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Witch Queens: Tales from Oz (Dark Fairy Tales Book 2) by S Cinders (14)


There was an eerie laugh that split the air, raising every hair on my body.

Lucy instinctively clung to me, almost sending the both of us tumbling.

“Come along, Toto, we mustn’t linger here too long. Goodness, we certainly aren’t in Kansas anymore.”

The voice was girlish, too young to have the sinister mocking lilt that crept up your spine.

I shivered, “What is a canned ass?”

Scarecrow snorted, “It isn’t canned ass, is it a place, very far from here—called Kansas.”

Lucy looked unimpressed, “I don’t care if she is from twat, butthole or Timbuktu, that chick is full on crazy.”

I agreed. I didn’t like the fact that we couldn’t catch Dorothy in the act.

Scarecrow frowned, “I wish we knew what type of magic that we were dealing with if the fairies are to be believed that farmhouse is indeed from Kansas." 

So, that little girl had enough power to send an entire house sailing across not only the world but through different dimensions and into Oz.

“Well, shit,” I breathed.

His lips twitched, “Exactly.”

Lucy sighed, “I am going to need to relocate our office if you are intending to stay with tall, dark, and brooding. So, let’s be off. I will gather what we need to set up a makeshift home base in Scarecrow’s spare room.”

I felt my cheeks heat, “Lucy! We can’t just overtake the man’s house! Perhaps he is ready for me to stay at my own place?”

Please don’t make me go home. Please don’t make me go home.

He raised a brow, “If that is what you want. My bed is bigger, but I don’t mind squeezing into yours if that’s what you would rather do.”

I didn’t have to look at Lucy to know that her jaw was hitting the ground, mostly because it was sitting alongside my own.


He leaned over and tipped my chin closed.

Lucy giggled, snapping me out of my daze.

“Right,” I stammered, “Home base will be at Scarecrow’s bar. Um, what is the name of that place?”

This time Lucy laughed so loudly that I thought she might hurt herself—at least I had hoped.

She gave me a smug smile, “The Snake Hole.”

Images of Scarecrow’s snake had me blushing. I smacked his arm, “Really? Who named it that?”

His grin broadened “Came with the bar, and with a name like that, why change it?”

I pursed my lips and noticed when his eyes went straight to them, darkening.

Steady, I told myself, trying to ignore my increasing heart rate. I wondered if there would be a time that I would ever not be this affected by him. His muscles bulged out of his t-shirt as he crossed his arms.

I didn’t think it would be anytime soon. Unconsciously, I licked my bottom lip, pulling it with my teeth as I continued to check Scarecrow out.

I hadn’t meant anything by it, but the next thing I knew he was hauling Lucy and me back into Jake’s truck swearing under his breath about damned females.

I told myself that it was Dorothy he was talking about and not the current occupants of the cab of the vehicle. But I had a good idea that it wasn’t.

Neither Lucy nor I spoke the entire way back to The Snake Hole. Once there, she hopped out, a feat in itself considering she is a Munchkin. I turned to Scarecrow, who was still sitting behind the wheel.

“She didn’t even say goodbye. I’ve never seen Lucy this quiet!”

He looked predatory and I instinctively slid an inch back.

“She wanted to get out of here before the fucking began.”

My eyes popped, “What fucking?”

He grabbed my arm, hauling my chest against his hard body, “Do you realize you spend a large part of your day eye-fucking me?”

I spluttered, “That’s ridiculous!”

He leaned in placing his open mouth against my neck, causing shudders to race across my skin, “Liar! I don’t mind, Princess. Trust me, I will fuck you whenever and wherever you want. Just remember that I am only a man, and some temptation is too great to resist.”

I was struggling to keep my wits about me as he nuzzled my neck, finding that sweet spot by my collarbone and at the hollow of my throat. Soon, I was panting in his arms, and I wanted more than anything to be rid of our clothing.

He opened the door and picked me up, tossing me over his shoulder.

What the hell?

As Scarecrow entered the bar, there were lewd shouts and laughter as the patrons saw how he was carrying me. Scarecrow tossed Jake the keys and gave him the usual song and dance about not disturbing us.

One of the regulars called out, “That’s a mighty fine-looking woman, Scarecrow. You gonna share?”

Ribald laughter filled the room. Scarecrow’s anger was palpable, I glanced up and saw Jake’s face.

“Shut-up, you, assholes,” he said to them, “That’s Scarecrow’s woman.”

They laughed in response, “Scarecrow doesn’t have a woman, he has women.”

Scarecrow stopped at the back of the bar, setting me on my feet.

He placed me behind him, turned back to the crowd who eyed him hopefully.

“Bars' closed,” his deep voice was threaded with malice, and even I took a step back.

Faces fell as they started to realize that he didn’t share in their joke.

“We were just kidding,” one cried out.

“No offense, ma’am,” from another.

“Isn’t that the Princess Indy?”

This was the comment that unleashed the beast. Scarecrow’s hands glowed as his body grew in stature. His face took on a hard, deathlike mask. His eyes were the most frightening, no longer dark, they glowed a red with fury.

“Oh, shit,” Jake breathed, “Everybody out! Get your asses out of here! You heard him, get out!”

They cleared the bar in three minutes flat.

Jake was the only one remaining. He approached Scarecrow, much like one would a wounded animal.

After a moment's hesitation he spoke, “Are you alright?”

Scarecrow raised his glowing hands as if to strike Jake. I had to stop him. I jumped in front of him just as Scarecrow was about to advance. His glowing hands were touching me instead.

I felt a small jolt of current. It wasn’t unpleasant, quite the contrary, it felt familiar, safe, and warm.

“Holy shit,” Jake breathed, “I have never seen this before.”

I turned to him and noticed that his hands were pointing to my arms. It was then that I noticed all of me was glowing, just like Scarecrow’s hands had been.

“I have this,” I said to Jake.

He looked at me like I was stark raving mad, and perhaps I was, but he nodded shakily.

“Would you lock up?” I asked.

Jake again nodded and went to do as I asked him. Soon it was just Scarecrow and me in the bar. His body was starting to revert to normal.

I knew that he would be embarrassed, and I didn’t want that. I was coming to care for every part of him, and the fact that he lost control coming to defend me, that was flat out hot.

Before he could utter the words of an apology, I slammed my lips to his.

His beast was just below the surface, and I know that he was fighting to hold back, not wanting to hurt me. But I wanted him, all of him.

Please kiss me back, Scarecrow, kiss me!

It was as if my pleas were answered, he grabbed my face, groaning and kissed me with raw passion. Tongues, teeth, and desire all fighting for dominance as my sanity quickly fled the room.

I wanted him. I wanted Scarecrow with a longing so intense that it scared me a little.

I didn’t care that we were in the middle of the bar or that anyone could see through the dirty windows.

I sank to my knees and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling the denim down as his rigid cock bounced against his stomach.

This was what I had been waiting for!



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