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A Little Bit Like Desire (South Haven Book 2) by Brooke Blaine (1)


“WELL, WELL, WELL. If it isn’t my favorite muscle man here to crash the party,” my longtime best friend Bash, short for Sebastian, said when he opened the door to his mansion and stepped outside.

For tonight’s festivities—a simple gathering of ravenous singles, or so I’d thought—Bash had gone full Victor/Victoria. With his ebony hair parted and slicked to a shine, he wore a perfectly fitted black tuxedo, complete with tails, on the right side of his body; on the left side, a silver beaded gown draped over his lithe frame and heavy shadow and liner enhanced his almond eyes.

I let out a low whistle at his appearance. “I didn’t realize this was a costume party. Should I go home and grab my toga?”

“Not unless you’ve reverted to college.” With an appraising eye, Bash circled me, running his hand lightly over my tailored navy jacket as he gave me a full inspection. “Did you pour yourself into this suit tonight, Shaw? I do believe you may rip this fine fabric.” As he came around in front of me, he squeezed my bicep playfully.

I could feel the devil on my shoulder as I shot him a wicked smirk. “I sure hope so, but that all depends on who you brought for me to play with.”

“Hmm. I thought this evening we could try something a little bit…different.”

“How so?”

Bash’s teeth gleamed white and sharp as a wolf’s as he smiled savagely. “I have a surprise for you tonight, my friend. One I think you might enjoy immensely.” With that, he pulled a blindfold out of his right pants pocket and twirled it around.

“That’s it? You want me blindfolded?”

He tsked and shook his head.

“Okay. You want me blindfolded and…?” I trailed off so he could finish my sentence, but he only chuckled.

“If I told you why, it wouldn’t be a surprise.”

A shiver of anticipation ran up my spine, and my cock jerked behind the thin, fine wool of my pants. I hadn’t bothered with briefs tonight. There was no telling what he had planned—or who—but that was always the best part about these invite-only secret gatherings. Bash had a limitless arsenal of surprises up his designer sleeves.

“Then please do what you need to and lead the way,” I said, ready to get inside and let out this past week’s worth of release on a hot, willing body.

“Ah-uh.” Bash wagged an elegant finger, and the blue light on the terrace made the Swarovski crystals adorning his nails sparkle. “Before you can enter, you must say the magic word.”


“No, I’m sorry, that is incorrect. You may try again, though.”


“That’s not it either.”

Someone’s in the mood to play games tonight. Crossing my arms over my chest, I narrowed my eyes on Bash’s exquisitely made-up face, searching for a hint of the word he wanted. The side of his lips that were painted crimson quirked slightly as he waited for my answer, and I took my time reading him. He was in a lighthearted mood, sure, but I watched for any tics, any small movement to show me where his head was at.

His arms crossed to match mine, and as he waited, his pointer finger tapped against his lips.

There—an obvious sign. Whether he realized it or not, his finger against his lips was the universal sign for “shh,” so the word could be…secret? But then he also wanted me blindfolded… Private? Confidential? Undisclosed?

After a long moment, I had it: “Classified.”

Bash’s dark eyes glittered in the night as he stepped forward in heels that put him close to my six-five frame. “Very good. Now, close your eyes.”

I’d been inside Bash’s mansion enough times to know where he was taking me, even blindfolded. Through the front door, across the foyer, up the never-ending staircase. Walking down the hallway, I heard muffled sounds, as though there were people coupled up and already behind closed doors, and the further Bash took me, the louder the voices became. But there were no discernable words—it was more the breathless cries of men giving and receiving pleasure, and it made me hard as a fucking rock.

“Sounds like the party started without me,” I said, a smile tipping my lips.

“Not where you’re going,” he replied. I heard the sound of a handle being pressed down, felt the soft rush of air as a door opened and I was led inside, and then the click of the door shutting behind us. Whatever room he’d led me to was dead silent. We were alone.

Bash tapped the side of my blindfold lightly. “You’ll keep this on until you get inside,” he said, keeping his voice low, as though he didn’t want anyone to hear him.

Ah, so I’d be going through yet another door. I wondered at all of this secrecy, since usually these parties were informal, and if we wanted to wander off with someone, we did. Eyes wide open and lights on.

But I trusted Bash with my life and knew him well enough to know that he had to have a good reason for doing this the way he was. So I didn’t think twice when I heard a second door open, felt his gentle hand on my back guiding me forward, and then heard him say with a smile in his voice, “Enjoy, my friends.”

Then he was gone, and yet I was not alone.

I removed the blindfold, but I needn’t have bothered. The room was pitch black. Not a window, not a crack of light coming through the door. I couldn’t see a thing, but I could feel another’s presence, sure as if they were standing beside me. I waited for them to speak, but the silence lingered on. They didn’t say a word, and they didn’t move, though they had to know I’d arrived.

This must be part of the game, I thought. For whatever reason, we weren’t allowed to see each other, and I’d venture a guess that speaking was out of the question as well. Something told me there was more at play here than darkness simply heightening our awareness and setting the mood, and that had a shiver running down my spine.

If it’s a game they want, it’s a game they’ll get.

Opening my senses, I stood perfectly still and waited until I got a hint of where the man waiting for me was. My rapidly pounding heart was all I could hear for a long moment until a faint sound, maybe a quiet exhale, sounded to my right, and I stalked in that direction slowly, letting my prey hear me coming. Would he run and make me chase him? Or did he want me to find him waiting?

With my hands slightly in front of me, I moved forward until my fingertips grazed against smooth material cut with a cold and jagged line that ran vertically—a zipper. The smell of leather filled my nose as I slid my hands up the man’s jacket. He didn’t move, but I could hear his shuddering breath as I reached his shoulders and slipped my hands beneath the leather to feel the naked, tensed muscles there. He was maybe three or four inches shorter than me, and as I pushed the jacket down, I realized he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. No shirt. Nothing to cover the solid muscle of his strong arms and chest.

The leather fell to the ground, and then the man reached for me, his hands skimming up my arms, my shoulders, my neck, leaving goosebumps in their wake. There was something so tantalizing about a stranger touching me, wanting from me, as we stood toe to toe in the unlit room. I could see how the mystery of it all would make someone shy feel more bold and empowered, though that had never been something I struggled with. I had no problem telling someone what I wanted and when, which meant tonight’s clandestine activities were tailored for the man currently caressing my body—but it’d sure as hell be a fun, sexy pursuit for me.

When his rough fingers reached my lips, I grabbed his wrist and held him there. Then I kissed the tips and sucked his pointer and middle fingers deep into my mouth, swirling my tongue around him, and his gasp hit my ears.

The sound was so erotic, the salty taste of his skin so heady on my tongue, that I had to palm my already-up-and-ready-to-go dick to calm it the hell down. As if he sensed my arousal, he pulled his fingers from my mouth and punched his hips forward. I let out a throaty groan at the contact. His erection matched my own, though more constricted through the tight fit of his jeans.

Thirsty for more, I grabbed his trim waist and let my hands fall to his backside. His shoulders were against a wall, and with his ass firmly in my grasp, I held his hips against me, rubbing myself off on the bulge rocking against my own. All the while, his fingers deftly unfastened the buttons of my vest, and then he pulled loose my shirt and began removing those as well. My chest heaved as he pushed my jacket, shirt, and vest off in one go, and I kicked them away, not worried in the slightest about finding them later.

His touch made goosebumps break out on my naked flesh wherever he roamed. Down my neck and then my chest, where he pinched my nipples so hard that I cried out in painful pleasure and put my hands over his.

He froze, as if he’d crossed an unspoken line. But if he’d thought he’d gone too far or that I was about to stop him, he was dead wrong. I guided our hands down together, over my trembling abs and then further, further, until we pushed beneath the waistband of my pants to my—

“Fuuuck.” His head fell back against the wall as the curse left his lips on an exhale.

In the dark, I smiled. He’d broken the rules to his own game. With one word, he changed everything, and now? Anything goes.

Before I could make my move, though, he pushed off the wall, his hands easily finding the sides of my face as he pulled me down slightly and held me steady there. I knew it was coming, but nothing, and I mean nothing, could’ve prepared me for what happened when his mouth crashed against mine.

God. Damn. It was like the world suddenly exploded around us, a bomb blasting in my ears, my head swimming, my feet unsteady. The feel of his tongue moving against mine was every-fucking-thing, and I kissed him back like he had the air I needed to survive. Like I would die if I couldn’t swallow him whole.

Without realizing it, I had him pushed up against the wall, his wrists pinned under my grasp as our bodies undulated against each other, needing that delicious friction. Somehow I got his jeans unbuttoned, and when his zipper came down, I fell to my knees.

I curled my fingers around the waist of his jeans and boxer briefs and took my time pulling them down, inch by inch. Above me, my mystery man was breathing raggedly, and though he couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see him, I felt the weight of his stare all the same.

I didn’t let him step out of his jeans. I left them around his ankles, a binding that would hold him exactly where I wanted him. Then, ever so slowly, I ran my hands up his calves, his skin warm to the touch and getting hotter the higher I went. The muscles in his thigh flexed, the anticipation getting to him. I wondered how long he’d been in here waiting for me. I wondered if he knew who I was, or if I was as much of a stranger to him as he was to me. I almost hoped it was the latter, and knowing Bash, it probably was.

The stranger’s lower stomach was taut, his hipbones on either side giving me something to hold on to as I brought my head forward and the coarse curls low on his pelvis tickled my nose. I breathed him in, letting his scent wash over me. No, I’d never been with this man before. I’d remember someone this mouthwatering.

Fuck, I could’ve gotten off right then. Right there at his feet, a couple of pulls of my cock, and I could come for days. But an easy release wasn’t what I was aching for. I thought I’d been ravenous when I’d walked into the room, but now I realized I was starving, and only this man’s cock shoving between my lips would satisfy my hunger.

I circled the base of him and found that his erection pointed at me, thick and long and proud, his heat scorching my hands. His arousal was evident at the head of his dick, and I painted my lips with his pre-cum, eliciting a moan from his mouth.

Screw slow and savoring, I thought as the taste of him hit my tongue. I wanted his eyes rolling in the back of his head, and I wanted him breaking the rules again by telling me how good it felt.

My mind made up, I took him all the way to the back of my throat in one go, and I must have shocked him, because he grabbed the back of my head in an attempt to pull me back.

No such luck, though, because with his cock hard and pulsing between my lips, there was no way I was stopping until I’d sucked every last drop from his body.

He cursed again when I pulled back and teased him by flicking the tip of my tongue over his swollen head before deep-throating him again and again. His legs trembled, as though he was having a hard time staying on his feet, and I knew the feeling—but being the devil that I was, I wanted to push him even further.

With one hand still wrapped around his cock, I held him there as I sucked on the pointer finger of my other hand, getting it nice and wet. Then I took him in my mouth again, and this time, I reached beneath him and pushed my finger against the hot pucker between his ass cheeks. He jerked at the contact at first, but then he surprised me by pushing himself down onto my finger.

Oh fuck. He wanted this, and he wasn’t being timid about it, either.

Game. On.

It was sensory overload—he was clenched so tightly around my digit, and the low grunts he made as he filled my mouth were the sexiest thing I’d ever heard. I’d always considered myself a visual guy, but this? Yeah… I could do this again.

For my part, I stayed silent, though every fiber of my being wanted to provoke him and tell him in detail the effect he was having on my body. I thought I’d been smart not to wear anything under my pants, but with the way my cock was leaking all over the still-unbuttoned material proved that theory wrong. But fuck it. I didn’t care. I only cared about the pleasure I tore from him as we stole this moment.

I pushed in another finger, filling him up, stretching him now in case it was my cock he wanted there later. There was no telling how this would play out. There were no rules, no time limitations. I could suck and fuck all night if I had my way—and let’s be real: I always had my way in the bedroom.

When my fingers grazed against his prostate, the hitch in his breath and the jerk of his hips were the only warnings I got before his climax roared into my mouth. And like the greedy sonofabitch I was, I. Took. It. All.

I sat back on my knees as he caught his breath and grabbed the back of his calf to keep a hold on him as I unbuttoned my slacks and finally, finally stroked my neglected dick. But the man I’d just thoroughly sucked off wasn’t having that. He reached down for me, and as I got to my feet, one of his strong arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me flush against him. Then his voice, husky and smooth, was in my ear. “Your turn.”

Before I could think why his voice sounded so familiar, I was facing the wall and my pants were being jerked down my thighs. Damn. To think that after tonight, I’d never know who I’d spent these hours with. A thrill shot straight to my dick, and I grinned.

I had to remember to thank Bash for this later.