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Welcome back to the world of the Lost Kings MC!—I’ve made minor changes to this glossary since Beyond Reason. You may find some of the information useful if it’s been a while since you visited the Lost Kings.


President: Rochlan “Rock” North. Leader of the Upstate NY charter of the Lost Kings MC. His word is law within the club. He takes advice from senior club members. He is the public “face” of the MC. Much to his annoyance, Rock is seen as the “father figure” in the club, especially by the younger members.

Sergeant-at-Arms: Wyatt “Wrath” Ramsey. Responsible for the security of the club. Keeps order at club events. Responsible for the safety and protection of the president, the club, its members and its women. Disciplines club members who violate the rules. Keeps track of club by-laws. In charge of the club’s weapons and weapons training. Will challenge Rock when he deems it necessary. Outside of the MC, Wrath owns a gym, Furious Fitness. He is experienced in underground MMA-style fighting.

Vice President: Angus “Zero” or “Z” Frazier. In most clubs, I think the VP would be considered the second-in-command. In mine, I see the VP and SAA as being on equal footing within the club. Carries out the orders of the President. Communicates with other charters of the club. Assumes the responsibilities of the President in his absence. Keeps records of club patches and colors issued. Z also co-manages the MC’s strip club, Crystal Ball.

Treasurer: Marcel “Teller” Whelan. Keeps records of income, expenses and investments.

Road Captain: Blake “Murphy” O’Callaghan. Responsible for researching, planning and organizing club runs. Responsible for obtaining and maintaining club vehicles.

Prospect: A prospect is someone who has stated a clear intention of being a full patch member of the Lost Kings MC. The Lost Kings vet their prospects for two or more years. To vote a prospect in as a full patch member, the vote must be unanimous. Not all prospects will become full patch members. Some will realize the club is not for them. For others, the club will realize that the prospect is not a good fit for the club. Prospects are expected to show respect to all full patch members and do whatever is asked of them. The Lost Kings MC currently has no prospects.

Other members

Cronin “Sparky” Petek: Sparky is the mad genius behind the Lost Kings MC’s pot-growing business. He is rarely seen outside of the basement, as he prefers the company of his plants.

Elias “Bricks” Serrano: We saw Bricks and his girlfriend throughout the series. One of the few members who does not live at the clubhouse, he performs a lot of general tasks for the club.

Dixon “Dex” Watts: We’ve also seen Dex throughout the series. He co-manages Crystal Ball with Z.

Sam “Stash” Black: Lives in the basement with Sparky and helps with the plants. He came out of the basement to help out in White Knuckles. Other than that, we’re not really sure what he’s up to downstairs.

Thomas “Ravage” Kane: We got to know Rav and his snarky humor a little bit better in each book. Ravage is a general member who helps out wherever he is needed.


Hope Kendall, Esq.: Nick-named First Lady by Murphy in Corrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC #2), Hope is the object of Rock’s love and obsession. Their epic love story spans six and a half books: Slow Burn, Corrupting Cinderella, Strength From Loyalty, White Heat, One Empire Night, After Burn, and After Glow.

Trinity Hurst: She was the caretaker of the Lost Kings MC clubhouse and the brothers. She and Wrath have a long, tattered love story full of lust, fury, and forgiveness in Tattered on My Sleeve (Lost Kings MC #4). She and Wrath are also featured in White Heat (Lost Kings MC #5). They finally tie the knot in White Knuckles (Lost Kings MC #7).

Heidi Whelan-Ryan: Teller’s little sister. Heidi is a recurring character in each of the books from Corrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC #2) on. She also has short stories in Three Kings, One Night (Lost Kings MC #2.5) and Between Embers (Lost Kings MC #5.5) she is a major character in More Than Miles (Lost Kings MC #6).

Alexa Jade Ryan: Heidi and Axel’s daughter.

Swan: Lost Kings MC club girl and dancer at Crystal Ball. She’s recently started teaching yoga classes with Hope and Trinity as her first students.

Willow: Bartender at Crystal Ball. Has befriended Hope, Trinity, and Swan. Frequently seen with Sparky these days.

Lilly: One of Hope’s best friends and frequent “booty call” of Z. While she sent Trinity a wedding present in White Knuckles (Lost Kings MC #7), we haven’t seen Lilly since Between Embers (Lost Kings MC #5.5)

Sophie: Hope’s former best friend. We haven’t seen her since White Heat (Lost Kings MC #5).

Mara Oak: Friend of Hope. Also an attorney. She’s appeared in Slow Burn, Corrupting Cinderella, Strength From Loyalty, Tattered on My Sleeve, White Heat, and White Knuckles. She’s married to Empire city court judge, Damon Oak. Their story, Objection, will be available one day.


Crystal Ball – The strip club owned by the Lost Kings MC and one of their legitimate businesses. They often refer to it as “CB.”

“Conference Center” – The clubhouse of the Lost Kings MC. It was previously used as a high-end religious retreat and is sometimes still jokingly referred to as the “Conference Center” or “Hippie Compound.”

Empire – The fictional city in Upstate NY, run by the Lost Kings.

Furious Fitness—The gym Wrath owns. Often just referred to as “Furious.”

Green Street Crew – Street gang the Lost Kings do business with. Often referred to as “GSC.” “Loco” is their leader and frequent nuisance to Rock.

LOKI – Short for Lost Kings.

Vipers MC – Rival and frequent enemy MC. Runs Ironworks which borders the Lost Kings’ territory. Their president, Ransom, and his SAA, Killa, appeared in Tattered on My Sleeve and White Heat. Ransom had a major role in White Knuckles.

Wolf Knights MC – Rival and sometimes ally of the Lost Kings. Their president, Ulfric, appeared in Slow Burn and stepped down in Between Embers (Lost Kings MC #5.5.) Merlin took over as President of the Wolf Knights. Their SAA, Whisper, was a partner in Wrath’s gym. Actions taken by the Wolf Knights have had a serious impact on the Lost Kings in recent times and their relationship is tenuous at the moment. Charlotte’s uncle, Merlin recently stepped down as president and Whisper took over. Merlin is now on the road living the life as a Nomad.


Most terminology was obtained through research. However, I have also used some artistic license in applying these terms to my romanticized, fictional version of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

Cage – A car, truck, van, basically anything other than a motorcycle.

Church – Club meetings all full patch members must attend. Led by the president of the club, but officers will update the members on the areas they oversee.

Citizen – Anyone not a hardcore biker or belonging to an outlaw club. “Citizen Wife” would refer to a spouse kept entirely separate from the club.

Cut – Leather vest worn by outlaw bikers. Adorned with patches and artwork displaying the club’s unique colors. The Lost Kings’ colors are blue and gray. Their logo is a skull with a crown.

Colors – The “uniform” of an outlaw motorcycle gang. A leather vest, with the three-piece club patch on the back, and various other patches relating to their role in the club. Colors belong to the club and are held sacred by all members.

Dressers – Slang for a motorcycle “dressed up” with hard saddle bags and other accessories. It’s designed for long-distance riding.

Fly Colors – To ride on a motorcycle wearing colors.

Mother Chapter – First chapter of the club.

Muffler Bunny – Club girl, who hangs around to provide sexual favors to members.

Nomad – A club member who does not belong to any specific charter, yet has privileges in all charters. Nomads go anywhere to take care of business, usually at the request of the club president.

Old Lady/Ol’ Lady – Wife or steady girlfriend of a club member. Has nothing to do with her age.

Out Bad –The shorthand way of saying a club member has been kicked out of the club for some kind of betrayal. Someone who is “out bad” might be in hiding from the club.

Patched In – When a new member is approved for full membership.

Patch Holder – A member who has been vetted through performing duties for the club as a prospect or probate and has earned his three-piece patch.

Property Patch – When a member takes a woman as his Old Lady (wife status), he gives her a vest with a property patch. In my series, the vest has a “Property of Lost Kings MC” patch and the member’s road name on the back. The officers also place their patches on the ol’ lady’s vest as a sign they have agreed to always have her back. Her man’s patch or club symbol is placed over the heart.

Road Name – Nickname. Usually given by the other members.

RUB: Slang for Rich Urban Biker. A term generally used by real bikers to describe a person who rides an expensive motorcycle on weekends and never very far. A poser.

Run – A club sanctioned outing sometimes with other chapters and/or clubs. Can also refer to a club business run.



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