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Witch Queens: Tales from Oz (Dark Fairy Tales Book 2) by S Cinders (52)

CHAPTER 51 - PART 5 – Indy

We rode hard for about an hour when we encountered the first hazard of the forest. The trees began to rearrange themselves, causing us to become confused and lose direction.

“Perhaps we could climb the trees and see if we are headed the right way?” Glinda suggested.

I shook my head, “They said there are toxins in the air above the trees. That is not a chance I am willing to take.”

Indy wrinkled her brow, “Is there a way to tag the trees so we know when we have passed them?”

She tried putting a magical mark in the shape of an x on a tree and then another. We rode for a few minutes and out of nowhere every tree started glowing with x symbols.

“They have to be interconnected somehow, “I called out.

Elphaba frowned, “There is no possible way that the trees are intelligent enough to not only communicate, but change their physical attributes on a whim.”

I turned to her, “Then you explain it.”

She tossed her fingers and the closest tree’s x disappeared. As we looked to each of the other trees marks, they began to fade. She repeated it with color, soon we had pink trees, blue trees, stripped trees.

It didn’t matter which tree she cursed, they all mimicked what had happened to the first one. My patience level was sinking by the second.

I raised my hand and called out, “You have five seconds to yield to the Witch Queens, if you do not, I will burn this forest to the ground.”

Flames leapt from my palms, spraying out with sparks of light.

The trees look a step back, and then another. Suddenly one of the trees reverted back to its normal color and shape. One by one each of the trees became brown and green again.

That had worked a lot better than I had expected.

It wasn’t until we went another one hundred feet and began to sink into the quicksand, that I realized they didn't give a rat’s ass about anything I had said to threaten them. They were just smart enough to stay away from the Sand Lands.

The horses began to sink. The more they thrashed the further they sank.

“You must be calm!” Glinda screamed, “The more you move, the faster you will shrink.”

That was easier said than done.

“Magic, El,” my pleading eyes met my sisters, and we nodded together.

“What?” Glinda cocked her head, “Are you using your evil twin powers again?”

I snorted, “You need to get out more, Lin. We don’t have any twin powers.”

I heard her mumble something about the twins being super pain the asses, which was rather clever for our stick in the mud sister.

“I read somewhere that quicksand is rarely more than a few feet deep,” El tapped her chin, “They said that you need to lay back and try to swim away from the sand.”

Scarecrow snorted his annoyance, “I am not in a form where I can lay on my back and swim!”

My lips twitched.

“It isn’t funny, Indy!”

My smile gave way to surprise, “I wasn’t even talking.”

“But I know you,” Scarecrow warned, “I know you have visions of the three of us guys trapped. So, if your mind is doing what I think it is, you and the girls will not be moving on without us.”

I flushed, “I would never suggest such a thing!”

He grumbled something under his breath and then I felt him trying to buck me off.

“Indy, can you climb from my back to dry land?”

I looked over to dry ground.

“Yeah, I think so.” I stood up in the saddle and then leapt for what seemed like my life.

I landed none too gently.

“Those of you that are stuck. Lay back and slowly make your way over to Indy. She will help to pull you out.”

Listening to Scarecrow, they all fell back and began the strangest backstroke I have even seen.

Scarecrow continued to sink.

I helped Glinda and El out before El could undo the enchantment on Gregory. As soon as he was human again, he flopped onto his back and began to come towards us. We grabbed him by the arms and pulled for all we were worth. Slowly the quicksand lost its grasp on him.

I turned back to Scarecrow, “Hurry up, you need to transition back into a man.”

He snorted derisively, “Do you think I have any idea how to do that?”

“Use your freaky unicorn powers, Goddess, Scarecrow, problem solving—you should try it.”

Scarecrow’s eyes flashed to Gregory and me.

I could have sworn that Gregory took a giant step back.

Suddenly, Scarecrow’s horn began to glow. There was a hush across the forest as if it knew that we were witnessing something special.

“We might want to move back,” El suggested when the ground began to shake.

“I am not leaving him,” I yelled. “I won’t do it!”

Glinda sighed, “Fine.”

“Can you not leave him for another?” El gently asked.

“He is my mate. You don’t understand what it means to mates. They don’t come along every day. You should cherish it always.

“Young love,” Glinda sighed, and I barely restrained an eye roll.

“You do realize that you are younger than both of us?” I blew out a breath, “Stop behaving as I if you were a sixty-five-year-old matron.”

“Scarecrow, do something!” I screamed as he sunk lower.

The glowing reappeared in his horn and then there were running lights, my stomach felt turned inside out. There was a brilliant flash and then standing there, as naked as he was born, was Scarecrow.

My Scarecrow.

Not that I was looking or anything, but his dick stood out prominently from his powerful body. He was hard and wanting.

“Holy shit,” my sisters said in unison.

“Holy shit! Indeed.”

And then without so much as a wave, he flopped onto this back and started doing the breaststroke through the sand.

My sisters were whispering about his dick. Steele and Gregory looked murderous.

When we pulled him out, Scarecrow’s arms whipped around me. He was filthy and covered in sand and muck.

He cupped my face in his, lowering until our foreheads touched.

“I am sorry,” and then he kissed me.