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Witch Queens: Tales from Oz (Dark Fairy Tales Book 2) by S Cinders (31)

CHAPTER 30 - PART 2 – Mombi

I felt the blunt head of his cock slide against my folds, and I whimpered with need.

“Baby, you are so hot,” he teased my clit with his dick, causing my legs to shake.

“Please, Jake, fuck me!

I wasn’t above begging. My pussy ached like never before, and somehow, I knew that with him, this would be perfect.

My sex life before now had been pretty tame. Sure, I liked it as well as the next person, but there were no flashing lights or fireworks.

I suppose that is why I was so blown away when Jake touched me. Suddenly the magic that I had heard about seemed like it could be a reality instead of just a fable.

I thrust my hips back at him begging for more.

Jake flipped me back around so that I was laying on my desk again. He lifted my legs up to his shoulders and lined his cock up with my slit.

“Ready?” he murmured.

“Please,” I pleaded and then screamed out when his massive cock impaled me.

Jake was still above me, the muscles in his neck standing at attention as he struggled to maintain control.

“Fuck, Mombi, you are so tight. Have you done this before?”

My eyes snapped open, “I am not a virgin!”

“You feel like one,” he growled. “Let me know when I can move.”

I tried to focus on relaxing. His huge cock burned inside of me and I wasn’t sure if I liked it.

“Maybe you are too damn big,” I snarled back at him.

There was a faint twitch of his lips, “I haven’t had any complaints before.”

“Just get on with it,” I didn’t want to hear about anyone else, not complaining. I didn’t want there to be anyone else—ever.

“Terribly romantic,” there was a distinct lift on the left side of his mouth.

“I aim to please,” I remarked with sass and then gasped as he pulled out and rammed back inside of me.

“Goddess above!” I screamed.

“No, just me, Jake, but thank you for the compliment.”

Snarky bastard.

He picked my hips up with his hands and kept shoving himself inside of me. But with this new angle, it was starting to feel different—good different.

“Ah!” I moaned loudly as he hit the right spot.

“Ha!” he let out a growl of approval and then began to pump, hitting that spot repeatedly until I was screaming out.

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted him off of me or deeper inside. I had never felt this way and worried that I might be coming unglued.

His thrusts became militant and I suddenly had a burning pressure in my lower abdomen.

Did I need to pee?

“Stop!” I cried out, “I need to go!”

He growled fiercely and thrust even harder. I knew that I would have bruises on my hips from his fingers.

Then I was coming, my body convulsing in a myriad of pleasures as my body squirted cum all over his cock and balls.

His face contorted as he spent himself deep inside of me.

“Fuck, Mombi,” he rasped, “I didn’t know you were a squirter, that is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.”

I couldn’t catch my breath, “I-I didn’t know it either.”

His eyes darkened, “Have you never done that before?”

My flush started at my breasts, “No?”

I saw the territorial look on his face.

“Only with me,” he wrapped me in his arms.


“ERM! MOMBI! MOMBI! I hate to interrupt your meeting, but there is someone here to see you.”

Brad’s voice filled the office.

I sighed, moving out of Jake’s arms to hit the speaker button on my phone.

“Tell whoever it is to fuck off.”

Jake snorted with laughter.

Brad came on again. This time he seemed as if he were whispering.

“I don’t want to do that. I like my head where it is and don’t have the sudden urge to be eaten.”

I flew off the desk, searching for my clothing.

Grabbing my dress, I yanked it over my head only to get caught with it around my shoulders.

I was hopping about like a mad woman when Jake took pity on me.

“You are going to hurt yourself,” he grinned as he pulled my arms out of the correct holes.

“Stupid dress,” I muttered, trying to flatten my 'just had sex hair'.

He winked at me before calmly walking to wear his jeans were tossed and pulling them on. I watched as his dick disappeared beneath the buttons.

Shit, that was hot.

His eyes bore into mine, “If you continue to look at me like that, I will fuck you again over this desk. I don’t give a damn who is waiting outside.”

That was hotter.

I whisked around to find my panties and bra, but they had to have vanished into thin air.

Never mind about that, I raced over to the door after making sure Jake had his t-shirt on and wrenched it open.

“Well, well, well,” his gruff voice sounded eerily like Jake’s.

Damn it.

“Eric,” Jake snarled at his brother, “What are you doing here?”

Eric scoffed, “I could ask the same of you, big brother, but I can already smell it.”

In seconds, Jake had Eric pinned against the wall by the throat, “Don’t ever disrespect my mate or me again.”

Eric’s eyes glittered with hatred, “She cannot be your mate, she is not a shifter!”

Jake tightened his grip while Eric clawed at his hands.

“Do you understand?” Jake hissed.

“Yes!” Eric choked out, “No disrespect.”

Jake dropped him to the floor like the pile of worthless trash that he was.

“Why are you here? And why did you allow the blood bond to be broken?”

Eric wheezed as he tried to get air back into his lungs.

There were purple bruises already starting to form around his neck.

“Answer me!” Jake demanded in a threatening tone.

“The lionesses have been restless. They are the ones attacking the village and ravaging the farm animals.”

“Why didn’t you stop them?” Jake growled menacingly in his throat.

Eric sent a look of loathing, “Oh, gee, I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for your insight, big brother.”

Jake’s face tightened, and he took a step toward Eric, “I swear I will pull you limb from limb.”

“They don’t listen to me!” Eric’s angry voice took on a pouty quality that I did not like. “And I can’t punish them. They are the mothers of my cubs.”

“What is this really about?” Jake eyed him dangerously. “What did you do?”

“I may have accidentally slept with the Innkeeper’s daughter,” Eric uttered beneath his breath.

“How do you accidentally sleep with someone? Your dick accidentally slipped into her vagina?”

Brad fanned his face, “I don’t know when we have had this much excitement in the office.”

We ignored him.

“It wasn’t a big deal,” Eric sneered.

“It was to someone,” Jake countered.

“The lionesses are upset because they believe that the humans are stealing all of their men,” I interrupted their conversation with my observations.

The brothers turned to stare at me.

“How could you know that?” Eric demanded.



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