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Heart's Inferno (Fallen Guardians 4) by Georgia Lyn Hunter (1)


Absolute Laws: Forbids the mating between mortal and immortal. If broken, the couple is executed. These laws do not apply to demons.

Ancients: The mystical forces that watches over all realms.

Archangel: Michael: Leader of the Fallen Guardians (also referred to as “Arc.” A term coined by Týr, and used by the others)

Celestial Realm: Home to the divine angels.

Dark Realm: Where the species with dark souls dwell, along with other amorphous entities.

1. Blood Demons: A genus of demons that live on blood, but like the high of human blood.

2. Caligos: Mist entities that thrive on emotions and steal human or corporeal bodies to inhabit.

3. Jaedas: Like the Caligos, but prefer immortal bodies to inhabit.

4. Demonii: Demons who have consumed human souls, and in turn lose their natural dark souls. However, human souls fade within them, and they need to constantly replenish it with another. Human blood temporarily extends the life of the soul.

5. Demons: Supernatural beings with dark souls who resides in the Dark Realm.

6. Otiums: A species of demons, more docile in nature. Many of who escaped the tyranny of their realm to dwell on the human world. They usually live below the radar not keen to draw attention to themselves.

7. Wyverns: Seven-foot or taller lizard/dragon-like creatures.

Empyreans: They were created in the image of the divine angels but enjoy a more carnal life. Two level denizens:

1. Higher-level: The Lords (With vast powers)

2. Lower-level: The working class (limited or lesser powers)

Fallen: Angels who fall and give up their wings and stronger abilities when they leave the Celestial Realm.

Fallen Guardians: A formidable group of fallen immortal warriors, banished from their realm for past misdeeds. They swore their fealty to Gaia to protect humans from supernatural evil, and now reside on Earth. Some of whom are referred to by their pantheon’s name.

Gaia: A powerful mystical Being who watches over Earth and mankind.

Healer of the Veils: Usually an angel born with the ability to heal the tears formed in the mystical veils which protects the world from supernatural evil—a gift Echo inherited through her angelic ancestors.

Nephilim: Half angel offspring born from human females and divine angels mating.

Others: A collective term for other supernatural beings, eg: gods, faes, vampires, etc.

Pantheons: Where the gods of various religions dwells.

Psionics: The human descendants of the Watchers. (All females)

Rogues: Angels who refuse to lose their wings and stronger powers. They escape from the Celestial Realm and go into hiding on Earth.

Seraphim: The highest-level angels who oversees all things.

Sins: The Seven Deadly Sins, counterparts to the Ancients.

Tartarus: Where immortals are incarcerated.

Throne: Third level divine angels, created for war.

Urias: Spawned off Chaos, Creator of the Empyreans.

Watchers: Higher-level angels who were tasked to watch over fledgling mankind, but fell in love with mortal women.

Whitefire: A heavenly immortal flame that can cause untold destruction. Used to destroy the wings and abilities of angels who fall.


Name pronunciation:

Týr: Tier

Blaéz: Blaze

Dagan: Day-gun

Aethan: A-thyn

A’Damiel: Adam-iel

A’Drael: Adray-el


Norse Terms used:

Hefnd: Revenge or payback

Elska: love

Bróðir: brother

Móðir: mother