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King Dragon: An Alien Dragon Shifter's Fantasy Romance (Winged Beasts Book 5) by Crystal Dawn (1)


Sergeant at Arms


Winged Beasts


Book 0


The males of the planet Draconis lose the planet that supplied their mates to a natural disaster. The females survive, but they have left and spread to the far reaches of the universe. Their eyes turn to Earth. Jarel is sent with five other males to find mates and test the compatibility of Earth females. Their results will determine if their Empire looks to Earth or elsewhere.

Davy is trouble or at least she has trouble and danger following her. It's not her fault, it's all because of her ex-boyfriend who is a criminal and has sent killers after her. She meets Jarel who offers to protect her but she's a little suspicious where men are concerned. Should she trust him, or should she rely only on herself?


Captain of the Guard


Winged Beasts


Book 1


Romo is sent to Earth for a successful mating since Earth is a potential source of female mates for their mostly male race. Things are very different than he expected there but he believes he has found his one and he intends to woo her to his side.

Bree is looking for her cousin Davy who disappeared at this very casino she's visiting. Sure, they all say she's in an isolated country, married and happy but how gullible does everyone think she is? It's a sweet dream but she doesn't believe it for a moment.

Neither do the bad guys searching for Davy and they plan to attack their family to get Davy back. Romo will not allow Bree to be harmed, but can he really prevent it?


Major of Special Forces


Winged Beasts


Book 2


Betty brought her daughter Selia to Draconis with most of her family. They were escaping an existence made miserable by her ex-husband. She was attracted to the dragon Niku, but she feared her own judgement and preferred not to take on a man anymore.

Niku knew how Betty felt, but he’d grown to care about her and her little girl. He would chase her to the ends of the world if necessary and when it was all over and the smoke cleared, they would be his family. A quick prayer to the gods and he would begin.



General of Draconis


Winged Beasts


Book 3


Garulto didn’t know what to do. Dori was his everything, but his career, the one he’d always put first before, was interfering with their relationship and he feared she would leave him.

Dori loved Garulto. He was her soul mate and she knew it, but her first husband had put his career first and been killed in action. She couldn’t deal with that kind of loss again.

Will fate step in and give them both what they need or will they call it a day and go their separate ways? Love can be magical, but it can also hurt.



Winged Beast series


Book 4


Dragon Lord


Toreen looked for Cretia everywhere, but she wasn’t to be found. That reminded him of the advice he’d been given over and over. He knew he’d been pushing her away, but he couldn’t seem to help himself. Now she was gone and his dragon was going crazy. It was time to find her and there weren’t many places she could go. She would be brought back kicking and screaming over his shoulder if necessary. That female was his!

She’d had enough and she’d finally hit her limit. Her bag was packed and it held more than she’d ever had. The hut she’d lived in before was still hers to use and her pride wouldn’t allow her to stay here where she wasn’t truly wanted. All her life she’d dreamed of her fated mate only to find he was more flawed than she was. As she walked out of this life and back to her old one, she refused to look back. From now on it was all about the future.





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