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Landing Eagle by Stone, Harley (1)



Six Years Ago


MY WATCH ALARM went off at four a.m., pulling me from sensual dreams charged by last night’s activities and the smell of sex still lingering in the air. The warm, lush body beside me stirred, begging for my attention. I didn’t have much time to dress and get my ass to work, but I never could resist the pull of the woman at my side. We’d been dating for about six months, and I still hadn’t gotten my fill of her. I was beginning to think I never would.

Rising up on an elbow, I took a beat to look her over, marveling at her perfection for the millionth time. Silky dark curls that I loved to run my fingers through splayed out over the soft curve of her tan shoulders. A spattering of freckles covered cheeks that were often reddened from sun or passion, but rarely from embarrassment since she could hold her own in any crowd. Soft, plump lips that quickly and effortlessly alternated between smirking, swearing, and shouting orders, but looked especially incredible wrapped around my swollen cock.

Fierce, loyal, smart, funny, with curves that made men do stupid shit like wage war or even worse… settle down, she was the whole package and the wrapping.

She was my Helen of Troy.

I’d bring down the fucking world for her.

But I wouldn’t have to, because she was entirely capable of collapsing it herself should she so desire.

The top of her breasts peaked out from the blanket, begging for my attention. Hooking a finger in the coarse material, I inched it down to reveal her perfect round tits and narrow waistline. Her body was my wonderland, and I could spend hours kissing every freckle, licking every inch, tasting every curve.

Unfortunately, we never seemed to have hours.

Heavenly body paired with a sharp mind and an admirable sense of duty, Jeanette Lawson had my respect from day one. It took me more than a year to convince her to tumble into my bed, and I’ve been done for ever since. Insisting that her presence fulfilled all my wishes while her body covered my fantasies, she wasn’t Jeanette to me. She was my Genie.

But she was more than some mythical being. She was my future.

When I looked at her, I heard wedding bells and saw children and a house with a white picket fence. We were both twenty-five, educated, trained, and had our whole lives ahead of us. Lives that would be intertwined, because she was it for me.

Careful not to wake her, I tugged the blanket back up to her neck and kissed the small promise ring on her finger. It wasn’t an engagement ring yet, because there was no way in hell I’d ask her to marry me until I could do it right. My Genie was an officer, the strongest, most intelligent, most independent woman I’d ever met, but I was old fashioned. So, in two months, when our tour ended, I’d fly to Virginia, meet her parents, and ask for their blessing the right way. Then I’d plunder my savings to buy her a giant rock and make this thing between us final.

I had it all planned out, and I couldn’t fucking wait until she had my last name. Jeanette Archer had one hell of a nice ring to it.

I’d lingered too long admiring her, and was running out of time. Dressing quickly, I brushed a kiss against her forehead and whispered, “I love you, Genie.”

She stirred. “Mmhm Backacha.” A smile brightened her face and intelligent green eyes peered up at me as she stretched, tugging down the blankets to give me another tempting peep at her tits. Man, what I wouldn’t give for more time with those luscious mounds. “Leaving so soon?”

God, that smile. So devilish. So promising. It never ceased to get a rise out of my cock. I wanted nothing more than to climb back into her bed and take her up on every dark promise it made. But duty called.

Duty always tugged us apart.

“Yep. I have an early morning watching your fine ass traipse all over this God-forsaken desert.”

Our small platoon was operating out of Ubaydi, near Al-Qa'im, Iraq, but we didn’t have the numbers to set up a permanent garrison. It didn’t matter, because our orders only had us squatting there long enough to disrupt the local insurgents who were running weapons to the guerrilla fighters controlling the surrounding villages.

Two months and we’d be home.

As a scout sniper, my job was to go out early and provide cover while our Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAVs) swept the area for hostiles. As a Lieutenant Colonel, Genie led those sweeps.

“I’ll be sure to put on a show,” she said with a seductive smile.

“I don’t give a fuck about a show, just be sure you’re careful out there.”

She arched her back, pulling up far enough for her lips to land on mine. “You know I will be.”

Yes, I did. She was an outstanding officer who cared about every single Marine under her command. She’d do everything in her power to get them home safely. That was one of the things I loved most about her.

“Besides, with you watching my six, I know I’m covered.” She gave me another devilish grin before swinging her legs over the side of the bed and grabbing the front of my shirt to tug me closer. We came together in a passionate kiss that made my entire body ache for more. Releasing me, she said, “I love you too, Eagle.”

With one last kiss, I was out the door. I joined my team and we headed to our first post.

Three hours later, I was watching Genie’s AAV through the scope of my rifle when fire burst from the ground, engulfing the vehicle in flame and smoke. The ground shook with the explosion. The open vehicle flipped. Stunned, I gawked as bodies were flung. Heart in my throat, I sprang to my feet.

I needed to get to her.

I had to save her. She was everything and I’d die without her.

It was too late.

There were no survivors.





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