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His Lawyer Purely Angel: A Billionaire and Virgin Romance by Claire Angel (1)




Eric baby, can we stop by the mall before we go home?” Katelyn asked as she fluttered her eyes slowly and pursed her lips. “We were at the mall not too long ago. What on earth do you want baby?” I asked as I looked up from my desk. Katelyn and I were in my office. I had not slept well last night as I was at party with Katelyn. I had one important half an hour work to complete, so I came here to my office this morning.

Katelyn happens to be one of the women that keeps me company not only in public but sometimes in my bedroom as well.

“I want that red bag that matches the shoes that I bought… I’ll make it up to you,” she whispered the last part into my ear as her skilled hands caressed my stiffed shoulders.

“And may I ask, how will you do that?” I smirked as I asked her teasingly holding her butt. She smirked equally as she leaned forward to press her lips upon mine. But before we could deepen the kiss or at least start caressing one another the door to my office slammed open as my secretary shouted “Mr. Anderson, I tried stopping them. But…”

Before she could complete her sentence, I gesticulated her to relax.

My head snapped towards the door to see not only my board members standing there but behind them was the police. Katelyn stood aside as I stood up from my desk.

“May I help you gentlemen?” I asked.

My parents were long gone leaving only my younger sister and me under the care of our Uncle, who is the head of the board members, sighed as he said “I can’t believe it, Eric. Why would you do this?”

I frowned in confusion wondering what he is talking about. Other board members also have a scowl on their faces.

The police then stepped forward and said, “Eric Anderson you are under arrest for embezzlement.” My eyes widened in shock. Embezzlement? Before the police can approach me, I was quick to say “May I at least see the evidence you have against me?”

I looked over the evidence they have, evidence looked legit. To my surprise my younger sister has been pulled into this too. I tried to explain   them that I wasn’t the one stealing the money and it could be someone setting me up. I even tried consulting with the head of the board, my uncle, whom I looked up to ever since the death of my parents, even he is not ready to believe me.

Actually, the evidence they have against me is strong. They have my signed Cheques and some signed documents. Even my Uncle seems disappointed in me, like he really believes the evidence.

I sighed knowing that no matter what I say I am not going to be innocent in their eyes. “So, gentlemen I’ll go quietly with the police but I don’t want this arrest to get to the media. I think I deserve at least a single chance to prove myself innocent,” I requested them.  The police looked towards my Uncle. And my uncle told them “You guys can escort him through the backdoor to avoid the media.” I sighed with a bit relief.

We headed towards the police station from the backdoor. Cops are bit gentle with me like they could smell that somebody has tried to frame me in this.

I never had a thought of sitting in a jail cell someday. I sat on a small bench as I clutched my head in my hands wondering how could I have let this happen? Surely, I had slacked off at work sometimes but I’ve always been thorough with everything. No one on the board stood up for me, not even a single person. To my surprise Katelyn also stayed silent.

The stares from other people in jail around pierced through my head. They must be wondering how a famous and rich man can be here behind the bars?

You truly never know who’s loyal to you until you fall and reach the bottom. The very bottom where you have nothing left with and the whole world is against you.

I thought I had a lot of people on my side but it turns out that I actually have no one. I’m The Eric Anderson, The CEO of Anderson Inc is clutching his head in the jail sitting at the corner. I had a perfect life, I had fame and fortune, and most importantly I had all the women I need on my bed beneath me. These thoughts making me laugh as well. Life sometimes completely flips over, from heaven to earth.

Anderson Inc. has been in my family for a very long time.

Neither Steve Jobs nor I ever had this thought that one day our own company would throw us out. My company left me with absolutely nothing. The board of my company kicked me out saying that I have been secretly stealing billions of dollars from my own company. But If I have not done this, then who did this?

“Mr. Anderson your all bank accounts are frozen, and your houses also have been sealed,” Police officer informed me. I couldn’t even enter my own home. I was truly left with nothing but the clothes on my body. These thoughts are making me anxious.

Suddenly another voice entered to my ears, “Eric Anderson, you’re free to go. Someone paid your bail,” another police officer walked towards me. A sigh of relief escaped my lips as I thanked whoever paid for my bail, I bet my bail wasn’t cheap. As I entered the lobby I was surprised to see Asher and Angel standing there.

Angel’s eyes widened when I entered the room, she quickly bolted to stand right in front of me.

“Eric, are you alright?” she asked, concern written all over her face.

“How do you guys got know that I am here?” I asked them. Asher came forward and answered, “Your arrest is all over the news.” I frowned wondering how the media found out. Somebody really wants to taint my reputation. News travels so fast guys.

I smiled at Angel as if nothing major really happened and replied, “I’m alright, could’ve been better but I’m surviving.” I tried staying positive even when I’m almost about losing my own mind.

“Let’s go somewhere private to talk,” Asher said as he ushered Angel and I towards his car which was waiting outside. “What about Eva?” Angel asked Asher.

“Who’s Eva?” I asked.

“She’s my friend, she’s a lawyer as well. She helped us in filling up some paper here for your bail.” Angel answered.

She is completing some other formalities. She told us to leave first since we don’t want Eric to stay out in public for too long.” Asher replied as we entered his car. Once the car was in motion we started talking.

“I have hired a bodyguard to protect your sister. He’ll take her out of the country for a while,” Asher said.

“A bodyguard? I can’t trust anybody at this time. Please call my Leila back,” I told Asher.

“Don’t worry Eric, I trust this man with my life. He’ll protect Leila at every cost and I think she is smart enough to handle this,” he assured me.

I can’t imagine what would happen if something ever happened to Leila, my sweet little sister. I know she is mature, brave and smart enough to handle things. She is independent. A well-known face of fashion industry. But a brother inside me kept worrying for his one and only sister.  I wonder how, she has been linked to my problem and is also affected by it. I know that the next time I will see her, I am going to get an earful from her. But the question kept running in my mind, who the hell has created this mess. I need to figure it out.

Eva, my friend who is lawyer, who also helped us with the papers, will help. She’ll help you to prove your innocence. Don’t worry,” Angel interrupted my thoughts and then she started typing something into her mobile. I turned towards Asher and said “You have my thanks. I’ll pay what I owe you once I get my money back.”

Asher smirked and crossed his arms in front of his chest and said “I took away your secretary for less than a year and look what happened. What a mess.” I smiled as I playfully punched his shoulder.

Angel turned towards me and said “My friend will help you but just a little warning…”

I was expecting her friend to be expensive or something like that, instead Angel said teasingly “She kind of hates rich people, and you are rich as well famous for your one-night stands. So please maintain a distance.”

Asher and I looked at Angel as if she just grew another head. “Why?” I asked. Angel scratched her head and answered “It’s not my place to say but let’s just say that she hasn’t had any great experience when it comes to rich people.”

“She’s a lawyer… how does she earn money?” Asher asked.

“She’s usually a lawyer for the people who can’t afford one, but she also takes cases of the people who are innocent and rich as well. We’ll meet her tomorrow. In the meantime, you take rest at Asher’s place. I know you had a tough day,” Angel said passing keys of a car with a sweet smile”.

Thanks Angel and Asher for letting me stay over. After joking around with them and teasing Asher for letting Angel break his walls and arriving at their house I finally retreated to the guest room that they’ve prepared for me. Once I was safe between the four walls of this room, I slid my back against the door as I clutched my head in utter frustration. 

Everything’s a mess, and I got no one to blame but myself. Rome was built not in day, same with my case this could not have happened in a single day. Somebody has been plotting this since a long time and I should have smelt it earlier. Suddenly a knock on the door interrupted me. “Sir Angel Mam has sent food for you,” a butler standing at the door said smilingly.

Please put this on the table and thank you so much. “Ok Sir, if you need something else, please call me. All numbers are written on that diary, Sir,” he indicated towards the table. Ok, I will. Thank you so much. Then he walked out of the room.

I have faced many tough situations as a businessman and handled them with ease. I should keep myself calm in this situation as well.  So, I sat on the chair, grabbing the plate from table. I just had finished my dinner and  Asher walked into my room along with a guy carrying some night wear. “Eric be comfortable with your clothes and have a sound sleep. We will be discussing things tomorrow,” he said. Thanks my friend, I smiled at him.

See you in the morning. Good Night, Eric! He said.

Good Night Asher! Then I lay down on the bed and slept.

The next day came very quickly. I woke up a bit heavy head may be because I had a tough day yesterday. Angel acted like my secretary once more, she even prepared me a suit to wear for the day. Hey Angel, Good Morning. Good to see you so early here. I will just be back after taking shower. “Ok, we are waiting for you on dining table,” she replied.

After having breakfast, we drove towards Angel’s friend’s house where we’ll be having our meeting as we wanted to avoid media and public because paparazzi has been hectic lately.

We arrived at a house. It was a small two-story home with a well-kept garden and a small white wooden gate. Angel opened the gate like she owned the place and she even opened the door. Surprisingly, it wasn’t locked.

“Hey Eva! We are here!” Angel called out.

“I’ll be down in a bit,” a voice came from the upstairs.

“Angel!” two voices squealed. I looked over to see two very attractive young women. They stopped in their tracks once they noticed me standing in the living room. “Angel, is he who I think he is?” one of them asked Angel. I smirked as I seductively approached them.

It’s been a while since I’ve been with a lady let alone flirt with one. I suddenly felt a hunger deep within me. I was known to be quite the lady’s man. I always have women in my arms to keep me company and every night a woman on my bed to scream my name beneath me. I just loved making out with a new girl daily.

I thought Katelyn who’s usually my booty call would let me stay at her place but she’s avoiding me like the plague. She has shown her face not even once since my arrest.  Before I got kicked out of my company I thought I had everyone in the world on my side, but it turns out I have no one. Kind of depressing, if you think about it.

“I can be whoever you want me to be.” I said in a low voice as I gave them a wink and casually leaned against the wall. They instantly turned bright red which made them even more attractive. I could feel Angel rolling her eyes at me, she usually does that when I started flirting with the ladies.

“Mr. Anderson, I’d appreciate it if you’d stop flirting with my sisters,” a voice came from the stairs. I turned my head to look at the voice, there stood a young woman at the bottom of the stairs. Her chocolate brown hair was up in a tight neat bun. At the bridge of her cute button nose was a pair of black rimmed glasses. She wore no makeup compared to the two young ladies that I just flirted with.

She was shorter than the two young ladies as well, but too curvy, and she also dressed plainly. My eyes immediately started checking out the young woman. If she put more effort into dressing up and putting makeup on then she would’ve pulled off a hot librarian look. Her pinkish cheek and pouty pink lips grew hunger to kiss them. I hope nobody read my mind.

Suddenly the young woman screamed plain-Jane. She didn’t stand out that much.

“Eric, I want you to meet my friend, Eva.” Angel introduced us. I couldn’t help but widen my eyes at the information. I expected her friend to be some mid-aged woman who’s been a lawyer for years but the woman in front of me looked like she just graduated from college.

“But you don’t look old at all.” I blurted out. Angel face-palmed herself while Eva looked at me like I was already a pain in her neck. “I’ll take that as a compliment.” she said sternly.

I then glanced back towards the two young ladies who happen to be Eva’s sisters. “Wait, you don’t have my number, do you? We have to exchange our numbers immediately.” I said which made both of them turn red once more and giggle.

In that moment, as I flirted with the two of them my problems faded away. Just like before when I had problems, flirting with women made them disappear and I didn’t care if it was just for a few moments. I live for these moments.


“O Man, Flirting is my Power Capsule,” I talked to myself.





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