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Witch Queens: Tales from Oz (Dark Fairy Tales Book 2) by S Cinders (30)

CHAPTER 29 - PART 2 – Mombi

There was a crackle of thunder overhead, but I can hear Brad calling out to see if everything was okay.

I didn’t answer him. My eyes were on the lion shifter that was stalking me. His granite face didn’t give away any indication of how he was feeling, but the waves of anger coming off of him were clear as day.

He has no right to be upset with me!

I looked around for something else to throw, but he was faster. Wrapping me tightly in his arms, he growled low in his throat.

“If you will give me a fucking second to explain!”

“I don’t want to hear your explanations,” I turned my face into his chest so that he couldn’t see the tears gathering.

What was this? I didn’t cry—ever.

I felt so betrayed. How could Jake make me the other woman?

“Mombi! You need to listen to me!”

“I don’t want to hear your sordid story about how this doesn’t mean anything. Or that you don’t really love her, I especially do not want to hear that.”

“Good,” he said gruffly, “Because what we have is vitally important to me. And I fear that I might have fallen hopelessly in love with my mate. She just doesn’t know it yet.”

I sighed in defeat, no longer able to hold back the tears.

“Why are you here, with me, then? Why don’t you go tell her that?”

A deep rumble from his chest had me peering up into his face.

“I am trying to tell her,” he rasped, “But she is the most stubborn woman I have ever met.”

“What are you talking about?”

My heart started hammering in my chest. Surely, he couldn’t be talking about—me?

“Lions don’t mate outside of their species,” Jake cupped my cheek as a tiny sob escaped my lips. “But the moment I met you, I knew that you were the one for me. My pride was against the match. They knew, the last time I was here, that I was trying to court you. That is why they attacked the village. When I returned to the pride, they had voted to banish me—their King! I wanted to rip every last one of them limb from limb. But they promised me that you and your people would be safe if I left. I made Eric perform a blood oath, which he readily did.”

“Me? You think I am your mate?” my head was spinning.

I was the reason that he left the pride.

This thought kept circling around and around in my head.

Jake leaned in to kiss my temple softly, “There is no doubt that you are mine.”

“Jake, I don’t know,” my voice fluttered off.

I wanted to see if there was something between us, but forever? That was moving too far, too fast.

“Mombi, you don’t have to make any decisions right now. I just wanted to be honest with you.”

I felt the sincerity in his voice.

“Can we take things slow?” I asked shakily.

“As long as we are moving forward, we can go as slow as you want. Mombi, I want to show you that I can be the man, worthy of your love.”

My heart was melting into a puddle, “But what about the pride?”

His eyes hardened, “I must go and confront Eric. I don’t know how many will remain loyal to him. The pride may split in two, or if necessary, I will kill him, and anyone else, that stands in my way.”

“Kill your brother?” I hissed, not knowing if I could do the same.

“I gave him a chance and he has thrown it back in my face. I almost gave you up because of him. I will have no problems dealing with Eric.”

I blew out a breath I hadn’t realized I had been holding in.

My head was spinning from everything Jake had told me, and we hadn’t even discussed our newest problem.

“Dorothy! What if she and Eric join together? She is evil, Jake, there could be mass chaos.”

He firmly took hold of my jaw, “Do not worry, we will see this through.”

I wanted to believe him, but the last time he said he would get to the bottom of things, he disappeared for months. I knew the reasons why, now, but I couldn’t help but worry that something similar might happen.

“What is it?” his eyes were searching mine.

“I am scared you will leave again.”

The moment the words left my mouth, his eyes turned black and his voice deepened.

“I will never leave you again, Mombi. That is my vow.”

His mouth came crashing down on mine, making my core clench as I stretched up on my toes to meet his thrusting tongue.

My body felt electrified as his hands slid down my sides to cup the curve of my ample ass.

He moaned low in his throat, “I love your curves, you are so fucking sexy.”

I smiled into his kiss, wrapping my arms tightly around him so that we were pressed tightly from shoulder to hip.

My breasts were heavy with need. I cried out when he pulled his lips away to graze them on my cheek.

There was no way that he couldn’t feel my heart racing as he kissed my pulse, fluttering in my neck.

“So perfect,” he murmured.

My hands couldn’t get enough of his skin. I ripped his t-shirt up to touch his heated skin. In seconds, he pulled it over his head, and I was gobsmacked at the sheer expanse of him.

Rippling muscles everywhere I could see, my fingers tracing every line and curve of his perfect abs.

“Shit,” I whispered.

He smirked as I continued my exploration, but it faded when I traced the deep v-cut on his hips.

His breathing hitched, and he grabbed my hands, “Slow down, Princess.”

He grabbed the bottom of my dress pulling it up and over my head. I stood there in my panties and bra. I knew that I had a few extra pounds on me, nothing like him, who most likely had zero percent body fat.

But the way he looked at me. It was as if he was starving and I was the only thing on the menu.

“Fuuuck,” he breathed, reaching up to cup my breasts.

His thumbs rubbed gently across my nipples before he unclipped the front clasp, leaving me exposed to him.

“Mombi, shit, you are perfect.”

He pushed my bra off my shoulders and traced the veins in my breasts with his fingernail. Goosebumps erupted on my skin as he traced my areola, and I gasped when he brought it to his mouth. Arching my back, I grabbed his head to pull him closer.

His tongue was flicking and tracing my nipple, he worried it into a hard point and then moved to the other side.

My pussy was flooded, with juices running down my thighs.

He lifted me and placed me on my desk, pressing my head down as he pulled my ass toward him. I felt more exposed in this position than I had in any other. And then he parted my thighs, slipping my panties down my legs to see the most intimate part of me.

“Fuck, you smell amazing!” He spread my thighs obscenely wide, “Keep your ass in the air, baby.”

I hiked it up higher and heard the approval in his growl.

There was a rustling as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off. And then he was beside me once again. I wasn’t sure what to expect next, but when he buried his face between my thighs, I cried out.

His raspy tongue, exploring and lapping up all of my pleasure as I screamed out his name.

I felt his fingers enter my core and I jolted at the fullness. And then, to my surprise, his other hand caressed the rim of my ass.

“You have a gorgeous ass, Mombi,” his gravelly voice sending shivers up my spine.

I had never had anyone touch my ass in that way before. He must have sensed my hesitation because he paused.

“Has no one been here before?” his tone holding a quality of wonder.

“No,” I whispered.

“But you like it?” his question was soft as I felt his rough tongue glide across my rim.

I jolted my ass back into him, “Yes, fuck, yeah.”

“I can feel how much you like it,” he murmured as his hand continued to fuck my pussy. “You are perfect for me, Mombi. Perfect in every way, and I am going to make you mine, just wait and see.”



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