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BREAKING NEWS - 01:14 December 25th

Juniper Rowe, girlfriend of mega-star Sebastian Hale, of Australian rock band Beneath, has reportedly been rushed to hospital just after midnight Australian time.

Sources reported police cars and an ambulance descending on Hale’s multi-million-dollar mansion on Sydney Harbour in the early hours of Christmas morning, after hearing a loud bang and shouting from inside the property.

Stargazers has been led to believe that security had been increased significantly in recent weeks, along with the appearance of several armed bodyguards surrounding the band. Multiple sources are rife with speculation that one or more members of the band have been targeted by a stalker, and tonight’s events certainly add fuel to the fire that all is not well in the Beneath camp.

At this stage, the New South Wales Police haven’t issued any statements, and requests have been made for privacy until they have more information. No official statement has been made by Hale, any of his bandmates, or their label, Galaxy Records.

Juniper shot to notoriety after making her debut at the first Beneath concert after Hale’s disappearance earlier this year.

Sources close to the couple report that Hale was happier than he’d ever been, and fans and critics have been treated to some of the band’s best performances on their recent US tour. But their fairytale romance was marred by a sex tape scandal that reportedly broke apart their relationship until they were sighted entering a Los Angeles hotel together prior to Beneath’s recent US press junket. It’s barely been weeks since the band made their debut on the coveted daytime television circuit, letting the world know their wild ways off stage are becoming a thing of the past.

We can only speculate, but we believe Juniper had everything to do with the band’s step up into a new era of mega-stardom, which can only lead to greater opportunities for Beneath. The power of love has certainly done great things for the leading man of rock ‘n’ roll.

Investigations on the incident are ongoing, and we’ll report more news as it comes to hand.

BREAKING NEWS - 03:03 December 25th

We can now confirm that Juniper Rowe, girlfriend of rock star Sebastian Hale, has been rushed to hospital suffering a gunshot wound after an unknown assailant broke into Hale’s Sydney home.

As reported earlier this morning, police and paramedics arrived at the property just after midnight on Christmas Eve, Australian time, after reports of a loud bang and shouting from inside the property.

Rowe is currently undergoing surgery at Sydney’s St. Vincent’s Hospital.

BREAKING NEWS - 09:45 December 25th

Florence Victory, the long-time tour manager for Australian rock band Beneath, has been arrested for blackmail, theft, money laundering, and embezzlement.

She was apprehended by Australian Federal Police on Christmas Eve, and taken into custody to await sentencing. Sources told us she was confronted at Galaxy Records’ Sydney office in a meeting that included CEO Grant Myers, all members of the band, and several witnesses, including Juniper Rowe.

Rowe is currently in hospital after an unknown armed assailant broke into Hale’s Sydney home and opened fire. It is unclear as to whether this development has anything to do with Rowe’s assault, but Victory had been found in possession of millions of dollars of Beneath’s money that she’d allegedly laundered into an offshore account. Contacts also reported there was also a long list of past employees she had blackmailed in order to ensure their silence, including a contract Rowe was forced to sign after extensive threats were issued from Victory.

A source close to the former tour manager accused her of filming the explicit footage of Rowe and Hale that leaked earlier this year. If this is the case, she certainly has a long list of charges to answer to.

At the time of publishing, there have been no official statements made by Galaxy Records, the Australian Federal Police, or from Beneath themselves.

BREAKING NEWS - 13:01 December 25th

Sebastian Hale, lead singer of Australian rock band Beneath, has released a statement following the alleged shooting at his Sydney property.

It was posted moments ago on Hale’s social media accounts, along with a candid photo of the embattled couple from Beneath’s last US tour.

‘On Christmas Eve, an unknown assailant gained entry to my home and attacked my partner, Juniper Rowe.

She suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach and a blow to the head when she fell. She underwent emergency surgery early this morning.

At this stage, she is in serious but stable condition in the intensive care unit. For now, all we can do it wait.

Her attacker is currently behind bars thanks to the security staff on-site and the quick response of the New South Wales Police. I would also like to thank paramedics and the staff at Sydney’s St. Vincent’s Hospital for their exemplary care under these stressful circumstances.

We appreciate your interest and well wishes but would like to ask for privacy in this difficult time.

Thank you.

Sebastian Hale.

PS: To the media camped outside the hospital. Go home and enjoy Christmas with your families, and be thankful you have one. Besides, the ambulances can’t get through.’

There has been no statement from the band or Galaxy Records regarding the arrest of Florence Victory.

At the time of publishing, it is still unclear as to whether Beneath’s European tour will go ahead as planned.



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