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Vampire Girl 6: Unseen Lord by Karpov Kinrade (1)

Letter to Reader


Hey you!

You're so awesome for buying this book. Thank you. You're about to dive into the continuation of Iris's adventure. As you might recall, she was left in something of a pickle at the end of the last book. And I want you to get to the fun reading part, but first, take a minute to read this. It has some super important info in it, including a way to win $50!

We hope you find this book awesome and adventurous. We've worked really, really, really hard on it. And thank you for your patience with the delayed launch. We appreciate it. But here's the thing… We kinda needed more time to make this book shine to our standards. But we literally weren't allowed to postpone the launch any further to get that time.

For those who don't know what's been going on, let me explain real fast. (This is Lux, btw, the Kinrade part of the husband/wife writing duo Karpov Kinrade.) Okay, so, this summer, my brother, who was my best friend growing up, killed himself. It devastated me. And I spent a lot of time working to handle the return of his body from a different state and traveling to Arizona to be with my dad and Long Beach for his funeral. It was a lot. It slowed me down tremendously, as you might imagine. But I thought we'd be fine, because we are a writing team, and Dmytry originally created the main characters that show up in this book (Iris and Elias) so we both thought he could handle the bulk of this book and I would pitch in for scene writing and editing and story building. Each book we do works differently, in terms of our co-writing, but it always works out.

Except this time.

You see around the time that I was getting ready to leave for my brother's funeral, Dmytry became very, very ill. Not cold/flu sick, but something worse, and something that has required over a month and a half of doctor's appointments and testing and best rest for him. We still don't know totally what's going on, and though he isn't as bad as he was those first few weeks, he's still pretty bad, and he mostly can't work right now. So this book fell to me, while I was grieving and taking care of him, our kids and our lives.

I love this book. I love these characters. But I would have really loved a smidgen more time. So here's the deal. This book might be a bit less polished than we would normally publish. But it's the 6th book in a series, which means y'all are committed and have been with us on a journey. I'm hoping this means you will understand what's going on here. But we're going to try to make it up to you.

If you , you will get a notice when we've updated the book on Amazon and you can update your kindle to get the fresh, shiny, polished version (if you care or want). In addition, you will get two special perks. ONE: You will automatically be entered into a $50 Amazon gift card giveaway, which we will give out to one of the newsletter members a few weeks after launch. And TWO: You will get the next short story or novella we write in this world, FREE. I don't know when that will be, but we will definitely be writing shorter pieces for this universe at some point. And you'll get it FREE as a special thank you for all your patience. This is a newsletter just for this, so if you're already subscribed to our other newsletter, you still have to sign up for this one or you won't get these bonuses. (You will, however, always be able to update your kindle and see if the book's content has been updated. It'll just be more of a guessing game.)

So, that's it. I hope you understand, and I really hope you still enjoy this book! We wouldn't publish it if we didn't think it was a fun and exciting edition to this series. So go forth and read, and know we are already working on the next book.

Lux & Dmytry