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Wrangle Me, Cowboys: A Reverse Harem Forbidden Romance (Coyote Ranch Book 2) by Alexa B. James (1)

The day after I kissed my stepbrother, I woke up to the bright light of a Wyoming morning. The room was a bit chilly, but I snuggled down under the comforter and smiled to myself, remembering that kiss. Remembering the sensation of Holden’s huge, muscular body pressing against mine. Remembering his cock hardening against me.

I rolled over and pulled open the drawer of the nightstand, reaching for my vibrator. I’d gotten used to being sexually frustrated after three years of dating a hold-out who turned out to be a cheating piece of shit—who was only holding out on me.

To my even greater frustration, as my hand brushed the bottom of the empty drawer, I realized I’d left my vibrator back in New York. After all, I’d thought I was coming here to babysit, not fall into paroxysms of lust over three sexy cowboys. With a groan, I fell back on my pillow, my arm across my eyes. What a craptastic way to ruin the good feeling I’d had when I woke.

On the nightstand, my phone buzzed, taunting me.

I picked it up and looked at it, an idea forming in my mind. My phone vibrated….

Five minutes later, I called my best friend Haley back. “I need an intervention,” I blurted when she answered.

“Aww, Amber. Are you drinking yourself into a coma every night thinking of how much you miss me?”

“I do miss you,” I said. “But no. I’m pretty sure I just violated my phone in ways no one has ever done before. I can’t even believe I’m holding it against my face right now.”

“Did you put it inside your underwear?” Haley asked.

“What? How did you even know what I was talking about?”

“Emergency vibe,” she said, as if it were obvious.

I tried not to think about how many times I’d used her phone.

“So, did you?” she asked. “Because yeah, that’s like sexual assault of a mobile device. But otherwise, you’re good.”

“Then I’m good,” I said, relieved that I wasn’t the first woman to get desperate enough to hump her iPhone.

“And hey, no pussy juice on your face,” Haley added.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Did you just call it pussy juice?”

“Well, I could have said come, but you’d probably enjoy getting come on your face.”

“You’d know.”

“It’s like a warm facial,” she said. “But seriously, Am. Just go buy a vibrator.”

“There are no cabs here,” I said. “No buses. No subway. Basically, I’m trapped and at the mercy of my stepbrothers.”

“Ahhh,” she said. “So that’s why you need to masturbate with your phone. The sexy stepbrother. Which one are you lusting after this time?”

“All of them,” I wailed. “I can’t decide. And honestly, Haley, I don’t think they want me to.”

“Don’t tell me they’re putting you in a nunnery like Cheating Charlie.”

That was the name Haley had given my ex after we walked in on him having a threesome. For years, I’d let him know I’d be open to sex or other things, but he’d been insistent on preserving my virginity. Like it was something to put in a freaking museum.

“I’m not sure,” I said. “They definitely aren’t trying to shut me up in a nunnery, but we are related…”

“Uh…no? To be related, they’d have to be your actual brothers.”

“So you’d be cool sleeping with your stepbrothers?”

“Ew, no, because they’re little kids, and I was there when they were born,” Haley said. “You just met these guys. And if they want you and you want them… No judgment.”

“But there’s three of them. What if they get jealous and weird?”

“So they all want you, together, at the same time?”

“I think so,” I squeaked.

“Well, I guess you won the breakup. A foursome beats a threesome.”

“Four mouths are better than three,” I said, paraphrasing the evil ex, and we both dissolved into laughter. But under the laughter, it still hurt. The sting of rejection hadn’t quite worn off yet.

But I did wonder about my stepbrothers, which meant I was moving on. The question was, which one of them would I move on with? Holden had told me I didn’t have to choose. Maybe he hadn’t meant it the way I’d taken it. Maybe he’d meant it like, I didn’t have to worry about choosing because they would never hook up with their stepsister, no matter how perfect that kiss had been.

But I didn’t think so. I thought he meant it like, I didn’t have to choose because I could have them all. Which just seemed too good to be true, and also, I worried about the logistics of it. Would I rotate from one room to the next each night? Would we need to make a schedule? What if I needed a night off or I had my period? What if one of them got mad because I made more noise in the room next door with his brother? What if I just wanted to be held by big, cuddly Holden, but it was rough-and-ready Waylon’s night?

Or would it be a foursome—all three of them at the same time? And if it was that, could I handle it?