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Along Came Baby by J. S. Cooper (1)



It all began with two words. Two words that I never thought anyone would say to me. Especially not someone as hunky as Carter Stevens. But hey, I guess you just never know when fate is going to look you in the face and say, hey girl, tonight is your night.

“Hey, sexy.” That’s what he said. “Hey, sexy.” And with that I was gone. His tone was warm, his smile was wide, his blue eyes deep, intense, sparkling as they ran up and down my body. His dark blond hair was cut low to his head, and he had a light grazing of facial hair that I wanted to caress with my fingers to see if it was soft or rough.

“Hey,” I said, not knowing what else to say. I wanted to say, hey, sexy, are you as good in bed as you look, but I hadn’t had that much to drink yet.

“I like that necklace,” he said, his hands reaching up and lightly grazing my neck as he played with the silver necklace my mom had gotten me a few Christmases before from Tiffany’s. “Oops,” I said as someone hit me from behind and I stumbled forward into him. “Sorry,” I said and gave him a small smile as I realized how close his lips were to mine.

“Nothing to be sorry about.” He grinned as his hands reached out to my waist to steady me. The bar was packed tonight and there were people surrounding us on all sides, drinking and excited as they listened to the music and chatted. “Thanks for coming tonight, Lila.” He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, his breath tickling my eardrum and making my stomach and heart skip a beat.

“No worries, thanks for inviting me,” I said as coolly as I could. “This is awesome and I can’t wait to see you perform. You play guitar, right?” I asked, wanting to keep the conversation going, but not knowing what else to say. I wanted to tell him to keep his hands on me. I wanted to tell him that we should find a back room somewhere so I could feel his hands all over me and his lips too. If I’d been a bit braver, I would have reached up and kissed him, but I was still feeling a bit shy. He was just so hot and he made me just a little bit nervous.

“And I sing.” He nodded. “We’re a local band, but we have a lot of support,” he said as he looked around and nodded at some guys that were standing near us and waving.

“This is a cool spot. I’ve never been to Rockwood Music Hall before,” I said as I looked around. The stage was directly to our left and the bar just behind us to the right. The venue was pretty small, but it was a well laid out space. I looked up and saw a balcony with seats and saw people standing and dancing to the band on the stage. Everyone seemed like they were having a lot of fun and the feeling was contagious. There was magic in the air and it seemed like everyone here knew it.

“We’re going to go on in about ten minutes,” he whispered into my ear again, his tongue lightly touching my inner ear. My whole body trembled at the intimacy of his action and my hands moved down to his as they were still on my waist. “I have to go to the back and grab my gear and get ready. However, let’s get a drink when I’m done, yeah?” He leaned back and his eyes gazed into mine with a devilish look. The way he stared into my eyes made me think bad thoughts. Really bad thoughts.

“Just a drink?” I said, with a teasing smile, as my fingers ran down his lightly. I wasn’t quite sure what had come over me. Maybe it was the two glasses of wine I’d had before I’d come out tonight. Maybe they were finally going to my head. Maybe it was the appreciative gazes he was giving me. Maybe it was the way his fingers pressed into my waist as if they wanted to get to know me better. I don’t know what it was, but I was ready to have some fun tonight. No matter what that meant. And I was almost inebriated enough to let him know the thoughts in my head and exactly what I wanted.

“It’s never just a drink,” he said and winked and then because he knew that he was the sexiest man alive and could get away with anything, he leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss, and his hands then ran down my back to my ass and he pulled me toward him. My body was crushed against his now and he was providing me with warmth and tingles unlike any I’d felt before. “Tonight we’re going to make some sweet music, baby,” he said against my lips and I gasped as he slid his tongue into my mouth. He tasted like whiskey and though I’ve never been a huge fan of the taste before, tonight it was like manna on my lips.

“Okay,” I whispered back to him as he pulled away, and I watched as he walked away toward the back of the room and through a door. I ran my hands through my hair quickly and searched in my handbag for some mints. I popped one into my mouth and sucked on it, trying to stop the flow of excitement from running through my veins. I licked my lips nervously as I stood there and walked over to the bar to get myself a drink.

There were two guys standing by the bar giving me an appreciative look and I just smiled at them coyly. In any other circumstances, I might have been interested in a little flirtation, but not tonight. Tonight, my eyes were on Carter Stevens and only Carter Stevens. He was sex on legs and I was determined to know if the promises his eyes were making would be fulfilled by the end of the night. I wasn’t to know that within a month from tonight I would find out I was pregnant and the last thing I would be thinking about would be him calling me sexy.



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