is to hurt you, then we will hurt him first. We will know if he's the one behind all this." Forbes added and slipped his arm around Hunter causing him to lean into Forbes' shoulder. Flynn draped his arm across Hunter's thighs and drew him close. Yep, he was their mate, it was apparent in every move, every touch, and every word.

"I can feel your worry," Hunter commented softly. "Is that part of our bond? It's not that I can see that you're worried, I can actually feel the anxiety that you two are experiencing."

"Yes, as the bond grows our connection to one another grows also. Forbes and I have always been able to read and feel one another, but now we can read and feel you as well."

“This is a lot Flynn, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Like I said before, I feel like I belong here with you both and I have never felt that not even at home with my father and brother. I have never had that sense of belonging until I met the Keith twins.” He snuggled against Forbes’ shoulder.











"You're tired, we should go to bed and pick this conversation up in the morning," Flynn suggested and Forbes' seconded. Just then Hunter's phone began to vibrate. He pulled it from his pocket, checked the number and denied the call.

“Was that your brother calling?” Forbes asked.


“Are you ever going to talk to him and let him explain himself.” Forbes pressed.

“Maybe, but not right now. I’m not ready to hear his apologies or his excuses.”

"Understood," Forbes told him, but he also knew that Hunter had a good relationship with his brother Lyle until the betrayal and perhaps there was more to the story. He would address the subject again at a later date. From what he'd discovered Lyle was repentant and eager to reconcile, but it was Hunter's call.

"We'd like you to share the large room with us. We've moved your things in there, and tomorrow we can divvy up the space as far as closet and drawers and what not. We want you with us. Are you okay with that?" Flynn asked as they walked together towards the large bedroom.

"I'm very okay with that. I want to hold you both and fall asleep in your arms." Flynn had no problem with that, and neither did Forbes. One more hurdle out of the way as far as they were concerned. They both put their arm around Hunter as they led him to the bedroom. This was turning into a very good day.

They laid him on the bed, and together they stripped him to his briefs and tucked him in. Hunter got to lay there and watch two of the most gorgeous men in the world strip in front of him. With each piece of clothing, the scene became more and more erotic, and Hunter felt his breath quickening and his heart began to race as his eye devoured them both.

Flynn slowed down and took his time when he saw the way Hunter was enjoying the show. He glanced at Forbes and he too turned the moment into a performance for their mate.

“Like what you see, my love?” Flynn purred as he crawled up beside Hunter and laid down.

“I like everything I’m seeing.” Hunter raved and bounced his eyebrows suggestively. Flynn took Hunter's lips in a wet kiss and he felt Forbes take his place next to him. The kiss was hot as fuck, greedily exploring and breathlessly urgent.

Forbes pulled back the comforter and kissed his way down Hunter’s torso to the waistband of his briefs. He slid his hand inside and forced the briefs down baring Hunter’s throbbing cock. Hunter felt the cool air hit his hot flesh and the sensation was delicious but did not even come close to the ecstasy he felt when Forbes abruptly took him into his mouth.

He wasn’t going to last long as Forbes deep throated him again and again. He wasn’t a small man, but Forbes had no difficulty taking him completely into this mouth, sucking him down again and again. How much pure mind-blowing debauchery could one person take? Hunter figured with Flynn and Forbes in his life he was soon to find out.

Flynn ate away at his mouth while Forbes ate away at his cock and the combination was lethal. In seconds Hunter was tied in knots as he stiffed and came so hard, he thought he would pass, again. His screams were swallowed by Flynn but still came out with as a tight squeal.

Forbes took it all every drop drinking him down and continuing to suck the tip until Hunter thought he would die of over stimulation. Forbes finished with a kiss to his over sensitive cock and then tucked him back inside his briefs and moved up to lay down beside him.

“You are delicious.” He said against Hunter’s ear. Flynn finished the kiss and lay down on his side with his arm across Hunter’s middle.

"He's right, you are delicious," Flynn told him.

"I think I'm in heaven," Hunter said to a combined chuckle. They gathered him close tucking him tight between them and they all fell blissfully asleep.

The next morning, they were up early and after a quick breakfast, Forbes told them he was going to the main house to speak with Alrick. The idea that the wolf was still out there and still a threat to Hunter was something Forbes could not let stand.

"I have to go to the Federal and meet the sales agent. Kyle said the agent has papers prepared that need a signature." Flynn stated off hand. "Would you like to come with me, Hunter?" He asked.

“You’re buying the Federal?” Hunter was thoroughly surprised.

"Yep," Flynn answered.

"And if you're lucky there might be a bartending position open. But we'll have to take an application and make sure we get the best candidate." Forbes teased.

"Might?" He said with a side eye towards Forbes. "Maybe I'll apply somewhere else. I have experience now. Maybe I'm not at all interested in your open position." Hunter answered with a toss of his head.

The twins were on him immediately apologizing and assuring him the job was his. "I was just joking, I didn't mean it," Forbes exclaimed.

Hunter began to laugh hard and pulled them both in for a hug. “You two are so easy.”

“You’re not mad?” Flynn asked.

"No, I just didn't want to look too eager or too desperate, but just so you know, I am eager and desperate." He laughed again and their relief was obvious.

"Well, the job is yours. According to the agent, we could take possession as soon as next week." Flynn stated, but I have to give them some signatures.

"I'd like to go with you," Hunter said. "I'm not a fan of Frank but I liked Briggs, he was nice to me. It would be good to see him again." Hunter slipped on his boots and then turned to ask something he'd forgotten about.

“What kind of shifter is Briggs?”

"Bear, grizzly to be exact," Flynn told him.

“Wow, what an interesting new world I live in.”

“How are things with your new mate?” Alrick asked. Forbes was meeting with him in the large living area of the Lodge, Bryn was also present.

“It’s moving along nicely. We’ve claimed him and gave him the talk so now we’re all just working out the kinks and getting used to each other. He’s an amazing young man and loving him is easy.” Forbes was not prolific when it came to communicating his feelings, but he made himself clear. He then got down to the purpose of the meeting. He shared with them the attacks and his suspicions.

"It's the wolf, no doubt in my mind," Bryn stated loudly. "Those fucking rogues are nothing but trouble." Wolves had harmed more than one of their mates, so the discussion was impassioned from the start.

“There is no room in this town for our enemies. We will make it clear that only death awaits those who cross us. We have the elders arriving and we have a baby on the way, there is no time for bullshit. Find the wolf and if he is the cause, kill him and anyone who dares to stand with him.” Alrick was not fucking around.

“Yes, sir.” Forbes got up and was walking towards the back door when Bryn spoke.

“If you need any assistance, call me.”

“Thank you, I will.”

"I'm glad Frank wasn't here," Hunter commented. Flynn had just completed the paperwork with the agent, and they were having a quick walk around with Briggs as their guide.

"Yeah, me too." Flynn agreed. Briggs was handling the place and said that Frank had already left for another job in Fort Collins.

“We’d like you to stay on Briggs, with a raise of course and Andy too.” Flynn expressed hoping he’d agree.

“I’d like that, thanks. I don’t know about Andy, but I’ll ask him and get back with you.” Briggs told him.

Before they left Briggs pulled Flynn to the side and informed him that the wolf, who went by the name Rage had been asking around for magics. "I don't know what it means, but it can't be good."

“Thanks.” Flynn wasn’t sure what it meant either, but he would make sure the Clan was made aware. Magics were erratic, and some magics, magics of a Mage had the power to affect dragons. It's not lasting, but it slows the dragon's abilities for a short time.

The Clan had a run in with Mage magic several years ago and one of their number, Kyle, had been taken hostage and prevented from shifting. It ended well and the perpetrator was destroyed, but magic was unpredictable and Flynn for one wanted no part of it.

While they were in the SUV, Hunter’s phone vibrated and again it was his brother. This time he looked perplexed and Flynn thought for a moment he was going to answer but he denied the call and dropped it back into his pocket.

"Not ready yet?" He asked, and Hunter shook his head.

“I’ll listen to his messages later. I’ll start there.” He said while staring out the side window.

Forbes was waiting once again on the front porched for their return. Hunter was beginning to look forward to the welcome home he always got from Forbes. He scooped him up into his arms and kissed him senseless before setting him back down on his feet.  He kept his arm draped over Hunter’s shoulders and Hunter looped his arm around Forbes’ waist.

“What did Alrick say?” Flynn asked when he joined them on the porch.

"We have the go-ahead to finish this." Forbes dropped a kiss to the top of Hunter's head. "I did a search of the usual haunts for rogue wolves, but he wasn't at any of them nor were there any wolves. Something is going down because most of the wolves have left town, completely left town." Forbes turned with an arm still around Hunter and headed inside with Flynn coming in behind. "Cameron is monitoring all the CCTV connection throughout town and will let me know when he gets a lead. It won't be long."

"Briggs told me that the wolf goes by the name Rage and was around looking to buy some magic," Flynn told him. They sat down on the large sofa again, still not wanting Hunter to be too far away. This time Hunter draped one arm over Flynn's thigh and the other over Forbes' thigh. The brothers loved that he was coming into his own and finding his place and his comfort there with them.

"He must have heard that his hired hit men were killed," Forbes said. "Magic isn't going to save his ass."

Flynn’s cell rang and so did Forbes’ they both answered, and it was the main house calling and announcing that Chance had delivered a son and they named him Liam after Calum’s father.

"I'm going to head over and make sure the ceremonial meal is planned and prepared for Calum and Chance and that it is set up appropriately." Flynn was a stickler for rituals and even though a child hadn't been born to their Circle in over three hundred years, they all still knew the importance of respecting tradition. This was their new beginning, and everything had to be correct and followed to the letter.

"Give them my regards," Forbes replied. Flynn gave Hunter a kiss and instructed him to stay close to Forbes.

“I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” He kissed him once more and headed out.

Forbes was stretched out, and Hunter was curled up to his side on the sofa watching a movie when the first sign of something amiss was noticed. Forbes felt a change in the air, a slight temperature drop as if a cool wind had passed them by and chilled the room. He got up and checked the house top to bottom but nothing was out of the norm except the temperature and now a heaviness seemed to be charging the atmosphere of their home.

"Come." He took Hunter by the arm, and they stepped out onto the porch. The air outdoors was warm and fresh. He held tight to Hunter's hand and stepped off the porch and walked out onto the grass. Hunter didn't speak he held Forbes' hand and stayed close and ready.

Forbes lifted his head and smelled the air, and it was then that the intruder made himself known. He stepped from the garden's edge and walked towards them. Forbes pushed Hunter behind him and tried to shift, but his dragon was paralyzed.

“Don’t bother straining yourself.” Rage laughed. “The Mage I bought this magic off of said that it would incapacitate a dragon keep him from shifting and would bind his powers so don’t try frying me alive. It won’t work.”

Rage began to draw nearer, and Forbes tucked Hunter closer and further behind him. This asshole was not going to touch his mate, Forbes would gladly die before that happened.

“Don’t hide your mate. Let me see that little shit.” Rage stopped a few feet in front of Forbes. For all his bluster Forbes could scent his uncertainty at getting too close to the dragon.

"You and your brother made a laughing stock out of me. I can't show my face around town without being called out for what happened at the Federal. Well, they'll be treating me differently after I kill you and your fucking mate. I'll come back for your brother later." He laughed again, but it was a crazy laugh.

“How did you get in here? This property is protected.” Forbes asked hoping to get him talking long enough that whatever magic he was using would wear off. No magic lasted very long when used against the power of a dragon and hopefully he did not know that.

“It was a cake walk, loser. This magic lets me do whatever fucking thing I want to do. I should have accessed this shit sooner.” He turned to look at the main house and then back at them. “They don’t have a clue I’m even here.” He barked another laugh.

"I'm going to kill your mate and skin him alive right here in front of you. Should I snap his neck, rip out his throat or tear his heart out." He sounded more and more giddy with the talk of retribution. Forbes needed to end this.

Forbes felt Hunter’s fear, but it was subtle. Hunter trusted him to beat this maniac. Forbes tried to shift, and he felt a loosening of his binds. The magic the wolf was expending to trap him and cloak the main house was taking its toll.

"There are eight dragons that reside here, are you going to kill us all? There is a reason paranormals don't borrow magic. If it doesn't belong to you naturally, it tends to destroy you over time." Forbes kept his voice calm and even. "My brothers will kill you ugly, unless the magic kills you first. There is no way out of this for you now."

“Shut your stupid mouth!” He erupted and threw a ball of charged, deadly energy hurling towards Forbes. Forbes tossed Hunter to his right and away as the ball hit Forbes in the chest and knocked him backward onto the ground. It was a powerful jolt, and would have depleted the wolf. 

Forbes looked quickly towards Hunter who was getting to his feet and running at the wolf and Forbes thought his heart would freeze in his chest. "No, no, no!" He jumped to his feet just as the wolf raised his hands to hurl another energy ball, but this one was aimed at his mate, his precious gift, the center of his world.

But nothing happened the little magic the wolf had left sputtered and sparked from the tips of his fingers and then died. Rage looked at him and the terror was palatable. Hunter charged the wolf and with a full body swing struck him with his left fist in the jaw knocking his head back but not throwing him off balance. The wolf found his fury once again and pushed to shift, but his magic consumption had rendered his wolf incapable of coming forward. Hunter stumbled to his left and Forbes grabbed him and tossed him away from the wolf and back towards the house.

Forbes was thoroughly impressed with Hunter’s bravery and strength and was humbled by his mate’s desire to defend him. His little human mate was willing to face a raging rogue wolf shifter with nothing but his bare hands. The man was incredible.

The wolf came at Forbes and Forbes was ready to end him until a roar broke through the air and shook the very earth they were standing on. The main house was no longer cloaked from what was happening behind the garden. Calum, the Chieftain of Clan Keith whose child was just born was now made aware there was a threat to his home and his family.

The roar was deafening, as the dragon burst forth from the main house, his body so large it blocked out the sun. Its shadow swallowed the entire area. Forbes knew what was coming and ran to cover Hunter who was still laying on the ground a few yards from the house. He could withstand the dragon fire, but his human could not. Forbes heard someone coming and looked over his should to see Flynn racing towards them.

They threw themselves over Hunter covering him completely just as Calum blew dragon fire down upon his enemy. The wolf went up like a dry leaf leaving nothing but ash. The garden was scorched, as were the surrounding structures.

When it was over Calum landed near the tree cover and shifted back.  “Forbes, Flynn.” He called out. Forbes rolled off Hunter and immediately began checking him for injuries. Flynn was kneeling next to him and waiting. It took a moment for Hunter to regain his bearings and open his eyes. He started to cough and then sat up.

"Here, sir," Flynn called out to Calum who rushed over to them.

"He's fine sir," Forbes assured Calum.

They all looked over to where the wolf had been standing and just fell silent for a moment. "Magic and wolves," Calum growled. "I fucking hate magic and I fucking hate wolves." He nodded towards Hunter. "Take care of him, I need to return to my family."

“We will, sir.” They said and Calum took off towards the main house.

Flynn nearly started to cry when he pulled Hunter into his arms and just held him. Forbes understood, they almost lost him today and it was a feeling of dread that would remain with them for a while. Forbes leaned in and wrapped his arms around both of them.

The evening was spent holding one another and thanking the powers that be for the life of their mate. "You know we probably won't be able to let you out of our sights for a month or more and we won't let you out of our arms for a good week. You'll have to get used to having two dragons draped around your neck." Flynn was the first to speak.

Hunter was more than happy to have the two of them close. “I was so afraid he was going to hurt you.” He said to Forbes. “I don’t want to lose you, either of you.”

The statement was felt by both of them. "You'll never lose us, Hunter," Forbes assured.

“I love you guys so much.” He teared up and the twins pulled him in tighter. Forbes lay his head on Hunter’s lap and wrapped his arms around him while Flynn lay his head on Hunter’s shoulder and held him.

“I love you too, Hunter. You are everything that is beautiful and perfect.” Forbes sighed and tightened his grip around Hunter.

"I love you too," Flynn repeated the sentiment, and his voice was strained with the emotions choking him.

"We're all fine," Hunter spoke after a few minutes. "We survived this, and we will survive anything that comes after." Hunter's proclamation soothed their fear and the twins straightened and stared at their powerful mate.

“When did you become so strong and insightful?” Flynn teased.

“When I met these two brothers who showed me that I was more than a just a homeless punk who’d been thrown away by his family.”

"You are everything," Flynn stated his tone sober and laced with finality.

“Everything.” Forbes echoed.

"We are one," Hunter stated decisive and true.




The celebration of birth was held on the following weekend when the elders arrived, and it was a bash to rival the greatest the Circle had ever held. It was the new beginning, and the Circle was alive with renewed hope and expectations.

Members were beginning to travel from the Shetlands to Wyoming intending to make their home among the mountains and prairies. It was new and different and would take some adjustments, but the truth was apparent, this was where they belonged.

Hunter was introduced to the Clan and brought into the Circle proper. His bravery in the battle with that rogue wolf was much admired by the Clan. Such absolute courage in the face of sure death was enough to honor him with the status of a warrior by his Chieftain, Calum Keith. His mates were beyond proud but forbade him to ever put himself at risk again.

"I'll do battle with anyone who dares to threaten either of you." He stated flatly and his mates melted on the spot.

“Okay.” They relented and then added. “But don’t ever get hurt.”

"I promise to do my best." He laughed and hugged them both. It had been a week since the attack, but they were still reluctant to stray too far from one another. Forbes and Flynn needed to stay close and make sure Hunter was safe and well. It would ease off in time according to Calum, but for now, they tended to go everywhere together.

They were seated together on the front porch discussing the remodeling and staffing for the Federal, which was now named, The Red Lion when Hunter’s phone vibrated. This time when he looked at the number, he answered it.


"Hey, Hunter, please don't hang up. I'm so sorry, please hear me." Lyle was crying, and Hunter could not deny him.

“I’m listening, Lyle.”




Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this Dragon’s Blood M.C. story. I welcome all reviews and feedback! – B.A. Stretke









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