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Witch Queens: Tales from Oz (Dark Fairy Tales Book 2) by S Cinders (36)

CHAPTER 35 - PART 3 – Glinda

“Ar-gon-a-bea,” Gregory wiped his mouth and tried again. “Are you going to be putting something else on?”

I hid my smile, “I don’t have anything else to put on. But now that you mention it, these clothes are awfully uncomfortable.”

“What in heaven’s name are you doing?”

My eyes danced as I answered demurely, “Taking this sopping wet shirt off. It should dry better without me in it.”

“You can’t do that!” he exploded.

I winked at him, “Watch me.”

I hadn’t meant that he needed to watch my every movement physically, but Gregory had always been most obedient.

Slipping the soggy material over my head, I wrung it out and tossed it over the nearest bush. Next, I went to the buttons on my pants.

“You can’t take off your pants, Lin! This is indecent. Anyone could come along!”

I shrugged, “I suppose that I will have to take that chance. It’s not like you want me any longer, so that doesn’t pose a problem.”

His cheek twitched, “You know nothing of what you are talking about.”

I slid the zipper down, “You're right. I do know nothing. I am always kept in the dark when it comes to things. My sisters think I am an imbecile and don’t listen to anything I say. My father finds me incapable and sends me to rule over the most boring territory of Oz. And my ex-boyfriend didn’t even want to have sex with me.”

His body crashed into my own, holding me in a punishing grip. This was nothing like the kisses that we had shared in the past. Those were sweet and innocent, leaving my head spinning and butterflies in my stomach.

This hit me like a semi, there weren’t butterflies in my stomach, but full-grown elephants are tromping around.

His hands held me immobile as his mouth dominated mine, slashing his tongue across my lips until I opened for him. I wasn’t sure who groaned with satisfaction, but it very well could have been me.

I felt alive for the first time in my life.

Raising up on my toes, I kissed him back with everything in my being. He had wanted to throw all of this away. Well, the hell with that.

I was a fucking witch Queen. It was time for me to take back my life, and I was starting with Gregory. We weren’t over, until I said we were over.

Biting his lower lip, I tugged on the tender skin. His hands slid into my bra, pulling it down so he could have access to my bare breasts.

Why hadn’t we done this before?

Years ago, I was dragged into the woods by two fairy boys. My sisters had teased me ever since for being the kinkiest of them all. But the truth, was that they had wanted a love spell from me, nothing more.

I never told my sisters what had happened, because for the first time, they saw me as more than their innocent baby sister.

But that is what I was, innocent as the day I was born.

However, I was going to change that starting right now. No longer was I going to allow life to happen to me. I am the mistress of my fate.

I yanked Gregory’s shirt up and slid my hands across his bare skin. His chest was muscular with a small spattering of hair leading down to the waistband of his jeans.

He slipped from my mouth, and I let out a cry of disappointment. It wasn’t a moment before his lips latched onto my nipple.

My hands flew into his hair, holding him against my skin.

Gregory lapped at the budding skin, sending shock waves to my core. I needed his touch in my most private of areas. In fact, I felt as though I might die without it.

I went to the buckle of his pants and tried to undo them, but he stopped me.

Carefully, Gregory laid me down upon the grass and then undid the button on my pants.

It took him a moment to get the dampened material off, but it was worth it when he saw me lying there in my pink satin panties. My matching bra was still gathered under my breasts, pushing them up towards him.

“Fuck, Lin,” his eyes devouring the scene before him, “You don’t know how long I have dreamt of this. How many nights, I have lain awake, hard and wanting.”

“Me too,” I whispered.

He kissed me again. It felt carnal to have his bare chest rubbing against my aching nipples. I felt the rough texture of his jeans through my panties. He flipped us around so that I was on top and I spread my legs on either side of him.

Gregory pushed the elastic material to the side with his fingers to touch my heat. I arched my back, brazenly sitting on the Prince of Sapphire City, as he played with my pussy in the open air.

“Touch your breasts,” he commanded.

I looked at him in surprise, ‘Why?”

Gregory growled, “I want to watch you.”

I cupped my breasts, not expecting anything to come of it, but as I began to mold and shaped them as he had, I felt a zing of pleasure go straight to my pussy.

Gregory continued to play with my folds, “More,” he commanded.

My heart was pounding. I didn’t want to do anything that would shock or offend him, but I also had a strong desire to please him.

I took my nipples in my fingertips and gave them a tentative squeeze.

My hips jolted at the sensation, and I found that it felt good to rub against his hardened abs as he played with my pussy.

There was something building inside of me, something deep and dark that was begging to be released.

A whimper left my lips, and Gregory smiled in satisfaction.

His finger slipped inside of me and filled me in a whole new way. My hips started thrusting against him in a rhythm. I was no longer playing with my nipples, but had them in a tight grasp pulling them as the pleasure-pain went straight to my core.

“Gregory,” I called out, not sure why or what I needed of him.

“You are almost there, Baby. You can do it, just let go.”

I ground harder, and he entered another finger inside of me. My heart was threatening to break free from its cage, and I knew that something big was happening.

“Fuck!” I screamed out as something shattered within me. My body no longer in my control as I spasmed on top of Gregory, my juices coating his hand and lower stomach.

He clutched me to him, “Lin, that was...”

“I know,” I whispered tiredly against his neck, “Incredible.”

“Fucking amazing,” he responded, kissing the top of my head.

I have never heard Gregory use such language around me before. But I liked it. It seemed to have its place as we found ourselves in each other’s bodies.

“What was that?” I panted.

I felt him smile against my skin.

“Perfection,” he replied.

I tipped my head up to see his face, “No, really, what happened to me just then?”

A finger traced my cheekbone, “You found your pleasure, Lin. That was an orgasm. It was magnificent.”

“Oh,” I felt heat crawl up my face, “Did you?”

He blinked, “Did I what?”

I frowned at him, “Did you find your pleasure?”

He barked out a laugh before sliding my hand down to his rock-hard cock.

“No, sweetheart, not this time.”

I didn’t know what to say, “Why not?”

Gregory smiled tenderly, “This time was about you, Lin.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I tucked my head back into the crook of his neck. But I couldn’t stop the grin that had plastered itself on my face.

Gregory had said there would be a next time.



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