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Layover Lover by Cartwright, C.C. (1)


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Copyright © 2017 by C. C. Cartwright

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is entirely coincidental. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Edited by: Valorie Clifton

Cover Design: LJ Anderson, Mayhem Cover Creations


Kevin Young, pilot extraordinaire, is known as the airline’s Layover Lover .

His reputation precedes him from the moment we meet in the cockpit.

I’m the flight attendant serving First Class on our flight from Honolulu to LA.

There isn’t a line I haven’t heard in the sky or on the ground.

I see the way his eyes rake down my body.

They tell me I’m his next victim and I’m helpless against his charm.

I should know to resist his lust-filled stare.

I should know to resist the flirtatious words rolling off his lips.

But my Layover Lover is more than just talk.

He uses that mouth, those lips, and that tongue for so much more.

He’s toying with me, but when he touches my skin, I combust and let him come back for more.


I’m what the Hawaiians call a Hapa Haolie. My dad is Caucasian and my mom is Chinese. People tell me I have a slightly exotic look and a killer body, or so numerous male admirers have told me.

You see, I’m a flight attendant for Hawaiian Airlines. There’s not a line I haven’t heard in the air or on the ground.

Raised by a single mom, it was just my mom and me struggling to make ends meet. My dad passed away when I was little. I hadn’t even started Kindergarten when he died at work of a massive heart attack. We had to work hard to have a decent life.

I’m determined to make a better life for myself, filled with the little luxuries we couldn’t afford when I was growing up.

My best friend Jasmine, my roommate and fellow flight attendant, managed to land herself a billionaire in the sky. I plan to do the same. It just hasn’t happened for me yet.

Tonight, I’m flying on a red eye to the mainland—Los Angeles, to be exact. The pilot is Captain Roy and his co-pilot is Kevin Lee. I’ve never actually met Kevin or had the pleasure of flying with him, but his reputation with my fellow female flight attendants as a ladies’ man precedes him.

We meet for the first time as we pre-board our flight, and I can see what all the gossip and hushed giggling are about.

Kevin is the best-looking guy I’ve laid eyes on in a long, long time. Jet-black hair, a chiseled jaw, and eyes that a girl could get lost in. Damn, the guy’s got sex appeal like you wouldn’t believe, and I admire his tanned forearms first. He has an amazing physique under his pilot’s uniform and a handsome face, and upon meeting, he turns on the most dazzling smile, showing me his pearly whites.

“Hello, I’m Kevin. Kevin Lee. I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of flying with you before,” he says, eyes raking up and down my body.

I flush under his obvious perusal of my assets. He’s not subtle.

“Hi, I’m Kimmie Reed.” I smile my perfected flight attendant smile.

“Kevin, you’re late,” Captain Roy says from the cockpit.

“Duty calls,” Kevin says with a raised eyebrow as he dashes into the cockpit and I check out his assets from behind.


Once we get off the ground, during the flight, he comes into the main cabin for a break. I serve him a cup of coffee and his eyes stay on me the entire time. It sends shivers through my entire body that settle low in my core.

He makes me nervous and delighted at the same time as we flirt in the close and intimate quarters of the galley near the cockpit.

“How many nights is your layover in LA?” is the first question out of his mouth as I hand him his coffee with trembling hands, his eyes locked suggestively on mine.

My stomach does a flip and my sex clenches.

Why do guys always think flight attendants are easy? We have a brain, or at least some of us do. We have feelings, more than just feelings between our legs.

I get so tired of the constant deluge of come-ons from passengers to the pilots. But I must admit, Kevin piques my curiosity.

He stands not twelve inches away from me, his eyes suggestive as he blows on his coffee to cool it down. My eyes land on his lips. He’s making me hot and bothered. My body is reacting to his and I feel my nipples pebble against my lace bra.

What’s gotten into me? A guy hasn’t stirred me up like this in ages.

“Two nights,” I reply and need to lick my lips as my mouth goes dry.

“Same here,” he says, continuing to blow on his coffee. “Let’s grab some dinner when we land,” he suggests casually.

“Sure, sounds like a plan,” I reply just as casually as I turn away to get something out of the microwave oven. I can feel his eyes checking out my curves.

“Until then,” he says with a smirk and heads back into the cockpit.


“Hey, have you flown with Kimmie before?” I ask Roy after we settle into cruising altitude.

“Yes, and all I can say is don’t bother.”

“What do you mean? I know you’re married, Roy, but did you see that body on her? And her beauty could launch a thousand ships.” I chuckle.

“Keep it in your pants, Kevin,” he warns.

“Why? Why should I? Does she have a boyfriend? I didn’t see a single ring on her hand, which tells me she’s available.”

“Look, Kevin, I know your reputation with the ladies. You’re all about bedding the pretty ones. Kimmie’s a nice girl, and I don’t think she’ll drop her panties for you.” He laughs, almost challenging me.

I never back down from a challenge, not since my days at the Naval Academy and then at flight school. The guys were always making bets about bedding chicks, and I’m proud to say I never lost a single one of those bets.

“Care to make a friendly wager, my friend?”

Roy lets out a hearty laugh. “Sure, a hundred bucks says she won’t sleep with you on our layover.”

“You’re on. I beg to differ with you.”

My eyes are on the control panel, a cocky smile on my lips, and I know this will be a piece of cake. Like taking candy from a baby. Bedding the girl of my choosing has never been a problem for me. Plus, I saw the way Kimmie was flirting back with me. I could feel the heat between us. My cock twitched.

She’s got the perkiest tits, from what I could make out under her Aloha blouse, a nice handful, and legs for days that I can’t wait to have wrapped around my hips as I bang my way home. I can just feel my body reacting to her sinful curves as she lies beneath me. Her lips are like cherries and her eyes are like almonds. She has a smile that lights up her gorgeous face in a sexy but sweet way, I think, as we are descending into LAX. And my thoughts are concentrated on getting her into my bed tonight.

Once all of the passengers disembark, I follow Kimmie’s hot little ass off the aircraft and into the terminal.

The crew walks out to catch the shuttle to our hotel we all stay in for our layovers in Los Angeles, minutes from the airport.

“Let’s grab dinner at the restaurant,” Captain Roy says to me, Kimmie, and the other flight attendants. A couple of them beg off for the evening and choose to get room service and get some sleep.

Captain Roy, Kimmie, and I enjoy a nice, leisurely dinner with free-flowing wine to settle into our layover tonight.

“This steak dinner hit the spot. The food here is actually pretty good,” Captain Roy says, patting his belly and dabbing the corners of his mouth with his napkin.

Kimmie is sitting next to him. “I’m pretty tired. I’m going to call it a night,” she says with a sexy little yawn that she covers with her hand.

“You go on up. I’ll take care of the bill,” Captain Roy replies. He charges it to the airline’s account. All of our meals are paid for during our layovers. It’s a nice perk.

“I’ll walk you to your room.” I stand and we both grab our flight bags. Captain Roy catches my eye and gives me a shit-eating grin, reminding me of our friendly wager.

I fall into step with Kimmie as we head to the elevators.

“Kevin, you really don’t need to walk me to my room,” she says as we stand in the lobby waiting for the elevator to arrive.


Well, technically, I’ve gotten her to drop her panties for me. She’s completely naked and her sinful legs are spread wide for me as her moans of pleasure tell me she’s enjoying my kisses in her most intimate place. She tastes divine, like I knew she would. I continue to roll her sensitive bud with my tongue, and she gasps loudly as her hips flinch hard into my mouth.

“You taste divine,” I murmur into her ear as I crawl up her luscious little body made for sex and settle my rigid cock between her legs now, getting ready to satisfy the ache we both have for each other.

“Kevin, we have to stop,” she moans.

“Come on, baby, I can make you feel so good,” I coax, trailing kisses down her throat then nibbling on her collar bone. I rub my stiff one along her wet folds.

“No. I won’t just be another conquest for you,” she says breathlessly. I know she wants it, wants me, but for some reason, she’s fighting it.

“You’re so sexy. I want you. I want to bury myself inside you.” I groan huskily, my voice thick with desire for this beauty beneath me.

I continue to seduce her by stroking the slick bundle of nerves between her thighs, and she quivers at my skilled touch, soaking my fingertips as I slide two fingers into her steamy box.

God, how I want her warmth to be wrapped around me right now, squeezing me tightly.

“Please, Kevin.”

“Please what, Kimmie? I know you want this. You’re so wet. I can make us both feel amazing.” I let the warmth of my breath caress her ear. For some women, the ear is an erogenous zone. Let’s hope it is for Kimmie.

It’s such a canned line, but it usually does the trick for me. I’m a skilled seducer, master at my game. Besides, I’ve got a hundred bucks riding on this one, on settling my cock inside Kimmie tonight. I can’t lose. I never do. Plus, I’ve got a pocket full of Trojans.

Women. I love women. They can be extremely satisfying. But I won’t ever be caught in their webs. Where’s the fun in that? I enjoy my freedom to do what and whom I want. Kimmie is beautiful, simply gorgeous. I can’t wait to explore her taut little body. Roy said she couldn’t be had. I’ll show him.

She’s splayed out in my bed, and her smooth olive skin is begging to be kissed and nibbled. Her intoxicating scent is driving me wild with lust and desire.

“You smell heavenly. You feel heavenly,” I whisper, kissing her passionately on her lips, which she parts for my searching tongue. “Let me make love to you. I’m dying for you.” I think I’m wearing down the last of her defenses because she spreads her legs and wraps them tightly around me, and she just about kills me when she grinds her slick pussy against my arousal.

See? I told you. I’m the master of seduction.

“No, Kevin,” she says, more determined this time. She pulls her lips from mine and presses her delicate palms against my hips so I can’t rub against her, so I can’t tempt her anymore.

I roll off her and onto my back with a heavy blue ball sigh. Don’t tell me I lost this one.

“All right, Kimmie, you win.” And I lose , I think to myself.

“I like you, Kevin,” she says out loud. I can hear the smile in her sweet voice in the darkness of my hotel suite.

“I like you too,” I reply, rolling on my side as I trace her soft cheek with my fingertip.

“But I only do that with someone I love. When I get close to someone, I only make love, not make like. Do you know what I mean?” she asks with a sweetness to her voice that just about kills me.

“Yes, I get it. You’re a good girl.” I smirk.

“Yes. Besides, your reputation with the girls precedes you.” She giggles.

“Is that right? And what have you heard, gorgeous?”

She has me curious now.

She rolls onto her side, mirroring me, and my eyes settle on those perfect tits of hers. I cup one with my hand and roll the nipple between my skilled fingers. Her lips part in delight. There’s still hope. Maybe all is not lost. I continue to hope like the dog that I am.

Although there’s something about being with Kimmie that feels different, a good kind of different.

Roy was right about her. She’s a nice girl.

“You bed every pretty flight attendant you fly with. They call you the Layover Lover ,” she replies in her melodious voice.

“Is that right?” I chuckle softly.

My reputation has indeed preceded me.

I’m both proud and a little embarrassed as I cringe ever so slightly inside.

“Well, don’t believe everything you hear,” I reply, trying to redeem myself. I still have one more night of our layover to win my bet with Roy.


Kevin left me melting in a pool of intense desire.

He was good, and why shouldn’t he be, with the countless women he beds. I couldn’t resist his charms, couldn’t resist the tempting good-looking package of Kevin Lee.

I’m usually not had that easily. The alcohol he plied me with gave me an excuse to misbehave, to lose my good girl inhibitions.

Well, at least I didn’t let him go all the way. I already regret getting naked with him and letting him go down on me, but damn, it felt good. Naughty good.

I wake up and touch myself this morning, thinking of him, and I wish I didn’t. I need to get him out of my head. It was just one night of passion, and next week, he will move on to some other girl, find some other layover lover to take back to his room. I’m sure of it. It sickens me inside. Never should a girl get attached to a guy like him. He must leave so many broken hearts in his wake.

It’s a new day. LA is my oyster for the day, which is until I have to report back to LAX for the red eye back to Honolulu. I stretch myself awake and crawl out of bed in search of coffee. I need coffee since I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night. I tell myself it was worth it, but now, in the light of day, I’m not so sure. I remember seeing a Starbucks in the lobby.

After I take a long, hot shower to wash Kevin’s scent off my body, I get dressed in something to make me feel sexy today, because Kevin made me feel sexy. I can’t remember the last time a man made me feel so alive and so desired. I think I’ll spend the day shopping. When you live on the Islands, shopping is limited to only a few choice stores.

Once I get down to Starbucks, I immediately spot Kevin sitting at a table alone, sipping his coffee and working intently on his laptop. I wonder if I can get in and out of here without him spotting me as I duck into the long line, keeping my head down. I shift uncomfortably as I steal glances his direction, hoping to go undetected.

The man in front of me, also in workout attire, starts to make conversation with me. I want to get out of here unnoticed, but I can’t be rude.

“This place is so slow,” he grumbles, but with a smile in my direction.

“They always take forever. I know,” I reply.

“Here on business?” he asks. He’s a rugged looking blond with a nice build. He looks like he’s headed for the gym.

“Yes, on a layover.” I regret it the minute I say it.


“Yes, I’m a flight attendant for Hawaiian Airlines,” I reply.

His expression changes and his lips curl up on each side. I can see his dirty thoughts are circling in his mind.

“I would certainly like to fly you,” he remarks, scanning my body with his eyes.

I look away and laugh at his bold comment at nine o’clock in the morning. I usually don’t hear lines like that until after an evening of free-flowing alcohol.

“Excuse me. Is this gentleman bothering you, Kimmie?” I hear Kevin’s booming deep voice come up behind me.

I wish the floor would open and swallow me up just about now.

I surely don’t need his help warding off this hunk, and maybe I don’t want to ward him off.

“No, I’m good.” I shift uncomfortably.

“Oh, sorry, man. I didn’t know she was with someone,” my hunk says, turning back around in line and placing his order.

“I can take care of myself, thank you very much.”

“You snuck out of my bed this morning and then I find you flirting with some handsome stranger hours later. I’m hurt.” He feigns by placing his hand over his heart.

I let out a scoffing guffaw. “Look, Kevin, you don’t need to pretend with me. I’m a big girl. I understand what last night was. I realize it’s a different girl for you every week.”

“I’ll take a double latte,” I tell the barista as I step up to the counter in the crowded coffee shop.

The barista eyes Kevin and flashes him a flirtatious smile.

He looks casually hot in track shorts to show off his well-muscled legs and a t-shirt stretched across his chest that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing up close and personal.

“Come sit with me,” he encourages.

“For a minute.” I can’t be rude. I follow him to his tiny round table in the back. “What are you working on?” I ask, nodding toward his open laptop.

“Updating my stock portfolio,” he replies, pulling out my chair, and I sit down.

“Interesting.” I take a sip of my coffee.

“One of my obsessions.” He turns his grin on me.

“Besides bedding women,” I say, my eyes locked onto his.

He slides into his chair. “Ouch,” he banters back.

“I speak the truth. I call it like I see it.” I shrug with a smirk.

“Spend the day with me.”

“Sorry, I have plans.” I take a sip of my piping hot coffee.

“What sort of plans?” he asks with a cocky grin, as if he can change my mind.


“I’ll join you then.”

“You’ll be bored.”

“Never. Not as long as I’m in your company. Where to?”

“I thought I would hit up the Century City Mall.”

“Lets go then.” He closes his laptop and slides it into his backpack.

“Seriously? You’ll be bored.” I try to discourage him.

“Lead the way.” He stands.

I’m resigned to the fact that he’s not easily dissuaded. “All right, but no complaining. I like to browse for hours.”

We walk out of the hotel and Uber it across town to the Century City Mall.

I can’t believe Kevin is willing to go shopping with me today.

Men hate shopping. He’s just trying to find another excuse to get in my panties today or later tonight.

I hope I have the will to resist another night with him.

Once we reach our destination, Kevin insists on paying the driver, and we head into the fashionable outdoor shopping center filled with high-end boutiques and department stores like Bloomingdales.

They’ve got some choice restaurants to dine here as well. I never miss visiting when I’m in LA.

All I can usually afford is lunch and some window-shopping.

Once in a while, I will splurge, but then I’m paying for it months later so I need to be careful.

“You’d look dynamite in that,” Kevin says, eyeing the scantily clad mannequin in La Perla’s window as we walk by.

“Are you going to try to dress me up like your little doll?”

“If I could, I would.”

“Let me guess, all I would wear is lingerie, all day, everyday.”

“You read my mind.”

“Yeah, your dirty, one-track mind.”

“Hey, I’m a guy, aren’t I?”

“Yes, the last time I checked, you’re most definitely a guy,” I tease, boldly looking down at his crotch with a chuckle.

“Have dinner with me tonight?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Hey, I’m not that bad, am I?”

“You’re a really nice guy, Kevin, a lot of fun to be around. We could be friends, I suppose.”

“Friends. Seriously? After last night, how can we just be friends?” he asks with a devilish smile.

“It’s better that way. Trust me. I told you I wouldn’t be one of your statistics.”

“You could never just be a statistic, Kimmie Reed.”

“Mmmhmm, yeah, right. That’s all any girl is to you and you know it,” I say with a grin.

“Friends it is then. Have dinner with me. I know a great place in Santa Monica. It overlooks the ocean. Let’s head back to our hotel and get ready for dinner.”

“You’re making it hard to say no,” I tell him.

“Don’t you know, I rarely hear the word no?” he says cockily.

“I believe you on that one.”

Kevin takes me to a wonderful restaurant. Clarice’s is a charming Italian restaurant perched on the water in Santa Monica. Wood paneled walls, intimate tables for two, and soft classical music create a romantic ambiance.

This place screams more than just a friendly dinner. I hope I don’t let this evening sweep me back into Kevin’s bed again tonight. He has a way of weakening my resolve.

I can feel myself fighting these emotions that are sucking me into a place I don’t want to go with this drop-dead gorgeous man sitting across from me.

I need to stay in control tonight.

“I always love to come to Clarice’s whenever I have a layover in LA. The food here is the best, very authentic Italian dishes. Do you like Italian food?” he asks.

“Yes, I love it. My father is actually part Italian.”

“So what is your background?”

“My dad’s English and Italian and my mom is Chinese.”

“You’re a stunning mix,” he says.

“Thank you.”

“Your lips are like cherries and your eyes are like almonds.”

“You have all the lines, don’t you?” I laugh.

“I’m serious. The first time I laid eyes on you, your beauty took my breath away.”

“Please stop. There are far more beautiful flight attendants than me. My friend Jasmine is gorgeous. She’s a mix of German and Japanese. Have you ever flown with her before?”

“She doesn’t hold a candle to you.”

The waitress comes to greet us and tells us of the specials tonight.

Over dinner, Kevin tells me of his years growing up on the island of Oahu and attending the exclusive private school of Punahou. He grew up privileged by Hawaiian standards. Then he went on to the Naval Academy.

“How did you like the Naval Academy? I imagine it would be super strict.”

“I loved the Naval Academy. It was strict, but in a good way. It taught me about discipline and hard work. Flight school in Pensacola was a dream come true for me. I’ve aspired to be a pilot since I was a kid and my dad would take me to the airport to watch the large jetliners take off and land. I was in awe of the big airplanes back then and still am. Only now, I get to be the one in the cockpit, behind the control panels and flying the plane. It feels surreal sometimes. Like I’m living a dream, you know?”

“That’s really great how you’ve worked hard at achieving your dream. Not too many people make a living doing something they love. It’s more than just a job for you. It’s your passion.”

“Yes, exactly. How about you? How did you end up becoming a flight attendant?” he asks, eyes squarely on mine, listening intently.

“I guess I feel the same way you do, in a sense. It’s not a job, it’s an adventure. That’s the way I see it. I wanted to travel, see the world. I knew I would with this job because I don’t think I could afford to travel as much as I do otherwise. So I really enjoy what I do too. I won’t do it forever, but it’s a great experience for now. I’m living in the moment.” I shrug and smile.

“So you’re the adventurous type,” he says, eyeing me lasciviously.

“In some ways, yes,” is my tight-lipped reply.

This guy is full of sex appeal and subtle innuendos at every turn. I guess I should be used to it by now.

The real reason I became a flight attendant was to escape a controlling ex-boyfriend who was having trouble letting me go. But I won’t share this with Kevin. I want to forget about it all. I shudder. I wasted two long years with my ex. I thought what we had was love, but I learned the hard way that what we had wasn’t love.

He was possessive. He thought he owned me and wanted to control me. He was the jealous type and I couldn’t take it anymore. When I finally found the courage to break it off with him, he wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept calling and coming over.

Then when a friend was hired by the airlines, she encouraged me to apply and it was the perfect job. I would always be gone.

Every time I set foot on an airplane, I breathe a sigh of relief that I will be getting away from Honolulu, where he can’t follow me.

It’s a hard way to live, but it’s gotten easier.

I let Kevin be a nice distraction, even if I knew it would only be for one weekend.

I needed to feel desired again.

I wanted the warmth of a warm body caressing me, making me feel good.

Is that a crime?

Well, sort of. It isn’t like me to hook up with someone so quickly. I’m usually a relationship kind of girl, or at least I had been.

My controlling ex made me wary of men. I never want to be with someone like him again. I’ve been enjoying my newfound freedom.

Flying can be so freeing. I can’t even begin to tell you how much. Being a thousand miles in the air, away from life’s responsibilities, is so exhilarating, even if it’s only for a few hours. I welcome it.

This wine Kevin ordered with dinner is divine. Leave it to Mr. Suave to select the best wine in the house.

I need to stop drinking it. I remember what happened last night and it can’t happen again.

Unfortunately, my petite size makes me a lightweight when it comes to alcohol consumption. After two glasses, I’m already feeling a bit tipsy.

“This wine is divine,” I compliment Kevin on his wine selection. He starts to fill my glass again and I cover it with my hand. “No more for me.”

“Just finish the bottle off.”

He continues to pour the rest of the wine into my glass.

I tilt my head. “Kevin, are you trying to get me drunk?”

“Please, you’ve only had a couple of glasses.”

“Well, I’m a lightweight.” I laugh.

No more for me. I need to keep my wits about me.

After we finish dinner, we head back to our hotel. I try to say goodnight in the lobby, but he insists on walking me to my room.

Big mistake.

The way he rakes his teeth across my nipples drives me mad with uncontrollable desire. Then the expert way he strokes my clit with his magical fingertips puts me over the edge with an intense lust. I want him. I desperately need him to satisfy me tonight. I ignore my inner voice of reason. This ache between my legs is killing me and clouding my judgment.

“God, you’re so wet for me,” he growls.

He settles on top of me, resting on his elbows. He sweeps my hair off my face and brushes his lips against mine.

“I want you, Kimmie,” he murmurs before his lips crash hard onto mine in a scorching kiss.

Instinctively, I wrap my legs around his tight ass and pull him close, grinding my pussy against his stiff manhood. My body wants him just as much as he wants me, even though my mind is screaming no.

He moves off me and reaches for his jeans, which are lying on the floor at the side of the bed. He fumbles in the back pocket and pulls out a foil packet.

He moves back between my parted legs and is on his knees when I watch him tear open the foil packet.

Here is my chance to stop him, but I say nothing. I just wait in anticipation, warmth spreading throughout my body.

I spread wide for him, inviting him into my center as he takes his sheathed shaft in the palm of his hand and pushes into me with his length, slowly burying himself in me completely.

I gasp once he hits me as deep as he’ll go.

“Oh, Kevin,” I sigh. The delicious sensation is almost unbearable.

“You like?” he says, plunging in deeply again.

“Yes. Mmm, you feel good.”

“I told you I could make us feel amazing. Your tight warmth is heaven,” he says, his voice deep and husky, filled with desire for me.

He pushes in balls deep this time, clenching his ass as I reach my hands around and caress his hard cheeks, pulling him in as deep as he’ll go.

It’s as if I can’t get enough of him filling me.


I got her where I wanted her again last night, in my bed and beneath me, begging for more. Ahh, it was as amazing as I remember. This girl is addictive. One taste of her wasn’t enough. I had to go back for seconds.

Hell, I may just have to go back for thirds once we return to Honolulu.

Over dinner, she told me how she fell into being a flight attendant, but it seemed as if there’s something she’s hiding.

Why is a girl as gorgeous as her still available, still floating around single? I want to know more. What’s her real story? She’s too good to be true.

We make our way back to LAX and pre-board our homebound flight.

I’m in the cockpit with Roy and we’re checking the control panel and our logbooks, preparing for our flight home.

“So, any luck with Kimmie?” Roy asks, flashing a curious grin my way.

“You were right about Kimmie. She’s a good girl. I struck out big time,” I reply.

“See, I told you! Pay up, buddy. I want my hundred bucks.” He laughs jovially.

“You’ll get your money, don’t worry.”

I didn’t want to cheapen my time with Kimmie. She really is a nice girl and I’d hate to be the one to sully her good girl reputation. She deserves better than that. I gather she doesn’t normally hook up with guys.

I was the rare exception.

What can I say?

I’m good.

I’m charming and she couldn’t resist.

They usually never do.

On the flight, while on break, she pours me a cup of coffee. I can’t take my eyes off her. I catch myself staring at her perfect package, her dynamite body that I’ve had the pleasure of sinking myself into. Ahh, and I want to do it again and again.

The scent she wears is beguiling. I get a whiff of it as I stand close to her. She won’t meet my gaze as she busies herself in the galley after she hands me my coffee.

Suddenly, I feel tongue-tied, but I know I want to see her again once we get home.

“When we get back, do you have a couple of days off or are you taking off again?” I ask, trying to get a feel for her schedule.

“I have two days off and then I’m on again,” she replies.

“I want to see you again,” I say.

“Kevin, don’t pretend with me.” She smiles, tilting her head.

“I’m not. I’m serious.”

“It’s all right,” she says, turning away and busying herself in the galley, getting lunch ready for her passengers in First Class.

She’s not interested in seeing me again.

I’m dumbfounded.

This never happens to me.

First of all, I rarely ask my layover lovers for a repeat. And here I’m asking, and she shoots me down. Unbelievable, actually.

My pride is wounded, but I won’t be dissuaded that easily.


Jasmine comes up to me in the galley. “Hey, see that guy in 2B?”

“Who is he? He’s cute, isn’t he?” I reply, craning my neck past her to steal a glance in his direction.

“His name is Sergio Biagioni. He’s from Italy. A golfer on the Pro tour,” Jasmine continues as she waggles her eyebrows at me.

“Hmm, interesting.”

“I’ve caught him eyeing you,” she says.

“Really?” I grin.

“Next round of drinks, I’ll let you serve him.” She winks.

“Whatever.” I shrug, getting the drink cart ready for service.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” I ask Sergio.

“I’ll take a Rum and Coke,” he replies in a deep masculine voice, dripping with a sexy as hell Italian accent. He’s got a deep tan that plays up his ruggedly handsome features.

“Here you go,” I say with my usual pleasant flight attendant smile that I’ve mastered.

“Thank you. I know you’ve probably heard this a million times, but you are simply stunning,” he compliments, and I focus on the words rolling off his sensuous lips.

“I’ve heard it before, but not when it’s laced with an Italian accent. Thank you for the compliment.” I blush. I will never tire of hearing a gentleman, and a handsome one at that, tell me I’m ‘simply stunning’.

“What brings you to the Islands?” I ask.

“Golf. I’m playing in a golf tournament,” he replies, dazzling me with a pearly white smile.

“How nice. You should have nice weather this week,” I comment and continue down the aisle with drink service.

After everyone has been served, we dim the lights and start a movie.

Jasmine and I have a chance to get off our feet for a short break when the service light blinks for seat 2B.

“Look who is looking for some attention—Mr. 2B.” She giggles. I love whenever I get a chance to fly with Jasmine, who also happens to be my roommate on the ground. She always keeps things lively and is loads of fun. “Why don’t you go and see what he needs?” We laugh together.

“How can I help you?” I ask Sergio, bending down on my knees so I don’t block the view of the screen for the other passengers.

“Here’s my cell number, Kimmie.” I see him eye my nametag as he presses a napkin into my hand. “I would love to have you show me around the island.” The guy is forward, but he’s got confidence and game, the international player that I’m sure he is.

What’s the saying, a girl in every port?

“Oh? How long are you staying?”

“A little over a week. Please call me. I’d love to see you again and get to know you better.”

“Is there anything else I can get you?” I smile, never committing to texting or calling him.

“Just don’t forget to call, or you can text me.” He throws a sexy wink my way.

We land, and after the last passenger has left the aircraft, it’s finally time for the crew to disembark.

As the flight crew is walking through the terminal, Jasmine starts teasing me about Sergio.

“So, are you going to call him?” she asks.

Kevin is close at our heels behind us, eavesdropping on our conversation.

“Call whom?” he asks.

“Why, Sergio Biagioni, the pro golfer who was sitting in First Class. He was flirting with Kimmie like there’s no tomorrow and slipped her his number. Wow, imagine if you were a pro golfer’s wife. You would fly all over the world, and you could retire,” Jasmine continues, getting way ahead of herself.

She’s such a dreamer.

“So, are you calling him, Kimmie?” Kevin asks.

“You’d be set for life,” Jasmine continues.

“Stop it, Jasmine. Aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves?”

“You have to call him. I am making you as soon as we get home.”

I steal a sidelong glance at Kevin and his expression is unreadable. He probably could care less whom I date. He’s had me and is probably done with me. I was nothing more than his layover lover. I fulfilled a role for him. I made a mistake sleeping with him. I know that now. It was so out of character for me. I need to just put it behind me, move on, and give this Sergio guy a call.

“Bye, guys,” Jasmine calls out over her shoulder.

“See you around,” Kevin says, and we part ways with the guys once we get out into the Honolulu airport parking structure.

“Bye, see you the next time we fly together,” I reply, trying to keep it light and easy breezy as if we’ve never slept together. For him, it was as good as a handshake. Sex is like a handshake. Thinking about sex with him makes me feel cheap, and that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach surfaces again.

The minute we get through the door of our apartment, Jasmine presses me to text Sergio.

“He was so interested in you and had such a confident and sexy way about him, and he’s got money. You HAVE to text him and give him a chance. If you don’t, I will!”

“For me or yourself?”

“Hmm, maybe for myself. Look, are you going to or am I going to have to?” She giggles, falling on the sofa.

“Don’t rush me,” I say from the refrigerator as I rummage around for something to drink. Time in the air leaves me feeling so dehydrated.

“Look, he’s only going to be on the island for a week.”

“Exactly. So why bother?”

“How often are you going to have a chance to go out with a pro golfer?”

“He was cute, wasn’t he?”

“Uh—duh, yeah!”

I sift through my bag for the napkin he gave me with his number scribbled on it. Then I pull out my cellphone and stare at it for a few minutes, trying to work up the courage to text him.

“Come on already.”

“What should I say?

Kimmie: Hi Sergio. We met on your flight over. I would be happy to show you around the island :) ~Kimmie

I read the text out loud to Jasmine before I hit Send .

“Now there’s your Hawaiian hospitality.” She squeals and rubs her hands together. “I bet he will get right back to you. He was so hot for you, I could tell by the way he was eyeing you.”

I roll my eyes at her. “Jasmine, you are too much.”

“Hey, I can only live vicariously through you. Firstly, I’m with Ethan now. Secondly, I’ve never had guys fall over me the way they do over you, my dear.”

Sergio: Are you free tomorrow evening?

“Oh, my God, you were right. He just asked if I was free tomorrow evening.”

Now I’m squealing, half from excitement, half from fear.

“Go for it!”

Kimmie: Are you staying in Waikiki? I love to listen to Hawaiian music and see the hula.

Sergio: Will you do the hula for me?

Kimmie: No, silly. At the Halekulani, they have Hawaiian music and Miss Hawaii does the hula. They also have the most beautiful sunsets there.

Sergio: That sounds perfect. I’m staying at the hotel.

Kimmie: How about I meet you there, at The House Without a Key, at say, 7:00?

Sergio: Will be looking forward to it.

“We’re meeting at the Halekulani for music. It’s where he’s staying too.” I groan.

“I bet he wants to make music with you.” Jasmine laughs.

“You’re so corny, Jasmine.”

“But you know I’m right. Are you going to go to his room?”

“NO! We are meeting at the restaurant.”

“What about later? Would you let him lure you up to his room?”

“Jasmine, I’m a good girl.” I smile wickedly.

“Hey, live, will you? Ethan and I slept together the first night and we’re still going strong.”

“Look, you know I don’t believe in sleeping together on the first date,” I reply.

If she only knew about Kevin and me.

“Yeah, I know how you operate. But I say have fun tomorrow night. Let your hair down for a change.”

Jasmine just may be right.


“You have a visitor.” Jasmine knocks on my door this morning and sticks her head in my room.

“What? Who is it?” I tremble, thinking it’s my ex.

“Kevin,” she replies.

“Kevin Lee?” I ask just to clarify, shocked that he has shown up here unannounced.

“How does he know where I live?” I whisper.

“It’s not hard to find out. We work together,” she says.

“I’m half-dressed,” I whine softly, running my hands through my hair, eyes darting around the room for something to throw on. This is what I get for ignoring his text messages.

Damn, he’s persistent.

I’m surprised, actually.

“Well, hurry up and throw something on. He’s not a man you want to keep waiting. Trust me on that one, girlfriend.”

“Shh, he may hear you. I’ll be right out. Give me a minute.”

I dash around my room like a Tasmanian devil. I throw on a spaghetti strap dress I hastily pull out from the closet, brush my teeth, run a comb through my unruly mane of long, thick hair, and apply some eyeliner and a swipe of cherry lip gloss. I smack my lips and admire my rush job in the mirror. Not bad. Decent.

I open my bedroom door and see his handsome profile first. He’s making himself at home on my living room sofa as if he belongs here. He looks heart-stopping good, I must admit.

He looks up from the magazine he’s perusing and our eyes lock. No words are said for that brief moment as his eyes go straight to my chest and I can practically see his eyes dilate with lust. Shit, I guess I’m not wearing a bra. My nipples harden at his intense scrutiny.

“Kevin, what are you doing here?” I ask.

“You weren’t answering my texts so I though I would stop by and check on you,” he says casually as if we’re old friends.

“What can I do for you?” I ask, crossing my arms over my chest to hide my pert nipples. He has that effect on me. Once my question comes out of my mouth, I realize how he took it because he doesn’t say a word, just continues to eye me suggestively. What a wolf he is, a real lady killer. “I mean, what brings you over?” I stammer like a fool.

“I wanted to see if you’d like to go to the beach with me. The surf is good at Sandy Beach today. Do you care to join me?” he asks, and damn, he’s hard to resist.

“I would love to, but I have a laundry list of errands to run today. Can I take a rain check?”

“Do your errands tomorrow. Come out with me. It’s a beautiful day, no liquid sunshine in the forecast.”

He’s anything if not persistent and hard to resist.

“All right,” I agree, and a smile lights up that handsome face of his. “Sit tight while I grab a few things and put on my suit.”

Honestly, what’s up with his just showing up here today?

I grab my beach bag from my closet and toss some sunscreen and lip gloss inside. I go into my dresser drawer and dig around to find a bikini top and bottom that match. I put them on under my dress.

I retrieve my sunglasses, wallet, and cellphone from my purse and toss them into my beach bag along with a towel.

“Ready? That was quick,” he says once I walk back out into the living room.

We go out to the street and walk toward his brand-spanking-new pickup truck, and he’s got his surfboard in the back.

He opens my car door for me and I’m pleasantly surprised at what a gentleman he is.

“Thank you,” I say once I climb into the cab and pull my legs into the truck.

“You are very welcome. Thanks for coming today,” he says with a wink and closes my door with a thud.

He goes around to the driver’s side and climbs in and starts the car.

“I’ve been thinking about hitting the beach all week. I couldn’t wait to have a few days off,” he says, eyes on the road as we head out to Sandy Beach.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. After being cooped up on those aircraft all week, it’s nice to be back on the ground. We live in paradise, yet I rarely get out to just enjoy a day at the beach. How do you stand being in those confining cockpits?”

“I was born to fly. Besides, it’s not much different from sitting in an office for eight hours a day, and it’s a heck of a lot more thrilling and exciting flying a jetliner, I can assure you.”

“I suppose you’re right.”

“Hey, I thought you told me you enjoyed being a flight attendant for the adventure,” he says, calling me out on my lie.

“I’m just tired today, that’s all. Need a few days home just to recharge.”

We pull into a parking spot along the road and walk onto the sand toward the ocean. It’s actually nice to be out enjoying the sunshine and feeling the sand between my toes.

“The waves are pretty big today,” I say, shading my eyes to the sun as I look out at the crystal blue ocean. I place my bag down on the sand, slide off my flip-flops, and lay out my beach towel.

“The waves are perfect,” he says, excited to dive in and catch a few.

He lays his towel down next to mine and we both sit together.

“Kimmie, why is a girl as great as you still single?” he asks.

God. What kind of question is that? He might as well just ask me what’s wrong with me.

“I don’t know. I guess I just haven’t met the right guy yet,” I reply for lack of a better or more truthful answer.

“Any old boyfriends lurking around?” he asks. How the hell does he know?

“I’d rather not say,” I reply, trying to shut him down.

“Sorry I asked.”

“Not as sorry as I am.”

“That bad?” he asks, and I can hear sympathy in his voice.

I just shrug. I’m not talking about it. It’s none of his business, plus I work hard every single day trying to put it behind me. Why does he care, anyway? There’s no way I’m opening up to him, of all people.

“So, are you going to text that pro golfer you met on the plane?” he asks, and he seems to be genuinely curious.

“Not you too. Jasmine has been all over me to text him.” I evade his question, not giving him a definitive answer.

“Do you mind if I go and catch a few waves?”

“Not at all, I’ll just work on my tan. It’s nice to be out today enjoying the paradise we live in.”

Kevin stands and grabs his surfboard and walks out into the surf. I get to admire his sexy physique from the backside. His bronze coloring, his broad chest, and his, look amazing in his snug fitting board shorts. My mind replays our glorious night together and how good he made me feel. It was earth-shattering. Damn him, he’s just too delicious. But he’s a player. I can’t get attached to a player.

After we spend a delightful afternoon together, we decide that we’ve gotten enough sun for the day.

“Have dinner with me tonight,” he asks in the car on the ride home.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I have plans.”

“What kind of plans?”

I don’t want to admit I have a date with Sergio. I’m not sure why. He’ll make fun of me.

“I’m going out with a friend tonight.”

“Where are you going?”

I pause for a moment. I guess there’s no harm in telling him. “We’re going to enjoy some Hawaiian music at The House Without a Key.”

“At the Halekulani?”



The minute I walk through the door, I spot Jasmine sitting in the living room watching TV and munching on some chips.

“Hey,” I call out to her as I dash into my room and get ready to meet Sergio.

“Kimmie, hold on, you have some explaining to do,” Jasmine says, following me into my room. “Tell me why Kevin Young came over today out of the blue and asked you to the beach?”

“What is this, the Spanish Inquisition?” I laugh.

“How come I had no idea you were even friends?”

I take off my dress, step into the bathroom, and turn on the shower. I need to get the sand and salt water off my skin. Jasmine follows me into the bathroom and sits down on the closed toilet lid. She’s not letting up.

When the water warms up, I step into the shower with my bikini on, then take it off and rinse it in the shower, hanging it on the handle of the shower.

“I flew with him last week, a mainland flight with a two-night layover in LA,” I tell her over the sound of the running water.

“And don’t tell me, YOU were his layover lover?” she gasps in astonishment, and I can hear the shock in her voice.

“Let me just say that I can see why he’s earned that reputation,” I reply with a wicked laugh as I lather up with my favorite coconut body wash. It keeps my skin smooth and soft. Beauty experts swear by the benefits of coconut oil.

“Kimmie, I don’t believe it. You, Miss I Don’t Sleep with a Guy on the First Date!” she cries.

“I know, I know. But there’s something about him that I couldn’t resist.” I try to explain myself as turn off the running water to grab my towel off the rack and dry off before I step out of the shower with the towel wrapped around me.

Jasmine is all excitement now that I’ve given her this juicy piece of gossip. “Yeah, it’s called raw sex appeal, animal magnetism. He has it in droves. How was he?” She’s just dying to know, and I put her out of her misery.

“Ahh, incredible. The BEST I’ve ever had!” I say with the biggest grin.

“You’re kidding me!” she yells, standing in the doorframe of my vanity area watching me as I towel dry my hair.

“I wish I were. Not good to get stuck on a guy like him who can give you multiple orgasms!” We both howl in laughter.

“I’ve heard he doesn’t do repeats and leaves behind many a broken heart. But apparently, he wants a repeat with you. Why else would he track you down at home?”

“I know. I’m baffled and perplexed.”

“He wants you again.”

“So it would seem.”

“And now you’ve got a hot date with the Italian Stallion. Girl, you have all of the luck with these two studs falling at your feet.”

“Please, you know how unlucky I was for so long with my loser ex,” I remind her.

“Thank God he hasn’t come around lately.”

“He doesn’t know my schedule. The one bonus of flying is that he never knows when I’m home or gone. Hopefully, he’s moved on. Help me pick out something to wear tonight.”

“It’s got to be sexy and va-va-voom.” She waggles her eyebrows at me.

“Rifle through our closets and pick me out some stuff to try on,” I request as I finish drying my hair and applying moisturizer to my damp skin.

I walk into my bedroom and Jasmine has three dresses strewn across my bed.

“Try this one on first,” she says, pointing to a vibrant deep pink strapless number.

“I can’t wear a bra with this one.” I sigh, sliding up the zipper along the side.

“You don’t need one. It’s nice and tight. You’re not bouncing around. You rock that dress. Go look in the mirror,” Jasmine says, eyeing me from head to toe.

Once I get to the full-length mirror hanging on the back of the bedroom door, I first look at myself from the front. I tug at the top to make sure my girls are in place. I turn to look at myself from the back. This will do. The color enhances the olive tone to my skin.

I search my closet to find some platform strappy sandals and a clutch to complete the look. Jasmine approves with a nod and I’m out the door for my rendezvous with Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome. I’m looking forward to an evening with someone new, someone interesting from a different country, Italy.


I make my way through all the traffic in Waikiki and pull into the Halekulani valet area just outside their golden lobby.

“Good Evening,” the handsome valet attendant greets me as I step out of my car.

“Hello, I’ll be dining at The House Without a Key this evening.”

The lobby is bustling this evening, many guests and visitors coming and going through the breezy open lobby with marble floors. The Halekulani is the most luxurious hotel in Honolulu. Whenever diplomats come to town, this is where they stay. This hotel caters to the rich and famous who come and visit the Hawaiian Islands each year.

Walking through the long corridors, I glance in the windows of the high-end jewelry store and the fashionable clothing boutique. I admire the jewelry on display as the dazzling diamond rings, in particular, catch my eye. And a gorgeous dress in the window would look nice on me. But the prices here are too rich for my blood. A girl can dream. What would it be like to actually be able to afford to stay in a place like this? All I’m ever going to be able to do in my lifetime is visit a place like this and dine in its restaurant.

Growing up here on the Island has left me jaded to its beauty. I’ve come to take it for granted most days. But today, when I come here, to the Halekulani, there’s something magical about this place. I never tire of sitting outside by the ocean with the cool breeze blowing across my face, with the Hawaiian music lulling me back to a bygone era. Then as the sun sets, the vibrant pinks, purples, and oranges flood the sky, becoming the backdrop. It literally steals your breath away. A cool breeze hits my face when I step into the outdoor restaurant. I spot Sergio immediately. He’s standing near the hostess stand, waiting for me.

“Kimmie, you look gorgeous, Bella,” he says, closing the distance between us. He kisses me on the cheek in greeting.

We follow the hostess to our table, front and center, near the stage.

“How do you like staying here?” I ask Sergio after we’ve sat down and ordered our drinks.

“It’s pure luxury, very tranquil and serene,” he replies, jaded by the numerous five-star resorts he frequents on the pro golf tour, I’m sure.

“I love this hotel. It has a timeless grace to it. I’ve been coming here for years and always only enjoyed it as a local visitor, never a guest.”

“Have you ever seen the rooms here? The view of the ocean from the rooms is spectacular,” he says with a gleam in his eye that I’m not sure I like.

“The sunsets from this patio are amazing,” I gush. “They’re part of the reason I love coming here every time. That and the Hawaiian music take me back to when I was young. My Dad would always play his favorites in the evening after he got home from work.”

“Do you still live at home?”

“No, I have and apartment with my best friend and fellow flight attendant, Jasmine.”

“Oh, I see. But you grew up on this Island, right?”

“Yes, I did. Born and raised in Honolulu. This is my home.”

“Well, you certainly live in paradise.”

“How about you? Do you live full-time in Italy?” I ask, genuinely curious about this international playboy sitting next to me.

“Well, I was born and raised in a small town in Tuscany. It’s about a two-hour drive from Florence. Have you ever been to Italy?”

“No, I’ve only traveled in the United States. But I would love to make it to Europe someday. It’s on my bucket list.”

“I have a home in Italy near the water and I also have a home in Florida.”

We sit back and enjoy the music and the hula performance by one of the most recent Miss Hawaiis. I can feel Sergio stealing glances at me.

We resume our conversation about how he became a pro golfer, and he goes on and on about it in his heavy Italian accent, which I have trouble understanding at times. The one thing I can read and understand loud and clear is that he plans to seduce me tonight. It’s the way he’s looking at me the entire evening—it’s as if he won’t take his eyes off me.

“Kimmie, do you know how beautiful you are, Bella?”

I turn toward him and look him in the eye. “Sergio, I’m sure you say that to all the women, don’t you?”

“None are as beautiful as you. Let me show you my room.”

Here we go. He’s starting to work his wiles on me, coax me up to his room. I can’t tell you how terribly tempted I am. I’ve always wanted to see what one of the rooms in this palace looks like, what it would feel like to actually stay here as a guest.

“I don’t know, Sergio,” I reply demurely, casting my eyes down to my drink as I take a sip.

“It has the most amazing view of the crystal blue ocean. You can hear the lull of the waves, and at night, you see down the coast as the lighted skyline meets the Pacific. Come, Bella.” He stands and holds out his hand for me to take. I can’t bring myself to rudely turn him down so I place my tiny hand in his and let him lead me to his room of sin. I won’t stay long. I just want to see how the other half lives , I promise myself.

We stroll through the long breezeways until we meander our way to the lobby and approach the elevator. I feel great trepidation. I really should find my voice and beg off for the evening, but something is stopping me. Curiosity, I suppose. That’s what I keep telling myself to justify why I am going with this international playboy to his room.

Once we’re enclosed in the small confines of the elevator, I breathe in his scent of musky cologne, and I like it. It affects me. It’s a sensuous fragrance.

“And here we are,” he says as he slides his room key into the door.

He pushes the door open and lets me walk in first. Now I smell the scent of plumerias. The double doors to his balcony are wide open and the sheer white drapes billow on each side, the cool wind beckoning me in. You can see the skyline along the coast and it’s magical, just like Sergio promised.

“Wow, what a view you have. Your suite is elegant,” I reply like a schoolgirl in awe in a candy store.

“Walk in further. Let’s go out to the balcony,” Sergio suggests as he closes the door quietly behind him.

“I–I–I can’t stay long,” I stammer.

“Oh, but why? The night is still young.” He comes up behind me on the balcony and wraps his arms around me.

I tense. What the hell did you expect, Kimmie? Letting him lure you up to his room. You foolish, foolish girl, although if you asked Jasmine, she would say I was playing my cards right. Now my mind drifts to Kevin. We had a nice day together.

As much as I’m enjoying getting a bird’s eye view of what it would be like to be one of the rich and famous who could afford a room, much less a suite at the Halekulani, this, here, now, with Sergio feels wrong, all wrong.

Sergio sweeps my hair to one side and places a gentle kiss on the nape of my neck, one of my erogenous zones. He’s good, very good. My sex betrays me and clenches tight as a ripple of desire sweeps through me. I try desperately to quell the heat sizzling beneath my skin and find my voice. My voice that should be saying I need to leave.

“Sergio, I’d better go,” I whisper, not daring to turn around and face him. I can smell the ocean from here mixed with his intoxicating scent.

“Bella, there’s no need to rush off,” he says huskily, turning me to face him. My eyes stare dead straight into his broad chest, then cast up into the depth of his big brown eyes. He tucks his finger under my chin before he bends down and places a kiss on my lips. I close my eyes. My mind flashes to Kevin’s face.

“I need to go,” I say again, and my small hands press against his chest and I step past him, moving back into the room.

“Kimmie, why rush off? I thought we were enjoying each other’s company,” he says with a pout to his sensual lips.

“I have an early day tomorrow. Thank you for a lovely evening.” I offer a smile as I move toward the door. Luckily, Sergio doesn’t press me and opens the door for me.

“Let me walk you down to your car,” he says.

I manage to escape seduction by Sergio and make my way back to my apartment.

Once I’m tucked in bed tonight, I get a text from Kevin inviting me to dinner tomorrow night.

I can’t believe THIS is my life right now. From a nonexistent sex life and a loser ex-boyfriend stalking me, to a professional sexy golfer on one hand and a hot playboy pilot on the other. What’s a single girl to do? Although I am indeed enjoying the attention—what girl wouldn’t—I feel like I need to make a choice. Why, most guys would choose both, wouldn’t they? They would have no trouble playing the field. Maybe I should have stayed with Sergio, enjoyed his luxurious suite for a little longer. But I was afraid one thing would lead to another and then I wouldn’t respect myself in the morning. I wish I could be one of those girls, a playgirl. Jasmine certainly was before she hooked Ethan, millionaire extraordinaire. She is always encouraging me to do the same, and I guess I’m trying. Sergio fits her mold, but there was just something about the guy that rang insincere to me. All slick charm, no substance. It was a turn-off in many ways. And he had a huge ego, but what guy doesn’t? At least the ones I come in contact with almost always do. Confidence in a man, I love. Boastful and full of himself, I don’t.

“So, how was your Italian lover boy?” Jasmine greets me the minute I come out of my bedroom this morning and walk out to the kitchen.

“He isn’t my lover,” is my deadpan reply as I pour myself a cup of coffee.

“So nothing happened last night?” she asks.

“I did go to his room, or suite, I should say. It was amazing. It had a sweeping view of the ocean and it was pure luxury.”

“But you didn’t stay?” she asks incredulously.

“No, I kind of freaked out. It just felt wrong being there with him.”

“Why on earth would you pass on a guy like Sergio? The guy oozed raw sex appeal and he’s a freaking pro golfer with a big bank account. You could travel the world with him!”

“Look, Jasmine, he was full of himself and most likely only after one thing from me. Something I don’t give away easily. You know me. It just didn’t feel right so I begged off for the night early.”

“You’re not hung up on Kevin, are you?”

“He asked me out to dinner tonight.”

“Girl, how do you do it? You’ve got the two hottest guys after you! Are you going to have dinner with Kevin tonight?”

“I want to.”

“Then what’s stopping you?”

“I’m just afraid I could really like the guy, and then where would that leave me? After all, he’s the Layover Lover .”

“Live, would you? Just enjoy him like he enjoys you. No-strings fun until you can hook yourself a big fish.”

“You’re right.”


I’ve texted Kimmie a couple of times and I got no response, so I decide to pay her a visit this morning.

Jasmine, her roommate, answers the door.

Kimmie eventually comes out of her room. It looks like I got her out of bed. Wish she had been in my bed last night.

I invite her to the beach with me and she has the nerve to make excuses. Says she has errands to run. Seriously? What’s with this girl? Does she know how lucky she is that I want to spend the day with her? I can’t even remember the last time I spent the day with a chick. You know, I usually only want to spend the nights with chicks, and even then, not all night long.

Finally, I talk her into a day at the beach and I know she enjoyed it. She told me so. Things are going great so I ask her to dinner. She tells me she has plans with a friend, and she tells me where they’re headed tonight.

Okay, I can’t stop myself. I ask my roommate, Tony, if he wants to go to Waikiki tonight and hit some bars. He’s game to be my wingman.

Lo and behold, where do you think we end up?

First guess doesn’t count.

We pull up to the Halekulani and valet park my truck.

You know I’m hoping to run into Kimmie and her friend. I brought Tony. Maybe her girlfriend is single too.

We get to The House Without a Key and the hostess seats us toward the back. I scan the patio. No sign of Kimmie and her friend.

After Tony and I order drinks and pupus, the Hawaiian equivalent to appetizers, I think I see her show up.

My heart sinks.

Damn, I assumed she was coming with a girlfriend but I was sadly mistaken.

She’s wearing a snug-fitting strapless dress and she looks drop-dead gorgeous in it. I eye her bare shoulders and remember that body of hers naked beneath me, crying out my name.

Fuck. She’s with that slick Italian golfer.

As the hostess escorts them to their table, he places his hand gently on the small of her back.

It makes my blood boil.

Don’t touch her, man .

Kimmie is wearing her pleasant flight attendant smile and I can’t make out whether she’s enjoying his touch or not.

She looks classy, sexy, and striking.

I notice a few men glancing her way as she makes her way to their table.

Luckily for me, the hostess seats them at the other end of the patio, toward the stage, so Kimmie can’t see me but I have a clear view of her.

I’m jealous, plain and simple.

I don’t recall the last time I felt this possessive emotion run through me. It’s not a good feeling and I hate myself for it.

My fist is clenched and Tony notices.

“Hey, what’s wrong, man?” he asks.

“Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know, you look mad about something.”

“No, I’m cool,” I reply, but I’m anything but cool right now.

I take a long drink and try to look away from them enjoying each other’s company.

That guy’s a player.

I should know. It takes one to know one. He’s only after one thing. The same thing I’m always after, tail.

Although I’m learning that Kimmie is more than that, more than just a booty call. I know now because I’ve had a taste of her on two occasions.

She cannot sleep with that guy tonight, although really, come on, there’s nothing I can do to stop her.

If she does sleep with him, then so help me God, I am so done pursuing her.

She’s not worth it if she’s that kind of girl.

I glance over at them again. She’s laughing at something he said as he leans in close to her so he can whisper sweet nothings into her ear.

“Let’s get out of here,” I say sharply.

“Sure, where to?” Tony asks, finishing his drink.

“Let’s go to that new club around the corner.”

“You mean Club Paradise.”

“Yeah, that’s the place.”

“You hated it the last time we went.”

“Let’s give it another try.”

I need to get some tail tonight, get my mind and other parts of my body off Kimmie Reed.

The line is long, but once we get in, it’s wall to wall people inside the club.

Lots of short skirts and long legs to feast my eyes on.

We make our way to the bar and grab a couple of beers and lean back on the bar as we peruse the crowd here tonight.

A few hot local girls catch my eye.

But if I’m honest with myself, I’m not feeling it tonight.

Besides, all of these girls pale in comparison to Kimmie’s beauty, not to mention her sinful curves.

Shit. This tells me I have it bad for the girl.

“Hi, there.” A smoking hot long-haired beauty slides up next to me.

I turn toward her and return the greeting. “Hi, how are you doing tonight?”

“I’m good. My name is Lola,” she replies. She’s wearing a skintight dress. Her tits are on display in a low-cut neckline, her long legs bare, and her skirt is nice and short. Sexy, very sexy. Usually the type I would be more than happy to take home on a Saturday night.

“Young. Kevin Young.” I tell her my name as if I’m Bond, James Bond.

“And what do you do, Kevin?” she asks.

“I’m a pilot for Hawaiian Airlines,” I reply.

“Oh, how sexy, a pilot,” she replies, eyeing my broad chest and rubbing up against me. This girl is aggressive.

I feel Tony nudge me on the other side with his elbow as if to say go for it.

A small smile spreads across my face, but honestly, like I said, I’m not feeling it tonight.

I wonder what Kimmie and that Italian player are up to as I glance at my Rolex to see what time it is.

“Let’s go,” I tell Tony, and I slam my empty beer bottle down on the bar in frustration.

“It was nice to meet you,” I tell Lola as I step away from the bar, and I catch her eyeing my assets, my bulging biceps and my tight ass.

She gives me a look of surprise at my sudden departure. “Uh, yeah, you too.”

“Have a good night,” I say and stroll past her in search of the exit.

“What’s with you tonight? You off your game? That girl was yours for the taking,” Tony asks as we’re walking along the bustling streets of Waikiki filled with tourists enjoying our bit of paradise.

“Not feeling it tonight,” I reply, walking briskly back to the Halekulani where we valeted my truck.

A huge part of me is dying to go back to the restaurant and see if they’re still there, or did he get her up to his room by now?

I want to punch a wall just thinking about her with that guy.

Once we get home, I storm into my bedroom and close the door.

I throw myself down on my bed and stare at the ceiling. I reach for my cell.

Kevin: How was the Halekulani tonight?

I take a chance and text her. If she texts me back then I will know she’s not in bed with him. I’m torturing myself as I stare at my phone, anxiously awaiting her reply. Seconds, then minutes, tick slowly by.

Kimmie: It was nice, a beautiful sunset and loved the Hawaiian music.

Kevin: Are you home now?

Kimmie: Yes, I just got home.

I breathe a sigh of relief and let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding.

Kevin: Can I see you tomorrow and take you out to dinner?

I want to see her at night and get her in this bed with me.

Kimmie: I’ll let you know in the morning.

WTF? Does this girl realize how damn lucky she is that I’ve asked her out on a real date? She’d better not be seeing that slick Italian again. Hopefully, he’s leaving town real soon.

I have a fitful night’s sleep. This girl has me tied up in knots, but at least she didn’t spend the night with the guy, and judging by the time she got home, she never went to his room.

I wake up the next morning with a stiff one, dreaming of having Kimmie in my bed tonight.

I manage to drag myself out of bed and I start cleaning my room. Secretly, I’m hoping she’ll agree to dinner tonight and then I’ll coax her back to my place so I can sink myself balls deep inside her again.

Walking over to my nightstand, I open the top drawer to make sure I’m stocked up on condoms. Slamming the drawer shut, yup, I’m ready for Kimmie to come over for a visit tonight.

Now to check the fridge. Some chilled white wine would be nice to have on hand to offer her.

“Hey,” Tony says from the dining table, where he’s having a bowl of cereal for breakfast. “What’s up?”

“I’m hoping to bring a girl back here tonight.”

“Oh, who’s the lucky lady?” Tony grins.

“Kimmie. Kimmie Reed. She’s a smoking hot flight attendant I’ve had the pleasure of flying with,” I reply, cocking an eyebrow.

“Aren’t they always flight attendants?” he asks mockingly.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll let you give me grief because you’re kind of right. Hawaiian Airlines only hires the cream of the crop. But this girl is by far the prettiest flight attendant they have, and the body on her . . . let me just say she’s the whole package.”

“Really? I’ve never heard you speak so highly of a girl before. You’ve piqued my curiosity, my friend.”

My phone vibrates in my pocket.

Kimmie: I would love to join you for dinner if your offer still stands.

Kevin: Yes, of course. I’ll pick you up at 6:30.

Kimmie: Perfect, see you tonight.

I let out a howl and a fist pump.

“Who’s the text from? Judging by the grin on your face, it’s Kimmie Reed. The girl of the hour, or the girl for tonight.”

“Going to head out and get some wine for tonight.”

“Wow, you do have it bad for this girl.”

“Maybe I do.” I hear him chuckle as I walk out the front door.

Something tells me I won’t have any trouble getting her back to my place.

I stop before shutting the front door. “Hey, man, can you make yourself scarce tonight?”

“Aww, why? I want to meet this girl, the one who’s got you all tied up in knots, cleaning the place and going to buy her some wine to impress her,” Tony says, still giving me grief.

“Come on,” I say.

“All right, all right,” Tony concedes.

“Thanks, bro, I’ll return the favor sometime.”

“You can thank me by hooking me up with any of her stewardess friends.”

“Her roommate’s taken, but I’ll keep an eye out for you,” I promise and close the door.

After I’ve stocked the fridge, I finish picking up the place, making it look decent and not like some bachelor’s pigsty.

I get in the shower, shave, and gel my hair before I smack some sure lay on. My cologne seems to drive the ladies wild.

“Remember, I expect you gone before nine tonight, deal?”

“Okay, okay,” Tony agrees from the sofa where he’s watching Ballers , that new sports agent show on HBO.


Once I wake up the next morning and after I toast a bagel, smother it with cream cheese, and grab my cup of Kona coffee, I curl up on the sofa and decide to shoot Kevin a text accepting his dinner invitation. I’m excited to see him again tonight, and I’m determined to let it take me wherever it goes, which you know will be back to his bed.

“How’s Ethan?” I ask Jasmine.

“He’s good. He wants me to join him on a trip to New York at the end of the month.”

“That sounds like fun, you jetsetter you.”

“Yeah, we’re flying private. It’s the only way to fly, you know.” She giggles.

“Must be nice, must be nice,” I reply, taking a sip of my coffee.

I’m twenty-five and really wonder what the future holds for me sometimes.

My cellphone rings. It’s my mom.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Kimmie, you’re home. When did you get back from your layover in LA?”

“A couple of days ago,” I reply, immediately feeling guilty that I haven’t called her.

“Oh, and you’ve been too busy to give your mother a call? I worry about you and like to know whenever you get back on Hawaiian soil.”

“I know. I’m sorry, Mom. I’ve been busy catching up on things since I got back. I’ll come over and we can go to lunch somewhere today.”

“I would love that.”

I run a brush through my hair and apply some lip gloss, smack my lips together, and I’m out the door.

It’ll be good to see my mom. I’ve been a bad daughter and haven’t seen her in weeks when she lives not even ten minutes away.

My mom’s had a hard life. She worked two jobs to take care of just the two of us.

“Hi, Mom,” I call out after I let myself into her apartment with my key.

“Kimmie, sweetheart!” She comes scurrying out from her bedroom. “You look nice, a little too thin, but nice.” She gives me a tight hug.

“How are you, Mom?” I ask.

“I’ve been good. The new neighbors have been a little loud, but hopefully, once they settle in they’ll quiet down.”

I can hear what sounds like a herd of elephants above us.

“God, they are loud. Did they just move in?”

“Yes, last week. Never mind them. Tell me the latest with you. How’s work?”

“It’s been going well. I still enjoy flying. It’s always nice to get away and off this tiny island. Where do you want to go for lunch?”

“I’m in the mood for Café Lani.”

“Yum, sounds good. Let’s go.”

Traffic in Honolulu can get unbearable at times. We make our way to Ala Moana, and after a thirty-minute wait, the hostess seats us in a booth toward the back of the bustling café.

Once we order, my mom gets down to business with the twenty questions on my love life. She always asks if I’m dating anyone. She would love nothing more than to see me find a good man and settle down and have grandbabies for her.

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

“So, daughter, how is the love life? Are you dating anyone new?” she asks, taking a sip of her coffee.

I love my mom dearly and we’re pretty close. She is almost like a girlfriend and I share pretty much everything with her.

“Well, there’s this pilot.” I smile.

“Yes, go on,” she says, her eyes twinkling with hope. She’s anxious for details.

“We’ve gone out a few times.”

“Oh, really. What’s he like?”

“Actually, he’s a dream. He’s so good-looking, Mom.”

“Sounds like you really like him.”

“I don’t want to admit it, but I do. Everyone tells me he’s a player. So I’m trying not to take him too seriously. Just having a good time. Like I said, we’ve only been out a couple of times.” I am keeping this G-rated.

“Well, play your cards right, and you could have him falling in love with you, my pretty girl.”

My mother is such a romantic at heart.

“Mom, you’ve been reading too many of those romance novels you love so much. The ones that are filled with happily-ever-afters.” I honestly don’t know if a happily-ever-after is in the cards for me. With my track record, I’ve all but given up hope. Brian did a number on me mentally. I’m too gun-shy now to trust any man.

“I know, I know. But is it a crime for me to want to see you happy with a good man?” she asks, reaching for my hand across the table.

Could I be happy with Kevin and would he qualify as a good man? The jury is still out.

“It’s too early to tell with Kevin, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted.”

My mom continues to prattle on about the latest with her lady friends and whose children are married now and who’s having babies.

I listen politely, all the while feeling like a failure as a daughter. I can’t imagine ever finding a good man to settle down with. Don’t know if it’ll ever happen for me. After Brian, I feel like I don’t ever want to be controlled by a man again. So why let anyone close? I’ve never told my mom how Brian is still hung up on me. She would worry unnecessarily.

We finish lunch and I take her back to her apartment.

“Come in. I made some cookies for you to take home. I need to fatten you up.

I’m not going to keep my svelte figure by eating cookies, but I take them home with me anyway.


I look over at Kimmie during dinner and the girl’s a serious knockout. She looks so incredibly sexy in a form fitting strapless dress that makes her tits look amazing. It’s similar to the dress she wore the other night for that slick Italian golfer, but tonight, she’s wearing it for me and me alone. I can’t wait to get her out of it. Eyeing her silky smooth shoulders, I have the urge to trail kisses down them, and her cleavage has me thinking of one thing only, being buried balls deep inside her. I still remember how good she felt, how good she tasted,and I must have her again .

“So how was your evening out with your friend at The House Without a Key?” I ask and watch her squirm.

“Oh, we had a nice time. I love watching the sunset and listening to the Hawaiian music,” she replies, all innocence. Innocent my ass. I know perfectly well what she’s capable of, the immense pleasure she can give me.

“Did you ever text that Italian golfer?” I won’t let up. Let’s see if she lies to me.

“That’s none of your business.”

“I’ll take that as a yes. He had international player written all over him, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes, I would have to agree with you on that one. I guess it takes one to know one,” she throws back at me with a sultry look.

“Touché, I guess I deserve that. I’m happy you agreed to have dinner with me tonight. I enjoyed the time we spent together during our layover,” I say, reaching over to caress her hand.

“Kevin, you’re such a charmer,” she says, turning her flirtatious smile on me.

“You’re stunning,” I say before I can stop myself. I’m so infatuated with her beauty and I sound like a damn fool.

“Thank you.”

We both glance down at our menus.

“What looks good to you?”

“You do.”

“Kevin, you don’t need to lay it on so thick. I know you find me attractive already. What’s good here? What do you recommend?”

“I’m a steak man. I’m going for the porterhouse steak and a baked potato with all the toppings,” I say, closing my menu.

“You look like a steak and potatoes kind of guy,” she teases.

She orders the salmon and we enjoy the rest of our dinner to the sounds of the waves which are just off the patio of Dukes.

As we finish dinner, I’m thinking about one thing only and that’s getting her naked and in my bed as soon as humanly possible.

“Are you ready?” I ask after paying the bill.

“Yes, I’m stuffed.”


Walking bravely into the lion’s den, Kevin’s condominium, I’m immediately impressed.

How does he afford this luxurious condo, in the penthouse, no less, with an incredible view of the ocean? What gives? Pilots get paid well, but this well?

A designer kitchen and light, modern furnishings decorate the main room. Splashes of navy blue accents, a very masculine décor.

“Wow, you’ve got a nice place. Do you live alone?” I ask, my eyes training across the large open space of his opulent penthouse.

“No, I have a roommate, but I asked him to make himself scarce tonight,” he says, and I can see the carnal desire in his eyes to match my own.

What is it about Kevin that leaves me with constant sex on the brain?

“Oh, I see.” A nervous little laugh escapes my lips. My body trembles slightly as he goes to open the floor-to-ceiling glass doors to let in the ocean breeze.

I step out onto his balcony and take in the view of the skyline along the coast from this height.

“You have a breathtaking view,” I remark.

“I most certainly do,” he says smoothly as he closes the distance between us. He stands inches from me, then he presses his rock-hard chiseled body against mine and gives me what I’ve been waiting for all night, a kiss. He sweeps his tongue along my parted lips and deepens the kiss with a hunger that ignites my entire being. Thank God for the breeze to cool me off or I would surely combust.

“Kimmie, you’re so beautiful,” he says, pulling away from the kiss and brushing his lips lightly against mine. I warm at the compliment.

“Let me give you a tour,” he says, code for I’m taking you to bed , and not a word of protest leaves my lips as he takes my hand in his. I follow close behind my seducer.

My heart is pounding, my breath quickens, and my sex clenches in anticipation, the anticipation of having Kevin give me the most intense pleasure imaginable. As much as I try to deny it, I haven’t stopped thinking about him since our last sensual interlude.

He leads me down a long hallway to his bedroom. His bedroom is immaculate, modern, and minimalist. Only the light from the hallway casts a glow into his darkened lair of seduction. I stop once we are two steps into his room, nervous with anticipation of having him again.

He continues to walk to his bed and reaches his hand out to beckon me closer.

My eyes lock on his as I unzip the side of my dress and then slide my dress down, exposing all of me.

My desire for this man emboldens me to do things I never thought I would do.

“No panties? I like that. But I had heard you were a good girl, Kimmie Reed,” he growls, his eyes scanning me from head to toe.

“Your turn,” I say suggestively.

He strips himself bare naked in the mere blink of an eye. My breath hitches at the sight of this Adonis.

I advance toward him, closing the distance between us and taking his hand.

“You’re exquisite,” he says, perusing my naked flesh again, and I feel my cheeks warm. I’ve never felt so much lust and desire from a pair of soulful eyes in my life.

My nipples turn to pebbles just from his heated gaze as he reaches forward and tweaks one nipple then the other. I gasp.

“And you’re so responsive to my touch.” His hot breath warms my skin before he places a wet open-mouthed kiss at the nape of my neck.

This man has left me with a pool of slick heat between my thighs. I’m aching for him to fill me.

He pulls me into him, our hot bodies molding to each other, his stiff arousal beckoning me to drop down to my knees before him.

I’m feeling brazen tonight. Kevin does this to me. As much as the good girl in me tries to fight it, it’s no use. Carnal desire has filled our space, and there’s no running away as I feel myself drop to my knees. My small hand takes his engorged manhood into the palm of my hand, and I lovingly stoke him before sliding my tongue along the ridge of his crown.

“Oh, God, Kimmie,” he groans, our eyes locking when I gaze up at him. “I can’t last if you do that. Bed. Now.”

He picks me up the way you carry a bride over the threshold, then he tosses me down on the bed. I let out a soft giggle of nervousness.

“Spread yourself out for me,” he growls, master of his domain.

I watch him as he walks over to his nightstand and slides the drawer open. I watch with expectant eyes as he retrieves what looks like two condom wrappers—or is it four? Does he really think we’ll use every one of them tonight?

“My! Confident, aren’t we?” I ask sultrily.

“Always,” he replies, quickly slamming the drawer closed and climbing onto the bed and mounting me.

My legs spread, welcoming him as I wrap them around him like a serpent.

He presses his full length into me and I gasp.

“Too much for you?” he taunts.

“No, you fit perfectly.”

He looks down at me, his eyes boring into mine as he rides me like the expert lover that he is.

“God, you feel good,” he pants. “Roll over,” he says huskily as he pulls out.

He leaves me panting for more as I do as I’m told.

I’m face down in the scent of his pillow, waiting and anticipating what is about to come.

His hands spread my cheeks as he groans his approval, and then suddenly, he plunges into the depths of my pussy.

He continues to pound into me at a fevered pace that I welcome. My need for release builds.

“God, Kimmie. You. Feel. So. Tight. So. Wet.”

“Oh, Kevin,” I cry, my face buried into the scent of his pillow, overpowering my senses and making me finally clench around him in waves just as he pulsates into me with a deep, feral groan.

He slumps against my backside, one hand caressing my breast and the other stroking the tight bundle of nerves between my slick folds.

The intensity of it is too much to bear as I cry out his name again.

“You like this?” he taunts, pulling my body closer to the edge of unbridled ecstasy. I don’t ever remember sex being this good, this primal, in my life.

He’s ready again and in balls deep, slapping hard against my ass, giving me all he’s worth. In the darkness of his bedroom, it’s just us, pleasuring each other. Nothing more, nothing less, I remind myself.

Just because he’s made you come harder than you ever have in your life does not mean you can let yourself fall in love with the layover lover.

I won’t allow it.

I can’t allow it.

We fall panting onto the bed, me on my stomach, and he rolls onto his back beside me.

“Oh, my God. That was epic,” he says.

I warm at his compliment.

I’m pathetic. After all, he’s had many lovers and he called our coupling epic.

“It was amazing,” I say with a small satisfied smile.

“You’re amazing,” he says, cupping my cheek.

The expression on his face is one of tenderness. I’m delusional to think this could actually mean something to him. Don’t do this, Kevin. Don’t you dare make me fall for you. Don’t fool me into thinking you care , the voice inside my head says. He’s not right for you, Kimmie , I hear the voice warn.

My eyelids are getting heavy and I can barely keep them open.

“What time is it?” I ask.

He rolls and looks at the clock on his nightstand. “Twelve thirty. Stay the night with me.”

“No, I shouldn’t,” I say, moving to get up and get dressed.

“Shh, go to sleep,” he coaxes, drawing me back down and into his warm embrace.

My body feels like Jell-O and I couldn’t move a muscle even if I wanted to.

He pulls me close and I settle into the warmth of his naked body. He kisses my forehead as I find myself drifting of to Never—Never Land. I dream of how satisfied he’s left my entire body, my entire being. He’s so dangerous for my mind, body, and soul. I know that much.

Tomorrow morning, this ends. Never again am I going to allow this much pleasure to assault my senses. I just splintered around him. He left me breathless and weightless. I could die here in his bed with him wrapped around me and be happy.

Happy? Yes. There, I said it, or at least thought it. This emotion passes through me and it scares me. You’re a fool, Kimmie Reed, if you think for a second that a guy like Kevin Young would ever take a girl seriously. I tell myself to stop dreaming and enjoy this for what it is. I’m a big girl, a smart girl. Don’t be fooled. I was a fool the last time and look where it got me.

Kevin just wanted in my panties, plain and simple.

It will be somebody else in this bed next week.


I’ve got Kimmie face down on my bed. I take in the sinfully sexy curves of her delicious backside and I just get harder.

Her body is sheer perfection covered in the softest and sweetest smelling satin skin. She smells like coconuts, tropical.

I bend down and kiss her shoulder, nipping at her tantalizing softness before I plunder back into her hot, slick warmth which grips me like a vise. It’s almost more than I can take as I try to think about anything other than this beauty.

I need to last a whole lot longer, prolong the pleasure and the agony.

She’s getting close, I can tell by her ragged gasps and the way her tiny fists grab at my sheets.

I reach around and stroke her clit, and she clenches around my cock and I just about die from the sheer ecstasy that’s threatening to swallow us whole, eat us alive. I could fall for this girl. I like her and simply enjoy everything she embodies.

Especially at this moment, while I’m buried balls deep inside her hot little box.

I proved Captain Roy wrong, didn’t I? Come on, I knew I would. But I didn’t tell him the truth. I couldn’t betray her or sell her out and mar her reputation as a good girl.

She’s a good girl, so very good at making me explode deep inside her. We’re getting there together, so close now.

My body tenses, and I release into her just as she spasms around me.

Small tremors, aftershocks, rack my body before I pull out and recover on my back next to my beautiful girl. Even in the darkness, I can see and feel her exquisite beauty.

I breathe in her intoxicating scent, which gives me the urge to taste every inch of her silky skin.

Damn, I think I’m developing feelings for this girl. What is it about her that makes me want to protect her and take care of her? She has a sweet and innocent quality about her that’s beguiling.

Although judging by her talented mouth, she isn’t as innocent as she appears.

“Ahh, Kevin. That was superb. You really know what you’re doing. You know how to satisfy a girl,” she murmurs.

But there’s something in her voice, something about what she says and the way she says it that bothers me. It’s as if she doesn’t take our coupling seriously, as if this is pure recreation for me. It usually is, I admit it. But not with Kimmie Reed. It’s something more, so much more, to me, anyway.

“I aim to please. You’re amazing, Kimmie Reed. Truly amazing,” I say, stroking the softness of her cheek in a tender moment.

She turns her face toward me. Her eyes lock onto mine, but she doesn’t say anything, just continues to stare at me.

“What are you thinking?” I ask. I want to know what’s running through her mind, although I think I can guess.

“I bet you say that to all the girls.” She has a faint smile but I can hear the sadness behind her words, as if she’s dismissing my words of praise.

I knew it. She doesn’t take us seriously, but if all she heard about me was that I was the layover lover, who could blame her?

“You’re different, Kimmie.”

“Mmm-hmm,” is her curt reply.

Her eyelids are getting heavy.

I wrap my arms around her and pull her warm body close to mine. She molds her body to mine and rests her head on my chest. I know she’ll be asleep in ten seconds flat. I wore her out.

She’s drifted off to sleep already, her warm breath soft and steady. She feels at home in my arms.

Falling asleep with a woman isn’t usually my thing. But with Kimmie, I find it enjoyable, intimate, soothing, peaceful, and calm.

I don’t feel the rise of panic run through me to get rid of her like I usually do with my lovers. I want her to stay and continue to warm me through the night.

When has this ever happened? It’s so out of the ordinary for me, but then again, Kimmie Reed is far from ordinary.

Daylight will soon be breaking and she’s still sound asleep. I want to have breakfast with her. The more time I spend with her, the more I want to see her.

Weird. Usually, after I get in a girl’s panties, I lose interest—fast. I’m no longer intrigued or interested.

That’s not the case here. With Kimmie, I want to know more about what makes her tick, what makes her happy, what makes her sad.

There’s something she’s hiding. I know there’s more to her than meets the eye, and I intend to find out.

Why is a girl as perfect as she is still single?

How come some guy hasn’t snagged her up?

She mentioned an ex. What happened there?

Inquiring minds want to know.

These are questions I intend to get answers for.

Once she awakens this morning, looking like an angel, I manage to convince her to join me for breakfast at my favorite haunt down the street from my condo, we find a booth toward the back and order.

“So, where on the island did you grow up?” I ask.

“Hawaii Kai. I went to Kaiser High School. It was just my mom and me, living in an apartment. She had to work two jobs. You know how expensive things are here,” Kimmie tells me between bites of her French toast smothered in coconut syrup.

“Where do you put all of that food you pack away?” I chuckle.

“Hey, I was hungry, okay?” she says defensively.

“Guess you worked up an appetite last night?” I reply and send her a wicked look.

She blushes and takes a stab at her French toast.

“So, where did you grow up?” she asks.

“Nuuanu,” I reply, hoping she doesn’t judge me.

“Oh. Near the country club?”


“Are your family members . . .” she asks, and I can feel her judging.

The last thing I ever like to do is flaunt my family’s wealth. Blue bloods, old money, I hate all of those labels. I usually try to hide it, but I won’t ever lie or act ashamed because I grew up privileged.

“Yes, not far from the Nuuanu Country Club. Have you ever been?” I ask.

“No, never been invited,” she says, looking down at her food. “Where did you go to high school?” she asks.


“I should’ve guessed.” She almost sounds bitter or resentful toward me. It sounds like she and her single mother struggled to make ends meet growing up. My heart goes out to her. But she shouldn’t hold it against me if I grew up with money. It wasn’t my choice to be born into the Youn family. You can’t control the family you were born into. She gets quiet on me.

“When can I see you again?” I ask.

She cocks her head at me and pauses, her eyes questioning.

“Kevin, I heard you don’t do repeats. I’m fine with that. What gives with you?” she asks.

I can’t believe she questions why I want to see her again. Doesn’t she realize most chicks would kill for a second or third night with me? I let out a long sigh of exasperation. I shouldn’t, nor will I ever, beg.

“Okay then, forget I asked.” I’m tired of begging with her.

“I have a flight tomorrow to LA and will be spending a few days on layover,” she continues, never really answering my question. “I need to get going. I need to get some sleep and get ready for my red eye tonight,” she says, tucking her hair behind her ear, making her look so sweet and vulnerable. “Thanks for dinner and breakfast and everything in between.” She sends me a naughty little smile that makes me want her again.

“The pleasure was all mine,” I reply as I pull her against my body and plant a kiss on those luscious lips of hers.

“You’re a bad boy. Do you know that?” she asks.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet.”


After my nearly twenty-four-hour date with Kevin, I drive myself home and Jasmine lies in wait to pepper me questions. She wants every juicy detail of my time with the Layover Lover .

“How was it?” she asks the minute I walk through the door.

“Oh my God, Jasmine, it was earth-shattering! I didn’t know it could be so all-consuming and passionate,” I gush like a giddy schoolgirl. “When I give my body like that to someone, it has to be love, although that’s so not what this is. I can’t let that happen again. I can’t see him again, I can’t touch him again. Don’t let me, okay?” I beg.

“God, Kimmie, you’re asking the wrong person here. I’m not a good person to ask to help you resist temptation because you know I never do. What are you afraid of?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m afraid of my heart breaking after I get attached to him and then he dumps my ass for some other lover he decides strikes his fancy next week. Come on, you know it’s inevitable,” I reply, hands on my hips.

“Isn’t there a small possibility that he really likes you? Did that ever occur to you?” Jasmine is delusional.

“I need to show some willpower when it comes to Mr. Kevin Young.”

“I wish you all the luck in the world, girlfriend.”

“Yeah, thanks. I’ll need it. I’m going to take a shower,” I reply, walking into my room and closing the door. I’m in need of a shower. I know I smell like sex. Raw, passionate sex.

I scrub myself raw, lathering up to wash away the reminder of what amazing sex smells like. I welcome the warm steam. It clears my head of the thoughts running through it. The minute I get out of the shower and start to towel off, Jasmine comes running into my room.

“He just came by looking for you!” she screams in a hushed whisper, closing my bedroom door behind her.

She doesn’t even have to say who it was. I know immediately by the tone of her voice and the scared look on her face.

My stomach starts to churn. “When, just now? While I was in the shower?” My voice quivers.



“I know, I thought he finally accepted it. He hasn’t been by in weeks,” she says.

We walk out into the living room and look out the front window to make sure he left. The coast is clear so I walk to the refrigerator and grab a cold bottle of water and press it to my cheek. It’s hot in our apartment this afternoon and we don’t have air conditioning. I go into the living room and sit on the couch, still shaking. Jasmine joins me and sits across the room in a loveseat we found secondhand at the Goodwill.

“He just ignores the restraining order,” I state deadpan.

“What are you going to do?”

“Every time he shows his face around here, it sort of scares me. Like I don’t think he would ever physically hurt me but—it fills me with dread. Maybe I should try to talk to him again, try to reason with him. But remember what happened the last time? It’s like he refuses to listen to reason, doesn’t even hear me or listen to a word I say. I don’t know what else to do.” I stare into space as I take a chug of water.

“So what about Kevin? Your date must have been good. You were with him for almost twenty-four hours.”

“Yeah, it was pretty incredible!” I exclaim with a broad grin.

“How incredible?” she asks wickedly.

“Three orgasms incredible!”

“No!” She screams in laughter, tossing a pillow at me.

God, how I needed this laugh to derail my thoughts of my stalking ex.

“But remember, I can’t see him again. At least not like that.”

“You mean naked?” She giggles.

“Yes. Exactly.”

“Why the hell not, Kimmie? He’s just what you need right now. A distraction, and maybe even more, a protector.”

“Oh, no. I won’t pull him into this mess with Brian. Look, Kevin is a guy I could get attached to, a guy I could find myself really wanting to be with.”

“So, what’s the problem?”

I harrumph at her, throwing an incredulous look in her direction. “Come on, Jasmine, we’re talking about a guy who is infamous for being the layover lover, a guy who doesn’t do repeats for a reason. Need I say more? It has to stop before I get in too deep, before my heart gets involved. I have enough problems as it is with Brian hanging around again. I need to get ready. I report in for a red eye to LA tonight. And I barely got any sleep last night,” I say, waggling my brows.

“Seriously, how can you give up a guy who is capable of giving you multiple orgasms? A man like that is a rare find.”

“I don’t know. It will be hard.” I push myself off the couch and go to my room.

All I really want to do is crawl into my clothes-covered bed and take a nap and never wake up. Shoving my things to one side, I throw myself down onto half of my bed and close my eyes for just a minute . . . or two.

I have fitful dreams. Brian’s in one. I see his face and I’m running. Running nowhere in particular, just running, and he’s chasing me. Then I startle awake, my heart racing.

I quickly look at the clock on my dresser. It reads six thirty.

I rub my eyes and stretch with a groan before I roll out of bed.

My stomach rumbles. I’m hungry. I wander out to the kitchen in search of food to ease my hunger pangs. A bowl of cereal will have to suffice for dinner. I don’t have time to cook anything, and besides, there’s no food to cook. I scroll through my iPhone and check my emails and texts.

One is from Kevin and I can’t stop a smile from spreading across my face. I’m happy to hear from him but also not. It’s just going to make it harder to stop seeing him.

Kevin: I had an incredible time with you.

Kimmie: I bet you did. I did too.

Kevin: When can I see you again?

My heart swells and an ache simmers below my waist for this guy. My pussy aches at the thought of being with him again, but I know that I can’t.

Kimmie: I’m working the next few days.

Kevin: Interisland or a Mainland flight?

Kimmie: Mainland. I need to get ready.

Kevin: Have a safe flight.

Kimmie: Thanks, I will.

And I manage to get myself off the hook, never committing to seeing him again.

I put my bowl in the sink and then get ready for my evening flight. I pack my overnight bag quickly. I’m a professional packer now. I wheel the bag out to my car and toss it in the trunk of my Honda. When I back up and pull out onto the street, I see him. He’s slumped down low in the driver’s seat of his car, parked under a tree across the street from my apartment building.

Panic and dread wash through me as I grip the steering wheel tensely. I drive by him, pretending like I don’t see him.

I spent two long years with Brian. We had some really good times in the beginning. I thought we were in love and that we loved each other unconditionally, at least what I thought was unconditional love. But what do I know?

After a while, he started getting possessive, a little crazy toward the end, and that’s when I knew I had to end it. He wouldn’t accept that we were over. For months, he kept coming by my apartment. Finally, I had to get a restraining order on him.

Damn him! My eyes cast to my review mirror and I pray he doesn’t start following me, but then I see a set of headlights tailing me.

I should drive to the nearest police station, but I don’t have time for this bullshit. I will be late for my flight.

Now I’m getting pissed.

I merge onto the freeway then turn off to the airport parking. I can’t tell if he’s still following me. The roads were busy with lots of traffic tonight.

I park up on the third level of the parking structure and get out to retrieve my luggage from the trunk. I look around and there’s no sign of him, thank God.

I walk briskly toward the elevators. And there he is. My heart catches in my throat at the sight of him. I swallow hard and stop walking, weighing my options. Stay calm. Try talking calmly.

“Hi, Kimmie,” he says.

“Brian, what are you doing here?” I try to keep my voice steady.

“I miss you,” he says.

I almost feel sorry for him.

“You have to move on,” I say.

“Can’t we try again?” he pleads with his hands shoved into the front pockets of his worn jeans.

“I can’t do this anymore, Brian.” I sigh in exasperation, trying to move past him.

“Why? What we had was so good.”

“Look, I’m late for my flight.”

“Can we talk when you get back?” he asks gently.

“I need to go,” I reply curtly.

Luckily, some other people come along and get in the elevator and I slide in with them.

Brian continues to stand there watching me as the elevator door closes. I slump against the back wall, feeling unsettled. Why is he still bothering me? Why can’t he just disappear?

The doors open and I walk hastily through the terminal, get waived through security, and make my way to Gate 22.

“Hi, Janet,” I greet my friend at the gate as I walk past her to board the aircraft bound for LA.

The cockpit door is wide open. The cleaning crew is on board and the meals are being loaded into the galley.

“Hello, Captain Roy,” I greet as I try to stay out of everyone’s way in the cramped quarters.

“Kimmie, how are you?” Captain Roy asks. He is one of the really nice pilots, a family man. He never makes flirtatious advances toward me, which is a refreshing change.

“I’m good, just running a little late.”

“You’re fine.”

I’m leaning in the doorway of the cockpit as Captain Roy starts getting the aircraft’s control panel set to go.

“Hey, you know Kevin Young?” he asks, looking at the log book in his lap.

“Oh yes, we flew to LA with him last time.”

“Yeah, that’s him. Well, he was asking about you.”

“Is that right?” I ask, giving him a smug smile. Where is he going with this? I wonder if Kevin said anything about us. Did he tell Captain Roy we slept together? I will be so upset and hurt if he did.

“Do you have a boyfriend, Kimmie?” he asks.

“Uh, no. Not at the moment. Why do you ask?”

“Just asking. I didn’t know what to tell Kevin when he asked after you. He’s quite the eligible pilot. Would you go out with him if he asked you?”

“Captain Roy, are you trying to play matchmaker?” I ask with a smile, evading his question.

“Maybe. I just thought I would put a good word in for him in case he ever works up the courage to ask you out.”

As if the layover lover needs any courage. He came after me with all the confidence in the world.

I’m still shaken from my encounter with my ex.

“You know, Captain Roy, I appreciate your putting a good word in for Kevin, but I’m coming off a bad breakup with an ex-boyfriend who is stalking me. So, I have sworn off starting anything with anyone at the moment,” I say. My loose lips are getting the best of me.

There’s just something about Captain Roy that’s almost fatherly, and I find myself confiding in him, which I should know better than to do.

“Are you serious?” he asks like a concerned father. Of course, I wouldn’t know what that would be like since I lost my dad when I was a little girl.

“Unfortunately, I am serious. He just followed me to the airport tonight, so I’m a little spooked at the moment.”

“Let me get you some water. Would you like a snack, too? You did seem a little shook up when you first boarded. You didn’t look like your usual perky self.”

“Yeah, I could use a snack. Thank you, but I can get it myself.”

“No, you go and sit down,” he says as he stands up to head into the galley.

God. Why can’t Brian move on and leave me alone? I stare out the tiny window of the aircraft. I’m happy to be getting thousands of miles away from this island for a couple of days.

“Here you go, Kimmie.” Captain Roy hands me a bottle of water and an energy bar we give the First-Class passengers. “How long were you with this ex-boyfriend of yours?”

“Too long. Two years. He started off as a good guy, but then he became more and more possessive. He acted like he owned me. He was the super-jealous type too.” I tear open the wrapper of the energy bar and take a bite.

The ground maintenance crew has finished and they’re disembarking the aircraft. Now my workday begins.

“I’d better head into the cockpit now. Will you be all right?” Captain Roy asks. I bet he’s a great dad. I know he has a couple of kids.

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you for listening to my tale of woe.” I smile up at him as he stands to get to work commanding this aircraft.

I finish my bar quickly and take a drink of water. The other flight attendant is eyeing me as if to say, “Hey, get to work.”


I land and go to the hotel the airline books all crew into during our LA layovers.

After I check in at the front desk, I head to the elevators to go up to my room when I see Roy sitting in the Atrium Café in the middle of the expansive lobby.

“Hey, Roy,” I say, walking up to his table. He looks to be dining alone for breakfast this morning.

“Kevin, did you just get in?” he asks jovially. I like Roy. He’s a good man. Despite our age difference, he’s become a good friend.

“Yeah, I didn’t know you would be in LA,” I remark.

“I flew in yesterday. Care to join me?” He gestures to the seat across from him.

“I guess I am hungry. And tired, but I do need to eat.” I roll my flight bag next to the chair, out of the way, and then I sit down.

Placing my napkin across my lap, I ask, “Who else is here?”

“Kimmie Reed.” Roy smiles over his coffee.

“Oh, is that right?” As if I didn’t know already, but I play coy.

“Yes. And I found out some gossip for you. Well, its not quite gossip, but it is sadly interesting,” Roy says, piquing my curiosity.

“Do tell.” I lean in.

“The poor girl has some ex-boyfriend who won’t leave her alone,” he says glumly, shaking his head.

“No.” So that’s what she’s been hiding. I knew there was more in her past than she was sharing with me.

“Evidently. When she boarded our flight the other night, she had just had a run-in with him. She seemed pretty rattled. I tried to comfort her but didn’t quite know how. I got her some water and a snack and then we had to start our shift. I chatted with her later during the flight and she seemed better.”

“What an a-hole!” If I ever catch sight of this guy, he’ll regret the day he ever threatened her.

“Yeah. What kind of guy would stalk an ex like that? An unstable one, I suppose. She said they dated for a while until his possessiveness caused her to break it off with him.”

“And what, the guy can’t accept it and is still hounding her?” I rasp out, my hands clenched into fists. The nerve of the jerk. No wonder she doesn’t seem to want to get involved with me. This guy must have left her feeling threatened by any man.

“It’s a shame, really. She’s such a nice girl. I hate to see this kind of thing happening to her. It’s unsettling. I wish there were something I could do about it,” Roy says with fatherly concern.

“Yeah, I know. It’s not right. When do you guys fly out again?” My wheels are turning. I wonder if I can see her tonight.

“I don’t know about Kimmie, but I fly out tomorrow.”

Good. Hopefully, she doesn’t fly out until tomorrow either.

“She was supposed to join me for breakfast,” Roy says, looking toward the entrance of the restaurant. “Oh, look, here she comes.”

I don’t turn around right away. My heart starts beating fast and I’m briefly filled with anticipation of seeing her gorgeous face again.

“Hi, Roy,” I hear her first.

I look up and she recognizes me. First, the corners of her mouth turn up, then her eyes widen with surprise. I think she’s happy to see me, but I can’t be sure. She’s so hard to read. Sometimes, she has this wall up, this fake flight attendant pleasantness.

“Look who’s here?” Roy says.

“Kevin, it’s nice to see you,” she says smoothly.

Roy pulls a chair out for her and she sits down.

“You too, Kimmie. How are you?” I stand as she sits down.

“I’m good. When did you get in?” she asks, eyeing me accusingly.

“Just this morning.”


I was surprised to see Kevin in the hotel restaurant this morning, having breakfast with Captain Roy. But then I wasn’t. Does that make any sense? He seems to manage to show up when I least expect it. I have to admit, I’m flattered by how hard he’s pursuing me.

He convinced me to have dinner with him tonight and I agreed.

We’re back in his room now, doing what we do best together. I can’t resist temptation. I can’t resist how good he makes my body feel. Sex has never been this intoxicating, this addicting for me before. I realize I’d better enjoy it while it lasts.

“Kevin,” I whisper.

“What is it?” he replies as he presses kisses down the nape of my neck. I find myself tilting my head to the side to give him better access as my mouth tells him to stop, although my body is sending a different message entirely.

“This has to stop,” I warn, him or myself, I’m not sure.

I feel his strong hands grip my shoulders and pull me back into his hard body as he rubs his arousal along my bottom.

“Feel that?” his low voice growls, sending heat through my body.

“Yes,” I whisper as a pool of desire floods my panties.

Damn him. He makes himself irresistible. The temptation to have him again is too great.

“I want you again. And again. And again,” he says, and he breaks down my walls with his seductive words, his seductive voice.

How do I answer him?

I swiftly turn around to face him and kiss his lips hungrily, urgently, and passionately.

“Damn you, Kevin Young!”

We continue to devour each other as he picks me up in the heat of passion and I wrap my legs around him.

He walks to the bed and holds my body close to his as he eases us onto the mattress with me on my back.

“I want you naked, now,” he commands, lifting off my body to remove every piece of his own clothing in three seconds flat. He’s left standing over me, naked as the day he was born. What a glorious specimen of a man.

His hands go up the bottom of my dress, and he roughly pulls off my soaked panties and wads them in his hand, then sniffs them.

“So ripe and ready for me,” he says before tossing them aside. “I’m hungry for a taste of you.”

I blush and bite my lower lip while spreading my legs.

“An open invitation,” he says as his lips lock onto my lips below my waist. I let out a purr.

Why does he have to be so good at making me feel utterly euphoric? It’s addictive. It’s like a physical and emotional high being with him, being intimate with him.

My body shudders in pure ecstasy as he takes the tiny bundle of nerves in his mouth and sucks it in hard. My toes literally curl.

“Kevin, stop. It’s too much,” I beg.

“Oh, it can never be too much,” he says, coming up for air.

“Please,” I whimper again.

“All I want is to please you and give you pleasure,” he soothes.

He darts his tongue inside me, giving me a brief reprieve from his assault on my clit.

“I want you.” Did I just say that?

“I know you do. Even though you keep fighting it. Why is that?” he taunts.

“Stop talking and just . . .” I trail off.

“Just what?” he asks.

“Just fuck me.”

And with those three words, I don’t have to ask again as he drives into me.

“Oh!” I cry out.

“Is this what you want?” he asks, his hot breath close to my ear.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

My eyes close and my head rolls back as he continues to thrust into me at a fevered pace.

“Kevin,” I say breathlessly. I hold onto his biceps for dear life.

“God, you’re beautiful,” I hear him saying. When I open my eyes again, he’s looking down at me.

“As are you,” I reply, my hand reaching to caress his cheek.

“I’m falling for you, Kimmie Reed.”

I blink, not sure I heard him right.


I’ve got Kimmie right where I want her again. Come on, I knew I would. It’s strange for me to be so taken with a girl. It’s caught me off guard. All I think about is her twenty-four hours a day.

We’re making mad, passionate love. The intimacy that falls between us is unmistakable.

I express how I feel, tell her that I’m falling for her.

“Please don’t talk nonsense,” she says. I can see those walls of hers come up again before my very eyes. But this time, I know why—because of her ex, but I’m determined to break them down.

“I’m not talking nonsense. It’s the truth.” I still and stop moving inside her to make my point, get her undivided attention.

“Just do me, Kevin,” she says lightheartedly, and I oblige this sexy woman who is spread out for me.

I love to see her hair flowing across my pillow and watch her perfect tits bounce with every thrust. Her eyes close again as soft pants escape her ‘O’ shaped lips.

She swivels those hips of hers upward with each stroke. She’s an incredible lay, so damn sexy.

We come undone together at the same moment. It doesn’t get better than this.

“I meant it when I said I’m falling for you.”

“Please. Don’t talk your nonsense. I know and understand what this is, what I am to you. I’m your latest layover lover, your latest booty call, whatever you want to call me is fine. So don’t try to make me think this is anything more or else . . .”

“Or else what?”

“Never mind.” She purses her lips.

“Tell me.”

“Or else, you will just end up hurting me if you end up getting me to believe in love, in a love that won’t ever happen, okay? So just drop it. I’m a big girl and I know what this is between us, and I’m fine with it, really. I’m not looking for anything serious, let alone a boyfriend.” I literally see her shudder at the mere mention of the word boyfriend .

“Why? Look, I’m not your ex-boyfriend, okay?”

“What do you mean?” she asks, her eyes narrowing.

“Oops, Roy told me.”

She rolls over in a huff. “I should have known better than to confide in him.”

“No, he’s as concerned about you as I am. It’s not right that your ex stalks you and frightens you. If I ever see him, I’m going to tear him limb from limb.”

“Please, Kevin, there is no reason for you to get involved. I can take care of Brian,” I say, but really, I’m not so sure. I thought by now, he would be leaving me alone.

“How often does he bother you?”

“Not very. I hadn’t seen him in a while until he showed up the other day.”

“How long were you together?”

“Too long. I should have broken it off much earlier in our relationship.”

“I want to take care of you. I don’t want him bothering you anymore.”

“Forget about it. I told him to move on.”

I stroke her cheek and look into her eyes. I can see the fear in them, even though she tries to hide it. She’s so beautiful, like a frightened doe. I guess I can see why the guy doesn’t want to let her go. I know I don’t.


I return home on the morning flight from LA.

Jasmine’s home, lounging on the sofa reading the latest issue of Cosmopolitan . She is such a sex fiend.

“Hey, I thought we decided we were both going to find nice rich guys to take care of us? I’d say Kevin fits the bill.”

“Look, Jasmine, he has commitment issues written all over him and I . . . well, I just have loads of other issues. Not to mention an ex-boyfriend who won’t leave me alone.”

Just saying those words fills me with dread. When will he stop? How can I get him to stop? I’ve tried everything.

“Kimmie, you can’t let Brian stop you from finding love.”

“I know. I don’t,” I reply. But I know she’s right. I’m afraid to love again, to put my heart out there.

“Uh—yeah, I most certainly think you do. You’re doing it right now with Kevin.”

I try to shrug her off, but maybe she’s right. Why should I let Brian still have any kind of control over me? He’s the reason I try to escape this Island every chance I get. I would love to just move off the island. Maybe I should move to LA permanently. It’s awfully tempting.

I’d miss Jasmine, although my roomie may abandon me if her boyfriend proposes soon, which I know she is just waiting for. As attractive as that sounds, having a rich guy sweep you away, I wouldn’t want to be Jasmine. Sometimes, I wonder if she really loves him for who he is and not his bank account. Oh, well, that’s her business. He is all part of her plan to marry well.

I thought that was my plan too, a plan she talked me into. But it’s not who I am. Deep down inside, I want to marry for love. For mad, passionate love—if it even exists, that is. I’ve seen it in movies and read about it in books, but have I personally experienced it?

When I look back, I know not with Brian.

Will I admit that’s how I feel when I’m in Kevin’s bed and in Kevin’s arms?

I’m afraid to admit that for brief moments, I do feel something with him. After we connect, I feel the intimacy settle between us. I shrug it off because I know it’s just a figment of my imagination.

What Kevin and I have is just sex. That’s what I keep telling myself each time I dream that it’s anything more. Dreaming and fantasizing that it could possibly be anything more will just get my heart broken.

“Kimmie, the phone—it’s Kevin,” Jasmine says, coming into my room and handing me the phone.

“Hi, Kevin.”

“Hey, what are you up to?”

“Just lying in bed.”

“Wish I were there with you,” he says, and my insides warm and my heart flutters. Stop that, heart.

“I bet you do.” He’s never been in my bed, and I’d like to keep it that way. We spend most of our sexy time together at his place, in his penthouse condominium filled with all of life’s luxuries.

“I’m going to my parents’ this Saturday night for dinner and I wanted to see if you would like to come with me?”

Is he seriously taking me home to meet his parents? I’m completely caught off guard.

“Hello? Kimmie, did you hear me?” he asks, awaiting my reply.

“Uhh . . . yeah, sure.”

“Don’t sound so enthusiastic about spending a Saturday night with me and my family.” He laughs.

“I’m sorry, I would love to. To be honest, you just caught me a little off guard, wanting to take me home to meet your family. I didn’t expect that from you.”

“We’re celebrating my brother Keith’s birthday. It’ll be fun. I want you with me.”

“Okay, I look forward to it,” I reply, although inside, I’m filled with trepidation. I know in the bottom of my heart that his family won’t think I’m good enough for their blue blood son. I know it’s true.

“Good, I’ll pick you up at six o’clock.”


I’ve managed to talk Kimmie into coming home with me to my parents’ home in Nuuanu.

It’s a bold move for me. I haven’t brought a girl home with me in . . . I can’t even remember how long. I’m known as the confirmed bachelor in my family. I know my brother Keith won’t believe it.

It’s Saturday night, and I’ve been spending most Saturday nights with her lately.

We’ve become a regular thing as long as we’re both in town.

It’s gotten to the point where I just enjoy being with her, even when we’re not tearing up the sheets. I enjoy her company, and that’s a first for me.

She’s warm and loving. She’s easy to be with. A guy could get used to having her around twenty-four hours a day.

When have I EVER felt that way about a girl?



It’s Saturday night and we’re driving over to my parent’s house.

“Relax, they will love you. You look gorgeous, by the way.”

I glance over at her in the car. I’ve never seen her so tense. I had to really convince her to come home with me.

“Look, Kevin, I will never fit in with your family. I’m not blue blood enough for them. I honestly don’t understand why you continue to pursue me.”

“Kimmie, hold on. None of that is true. Just because you didn’t grow up with money doesn’t mean you don’t have poise and class. You have those qualities in droves. Those are qualities no amount of money can buy.”

“We’ll see,” she says cryptically.

I pull up into the circular driveway of my parents’ hillside estate that sits atop the hill in the lush Nuuanu Valley.

“Wow, it’s beautiful up here. Your parents have a beautiful home.”

I see her striking almond-shaped eyes go wide as she takes in her surroundings.

I get out of the car and go around and open her door, putting my hand out for her to take.

“Kevin Young, who knew there was such a gentleman beneath your playboy exterior?” She smiles prettily at me as she takes my hand and steps out of my car.

Her dress rides up, and I get a tantalizing glimpse up her toned and tan thighs and see her red panties under her dress.

“I like your red panties,” I breathe into her ear, pulling her close to me.

“Kevin, shh,” she scolds with a giggle.

“You ready to knock ‘em dead, my pretty girl?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” She sighs.

We walk into the foyer through the unlocked front door.

I hear my family in the rear of the house, in the kitchen, which spills out onto our expansive wooden deck that has a sweeping 360-degree view of the lush Nuuanu Valley. A place I call home.

We walk into the kitchen, and all eyes are on us and everyone stops talking.

Now, even I feel a little uncomfortable. Poor Kimmie must be dying.

“Hi, everyone, I’d like you to meet—Kimmie,” I say, introducing her. I chickened out. I didn’t introduce her as my girlfriend.

“Hey, Kimmie, it’s nice to meet you,” my brother Keith steps forward and moves to shake Kimmie’s hand.

“Happy Birthday, Keith. It’s nice to meet you too,” Kimmie says, all poise in an awkward situation.

I can see the look of surprise on my mom’s face. She’s standing at the stove staring at Kimmie, but she makes no move to welcome her just yet.

Fortunately, my father walks over to greet my girl.

“Kimmie, I’m Kevin’s old man. Welcome to our home.” He smiles. My dad has always been the one full of Hawaiian hospitality and aloha.

“Hello, Mr. Young, it’s a pleasure to meet you. You have a lovely home.”

“Thank you. I built this house myself some thirty years ago, before my boys were born.”

“You can really see the family resemblance among the three of you. You can tell you are all Youngs,” Kimmie notices.

“We hear that all the time. We’re a handsome bunch, what can I say?” my dad says jovially, and we all chuckle together.

I glance across the room at my mom again. We lock eyes, and I nod my head in Kimmie’s direction, telling her to get over here and meet my girl. It’s not every day I bring a girl home. So why is my mom acting so standoffish? If I have to be honest, my mom can be a bit of a snob sometimes. Ironic, since it’s my dad and his family with the money, not hers. But I love my mom anyway. She was always there for us growing up.

Mom peers into the pot she’s stirring and wipes her hands on a kitchen towel before I finally see her amble our direction.

“Kevin, dear, it’s good to see my son.” She gives me a tight hug before turning her attention on Kimmie.

“Mom, this is Kimmie,” I say, wrapping my arm around Kimmie’s shoulder.

“Kimmie, it’s nice to meet you. Welcome to our home.” Mom then proceeds to look Kimmie up and down. I can feel the tension in Kimmie’s shoulders.

“Hello, Mrs. Young, it’s nice to meet you too.”

“Well, come in. The pupus are over on the dining table.”

Kimmie gives me a look of apprehension as I take her hand in mine and we walk into the dining room.

“Are you hungry?”

“A little,” she says, perusing all the food laid out.

We each make a plate of a sampling of pupus and wander out onto the deck.

Keith makes a beeline over to us, to chat up Kimmie, no doubt. I can tell he’s curious as heck about the girl I’ve brought home with me.

“So, Kimmie, how did you and Kevin meet?”

“We work together. I’m a flight attendant for Hawaiian.”

“I should have known.” Keith chuckles, and I don’t like that way it comes out. I send him a stern look.

“Oh? Why is that?”

“Well, my brother typically goes for the flight attendants. It’s no secret, now is it?”

Kimmie shifts uncomfortably before sending me her own death stare.

“Yes, so I’ve been told,” she says, looking away.

Can I say, Keith, shut the hell up?

Keith must sense that he’s put his foot in his mouth and is getting me in hot water, so he tries to backpedal.

“You’re the first one he’s brought home, so he must be crazy about you.”

“Thanks, bro, thanks a lot.”

“Hey, I’m just saying, that’s all.”

“I’ll let you slide since it’s your birthday,” I reply with a smug grin.

I do love my brother. We’ve always been pretty close. He loves to give me a hard time.

Mom serves dinner buffet-style and we all sit around our large Koa wood dining table, passed down from my grandparents on my dad’s side.

The Young family owns the largest upscale furniture store chain in the islands. That’s where the Young fortune was made.

The evening goes fairly well, although it would have been nice if my mother would’ve been more welcoming. I could sense her sizing up Kimmie, and I’m sure it didn’t go unnoticed.

After dinner, my brother opens his presents.

“Hey, bro, you shouldn’t have. McCallan Scotch, the best! Thank you, man.”

Then Keith opens his gift from my parents.

It’s a brand-new Rolex.

“Wow, thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad. This is really special.”

“It’s not everyday you turn twenty-five. You’re welcome, Son.”

My parents gave me my watch when I turned twenty-five. I guess it’s a Young tradition.

It’s getting late, and Kimmie and I say our goodbyes when I catch her yawning twice.

Once we get in the car, she’s extra-quiet on our drive back to my place.

“Did you have a good time?”

“Yeah, I did,” she replies, but her voice sounds flat.

I say nothing more until we get in bed tonight.

I roll on top of her and kiss her sweet lips gently.

“What’s wrong?”

“You know.”

“My mom?”

“Yes. I told you she wouldn’t think I was good enough for you.”

I don’t know what to say, but I try to deny it.

“That’s not true. You can’t mind read. It just takes my mom a while to warm up to people. She’s always been that way.”

“Mmmhmm.” She’s not buying it.

Tonight didn’t go as I had hoped.

“It doesn’t matter what my mother thinks because I’m in love with you.”

“Kevin, you can’t be serious. I’m not good enough for you,” she says with a sad expression that I kiss off her face.

“Be quiet. That’s not true,” I whisper as no more words are said. We speak to each other with just our bodies.


“Are you seeing Kevin this weekend?” Jasmine asks over breakfast this morning.

“Yes.” I sigh.

“Why do you sound none too thrilled about it?”

“I don’t know. It’s just that I can’t stop myself.”

“And why should you?”

“You know why. This has heartbreak written all over it. But the sex is just too good—for me, anyway. He’s the first guy I’ve ever had an orgasm with,” I admit sheepishly.

“No way, Kimmie! Are you freaking serious?” Jasmine exclaims.

“Yes, I’m afraid to say it’s true. Never had one with Brian. Sad, I know. Kevin is just so talented. He’s got it going on in the bedroom. That’s the only reason I keep going back for more. He’s addictive.” I smile wickedly.

“Yeah, I bet that’s hard to walk away from.” Jasmine laughs.

“You said it. What the hell am I going to do?” I groan.

“Don’t overthink it and just enjoy! That’s the motto I live by, and so should you. But I know you. It’s more than just sex. You are a relationship kind of girl.”

“You’re right. I’m afraid to admit it, but I’m falling for him hard. I can’t do ‘that’ with someone and not have feelings for him.” I sigh.

“I know. You have to take it one day at a time and enjoy it.” Deep down, I know Jasmine is right.

“I need to get ready for work.” I glance at my watch and know I’ve got to hustle.


Today, I’m flying with Leilani Harper.

“Hey, Kimmie,” she says, greeting me as I board the aircraft a few minutes late.

“Hey, Leilani. How are you?” I ask, stowing my suitcase in the overhead compartment before I start getting the galley ready.

“I’m good. We haven’t flown together in ages.” She smiles prettily. Leilani is gorgeous. “What’s new with you?” she asks.

“Not much,” I reply, checking on the food and beverages. I’ve never cared much for Leilani. She’s a little on the wild side and a party girl. You know how guys have a girl in every port? Well, Leilani strikes me as a girl who would have a guy in every port.

She leans in close to me. “Hey, I hear Kevin Young is our pilot today.” She sends me a naughty grin.

I cringe inside and brace myself for what’s going to come out of her mouth next. She must not have heard that we are . . . you know. I’m not quite sure what to call what we’re doing.

“Maybe he and I can hook up on our layover. You’ve heard about him, right?” she asks, and I just about die.

“Yeah, the Layover Lover ,” I reply, rolling my eyes.

“He’s amazing between the sheets. We hooked up once, and let me just say, he lived up to his reputation.” Her words make me feel sick to my stomach. She talks like a sailor.

Just then, Kevin strides onto the aircraft.

“Hi, Kevin, how are you?” she purrs, her voice dripping with sexuality.

I feel nauseous and turn away quickly. I don’t want to witness the spectacle. I don’t want to witness them flirting with each other. I walk to the other side of the aircraft and make myself busy.

“Hi, Leilani, I’m good,” he replies. He looks at her briefly and then I can feel his eyes settle on me.

“Hi, Kimmie,” he says and then continues walking into the cockpit.

“I was wondering when I would have the pleasure of flying with Kevin again.” She giggles.

Kevin is a first-class manwhore.

What the hell am I doing with him?

Why did I ever sleep with him?

What was I thinking? Obviously, I wasn’t thinking.

It had been a while since I’ve been with someone since my bad breakup with Brian. Kevin seemed like he would be a nice temporary distraction.

I ignore the rest of Leilani’s comments and just throw myself into my work all during the flight.

Kevin comes out of the cockpit a couple of times and tries to make conversation with me, but I practically ignore him as best as I can without looking obvious.

Leilani is ready and waiting to serve him whatever he’d like on his break. I’m surprised she didn’t follow him into the lavatory so they could become Mile High Club members. Although from the looks of both of them, they’re already members. Probably frequent fliers.

This was the longest flight, and the turbulence was brutal. I’m feeling a little airsick, or is it lovesick? God, I want to gag at myself.

“Are you feeling okay, Kimmie?” Leilani asks with a look of concern.

“I’m going to sit down for a few minutes. I feel nauseous,” I say, clutching my stomach.

“It’s been a bumpy flight. Let me get you some crackers and ginger ale,” she says. That’s actually really sweet of her.

“So, how’ve you been in the romance department? The last time we flew together, you told me you had broken up with your boyfriend. Are you dating anyone new?” she asks, sitting next to me in our jump seats, trying to make girl talk. The passengers are busy watching the in-flight movie so we have a break from our duties for the time being. How do I answer that question?

“No one serious. How about you?” I ask.

“Same here. It’s hard to find a good guy on the islands. There’s a guy I usually call when I’m in LA on layover.” She grins mischievously.

“Oh, like a booty call?” I ask.

“I guess you could say that. Although I’m gunning for Kevin on this layover.”

“Good luck with that,” I say, crunching on my crackers and sipping my ginger ale to soothe this sick feeling I have in the pit of my stomach.

If Kevin goes for Leilani, I’m so done, so done with men.

“Oh, what? You don’t think I can get him in bed again?” she challenges me like the little slut that I know she is.

“No, I’m just saying it figuratively. I have no doubt. You won’t have any trouble bedding him again.”

“Well, I’ve heard he usually doesn’t do repeats. It may be true because I tried again once we got home and he would have nothing more to do with me.”

I can’t believe I have to sit here and listen to the sordid details of Kevin’s sex life. I sure hope I don’t ‘catch’ anything from him. Especially if he’s slept with Leilani.

“He eats pussy like you wouldn’t believe!” she gushes crudely.

Okay, I’m officially about to throw up.

As if on cue, out of the cockpit walks pussy man.

Now I really can’t look at him.

“Which one of you lovely ladies can get me a cup of coffee?” he asks.

I say nothing and keep my eyes on Leilani.

“I’ll get it for you. Kimmie doesn’t feel well,” Leilani chirps, and she’s up and practically shoves her chest in his face. It catches him off guard and he stumbles back a step. I almost laugh. But I still won’t meet his eyes.

“What’s wrong, Kimmie?” he asks, crouching down on his knees so his eyes are level with mine.

“Nothing, it’s just the turbulence,” I reply, starting to stand.

He places his hand on my thigh and intimately rubs it.

My eyes dart over to Leilani, but she doesn’t notice.

“Please don’t touch me,” I whisper and stand up.

His brows furrow. “Why not?”

I don’t answer him and move away as Leilani walks over to hand him his cup of piping hot coffee. Just what he ordered, and Leilani was willing to serve him. She’s most definitely willing to serve herself up to him on a silver platter back at the hotel tonight.

The flight lands, and I’m relieved to be getting off the plane this evening.

Flying rarely bothers me since I’m a seasoned traveler.

I don’t know why I felt so sick.

Was it the turbulence or something else?

I disembark as quickly as I can. I don’t want to give Kevin a chance to catch up with me. All I want to do is get to my room, take a hot shower, order room service, and hole myself up in bed, ALONE, until morning.

I walk briskly through the terminal. I can hear Leilani laughing flirtatiously as she and Kevin walk ten paces behind me.

“Kimmie, wait up,” I hear Kevin call, but I pretend I don’t hear the manwhore.

Just sleep with Leilani , I mumble to myself like a deranged person.

I reach the hotel lobby first and go directly to the reception desk to check in as quickly as possible. Check-in is seamless. We’re all regulars here.

The front desk almost knows us all by name.

“Good evening, Kimmie,” the friendly desk clerk greets me. His nametag reads Adam . I recognize him.

“Hi, Adam, how are you?”

“I’m doing well, thank you. And yourself?” he smiles.

“I’m exhausted and can’t wait to get some sleep.”

“I’ll be sure to assign you a quiet room.”

Kevin sidles up right next to me just as Adam is handing me my room key.

“You will be in room 630, in the west wing.” Great, now the manwhore just heard what room number I’m in. But honestly, I don’t know why I care or worry about it. He’ll be in Leilani’s room tonight if she has it her way.

“How are you feeling?” Kevin asks as I grab my room key.

“Fine. I just need to go get some sleep. Goodnight,” I reply curtly without even looking at him, and I wheel my flight bag with me as I head for the elevators, never looking back.

I’m standing at the elevators, my eyes on the arrows above, willing it to come quickly.

“Hey, is something wrong?” I hear Kevin’s voice coming up behind me.

“No. I’m just tired.”

The elevator arrives and the doors open. I look around and see no sign of Leilani. Her room must be in the other wing of the hotel.

Kevin and I step into the elevator together alone.

“Did you request that your room be in this wing?” I ask accusingly.

“Yes, and on the sixth floor.” He drops his luggage to the floor with a thud and both of his hands hold my face so I have no choice but to look into his eyes. He kisses me and I stiffen.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, clueless as ever.

“I had to listen to Leilani on the whole flight over talk about how great you eat pussy.”

He purses his lips. “Damn, Leilani. So that’s what this is all about?”

I jerk my head out of his grasp. This elevator can’t get to the sixth floor quickly enough.

The doors open so I can escape Kevin Young and his sinful touch.

I walk briskly to my room and I hear him following me. I reach room 630 and shove my card key into the slot, then turn the handle.

“Kimmie, don’t be angry,” he says, stopping short of following me into my room where he’s not welcome.

“Goodnight, Kevin.”

I walk into my room and close the door in his face.

I peer out my peephole and he’s still standing there.

I let out a heavy sigh, roll my flight bag into the room, and place it on the luggage rack. I kick my shoes off then pad into the bathroom. My stomach starts rumbling. I’m famished. Then I hear my cellphone chime in my purse in the room.

Kevin: Please let me in.

Kimmie: No. Go to Leilani. I’m sure she’s ready and willing to enjoy your talented tongue again.

Did I just text that? Now I’m being as crude as Leilani. I slump against the door.

Kevin: I don’t want Leilani. I want you.

Kimmie: Forget it.

Kevin: I love you.

I freeze at the words on my phone and just stare at them.

He’s never said those three words out loud to me, let alone texted them.

It’s in writing.

Does this make it any more true, any more real?

Kimmie: I don’t believe you.

Kevin: Let me come in and show you.

My body wants him as my pussy clenches just thinking about letting him in and having his way with me. Damn him.

He knocks softly on the door.

“Damn you, Kevin,” I say, flinging my door wide open.

He’s standing there with his hand casually in his pocket and the other one holding his phone. He walks right in, drops his luggage down, and kisses me hard.

He kicks the door closed with his foot and walks me backward toward the bed.

“No!” I stop and push him away.

“Come on, Kimmie. You’re overreacting. Stop being a silly girl. Ignore Leilani. She has a reputation.”

“Oh, and you don’t?” I mock, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Look, Kimmie, in my former life, I was no angel. But since we started this, I haven’t been with anyone else but you. Doesn’t that count for something?” he asks.

“I want you to leave my room. I’m hungry and I’m going to order room service and go to sleep,” I bark at him, trying desperately to get him out of my room.

“Let me satisfy your hunger. I’m hungry for you,” he says, walking closer to me and licking his lips.

He backs me into the bed, and then it’s over.

He removes my blouse, button by button, without a word of protest from me. I ache for this man. The sexual desire I have for him will not be quelled until he’s inside me and I’m beneath him, screaming his name.

After he strips both of us bare, we fall into bed together.

He ventures lower and lower down my body, peppering my skin with openmouthed wet kisses which send waves of delight throughout my body. Why does he have to be so addictive?

Then he presses my legs wide open and buries his face into my slick folds.

“This pussy is mine. I own it,” he growls, and it’s so raw, so dirty, and I love it.

His talented tongue has me panting and writhing as I fist the sheets.

“Oh, Kevin,” I scream.

My toes literally curl as my body is overtaken with tiny tremors of the most intense pleasure when he swirls my bundle of sensitive nerves in his mouth and sucks hard.

“Kevin, please. It’s almost too much to bear. Ahh,” I moan. “Please fuck me.” Did I just say that? I’m behaving like a woman possessed.

He crawls up to my tits and takes my hard nipple in his mouth.

“Did my good girl just beg me to fuck her? Language, Kimmie, language,” he scolds like I’ve been a naughty girl.

But I didn’t mince words. I told him exactly what I want him to do to me. I’m aching with desire for him to fill me completely. Pound me into oblivion. Make me forget my own name. That’s how much I’m constantly aching for him. The sexual desire I have for this man is all-consuming and it has to stop.

Every time I give him my body, let him plunder me, I tell myself that it will be the last time.

But he keeps showing up at my door, looking for more.

How can any girl refuse him?

It’s impossible, but I must find a way before my heart breaks from wanting what I know a man like Kevin could never give me. I wouldn’t expect him to. I’ve learned not to expect anything from a man.

He’ll be done with me soon enough and cast me aside, like he does with every other Layover Lover he has had.

My moans of sheer pleasure fill the room as he slides into me. The delicious sensations sweep me away as I roll my hips, meeting him thrust for thrust. I love the way his balls slap into me.

“You feel amazing, my sweet. You’re so slick for me, nice and tight.”

I open my eyes and see him looming over me. He’s propped on his elbows, eyes locked on mine.

“I love to watch you come undone,” he murmurs.

I almost blush at his words as I start to clench around him in waves. My lips are parted and I’m gasping for air.

“Ahh, Kevin!” I’m noisy in bed.

After he fucks me into oblivion and he’s got me fully satisfied, I curl up against his warm chest.

“I’m still mad at you.”

“Is that right? You seemed rather pleased with me just a few moments ago.” He chuckles wickedly.

“I can’t stand the fact that you’ve been with every pretty flight attendant in our fleet.” I groan.

“You’re the one I’m with now . That’s the past.” He emphasizes the now.

“I’m hungry. I need to order something before I faint,” I say, reaching for the menu on the nightstand table.

“Didn’t I satisfy your appetite?” he asks, taking my nipple in his mouth and lightly biting it.

“Kevin, stop,” I protest, although it sent shivers down to my sex.

“What do you want?” I ask, perusing the menu.

“You, again.”

“Well, I’m not on the menu,” I reply wickedly.

“Yes, you are, and I want seconds and thirds tonight,” he growls.

He tosses the sheet off my nakedness, and he runs his fingertips lightly down my body. His touches and soft caresses tantalize me to want seconds and thirds of his sinful body, all over me and inside me.

I grab the receiver off the phone and cradle it to my ear before pressing the Room Service button. I place my order for a club sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie.

“You felt like something sweet?”

“Yes, I’m starved.”

“You’re my something sweet,” he says, licking his way down my body.

“Kevin, we have to stop. No seconds just yet. Room Service will be here soon.”

“Damn, and crash our party for two?”

“You’re welcome to go to your own room tonight. In fact, I’d rather you did,” I say, pulling the sheet back up to cover my body.

“What, are you being shy now? I’ve seen every delicious bare inch of you and I’ll never tire of it.”

After room service delivers my dinner, I wolf it down like a starved animal and Kevin just laughs at me.

Now that I’ve satisfied my hunger, we drift off to sleep.

Later in the night, I wake up to use the bathroom.

I’m careful not to wake him when I crawl back into bed.

Why does he have to look like a damn sleeping angel?

We both know he is anything but an angel.

He’s more like the devil himself.

I’m literally sleeping with the devil.

He used those three little words to get back into my panties and I fell for it.

I know in my heart that he couldn’t possibly mean them.

Kevin’s kisses fill me with a need, an ache so strong I feel as if I’m about to combust. The feeling of his tongue in my mouth, exploring the way he does, fills me with an intense desire, like a hot burning need, an ache. What he does with his tongue all over my body is highly erotic. Being intimately entwined with Kevin is like an out of body experience I can’t describe. I become this out of control woman, possessed and unable to quell my desire to have him again and again. I know in my mind and my heart that I should stop what’s happening between us, never let it happen again. But with just one kiss, I find myself surrendering all over again to the desire he elicits in my mind, my body, and my soul.

Eventually, I know I will be left with heartache, but like I said, I can’t resist the Layover Lover . He was given this name for a reason. He’s an incredible lover. The best I’ve ever had, not that I’ve had that many. The way I give him my body so easily nags at me during my waking hours. But at night when I’m asleep, my dreams take me back to being in his arms and in his bed. How many mornings now have I awakened, knowing I dreamed of him because I wake up with that ache between my legs?

Kimmie, you’re a fool.


I wake up with my morning wood pressing into the lovely cheeks of Kimmie Reed’s perfectly shaped ass. I’m spooning her from behind and our bodies fit perfectly together.

I love waking up with her.

The nights she’s not with me, I feel cold and lonely.

She warms me from the inside out. I don’t know how else to describe these feelings I’ve developed for Kimmie.

The intimacy that settles between us when we’re wrapped up in each other is like nothing I’ve ever felt with a girl.

Damn that Leilani for talking about our brief interlude months ago. She was hard to shake after our layover one weekend together. She kept trying for a repeat, but I would have none of it.

She almost blew it for me, ruined what I have going on with Kimmie. Thank God I was able to weaken Kimmie’s resolve.

Most often, she’s putty in my hands. She plays this cat and mouse game with me, but I won’t have any of it. I want to make her mine. I want to own her pussy, her mind, body, and soul.

I think she feels the same way about me, although she won’t admit it in the light of day. Only at night, when we’re making love, do I catch a glimpse into her soul. She lets her guard down briefly, and I revel in those moments when she’s completely mine, when I’m dragging her over the edge of the most intense pleasure imaginable between man and woman.

I nuzzle into the back of her neck and tweak her nipple between my fingers.

I know what I want this morning.

My beauty starts to stir.

With my other hand, I reach around her hips and rub my finger across her clit.

Her lower body quivers and she lets out a sensual moan.

“Kevin,” she says.

“Good morning,” I whisper into her ear.

She rolls over and looks at me with her soulful eyes.

“What are you still doing in my bed?” she asks.

“Loving you.”

“Please spare me, Kevin. I know a man like you doesn’t do love,” she whispers, but I can hear the hurt in her voice.

“I love you, Kimmie Reed.”

I can’t believe I just said that. But I did. I couldn’t stop myself.

She just stares at me without a word, as if she is trying to decide whether to believe me. She doesn’t repeat the sentiment back.

I don’t wait to hear those three little words. I just take her lips in a scorching kiss.

“Kevin, I’m going to be sore all day if we keep this up,” she complains with a sweet laugh.

“Too bad. I need to get it while I can.”

“You’re terrible, you naughty boy. Why? Because you’re planning on moving on soon, aren’t you?” she asks.

“No, that’s not what I meant. You’re the one playing cat and mouse with me.”

“Look, getting TMI from Leilani about your layover love time with her made me sick to my stomach. It reinforces the fact that what we have going on here has an expiration date. Let’s just cut our losses now. I’m fine with it. Really. I’m not looking for anything long-term. I have no expectations from men anymore.”

She says this, and I can hear the sadness in her voice. I know it has to do with that ex-boyfriend of hers.

“Is that ex of yours still bothering you?”

“I’d rather not say.”

“It’s not right. The guy should leave you alone. Is he deranged?”

“Most likely. I don’t want to talk about it.” She never wants to talk about it.

“Let’s just stay in bed all day,” I say, flipping her over onto her back and sliding on top of her so she can’t escape me.

Then I hear my phone chime on the nightstand.

I glance at the screen.

Leilani: Where were you last night?

She wanted to meet for drinks last night. She’s so aggressive, but I never agreed to meet her.

I ignore the text and hope Kimmie doesn’t get nosy and look at my phone.

We shower and get ready to head back to the airport for our flight home.

I climb into my seat in the cockpit.

“Hey, lover boy,” Captain Roy chides.

“Hey, Captain Roy, how goes it?”

“Well, I went to the hotel bar last night and Leilani was anxiously awaiting your arrival,” he says, eyebrow cocked.

“I didn’t stand her up. I never said I was going to meet her,” I reply in my own defense.

Just then, Kimmie pokes her head into the cockpit.

“Good morning, gentlemen. May I get you some coffee?” she asks sweetly.

“Why yes, Kimmie. I’d love some coffee. Black, please,” Captain Roy replies, then looks my way.

“Yes, I’ll have the same. Thank you.” My eyes linger on hers and there’s an unspoken message between us. It says, ‘I want you.’

“Two black coffees coming up.”

She turns her beautiful smile on us and leaves.

I busy myself with the control panel.

Roy doesn’t move and just watches me curiously.

“Is something going on between you and Kimmie?” he asks, still looking at me with a smirk.

Do I tell him the truth?


“You dog. I knew it. I can’t believe you got into sweet Kimmie Reed’s panties,” he chortles.

Just as he says it, I hear, “Here you go, gentlemen.”

I can hear the anger in her voice.

I swallow hard and chance a glance at her when I take my coffee from her hand. I can literally see the steam coming out from her ears.

An hour into the flight, I venture out of the cockpit in search of Kimmie.

“I’m sorry,” I say once she comes back into the galley from serving a passenger his drink.

“This is the last straw. Don’t even bother talking to me,” she says, barely looking at me as she busies herself in the tight confines of the galley.

“It wasn’t like that. I can explain.”

Then Leilani comes up to me. “Kevin, what happened to you last night? I was waiting.”

This can’t get much worse.

“I never said I was coming,” I reply sternly. Leilani doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. She’s burying me deeper into a hole with Kimmie.

“Well, I was disappointed, big boy,” Leilani says, practically pressing up against me.

Shit. I look at Kimmie and she won’t even look at me. Her expression is stoic. I’ll deal with this later. We can’t talk here.

I catch up to her after we disembark and we’re walking through the terminal.

“Kimmie, it’s not what you think,” is my lame attempt at making it right between us.

Silence. She just keeps walking and barely acknowledges my presence as I walk beside her. I follow her to her car.

“We’re done here, Kevin. Don’t call me,” she clips out, throwing her flight bag into her trunk before she gets into her car and drives off.

Leaving me standing here like a damn fool.

Nobody makes Kevin Young look like a fool.


“This is the last straw. Don’t even talk to me,” I grit out through clenched teeth. I’m so humiliated, angry, hurt, and sad. All of these feelings rush through me.

“It wasn’t like that. I can explain,” he says, trying to get himself out of the doghouse.

I’m near tears as Leilani comes near us in the confined space of the galley. I look away and busy myself, getting the beverage cart ready.

“Kevin, what happened to you last night? I was waiting for you,” Leilani asks.

This couldn’t get any worse. What a manwhore.

“I never said I was coming,” is Kevin’s tight reply.

In my dirty mind, I find humor. Uh—yeah, you were coming, just not with her. My pussy man was coming with me last night. If only she knew. But now Captain Roy knows, so it may just be a matter of time before my whole reputation goes up in smoke.

Good girl Kimmie, with Hawaiian Airlines’s biggest manwhore pilot.

Stay calm. Don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve. He’s not worth it .

I feel his eyes on me as I escape into the lavatory to recompose myself.

I look at myself in the mirror and I bite my trembling lip. I will not cry, I will not cry over the manwhore.

Why was I so incredibly stupid to fall into bed with him?

What a mistake. A mistake I’ll live to regret.

Once we land in Honolulu, he tries to talk to me as we walk through the terminal and I won’t even acknowledge him.

When I get to my car in the parking garage, he’s still close at my heels.

“Kimmie, please listen to me,” he pleads as I throw my luggage in the trunk of my car and get in the driver’s seat as quickly as I can.

“We are so done,” I spit at him. “Don’t you dare call me anymore.”

When I get home, I’m glad to find that Jasmine isn’t home. I don’t want twenty questions from her.

I take a long, hot shower and let the tears roll down my face. Here, no one can see me crying. Sobs wrack my body.

Damn him. I knew this wouldn’t end well.

He inched his way into my heart like I knew he would.

He gave me hope that maybe, we were more than just about sex.

I was a first-class fool to think that maybe our stolen moments together could mean something to him. Last night felt different. But it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

No, I stand corrected. It was Kevin playing tricks on me, making me feel special, pretending that what we had could be love.

It’s what I knew it was all along, just sex.

Well, good sex. Mind-blowing sex. It was for me, anyway.

Probably just run-of-the-mill sex for him.

How can I compete with Leilani’s experience? I wonder why he didn’t just go meet her at the bar last night.

It would have saved me the pain and humiliation of the dreaded morning after this has become.

What must Captain Roy think of me now? I overheard his words just as I walked up to the cockpit doorway. I knew he was referring to me when I saw the look of guilt on his face for being caught talking about me. About Kevin getting into my panties. I could tell he lost respect for me, right then and there.

Kevin and I are so done and over with. Then to overhear Leilani begging for another shot at enjoying his tongue filled me with disgust. It sent waves of sickness through me. I had to get away from both of their sleaziness. It made me feel dirty and cheap knowing he’s been with someone like Leilani.

There’s no two ways about it. I’m feeling so down that Kevin and I are no longer. I know I was the one to end it, cease all communication with the manwhore.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t miss him, that I don’t still ache for the man.

I let my mind run away with my thoughts of love. I was being a silly and delusional girl to think Kevin would ever change for me.

Once Jasmine came home, there was no hiding the pain of our breakup.

“Hey, how are you doing?”


“You’ve been around a lot lately instead of stealing off with your Layover Lover .”

“I’m not seeing him anymore. We are over and done with.”

“What happened? You ended it? I thought things were going so great between you two.”

“Once a manwhore, always a manwhore.”

“What did he do? Or whom did he do? Is that the more appropriate question?”

“You know Leilani, right?”

“Not her? She’s like the female equivalent of a manwhore.”

“Yeah, well, you don’t have to tell me that.” I shrug and roll my eyes. “They’ve been together, and I had to listen to every gory detail.”

‘I’m sorry, Kimmie, but I’m not surprised.”

“So, I board my flight, and she is the flight attendant with me in First Class. The minute we board and Kevin appears, she literally starts drooling over him. She proceeds to tell me how she hopes she will be his layover lover in LA, how she’ll get a second chance.”

“Shit, you’re kidding?”

“I wish I were. She was giving him flirtatious stares any chance she could. Then later into the flight, she tells me how good he is with his tongue. I thought I was going to be sick.”

“That would be sickening to hear.”

“Then to make matters worse, I was a first-class fool. He followed me to my hotel room and I let him seduce his way back into my bed.”

“Oh, Kimmie,” Jasmine says, shaking her head in disbelief at my stupidity, I’m sure.

“Wait, it gets worse. So, I let him sweet-talk me into believing that he loves me, that this between us meant something to him.”

“Did he actually say those three little words to you?”

“Yes, and he texted them. We had a night of mad, passionate sex.”

“Go on.”

I blow out a long, exasperated sigh. The next part is too painful to repeat, but I have to tell her, get it off my chest.

“The next morning after our blissful night together, we board the plane bound for Honolulu. Captain Roy and Kevin are in the cockpit and I ask them if they want some coffee. They each give me their order, and when I return with their coffee in hand, as I approach the doorway to the cockpit, I overhear Captain Roy saying, ‘I can’t believe you got into sweet Kimmie Reed’s panties!’ I felt so humiliated and beyond upset at Kevin. He was bragging about me as his latest conquest. So that made me realize all I am is a good time for Kevin. I really like and look up to Captain Roy. Now what must he think of me?” I cry, burying my face in my hands.

“Oh, Kimmie, I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, well I learned my lesson the hard way.”

“I thought you guys were doing so well together.”

“Me too.” I sniffle. “He even took me home to meet his family. Of course, in his mother’s eyes, I didn’t measure up. I could tell she didn’t think I was good enough for her precious son. But that was no surprise to me. It’s pretty much what I expected. Kevin comes from a blue blood family and all.”

“Kimmie, stop it. Kevin was lucky to have you. He knew what a good thing he had going. Why else would he take you home to meet his family?”

“Look, Jasmine, I was just a good time, one of his many layover lovers.”

Jasmine comes to sit next to me on the sofa and wraps her arm around my shoulder. “I’m sorry this happened. You deserve to find a good man. A man who will love and cherish you for the wonderful person you are.”

“I haven’t been having very good luck with the men I’ve been choosing. First one turns into a stalker, and the other one is just a plain old manwhore whom I let myself believe cared about me. I don’t know why I’m letting it get me so down. I should’ve seen this coming. I tried to stop sleeping with him in the beginning for this very reason, but he was so persistent and I was flattered. Then one night turned into two, and then three, until he surprised me by taking me home to meet his family. I’m so glad I never had him meet my mom. You know how she gets. She so wants me to find a nice guy and settle down. I would love to just move off this island for a change of scenery, you know?”

“Kimmie, I’m sorry it didn’t work out with Kevin. Have you ever thought of giving him another chance?”

“No, I can’t.” I try to sound firm.

“Well, I have something to tell you. And a proposition for you,” Jasmine says, piquing my curiosity.

“I’m moving to LA. Ethan is moving back home. He asked me to live with him, but I won’t until he puts a ring on my finger. How would you like to move to LA with me?”

“Are you serious? It’s something that’s crossed my mind on a few occasions. Moving off this island of heartache doesn’t sound half-bad. How soon are you thinking of moving?”

“Within the month.”

My wheels start turning. I like this idea very much. I can do it.

“What are you thinking?”

“I think, let’s do it! Yes, I want to move to LA with you.” I actually want to run away to LA—run away from Brian and run away from Kevin. This is the perfect solution. A change of scenery, a fresh start.

“Ethan said he already found a great apartment for me, or us, that’s not far from his building. The rent wouldn’t be much more than we are spending now.”

I go into my room and stand at the door of my closet, thinking about how much of my stuff I would really need to take with me.

This will be for the better for me. It’s an opportunity I can’t pass up. It’s meant to be.

I hear a knock at our front door and peer out into the living room.

I see Jasmine approach our door and look out the peephole.

“It’s Kevin. What should I tell him?” she whispers, her eyes wide.

“Tell him I’m not here,” I reply, closing my bedroom door quietly before she opens the front door.

I press my ear to my door to listen. My heart is racing.

“Is Kimmie here? I need to see her.” I hear Kevin’s voice and it takes all of my willpower not to turn the knob, open my door, and go to him.

Our intimate times flash through my mind. God, I’m in total lust with this man, the man on the other side of this door, asking to see me.

“She’s not home,” I hear Jasmine reply.

“Don’t lie to me. I see her car. I need to see her. Please.” I hear desperation in his voice, but I know I’m just imagining it.

“Kevin, you have to leave. She doesn’t want to see you.”

“Well, please tell her I came by. I miss her.”

I miss him.

My heart and body ache for him.

My forehead falls to the door. Tears are brimming, but I won’t let them fall.

He’s not worth it .


“Hey, Kevin, why so glum and in such a foul mood lately?” my roommate, Tony, asks from the kitchen this morning.

I’m sitting at the dining table minding my own business, eating dinner alone.

“No reason.”

“Trouble in paradise?”

“Shut up.”

“Oh, I bet it has something to do with that hot flight attendant you were banging, doesn’t it?”

“First of all, it was more than just banging, and mind your own business.”

“What happened?”

“My player ways caught up with me, you could say.”

“Spill. I actually feel bad for you, bro. I hate to see you lose your easygoing, laidback ways over some chick.”

“As you can tell, I really like this girl. I wish I’d let you meet her, and you’d know what I mean when I say she’s special.”

“But you blew it?”

“It was bad timing. We had a flight together and she was working with a loose-lipped flight attendant I slept with months ago.”

“Oh, I get it. She blabbed about your hookup to your girl?”

“Yes. Evidently, she bragged about my talented tongue,” I remark with an evil grin.

“Yikes! I’m sure that went over well with your girl.”

“Exactly, but I managed to do some damage control and worm my way back into her bed. Unfortunately, the next day, I blew it by bragging to my captain and Kimmie overheard us. That was the nail in my coffin. She won’t even speak to me now.” I toss back the last of the beer I’d been nursing to try to take the edge off.

“Have you tried going to see her in person, to smooth things over?”

“Yeah. Her roommate and gatekeeper claimed she wasn’t home even though I saw her car there. She’s avoiding me and I can’t seem to get on her flight schedule.”

“Forget about her then. Find someone new. Come on, let’s go out tonight.”

“Nah, I’m going to see my brother tonight.”

“I’ve never seen you like this before, stuck on some girl. You just need to move on.”

“I know. You’re right. But all of my life, I’ve always gotten what I wanted, and right now, all I want is Kimmie Reed.”

I’m done spilling my guts to Tony and go back into my room to sulk in privacy.

There’s a knock at my door and I get up to answer it.

I swing the door open wide, and it’s my older brother, Keith.

“Hey, what brings you over?”

“I was in the neighborhood and thought I would pop in on you, see how you’re doing these days.”

“I’m fine,” I reply, although I’ve been in a foul mood for weeks now.

“Don’t believe him. He’s been brooding over a hot flight attendant who dumped his ass,” Tony says out loud from the living room sofa.

Keith cocks a brow at me. “Well, that’s a first.” He chuckles, like it’s the funniest thing he’s ever heard.

“It’s not funny.” I glare at him as I walk back into the living room and fall onto the sofa.

“Kevin has been moping around here like he’s lost his best friend,” Tony goes on.

My fists clench. “Shut up. I have not.”

“Deny, deny, deny.”

My brother helps himself to a beer from our fridge and then comes and sits next to me. “Is this the girl you brought home? Kimmie was her name, right?”

“Yeah, the one and only. But I don’t want to talk about it.”

Keith takes a swig of his beer. “What happened? She got under your skin? She was gorgeous, by the way. You’re a fool to let her slip through your fingers.”

Does he have to remind me? I know I was a fool. My player ways caught up with me.

“She dumped his ass,” Tony says.

I meet his words with a scowl.

“Is that right?” my brother asks.

“She did, and I can’t say that I blame her.”

“Were you cheating on her? Were you actually supposed to be exclusive? That’s not like you, but I would make an exception for her any day of the week.” Keith smiles.

“She flew with one of my past hookups and the other girl gave her an earful about my ‘skills’. It seems to have enraged my sweet and mild-mannered Kimmie. She won’t even speak to me now,” I reply, my head hung low.

Keith gets comfortable, stretching his arm over the back of the sofa. “Ouch, that’s rough. Bad luck, I guess.”

“It’s my past catching up with me. But I really liked Kimmie.”

“Then go after her,” Keith says, like it’s the easiest thing in the world to do.

“Look, I’ve called her countless times, texted her even more, and I get no response. I even drove over to her house. I saw her car was home. But when her roommate answered the door, she claimed Kimmie wasn’t home.”

I don’t know what else to do. I’ve been beyond miserable without her warming my bed at night. She was more than just a warm body beneath me. She got under my skin, she got into my heart, the heart I didn’t think I had.

I’d been happy with my life, with my player ways.

What guy doesn’t want a different woman every night?

Monogamy would be so boring.

Variety is the spice of life.

At least, that’s what I thought until Kimmie came into my life and into my bed.

She was so gorgeous, so soft, so sweet, and so tantalizing. I couldn’t stop at once with her. Once I had a taste of her, I had to have more and more.

I still want more. I’ve tried to get on the same flights with her, but I haven’t been having any luck.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Weeks have gone by, and the word on the street is that Kimmie and Jasmine are moving to Los Angeles. Captain Roy told me. No fucking way. She can’t leave me.

I heard they’re having a going away party at Sam Choi’s Restaurant for them on Friday night.

You know where I’ll be on Friday night.


I walk into the restaurant and the bar area is packed, but I look through the crowd and my eyes land on the most beautiful girl in the room.

She’s laughing and flirting with some guy. I wish I were that guy as my fists clench at my sides.

I watch her like a voyeur for a good ten minutes.

I can’t take my eyes off her gorgeousness.

She turns her head and her eyes land on mine.

Her face falls and she stops talking for a brief second.

I see her touch the object of her attention’s arm and excuse herself from their conversation.

Kimmie tries to duck through the crowd, but I weave quickly through the large group to find her, to touch her, to talk some sense into her.

I see her standing at the bar, trying to get the bartender’s attention.

“Kimmie,” I say, coming up behind her.

I see her body tense and she doesn’t turn around even though I’m sure she heard me.

I touch her arm and she quickly moves it away.

“Kimmie, please talk to me,” I plead softly.

“I’ll have a Mai Tai,” she tells the bartender, who is now standing in front of her at the bar, giving her his undivided attention.

“Make that two,” I say over her shoulder.

“Why are you even here?” she finally turns to me and asks.

She’s expressionless, cold, and distant.

I miss the warm, sweet as honey, and loving Kimmie Reed.

The one who would bend to my will and give it all back to me and more, so much more.

I crave her. She’s my addiction.

“I wanted to see you. You won’t answer my calls. I came by your apartment and your roommate said you weren’t there, but I knew you were. I saw your car parked in the back of your building. Please, can we talk?”

She turns back around and takes her drink off the bar and I grab the drink sitting next to hers.

“Please. Talk to me,” I say, reaching to touch her waist and giving it a squeeze.

God. I still want her.

I catch a whiff of her heavenly sweet scent and my cock twitches. He remembers how good she felt.

“Now is not the time or place. Besides, we have nothing more to say to each other.”

“I miss you.”

My words are met with silence.

“I don’t want you to leave,” I manage to get out.

“That, my friend, is out of your control. Too bad. I’m leaving tomorrow. Jasmine and I have a place and we can’t wait to move,” she says, full of sass.

Her eyes shift away from me, and she’s looking over me, almost through me, and it hurts. I’m losing her, if I haven’t lost her already.

“I thought I made myself clear that we’re through here. I have nothing to say to you. So if you’ll excuse me, I have other friends here. Friends who want to wish me well on my move away from this island.” Kimmie stalks off with the sway of her hips that leaves me with a raging hard on.

I lean back on the bar and watch her mingle with Captain Roy and the other pilots.

They all hang on her every word. They all probably have a secret crush on her, even the old married guys.

No man is immune to her beauty and charm.

I’m beyond crushed. She’s slipping through my fingers.

I lean back on the bar and nurse my Mai Tai as I observe her from across the crowded room.

Her beauty lights up the room. And her smile, well, I want to be the one putting it on her pretty little face every minute of every day.

Damn, I’ve become such a schmuck. I look away and curse myself, curse my luck.

“Hi, Kevin, how are you?” Leilani purrs in my ear. She’s standing so close to me and invading my space. Then she rubs right up against me. Does this woman have no shame? I’ve given her the rebuff countless times and she still insists on trying her best to tempt me back into her bed for a repeat performance.

“Hey, Leilani.” I give her a nod. The last thing I want it to look like is that I’m getting friendly with her, so I take a step away.

“Well, if it isn’t Kevin Young in the flesh. The man, the myth, the legend. In the bedroom, that is.”

I don’t even have to turn to see who is whispering in my ear.

I can’t help but feel my cock stir. Down, boy.

“Nice of you to grace us with your presence,” she continues.

“Yeah, well.” My eyes are still focused on Kimmie.

“Kimmie and Jasmine got a good turnout for their bon voyage party. I’d love to be moving to LA. When I first heard, I asked if I could join them, but they came up with every excuse in the book. So I took the hint. I wasn’t wanted.” Leilani pouts.

Ha. As if Kimmie would ever want to live with Leilani and her revolving door of men coming and going, no pun intended.

Damn. I see Kimmie glance over at Leilani standing inches from me. I need to shake her.

“Excuse me, I need to find the little boys’ room.

“You’re no little boy,” Leilani says, placing her hand on my arm for emphasis.

I turn on my heel and walk away from her. My past is literally haunting me. I find my way into the men’s room.

Who do I run into but Captain Roy.

“Kevin, my man. How goes it?”

“I’ve been better.”

We finish doing our business and walk out together.

“So, what do you think about Kimmie moving to LA?”

“I don’t want her to move.”

“Well, you can always hook up with her on our LA layovers.”

“She will have nothing more to do with me.”

“I figured as much. She’s a smart girl.”

“Can you help me get back into her good graces?”

“Why? Just so you can get back into her panties and then move on again like you always do?”

“No. It’s not like that. Well, I mean it is.” I chuckle. “But it’s become more than that.”

“Really? That’s a first for you. But seriously, Kevin, leave sweet Kimmie alone. She’s had a hard time with that stalking ex and all. Let her be. Let her try to find happiness with someone else. Don’t get me wrong. You’re a nice guy, but when it comes to women, you just can’t seem to make a woman happy for more than just a few hours. Am I right? You never stick around, and that’s what it takes to make a woman happy. Love and devotion. A girl like Kimmie deserves it. So let her leave in peace. Don’t add to her drama.”

Roy’s words slice through me. He’s right. I know he is. There’s no disputing them.

“It’s been different with Kimmie. I’m in love with her,” I admit to Roy. The thought of her finding love with someone else is more than I can bear.

Roy’s mouth drops open, then he closes it and a broad grin spreads across his face.

“No kidding?”

“Yes. Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. It caught me by surprise.”

“Never thought I would see the day a woman would bring you to your knees.”

“All right, all right. Now are you going to help me?”

“So, you are serious? One hundred percent serious, you’ll settle down and change your ways?”

“Absolutely. I don’t want anyone else. I don’t even think about other girls anymore.”

Roy scratches his head in disbelief. “Wow, I’m sorry. I just can’t believe it.”

“It’s true. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. It’s been like this for weeks.” I sigh and run my hand through my hair.

“Then it’s true, you’ve been bitten.”

“There you are,” Roy’s wife, Violet, says.

“Come sit with us. We can commiserate over a game plan for you to get back in Kimmie’s good graces. Although I think you are too late with her moving to LA and all. You should have reached out and enlisted my help earlier.”


These last few weeks have been hell for me.

I am still working so hard at getting Kevin out of my mind and out of my life for good.

He’s still calling and texting me.

He even came by our apartment one day, but I refused to see him.

We are so done.

I can no longer be with such a manwhore.

A guy who sleeps with every pretty girl who turns his head and then goes and brags about it to his friends like Captain Roy.

He made me feel so used, so dirty.

My self-respect is at an all-time low.

Every night, I’ve fallen asleep with heartache.

I’m determined to get past this and move on, feel good about myself again.

Well, an opportunity presented itself and I took it. I’d always toyed with the idea of moving off the island for a number of different reasons.

So yes, Jasmine and I are moving, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Today, we’re packing our stuff in boxes. I’m mostly packing my personal belongings and such.

We’re so lucky that our new place will be fully furnished, compliments of Ethan.

It must be nice when your boyfriend is a billionaire. That’s something I will never know. I can just ride on Jasmine’s coattails and see how the better half lives. Le sigh . . .

I’m listening to my Adele music and drowning my sorrows in Turning Tables and Set Fire to the Rain . Here I am, pining for what I wish Kevin and I could have been. What only I dreamed we could have been. It was so one-sided. God, I really liked him. He could be so loving . . . well, when I was on my back, that is. You foolish girl.

A guy like Kevin will only ever be after one thing.

Why did I ever think I could tame a player?

“Hey, how are you doing in here?” Jasmine asks, coming into my box-littered room and sitting down on my bed, eyeing my progress.

“I’ve got most of my things in boxes. How about you?”

“I’m pretty much done. Can you believe we are really moving to the big city? I can’t wait!” Jasmine beams with excitement.

“I know. It will be great,” I say out loud, but my voice sounds deadpan.

“Turn off this depressing Adele music. You’re thinking about Kevin, aren’t you?”

“I am not,” I huff out, walking over to my dresser and turning off the music.

“Like hell you aren’t. Are you kicking yourself for not giving him another chance? I really thought he was into you, for what it’s worth.”

“Whatever.” I shrug my shoulders then tape up the last of my boxes.

“I think there will be a good turnout for our going away party. At least that’s what Leilani told me.”

“Ugh—don’t mention her name to me. Will she be there?”

“Yes, she’s one of the party organizers. Come on, give her a break. She’s actually pretty nice.”

“Yeah, the guys all love her,” I say, rolling my eyes in disgust.


Tonight, the crew is throwing us a going away party at Sam Choi’s, one of our favorite restaurants serving local island cuisine. I know I’m going to miss the local food living in LA.

Jasmine and I get dressed to the nines, ready to party and drive over to the restaurant together.

All of the usual suspects are here to see us off.

I just hope Kevin doesn’t show up and rain on my parade.

With each passing day, I’ve managed to move on a little more.

Living in LA will put distance between me and the memories of us together.

It’ll all be good. That’s what I keep telling myself.

I’m standing in the bar chatting with one of the other stewards on the flight crew with me. We’re laughing and having a great time when I sense a pair of eyes on me, causing me to turn my head.

There he is, in the flesh, Kevin Young.

My breath quickens and my pulse starts to race.

Damn him for showing up here tonight.

This is Jasmine’s and my party and he’s not welcome here.

I excuse myself from my conversation in search of a stiff drink.

Just as I’m getting my Mai Tai from the bartender, I can see Kevin approaching me out of the corner of my eye. I stand firm, staring straight ahead as he sidles up next to me.

I bristle. I want him away from me.

“Why are you even here?” I breathe out, venom in my voice. But I won’t look at him.

In his deep and sexy voice, he says, “I miss you.”

I hear his words, but I don’t acknowledge his presence. I continue to stare straight ahead at the bartender making my drink.

“Have you missed me?” He places his hand on my hand, which is resting on the bar, desperately trying to get me to respond.

I’ve always responded to his touch, to his hands on my body, but not this time, not anymore.

“No,” I reply softly, moving my hand away from his touch. I’m lying through my teeth, but if he can’t see the pain in my eyes, maybe he’ll believe me and go away.

My chest aches being this close to him again, and my throat goes tight.

“I’ve missed you so much, Kimmie.”

My heart leaps into my throat, and for a second, my emotions betray me.

Did I hear him right?

The man is either desperate or drunk. It’s got to be one or the other.

A smile spreads across my face before I’m forced to turn toward him, and a resounding laugh escapes my lips.

“You’re very funny, Mr. Young,” I reply as I plaster my fake pleasant flight attendant smile on him.

“Don’t laugh at me. I’m dead serious.”

“A girl would be a fool to ever take you seriously. And I refuse to be your fool again. If you’ll excuse me, I have my guests to attend to.” Now it’s my turn to be desperate, desperate to keep my cool and walk away. Just walk away, Kimmie. Don’t engage him. He’s playing you. He couldn’t possibly be sincere . I start to walk.

I manage to escape him. I need to put distance between us before I’m taken in by his charm once again. I promised myself I would never fall for his bullshit again.

The party makes its way into a corner of the restaurant set up just for our large group, and I take a seat at the head of the long rectangular dining table.

I feel his eyes on me the entire evening, but I keep drinking to dull the pain in my heart. I’ve made my decision to leave this island with Jasmine and there is no way I’m changing my mind for a manwhore like Kevin, no matter what he says to me.

“Girlfriend, you’ve had one too many.” Jasmine comes up behind my chair.

“You should talk!” I say, not realizing how loud I’m being as those sitting closest to me glance over and smile at my slightly inebriated state.

“Kevin won’t take his eyes off you,” she says close to my ears so no one else can hear.

“I know.”


By the end of the evening, Kimmie has clearly had too much to drink. I know what a lightweight she is. The girl barely weighs 100 pounds, and since I’ve been here, I’ve seen her pound down at least three cocktails.

“Kimmie, let me take you home. You’re in no condition to drive.”

“I’m fine,” she slurs out.

“Yeah, right. When you’re done saying your goodbyes, I’ll take you home.”

“You have some nerve thinking I’d go home with you.” She harrumphs at me but I think she’s willing to let me.

More guests and co-workers come up to her and Jasmine, wishing them the best on their adventure.

My heart squeezes in my chest as I rub my hand across its rippled ridges, trying to ease the pain and discomfort this whole scene playing out in front of me is causing. I stand off to the side, remembering to breathe.

I watch my beautiful tipsy girl and I wonder what went wrong.

Why won’t she believe me? Things were going so well between us. She was starting to let me in.

She insists she’s leaving and that nothing I say will stop her from getting on her flight bound for LA in a few short hours.

She’s made it clear that she’s done with me.


I wake up to a painful throbbing in my head before I slowly peel my eyes open.

Where am I?

Oh, God.

Once my eyes adjust to the light, I focus and recognize the body sleeping soundly next to me.

Shit. It’s my kryptonite, Kevin Young in the flesh. Raw tantalizing flesh at that.

Any chance I can sneak out of here disappears when I feel him start to stir.

I freeze, hoping he will stay asleep so I can make a mad dash for the door after I find my clothes because, as it would be, I happen to be completely naked.

I fell asleep curled up on my side facing this eye candy beside me. I must have been pretty inebriated to come home with him.

What I want to know is where was Jasmine and why didn’t she stop this from happening?

The man candy lying across from me opens his gorgeous eyes, and the first thing in his field of vision is me, staring right back at him. A broad grin spreads across his handsome face.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he says as if finding me here in his bed this morning is a normal, natural occurrence.

“How did you get me here?” I ask. Remember, Kimmie, you hate everything Kevin stands for.

“It wasn’t that difficult, I can assure you. You needed assistance getting home,” he says full of cocky assurance that grates on my every last nerve.

“Well, is this my home? I don’t think so,” I huff out, sitting up to find my clothes and get the hell out of here as quickly as humanly possible.

His hand grips my forearm. “Not so fast.”

I turn my head and glare at him. “Let go of my arm.”

“I’m not through with you,” he says with a naughty gleam in his eyes.

As much as my girl parts love the sound of his words, my brain needs to do the thinking.

“Kevin, whatever happened here last night was a mistake. It was a moment of weakness on my part. Please take me home.”

“Okay, I will. But first, I want to talk to you.”

“I don’t have time to—“

“Marry me.”

My heart leaps into my throat. Stupid heart. I blink twice in disbelief. “What?” I laugh.

“You heard me. Marry me.”

I try my hardest to give him my most incredulous look and laugh again at his preposterous statement.

“I know you are not serious, so shut up. Now I’m getting dressed and leaving. I fly out today. Jasmine is going to wonder where I am.” I escape his grasp and get up from his bed of sin and scan the floor of his bedroom, looking for my dress and sandals.

“Kimmie, I’m serious.”

“Uh-huh.” I don’t believe him for a second. I need to get out of here fast. “Ah-ha.” I scoop my dress up off the floor and wiggle my way into it. One sandal on, now where is the other one?

“I don’t want you moving to LA.”

That’s what that bogus proposal was about, a ploy to keep me here to warm his bed.

“Sorry, you have no say in the matter whatsoever.”

“Please, I love you.”

I stop in my tracks and look across the room at my rumpled sex god who is still lounging naked in his bed. Why does he have to be so damn tempting, so damn sexy?

“Put some clothes on and take me home,” I snap at him. I guess I should call Jasmine to pick me up.

“That’s all you have to say after I just asked you to marry me?” he asks, stalking over toward me butt naked.

“I can’t.” I turn away and walk out of his room in search of my handbag.


I walk into our apartment filled with packed boxes and slam the door.

I’m mad at myself, but I take it out on Jasmine. She’s standing in the kitchen sipping from her mug of morning coffee.

“You won’t believe what I saw last night,” Jasmine exclaims.

My head is pounding from having too much to drink last night. “Can you please turn down your voice? My head is throbbing and it’s too loud,” I caution, squinting my eyes at the octave her voice carries in my direction. “What did you see?” I ask.

“Well, you were either too drunk or too distracted by your Layover Lover to notice for yourself, but Brian showed up at Sam Choi’s last night.”

“No way. You’ve got to be kidding me. Please tell me you’re joking.”

“I wish I were joking. He was there, in the flesh. Scary, I know. But here’s where it gets good. So when we were leaving the restaurant, I see none other than our dear ‘friend’ Leilani wearing her game face, laughing and flirting with him in the bar.”

“Oh, my God, did they see us?”

“No, they were too wrapped up in each other to notice us.”

“They’re a perfect match for each other, a match made in heaven, wouldn’t you agree?”

“My thoughts exactly!” Jasmine replies, and we roar in laughter. I breathe a sigh of relief. Hopefully, he will leave me alone now. I can only hope. Besides, I will be living two thousand miles away, away from this island I’ve called home for my entire life. I will miss it , I think wistfully.

After our laughter dies down at Leilani’s expense, I remember why I’m mad with Jasmine. “Why did you let me go home with the Layover Lover ?” I ask, my hand on my hip.

“First of all, Kevin told me he was bringing you home. I thought that meant here. Also, the last time I checked, you are over eighteen and an adult who can make her own choices.” She gives it right back to me.

“Then why was I so stupid?” I sigh and stalk off to my bedroom and toss my belongings onto my bed. I slip off my sandals. “I’m in desperate need of a shower.”

“Why, do you feel dirty?” Jasmine asks with an evil grin as she plops down on my bed.

“Yes, very dirty. Why does Kevin have to be so damn tempting? I couldn’t resist his charms in my heavily inebriated state last night. I suppose it was our farewell roll in the sheets.”

“If you say so. That’s what I figured it was. But are you being completely honest with yourself? I saw the way he was watching you the entire evening. I think he really likes you. Seriously.”

“He asked me to marry him. Well, it was more like a command.”

“Are you shittin’ me?” she asks, eyes wide with surprise.

“No, he really said those two words. But it was a bogus proposal, not one any girl would take seriously.”

“So what did you tell him?”

“I said it was a preposterous, bogus proposal and made him bring me home.”

“You’re still going with me to LA, right?”

“Damn right, I am. I can’t wait to get off this island and away from Kevin. I’m getting in the shower to wash my sins of last night off my skin, so if you’ll excuse me.”

I let the warm water soothe my body. It’s tense and a little sore. God, how many times did we—never mind. I have to wash his scent off me. I scrub hard, letting the tropical scent of my shampoo revive me and clear my head. He said he loves me. I’m a sucker if I believe that one. Oh how I wish it were true. When things were good with us, they were incredible. Don’t go there, Kimmie. You are getting on that plane and never looking back . I’ll be starting a new life in LA and I can’t wait.


I tried everything last night. Pulled out all the stops trying to get back into Kimmie’s good graces and get back into her life. I even asked her to marry me. The words rolled off my lips before I could stop them. I even surprised myself, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

My smart girl called bullshit on my marriage proposal, but was it? Bullshit, I mean. No, I was feeling it. I meant it, and it’s slowly starting to sink in that yes, I want to make this girl my wife.

I let out a heavy sigh and try to finish my breakfast although I’m not hungry anymore. My girl is leaving. She’s moving 5,000 miles across an ocean from me and my bed.

We were so good together, and I don’t just mean in the bedroom, although that’s a huge bonus. She satisfies me on all levels.

“Hey, why so glum?” Tony asks, coming into the kitchen to grab some coffee that I just brewed.

“Kimmie’s leaving. I tried stopping her last night, but she would listen to none of it.” The anguish is my voice is palatable. I can taste it, and it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

“Since when do you let some chick dictate your life?”

“Man, I can’t stop thinking about her. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, and I can’t help but feel like she’s the one that got away.”

“Then. Go. After. Her.”

“I tried. I really did. I’m going surfing to clear my head,” I declare as I toss my dishes into the sink.

“I’m telling you, bro, you need to go after her if she’s what you want. I’ve never seen you like this.”

“Whatever. Like I said, I tried. See ya later. I’m off to Sandy beach.”

A day out in the sunshine and waves did me good. The beach is where I do my best thinking, where I feel my best. There’s nothing more exhilarating than when you catch the perfect wave and ride it into the shore.

I know what I need to do. Once I load my board back into the flatbed of my truck, I drive over to my parents’ house.

As I’m pulling into the driveway of my parents’ estate, I see my dear old dad out watering the potted plants on the front porch. My dad’s green thumb keeps their property lush and green, along with the rain we get with the tropical weather in the islands. How could Kimmie want to leave paradise? I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

“Son, it’s good to see you. What brings you over?” My dad greets me with a warm aloha smile as he runs to turn off the hose and walk into the house with me.

“Hi, Dad, is Mom around? I have something to ask her.”

“Yes, come inside. She’s sitting out on the veranda working on her latest quilt.”

Walking into the house I grew up in always brings a sense of calm and tranquility into my life, no matter how I’m feeling at the moment. This is the place I call home, and it’s welcoming.

As my father and I walk out back onto the veranda that overlooks the green valley behind us, he warmly announces, “Lani, look who’s home.”

“Kevin, sweetheart!” she says, her face lighting up. I walk up to my mom and place a kiss on her cheek.

“Hi, Mom.” I smile. I don’t come home to visit them enough.

“Sit, sit. It’s so wonderful to see you. How have you been? You look a little thinner than the last time I saw you. You haven’t been eating.” She eyes me up and down, a look of concern across her beautiful face. My mom has always been observant.

“Yeah, well . . .” She’s right. I have lost weight.

“Yeah, well, my foot. What’s been going on with you?”

“I guess you could say I’m in love.”

“Is that so? Who is the lucky girl?” Dad says.


“The young lady you brought over for Keith’s birthday party weeks ago?”

“Yeah, that’s her. The one and only gorgeous Kimmie Reed.”

“Yes, she was stunning, Son. I can see why you’re smitten,” my dad says.

My mother’s expression turns cold.

“Mom, why don’t you like her?”

“She doesn’t come from good stock.”

“How do you know? Did you even talk to her? Say more than a few words to her?”

“I can just tell from looking.”

“Mom, why are you such a snob?”

“Look, Kevin, I just want what’s best for you. Who is her mother? Who is her father?”

“Her dad died when she was young, so she was raised by her single mom. It was a struggle for them.”

“Precisely my point.”

“You can’t hold that against her. We don’t choose our parents or our lot in life. Kimmie is special. She’s beautiful on the inside and out. I want to marry her.”

My declaration is met with a stone cold silence as I watch my mother give my father the stink eye, then she resumes her quilting.

I will not be deterred, and I press on with the reason that brings me here.

“I want to propose to her with Big Auntie’s ring.” There, I said it.

Now my mother stares at me with wide-eyed surprise. That got her attention. Big Auntie was like my grandmother growing up. She was my grandmother’s big sister, hence the name Big Auntie. Big Auntie was always around and full of joy and laughter. She and my mom were super close. My mother was like the daughter she never had.

When Big Auntie died, she left my mom her dazzling diamond ring. My mom used to wear it now and then, but I haven’t seen her wear it in a very long time. I’m praying that she will be able to part with it.

“This girl must mean a lot to you, Son.” My dad gets it. Why doesn’t my mom?

“Kimmie means the world to me. She really does.”

“Is she the reason you’re not eating?” my mom asks.

“It’s a long story, Mom.”

“I have all the time in the world. I’m all ears.”

I proceed to tell them the G-rated version of my tale of woe where Kimmie’s concerned.

After my parents hear me out, my mother’s expression softens. She realizes that I’m serious.

“Well, Son, I must say, I’ve never seen you like this over a girl before,” my mother says after my long, sordid story.

“She sounds like ‘The One’, Son,” my dad says, smiling at my mom.


Jasmine and I are moved in and settled into our luxurious apartment Ethan set us up in.

“I love our new home. Thanks to Ethan, we’re living like queens,” I say between mouthfuls of my favorite Chicago popcorn, a blend of the most mouth-watering caramel and cheddar cheese popcorn. I’m a serious popcorn addict.

We’re both lounging at the moment on our brand spanking new sofas in our expansive living room. We’ve got a big screen television mounted on the wall with the latest surround sound movie theater system.

“I know, isn’t this place the greatest? It’s definitely a step up from our place back home, wouldn’t you say? We still need a few things, but I can say I love living here already. I’m so glad you came with me. No regrets, right?”

“Most definitely, no regrets,” I lie. Kevin hasn’t once texted me since I left him the morning of our flight, and although I know I shouldn’t be, I’m disappointed. Heartbroken is more like it, but I need to move on. Have a fresh beginning. What better place than thousands of miles away from Oahu?

“This will be good for me, a fresh start in a new city. What better place than LA in an awesome apartment in a great neighborhood?”

“My thoughts exactly. I’m hungry. Let’s venture out and grab some lunch.”

We enjoy lunch at our leisure and get back to our apartment in the late afternoon.

I go to my room, which is twice the size of my old one with its amazing en suite bathroom and smile every time I walk in my huge walk-in closet. I’ve always dreamed of having a walk-in closet, and now, I finally do.

I’m organizing my shoe collection when I hear Jasmine calling me.

“I’m in here,” I call out to her from my closet.

“Kevin is here, and I must say, he looks good!” she squeals.

“What are you talking about? He’s here, in our apartment?”

“Yeah, in the flesh. Should I tell him you’re not here?”

“Look at me. Heck, what do I care?” I stomp past her and make my way out to our foyer, and that’s when my eyes land on him. I see Mr. Confident looking awkwardly uncomfortable, almost vulnerable. Good , I think to myself. I’ll make him squirm. I self-consciously touch my messy bun of hair piled on top of my head and I suddenly realize I’m still wearing my red glasses. I quickly grab them off my face and hook them on the neckline of my plunging tank top. Kevin eyes my tits like the manwhore that he is and my traitorous nipples harden under his heated gaze.

“Why are you here, just to stare at my tits?” I say, full of sass with my hands on my hips. I hear Ethan chuckle and Jasmine whacks him.

We have an audience.

Great .

“Can you please give us a minute?” Kevin asks Jasmine and Ethan, who are eagerly watching the Kimmie and Kevin reality TV show unfold before their very own eyes.

They all look at me.

“Yeah, it’s okay.”

“You call us if you need anything,” Ethan says like a protective big brother would. He gives Kevin a warning sidelong glance before they walk into Jasmine’s bedroom and close the door. I imagine they’ve now got their ears to the other side of the door.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in? You’ve got an amazing apartment,” he says, eyeing his surroundings.

“I guess.” I shrug as unenthusiastically as possible, trying to act as if I could care less that he’s here, standing at my door, looking super sexy.

I stand back and let him step over the threshold. “How did you find out where I live?”

“It wasn’t hard. I just asked Human Resources.”

“Oh.” I lead him to the living room and take a seat on one of the sofas. I know I should offer him a drink, but I don’t.

“That’s the biggest big screen TV I’ve ever seen in a residential home,” he says, looking up at the screen and then down at me.

“Yeah, well, Ethan loves to watch movies.”

I witness Kevin draw in a deep breath as if trying to summon up some courage, and his brows furrow for a brief moment and the next thing I know, he’s down on bended knee before me.

He takes my hand and quickly looks down at the ground as if he’s praying before his gorgeous eyes are back up, staring deeply into my soul, and he asks, “Will you marry me, Kimmie?”

“Kevin, I—” I stutter, my other hand covering my mouth in disbelief. He seems dead serious this time.

“It’s a simple yes or no question. I need a yes or a no. If it’s no, I will leave you alone and never come back.”

I blink back my unexpected tears. “You’re serious this time?”

“Yes. I’ve never been more serious in my entire life. I love you. Say you’ll be my wife.” He flips open a ring box that he digs out from the front pocket of his jeans, and I’m quite literally blinded by the biggest, most sparkly diamond I’ve ever seen in my life.

“Oh, Kevin,” I gasp.

“This ring was my Big Auntie’s ring. She was like a grandmother to me. I had to beg my mother for it, but I wanted you to wear it in good health as my bride.”

Wow, he must’ve had to pry it from his mother to offer it to me. I’m sure that was no easy task, knowing how much she ‘loved’ me.

I look from the blinding ring and into the depths of his gorgeous eyes, and that’s when I see it. The love. This man does love me, after all. I see the sincerity, the vulnerability in his eyes. My hand reaches out and strokes his handsome face. It feels good to touch him again. It feels like it’s been a lifetime.

“Well, what’s it going to be, Kimmie? I’m dying here.” He laughs nervously and looks absolutely adorable.

“Yes,” is all I say before he lunges toward me and kisses me hard, kisses me passionately. I wrap my arms and legs around him and smile into our heated kiss.

I break away and squeal, “Jasmine, Ethan, get in here!” They dash out of her room.

“What’s all the excitement?” Jasmine asks.

“Kevin just asked me to marry him and I said yes!”

“Oh, my God, let me see that ring. I can see it from here!” Jasmine stalks toward me, her eyes wider with excitement.

“Mr. Young, did you just steal my roommate away from me?” Jasmine asks, hands on her hips like she means business.

“I’m afraid so,” Kevin says with a wide grin.

“Okay, Kevin, you did good.” She smiles, giving me a big hug.

“Congrats, you two,” Ethan says, shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other. Hmm, guess he’s feeling the heat.

“Thank you. Now let’s go out and celebrate,” Kevin says.

After Jasmine and Ethan leave the room to get ready to accompany us for our celebration, Kevin leans into me, his forehead pressed to mine.

“Kimmie, you’ve made me the happiest man on earth. God, how I’ve missed you these last few weeks. I love you. Do you know that?”

Knowing I’m the one to put that wide smile on his face and make him so happy warms my heart. I’ve found my happily ever after in Kevin Lee, and no one is more shocked than me.

“I do now.” I smile, gazing at the sparkling diamond on my finger. “I love you too.”


* * *

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Copyright © 2016 by C. C. Cartwright

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is entirely coincidental. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Edited by: Valorie Clifton

Cover Design: Cormar Covers


I’m God’s gift to women. What can I say?

When I’m out and about, I catch the ladies checking out the goods.

I’m at the beach today, and my sister has her posse of friends with her.

One, in particular, is beyond beautiful, with a killer body to match.

"Justin, don’t you remember me?” she asks in the most sensual voice

I’ve heard in a long, long time.

"Sloane Hart, is that you?” I utter in disbelief. It’s my little sister’s best friend,

all grown up and filled out in all the right places.

Needless to say, I don’t waste a minute getting her alone.

After I take her out to dinner, I get her back to my place for a little slap and tickle session.

Things get hot and heavy and we’re just about to do the dirty deed

when I sense something isn’t right. She’s tense.

“Can you go slow and easy?” she asks timidly.

She’s a virgin?

I don’t mess with virgins anymore, not since high school.

Next. I’m moving on. I don’t want Sloane, dear Sloane, getting stuck on me.

After a couple of months, I’m usually done and over it. I tell her I’m doing her a favor.

The problem is that I can’t stop thinking about her.

When I see other guys hitting on her, it makes my blood boil.

This can’t continue. Sloane Hart is getting under my skin.


I was invisible to him.

Justin Harlow is my best friend's brother, and I’ve been in love with him for as long as I can remember.

Fast forward ten years later, and I’m at the Harlow family's beach party.

Justin has one killer set of abs and is devilishly handsome.

Mr. God’s gift to women notices me today.

The way his eyes rake over my body from head to toe tells me he wants me.

He says I’ve grown up and filled out in all the right places.

He’s dangerous for my heart and my body.

I know I’m in trouble.

Just Love Me 1, a captivating best friend's older brother novel you won't be able to put down!


I’m enjoying a day at the beach when my sister, Kylie, shows up with her little posse of girlfriends. None of them are much to look at except for one, and she looks vaguely familiar.

I admire her from a distance for a good part of the day. As I play volleyball with my buddies, she comes and watches. Of course, I put on a show for her. You see, I’m God’s gift to women. I have a hard, lean body, which I work hard at maintaining, and the chicks dig it. I see Kylie’s sexy friend looking in my direction.

We take a break and decide to cool off in the waves. While my buddies and I are body surfing, I see Kylie’s enticing friend standing at the water’s edge in her teeny weeny bikini. I decide to venture onto shore and approach her as I walk out of the water.

“Hi, Justin, don’t you remember me?” I hear a very feminine voice greet me as I walk up to her.

“Wait a minute—is that you, Sloane?” I finally realize who she is.

“Yes, don’t you recognize me?” She shoves me teasingly with her soft hands, making the skin on my wet chest sizzle.

“You’ve grown up,” I say, making no bones about eyeing her from head to toe. She actually blushes.

“So I’ve been told,” she says.

“How long has it been since I’ve laid eyes on you?” I eye her again.

“Too long,” she says in her seductive voice.

“What are you up to now?”

“I’m in my last year at Pepperdine,” she replies. So she’s still local for me, and my ears perk up . . . as well as other parts of my body.

“How about you?”

“I live and work in LA now,” I reply.

“Oh, that’s right. Kylie told me.”

The amount of sex appeal she packs in that petite frame of hers would have a guy hard in seconds. I’m already dying to get between those long, sexy legs of hers. I can tell she knows it by the way she moves and tilts her head and pierces me with those sultry, exotic eyes of hers. The way her lips move leaves me fantasizing about having them wrapped around me.

Her voice is the perfect combination of deep and throaty, yet it has a flirtatious lilt to it. Seriously, she could bottle it and sell it like an expensive perfume.

From eyeing her in her tiny bikini, which leaves little to the imagination, I peg her measurements to be 34-24-34. Pure perfection. She’s probably a C-cup, a large handful, which looks even larger on her svelte body. She catches me eyeing her like a dog eyes a bone. Yes, I want to consume her. But I have to approach this one just right. She definitely gets her share of attention and can pick and choose who she lets into her bed—that would be my guess.

Judging by the way she sways those curvaceous hips of hers, she ain’t no virgin. She has probably heard every line that a guy on the make can throw her way. I need to think of my approach, although I have never had a problem getting what I want from the female persuasion.

As we continue to converse, I can tell that, on top of her enticing physical attributes, she’s also articulate and smart. I find this to add to her appeal, not take away from it. I’m not like most guys. I need a girl who’s smart and will challenge me to hold my interest. She’s still in school, studying business law at Pepperdine.

I just graduated and set myself in a cool bachelor pad overlooking the city in one of those high-rise condos in Downtown LA. I just started working at Goldman Sachs as an up-and-coming investment banker.

As our beach party winds down, I manage to score Sloane’s number and a date with her for next Saturday night. I will be counting the days until I can get my hands on that sinful body of hers.


I’ve taken Sloane out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and we’ve been dancing in the hottest club in LA. And although I’ve enjoyed her company, we’re back at my place and I’m more than ready to enjoy that luscious body of hers. I’ve been fantasizing about sinking myself into it all week. Did you know that a guy thinks about sex, on average, about twenty times a day? There have been studies on it. It’s been proven, and I can vouch for that. I’m living proof of this theory.

Once I lure her into my bedroom, I move quickly, like a tiger does with its prey. I want to devour her. I’ve got her naked, and she’s splayed out on my bed with her long, silky hair falling across my pillow.

Now I’m perched right where I want to be, between her sinuous legs. I dive into her intoxicating scent. I roll my tongue over her sensitive bud, and she flinches up hard against my lips. I pull it into my mouth, and as I suck it in, my eyes watch her as she gasps and starts fisting my sheets. Her luscious tits arch up, and I can see her nipples peak. I continue my assault on her slick bud before I slide a finger into her.

Damn, she’s tight as a virgin.

She tenses. “Oh, Justin.” She moans, then opens her eyes and gazes down at me in surprise.

“Relax and enjoy,” I soothe. I’ve got her right where I want her, primed and ready for me. Soon, she’ll be begging for me. They all do.

I slowly crawl back up her curvaceous body, admiring the view before I settle my hips between her thighs. My steely shaft is ready and waiting to enter her slice of heaven. I take her lips in a scorching kiss that she deepens. She’s panting for me. I take my shaft and glide the tip along her slick folds.

“Justin.” She swallows as if she’s hesitant all of a sudden.

“What is it?” I ask.

“Can you go slow and easy?” she asks softly, her eyes searching mine.

“Sure,” I reply, a little caught off guard. I was just about ready to plunder her, but suddenly, something doesn’t seem right. I hear it in her voice, in her request.

“Sloane, this isn’t your first . . .” I stop mid-sentence as she starts to nod her head yes.


I want to scream, “No way! How is this possible?” But I hold back. I only let out a loud sigh. I can’t do this now.

“Wow.” I sigh, rolling off her and onto my back as I stare at the ceiling, cursing my luck.

“Justin, we still can, you know . . .” She trails off.

No, we can’t. I can’t be the one to take her V-card. Too much responsibility in that. She’ll get all clingy, and that’s the last thing I need right now. I know how I operate. Once I’ve had her, I’ll tire of her after a couple of months and move on. That’s how it’s always been, for as long as I can remember. I don’t want to do that to Sloane, especially if this is her first time. Man, hold it together. I need to think with my big head, not my little one.

Sloane rolls onto her side and teases me by dragging her fingertips down my chest and abs, and then she takes me in her warm, soft hand.

“Come on, big boy. Let me finish you off. Show me the way,” she purrs.

“How is it possible that a girl that looks like you, with a body that moves like that, is still a virgin?” Her eyes cast down, and she looks embarrassed by my question.

“I just want to really feel for the person I give my virginity to. Is that such a crime?” she asks.

Hey, don’t get me wrong here. I’ve always had a soft spot for my little sister’s friend. I always thought she was cute and sweet. Heck, I knew she was crushing on me. Then she showed up that day at the beach party, and damn, she had grown up into one tantalizing woman, sexy-as-sin in her skimpy bikini, which left me rock hard. All the guys noticed her that day. I saw them eyeing her all afternoon. None dared approach her but me.

“Sloane, I can’t do this.”

“You can’t or you won’t?” she throws back, looking wounded.

“I have to think about it.”

Who the hell just said that?

“Don’t think, just feel,” Sloane says seductively as she rolls on top of me, lifts off and starts kissing her way down my chest.

My cock twitches, and I know I’m in trouble.

I feel her long, black hair tickle my abs as she ventures down lower and lower, until I feel the heat of her breath moving along my shaft, teasing me slowly before she flicks it with feather-light, quick strokes up and down along its ridges. Just when I think I can’t take another minute of this torture, she takes me deep into her warm mouth.

“Ahhh,” I groan. She’s working me into a frenzy. I want to push her head down further onto me, but I manage to resist. It’s dear, sweet Sloane, after all. Now she moves back up my body and is straddling me, her face next to mine.

“I want this. I want you,” she says as her warm breath caresses my ear. Her pert nipples graze my chest, and I desperately need to be inside her, rocking her world right now. But a voice of reason keeps me from diving off the deep end and into her.

“No, Sloane, I’m not what you want. I can’t give you what you want.”

I try to talk some sense into both of us before we take the plunge.

“Oh, but I think you can,” she murmurs, her voice thick with want.

No, I know she wants more than what this would be for me.

I can’t let this happen.

I would never want to be the one to break her heart, the virgin’s heart, I remind myself.

“Get off me, Sloane,” comes out of my mouth, and it sounds harsh, almost cruel. I didn’t mean for it to come out that way.

She climbs off me and out of bed.

She looks beyond hurt and a little pissed.

She starts searching for her clothes.

“Take me home,” she barks out in an unrecognizable voice, and she won’t even look at me.

I feel like such a chump, but trust me, she’ll be thanking me later.

I drive her home in silence. What’s there to say?

We pull up to her building, and she gets out without a word, slams the door, and doesn’t look back.

Am I a fool to let that nice piece of ass walk away?

Damn, she’s more than a piece of ass, and you know it.

She’s Sloane, she’s special, and you know you’re not man enough for her.

She needs to be treated right.

I remind myself of this so that I will stay away from the temptation of Sloane Hart.


Once Justin drops me off from the world’s most humiliating date in history, I get into my bedroom, throw myself onto my bed, and have a good cry.

I was so elated when Justin called and invited me out for dinner. This was going to be a real date with Justin, the boy turned Adonis, who I’ve had a crush on for as long as I can remember. Can you imagine how I felt inside? While getting ready for the date, I was giddy with excitement.

Things were going so well, we were getting along, and I was having the best time. Everything just felt so right. To me, anyway. Once he got me back to his place, we started fooling around, and he practically had me begging for it with his tongue alone. I was going to give him my virginity tonight.

I was afraid to admit that I was indeed still a virgin. But I got so nervous when he was about to enter me that I couldn’t stop myself from saying something. When I did, his whole demeanor changed, and he threw it back in my face. What guy does that?

Maybe I wasn’t sexy enough for him. Maybe my inexperience showed. I get up and stand in front of my full-length mirror and stare at my body, then I cup my breasts. They seem decent sized. What didn’t he like? I’m going to bed now. I can’t try and figure out what he likes and doesn’t like. All I know is he doesn’t want me, and it hurts.

The next morning, I wake up, my eyes still swollen from last night’s crying fest—but it’s a new day.

“How was your date with Justin?” my roommate, Emily, asks. Then she takes one look at me with my swollen eyes and says, “That good, huh?”

“Yeah, he didn’t want me,” I admit.

“How is that possible? Just look at you,” she says, trying to be nice.

All I can do is shrug. “Go figure. I give up. I’m throwing in the towel on this one.”

“It baffles me, honestly,” she says.

“Hey, it is what it is,” I say, pouring myself a mug of coffee.

“Man, if this is what happens to you with your beauty and body, there is no hope for me . . . ever,” she half-jokes.

“Stop it, Emily. You’re freaking adorable.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she replies with a wave of her hand.

“What makes it worse is that I have to see him again today. I promised Kylie I would come down for a barbeque this afternoon. I so hope he’s not there. I will feel so embarrassed and humiliated.”

“Sloane, you have nothing to feel embarrassed about. You go down there looking smoking hot—like you always do—and find some other guy to have a good time with. Do you hear me?” Emily says, trying to lift my spirits like the good friend that she is.


Emily and I arrive at the Harlow house at the appointed hour. I brought Emily for moral support. I see Justin’s car parked in the driveway, and my heart sinks.

“Come on, Sloane, you can do it,” Emily says to me as she sees me staring at Justin’s car.

“God, why does he have to be here?” I pout.

“Because it’s his house.” Emily states the obvious.

“Let’s head down to the beach. Kylie texted me and said that’s where they all are right now.”

There’s a good crowd this afternoon, the usual suspects and a few I don’t recognize. I find Kylie and give her a hug, and she greets Emily. I look around for Justin, and he’s playing volleyball with three other guys.

“Come on, let’s go lay out and work on our tans,” Kylie says, and we follow her to her umbrella and beach chairs set up by the volleyball court.

I take off my dress and adjust my string bikini so nothing is hanging out and everything is appropriately covered before I lie down on my towel—just as a ball lands right next to me, spraying my face with sand.

“Hey,” I object.

“Sorry about that,” a deep, masculine voice says apologetically. I look up into the most incredible blue eyes I have ever seen. Who is this?

“No worries,” I stammer out, and Kylie giggles at me. The guy trots off back to the court.

“Stop laughing, and WHO is that?” I don’t hesitate to ask.

Maybe Emily was right in that I should find someone new to have a good time with.

“Pretty hot, isn’t he? He’s a friend of Justin’s from work. His name is Connor Love,” Kylie replies with a straight face.

“You’re joking about his name, right?” I say, half-laughing.

“No, seriously, that’s his name. Kind of funny, isn’t it? But from the looks of him, I bet he could dish out some serious love,” Kylie teases. She’s right on that one. “I see him looking at you.”

“Stop it, he is not.”

If he is, then I welcome the attention.

I definitely need the ego boost after last night’s debacle.

I’ll die if Justin tells his buddies how undesirable I am and that I’m still the dreaded virgin.

As the sun goes down, Andre, the Harlows’ personal chef, starts getting the fire burning. We gather around the picnic tables by the fire pit. I put my dress back on and a sweater, as it’s starting to get a little chilly. I catch myself stealing glances at Justin. I eye his chest and his delicious abs, in particular, remembering kissing his smooth skin and the way his tongue felt down there. Stop it, Sloane. He doesn’t want you. Get over it.

“Hi, I’m Connor,” Mr. Blue Eyes says, coming up alongside me with all the confidence in the world.

“Hi, Connor, I’m Sloane,” I say in a friendly tone, even though he makes me a bit nervous.

“So, you’re friends with Kylie?” he asks.

“Yeah, we’ve been friends forever,” I reply. “How long have you been friends with Justin? I haven’t ever seen you at one of their parties before.”

“We met at Goldman Sachs. We started together. Do you want to take a walk before dinner?”

“Sure,” I agree, and we break away from the group. Then, suddenly, Justin is in our faces.

“Where are you two going?” he says almost confrontationally.

“Hey, man, just for a walk before dinner. Is that a crime?” Connor says, not backing down.

“Don’t be gone long. Dinner is almost ready,” Justin huffs out and lets us by.

“What’s his problem?” I ask Connor as we walk away from the group.

“He seems oddly possessive of you. Do you know why?”

“I have no idea. We’ve known each other forever. Maybe it’s a big brother protective thing going on,” I say, trying to play off that angle. That must be what it is, because I know he can’t possibly be jealous. You only get jealous when you want that person, and I know for a fact that he doesn’t want me.

I learn that Connor went to Cornell and just moved out here to start with Goldman Sachs as an investment banker. Looks and brains. I like that combination. He sounds like he’s doing well. We head back and join the group. I’m famished by now. We fill our plates, and Connor sits with us girls.

I barely look at Justin, although I sense he is nearby and staring at us. After dinner, I’m in the mood for s’mores, my absolute favorite dessert.

“Come on, Sloane, let’s roast the marshmallows for our s’mores.” These are the first words Justin has spoken directly to me since I’ve been here. I’m pissed with him. I don’t even respond. He hands me two marshmallows and the skewer. “Come on,” he coaxes again, and I can’t be rude, so I get up and follow him.

We sit down next to each other companionably, even though I’m feeling anything but companionable toward the man who rejected me last night.

“Look, Sloane, I’m sorry about last night,” he says softly.

I just continue to stare into the fire, refusing to look at him. The feeling of humiliation is washing through me again. I don’t want to talk about last night.

“I don’t want to talk about it. Forget it,” I clip out.

“You should be thanking me anyway,” he continues.

“Yeah, whatever.”

“I’m saving you from heartache,” Mr. Egomaniac goes on.

“Yeah, I know. You’re God’s gift to women. Thanks for saving me from you,” I say, full of sarcasm that I didn’t know I had in me.

“That’s not what I mean,” he says defensively.

“Look, I get it. You don’t find me desirable. That’s fine, but must you rub my face in it?”

Why am I even engaging in this conversation?

“Sloane, you don’t get it.” He stews.

“Enlighten me, then.”

“Not here, not now,” he replies.

“Whatever. Be cryptic then.”

My marshmallows are done, and I stand up to go and find the chocolate and graham crackers. He follows me. I just can’t shake him. Once we put our s’mores together, he says, “Come walk with me.”

“No.” I refuse to be humiliated and ridiculed yet again by him and his words of explanation as to why he finds me undesirable and not good enough to sleep with.

“Sloane, don’t be like that. I want to explain where I’m coming from, and you will thank me. I promise.”

“Justin, don’t bother making any promises to me. Just don’t bother with me at all anymore. Deal? All you do is make me feel bad about myself,” I say, looking down at the sand while I’m trying to enjoy my s’more.

He takes my hand in his and starts pulling me toward the ocean. I don’t want to make a scene, so I go along grudgingly. We walk along in silence, eating our s’mores. I calm down a bit and think how nice this feels for a brief moment, knowing this will never be real. He’s about to explain to me why he doesn’t want me. Once we get out of view of the party, he stops. I keep my eyes cast down, watching the water as it rolls in and out to sea. I wish I could roll out to sea, rather than having to be here and listen to what Justin has to say to me.

“Sloane, look at me,” he says.

I swallow and let my eyes meet his. I’m still crushing on him in spite of what happened last night, in spite of the rejection.

“Look, all I know is that once I sleep with a girl, it never lasts much past a couple of months. That’s just how I’m wired. I realized once you told me you had never let any guy have you that I knew you deserved way better than I could give you. So I’m saving you for the right guy. Does that make any sense?”

I stand and stare at him, pondering his words. Even if it’s just a couple of months, I’ll take it, but I don’t dare say it out loud. I still want him. What hot-blooded female wouldn’t? Look at the guy.

“I guess I knew you don’t really do long-term relationships. Maybe I’m not looking for long-term.”

Did I just say that?

“Trust me, Sloane, you don’t want me and what I have to offer.”

“Maybe I do.” Shut the hell up, Sloane. Stop begging. Walk away now. “Forget I said that. Let’s just—” I stammer.

His lips are on mine, taking a kiss from me, and I surrender into it, hating myself for it.

“Damn it, Sloane, you’re irresistible, and I realize that I don’t want anyone else near you.”

“Really? You sure were able to resist me last night. You wanted me off you, if I recall correctly.” His words still sting. Why am I still standing here, letting him heat me up yet again and tease me just to push me away?

You’re a first-class fool, Sloane Hart. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Walk, girl. Start walking away. I turn to leave, and he grabs me by both arms and pulls me in for another hard and desperate kiss. My lips part for him and that talented tongue of his. I want his tongue on my most intimate places again. I break away and wipe his kiss off my lips with the back of my hand.

“Stop. I won’t be a fool again, Justin. Just leave me alone. Stop teasing me. You don’t really want me,” I spit out at him.

He grabs my hand and presses it to the steel pipe in his shorts.

“Does this feel like a man who doesn’t really want you?”

God, I have the sudden urge to drop to my knees this minute and suck him in. He’s turning me on and making me so wet between my legs. The temptation is unbearable. He knows exactly what he’s doing. But I let out a wicked laugh.

“What’s so funny?” he asks, letting me pull my hand away.

“Any guy can get hard from a kiss. Look, let’s go with your first instinct, Justin, and that was for me to ‘get off you’. Let’s leave it at that, shall we? Go find some other girl to relieve you tonight, because it won’t be me.” I stalk off, and this time, he doesn’t stop me.

Boy, he was right to save me from him and all of his delicious heartache. We haven’t even slept together, just some fooling around, and my heart is already breaking. Imagine if I did give him my virginity. I would be an absolute mess when he was through with me.

He’s right. I should be thanking him.


Why does she have to look so smoking hot today in yet another barely there bikini that shows off all of her amazing attributes?

When she showed up, all of my buddies’ jaws dropped and the volleyball game ceased for a few minutes—at least until she took off her beach cover-up. Then they were literally drooling out the sides of their mouths.

My hands clenched into fists.

Not a single one of these dogs had better try anything with Sloane. She is strictly off limits to any of these bad boys.

Then Connor goes and tosses the ball in her direction, making it land right by her. I’m sure he wanted to get an up close and personal view of her incredible curves.

Pisses me off.

“Hey, come on, Connor, knock it off. Let’s play,” I call out to him from the other side of the net.

“That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, bro,” Connor throws back at me with a knowing smile.

Burns me.

“Ok, come on, then. Serve the damn ball,” I reply heatedly.

As the sun goes down, Andre starts the fire and gets dinner ready for us.

I see Connor approach Sloane, and she starts flirting with him.

Why the hell is Connor making a play for her? I feel like screaming, “Back off!” to his face.

When I see him try to get her alone, I have to try and stop them, but it’s to no avail.

Then after dinner, it’s my turn to try and explain myself to her and get her alone. What am I doing? What do I want here? Last night, I thought I had decided she was off limits for me. I wasn’t going to go any further down that road once I found out she was a virgin. I’ve known Sloane for so long, since she was in her tween years.

She has morphed into a beautiful and incredibly sexy woman. I literally can’t take my eyes off her, especially when she’s in a barely-there bikini. I imagine doing all kinds of things to her body made for sin. The ironic thing is that she has saved herself, for some reason beyond me. How can a body like that still have not experienced the pleasures of the flesh? It baffles me, quite frankly.

Only this time, in the heat of the moment, what does she do?

She laughs at me while her hand is on my raging hard on. Do you know how it makes a guy feel when a girl laughs at him while she’s holding his manhood in her hand? Trust me, it’s not a good feeling. She took some of my manhood with her when she walked away from me tonight—I’ll tell you that much—but maybe I deserved it.

Let her walk away for good, Justin. You’re saving that sweet girl from heartache. She’s becoming hard to resist, but I don’t want her hooking up with Connor. He’s worse than I am when it comes to women. He would chew her up and spit her out.

I have to let the rise in my shorts go down before I walk back to where the group is gathered. When I do get back, Connor is hovering around Sloane with his phone out. I’ll be damned if he’s getting her phone number.

“Hey, Connor, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Excuse me, Sloane,” Connor says, trying to act like the gentleman he is not.

“Sure,” she says back to him with a flirtatious smile.

“You can’t take her out,” I come right out and say to Connor once we’re out of earshot.

“Oh? And why not?” he says with a sly smile, and I just about want to punch that smile off his face. What reason on earth can I give him?

“Because I’m interested in her,” I blurt out.

“Really? You never said anything before.”

“I’m telling you now—she’s off limits to you.”

“Why don’t we let her decide? She gave me her phone number, which leads me to believe if I called her, she would go out with me,” Connor says.

“Look, Sloane is special. You can’t just use her for your pleasure and then cast her aside.”

“Oh? And what were you planning on doing with her?”

Guilty as charged.

“That, my friend, is none of your business.”

“Alright, I’ll back off,” Connor agrees.

I glance over at Sloane, and she’s glaring at me. Connor says his goodbyes to everyone and walks off to his car.

“How dare you? Did you just tell Connor not to call me?” Sloane breathes fire at me.

“He’s not right for you. I know that much,” I reply.

“You have some nerve, Justin. I can’t tell you how angry that makes me. First, you don’t want me, but you won’t let anyone else have me either,” she whispers.

She looks like she is on the verge of tears.


At the office this week, I have trouble concentrating. All I can think about is Sloane and how upset and hurt she was the night we parted ways at the beach. Knowing I was the jackass to cause her to feel that way has left me riddled with guilt. I want to make it up to her. I even followed her to her place that night, but the smart girl wouldn’t let me in. I guess I’m glad. We both know what would have happened.

Why the hell can’t I stop thinking about her and her sinful curves and the sensuous way she moaned when I was feasting on her? And damn, the way she sucked and licked had me almost going over the edge.

Stop it, Justin. Now you’ve got a tent in your trousers.

“Hey, lunch today?” It’s Connor, the last person I want to see today. I’ve been purposely avoiding him.

“Yeah, sure, give me a few and we can go.” I agree to have lunch with him, but first, I need to let my tent subside. I cuss to myself under my breath.

“How goes it?” Connor asks once we’re sitting down and eating lunch at the local sandwich place, which is within walking distance of our offices in Century City.

“You know you’re breaking the man code, right?” I ask.

“What?” Connor plays stupid.

“Sloane,” I say in reply.

“Oh yeah, Sloane,” he says, and he gets this silly grin on his face.

“What’s so funny?”

“She called me,” Connor replies.

My fists clench under the table.

“This morning, she called my office,” he says.


Now I’m the one asking the stupid questions.

“Why do you think?”

“You aren’t taking her out, are you?” I ask, trying to keep my cool.

“I haven’t decided,” Connor replies, and I look away.

I’m seething.

“Look, Justin, she makes it sound like she’s not dating anyone, so what’s the harm if I take her out?”

“I told you she’s special, and I’m interested in her.”

“That’s not what she intimated.”

“What did she say?”

“Well, when she hinted about getting together this weekend, I came out and asked her if anything was going on between you two. She gave me an emphatic no. She said there was absolutely nothing going on between you. She was basically giving me the green light.”

I sit there and look off into the distance, knowing there’s not a thing I can do about it. I know for a fact that Connor is fooling around with one of the assistants at the office.

Get a grip, Justin. Find yourself a date this weekend to relieve the pressure that’s been building in your briefs all week.

“Yeah, whatever. Do what you like. But know I’m not happy about it. Like I said before, you’re breaking the man code .”

We finish our lunch in silence.

Once I get home from work tonight, I feel restless. I toss and turn all night.

The mere thought of her giving herself to a guy like Connor is eating me up inside. It really should be me, but it can’t be me. I know myself. It won’t last, and Sloan deserves more than Connor or I can give her.

I need to talk some sense into her.

I’ll try one more time, in person.


Justin has now made me determined to lose it to the next guy that comes along. No more saving myself for love. That’s a pipe dream.

Justin made me feel like a freak of nature just because I’ve been saving myself. He made me feel like I wasn’t sexy enough for him or anyone else, for that matter.

Just when my confidence was at an all-time low, his hunky friend was nice enough and seemed interested in taking me out. Maybe Connor could be my first. At this point, I don’t care if I’m in love or not, even though that’s how I always dreamed it would be.

I wanted to be in love with the man I gave my first time to.

Is that such a crime?

Justin made me feel like it was, so forget it then. I’m on a mission now, and I choose Connor Love. He’s a hunk of hotness and seems ready and willing. If he listens to Justin and doesn’t call me by the end of the week, I’m calling him at work. It’s out of character for me, but thanks to Justin bruising my ego, I’ve become a girl on a mission to prove to myself that I’m desirable.


I just got back from the hardest business law exam, and my brain hurts. Sometimes, I wonder why I chose law, as it doesn’t come easy to me, but I’ve always dreamed of being a lawyer, so I’m determined to achieve my dream.

I’m fixing myself some Kraft macaroni and cheese from the blue box when there’s a knock at my door. It startles me. Emily isn’t home, and it makes me uneasy.

Who could that be? I wonder. I walk over to the door and peer out the peephole. Ugh, what’s he doing here?

“Justin, what are you doing here?” I ask rudely, one hand on the doorknob and one hand on my waist.

He waltzes in right past me.

“Won’t you come in?” I say sarcastically and close the door behind me.

“I came to talk some sense into you.”

He’s a little pissed and treating me like a child—like his little sister’s friend.

I don’t have a bra on, and I catch him staring at my chest. My nipples harden under his heated gaze, and my breath picks up a notch.

He’s the one I really want, not Connor. Justin fills my body with lust and desire just by the way he looks at me. He needs to leave. I notice him look away and shake his head.

“Justin, you need to leave,” I say with breathlessness to my voice. It’s all I can do to keep my hands to myself.

Do you have any idea how long I have wanted this man? Stop it, Sloane. He doesn’t want you that way.

“Not until I say what I came to say. You can’t go out with Connor. He’s a total womanizer and player. He will eat you up and be done with you in no time. He never sticks around. It’s all a conquest thing for him. I’m warning you,” he says firmly.

“Did you tell him I was a . . .?” I huff out, letting him fill in the blank.

“No, of course not. I did tell him you were special, hoping he would stay away from you, but then he told me you called him.”

“I did.”


“Because I needed an ego boost, alright? You left me feeling like something was wrong with me, like I couldn’t get a man to sleep with me. Well, I intend to see if I can. No more sweet virgin for me,” I say defiantly.

“And so you’re just going to give it to him—just like that?” he barks out with a snap of his fingers.

I don’t give him an answer as I walk into the kitchen to check on my pasta. “It’s none of your business what I chose to do, now is it?” I reply without looking at him as I stir the pot on the stove.

He stares at me from the living room.

“What are you eating, macaroni and cheese from a box?” he asks, picking up the box and looking at it in distaste.

“It’s all I had in the house and it’s good.”

“Go get dressed, and put a bra on, for God’s sake. I will take you out for a proper dinner,” he says, turning alpha male on me.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re bossy and demanding?” I ask, crossing my arms across my chest.

“Only my mother. Now get dressed before I reach over and squeeze your tantalizing attributes,” he teases as his eyes shift to my chest. I know I blush.

“We wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we?” I tease back, brushing past him, making my chest graze his arms.

I head into my room with a grin across my face. He makes me so mad, but I still love him. Secretly, I wish he would follow me into my bedroom and take me right now.

I walk into my closet and look across my hanging clothes for something to wear. I settle on my latest go-to outfit, skinny Joe’s jeans, an orange sleeveless blouse and a textured white fabric moto-style jacket. I don’t think I will wear a bra . . . just to annoy him.

Running a brush through my hair, I then apply some makeup and finish my look off with some plum lip-gloss. I admire myself in the mirror, reminding myself that I’m sexy and can attract a man if I really want to.

“I’m ready,” I announce, walking into the living room. Justin looks at home on my sofa, flipping through the latest issue of US magazine.

“You look nice.” He actually gives me a compliment.

He takes me to this hip and trendy upscale pizza place in downtown Brentwood.

“How’s school going?” he asks over dinner.

“I had this killer business law exam today. My brain still hurts from it. I’m exhausted from studying late last night.”

“So your passion is law?”

“Yes, I’ve always dreamed of being a lawyer.”

“You were always the smart and driven one between you and my sister.”

“Kylie is the artsy one. I’ve always been the nerdy, brainy one,” I reply.

“Sloane, my dear, you are far from nerdy.”

“Yeah, yeah, tell me more.”

“Seriously, you have it going on. Trust me on that one,” he says, eyeing me like a wolf.

“Spare me, okay?”

“Look, I’m sorry if I affected your confidence, but trust me on this one—you’re so scorching hot now. At the beach, in your bikini, didn’t you see all my friends drooling over you? They stopped playing volleyball the minute you walked up, and when you took your cover-up off, they were left speechless.”

“Justin, shut up. Now you’re going overboard. You’re so full of it.”

“I kid you not.”

I tuck my hair behind my ear, and my face heats up from his words. He’s just saying that to try and make up for rebuffing me the other night. He looks so good, sitting across from me relaxed and being his usual, charming self. I wish we could work out, but he’s fighting it. Who am I to beg him? I will never beg.

We reminisce about when we were younger and the silly things we used to do. I used to always try and get his attention during those awkward preteen years. I cringe inside when I think about how dorky I was back them.

“So, you’re not going out with Connor this weekend, right?”

“I can’t make you any promises.”

“Go out with me instead.”

“No, thank you.”

“Why not?”

“Been there, done that. You had your chance.”

His eyes penetrate mine from across the table.

“Sloane, I’m warning you to stay away from Connor.”

“I’ll do as I please.”

“Do I have to put you over my knee and spank you?”

“Now that sounds tempting,” I tease seductively, dragging my tongue across my lips as Justin watches my tongue. I see him swallow hard.

“Let’s go,” he says gruffly.


When I got to Sloane’s apartment tonight and she answered the door braless, I just about died. I wanted to ravage her right then and there. It was all I could do to resist the temptation that is Sloane Hart.

She was stubborn and wouldn’t listen to reason. She still wants to go out with Connor, and I was so desperate to stop her that I asked her out. She turned me down. She said I’d had my chance, and she was right on that one.

Why am I such a jerk around her? Why have I become so fucking possessive of her? What’s up with that? I suppose it’s because I’ve known her for so long and she’s Kylie’s friend. A little bit of a big brother thing going on . . . that’s it, right?

Stop fooling yourself, Justin. You don’t like her like a big brother, and you know it, as evidenced by your freaking hard on every time she’s near. Yet, I left her feeling undesirable, and she is anything but undesirable.

I’m pissed at myself, because now I’m the reason she has become determined to give it up to the next guy who comes along. I won’t let that happen, but honestly, how can I stop it, as hard as I might try? All I’m doing is banging my head against the wall.

“Hey, Kylie,” I say after she picks up her phone.

“Hey, Justin. Why are you calling? You never call me,” Kylie says in greeting.

“Can’t a big brother call to check on how his little sister is doing?” I reply.

“Cut to the chase—what’s up?”

“Alright, how’s your friend, Sloane, doing?” I dare to ask.

“Fine, why?”

“Oh, no reason. Is she going out with my friend, Connor, this weekend?”

“I don’t know. She did say she was going to call him if he didn’t call her. That’s so out of character for her, to chase after a guy. Usually, they’re the one’s doing the chasing. Chasing after her. Why do you care?” Kylie asks, full of sass for me.

“No reason,” I reply.

“Bullshit. Are you interested in her after all these years? She used to have the biggest crush on you. You knew that, right?”

The operative words there are used to . “Yeah, I had a feeling. She looks pretty amazing now, I must admit.”

“Hey, Justin, leave her alone. I’m warning you, I don’t want you hurting her. She’s still pretty innocent, one of those girls who’s saving herself for what she deems to be true love. She’s really picky about the guys she’ll give the time of day to, so you’d better watch it.”

“Yeah, I figured as much.”

“Don’t you dare go there with her,” Kylie scolds.

I know she’s right on all counts. I need to go and take a cold shower and peruse my phone app for a girl to keep me company this weekend.

Unfortunately, the only girl I’m in the mood for is off-limits.

My fingers dial Sloane’s number.

“Go out with me on Saturday,” I ask Sloane, who is on the other end of the line.

“Who is this?” she asks.


“Hmmm, maybe if you asked me rather than told me what to do, I would consider saying yes,” she replies, and I can hear the smile behind her voice.

“Would you like to go out with me on Saturday night?”

“What did you have in mind?” she asks, not making this easy for me. She may be a virgin, but she knows how to play the dating game and tease the hell out of me. She’s making me work for it now.

“Dinner, maybe hit a club afterward. If I recall correctly, you like to dance.”

“Yes, I love going to clubs any chance I get, which hasn’t been that often as of late.”

“So, is that a yes?”

“I suppose.”

“Don’t sound so enthusiastic,” I say in my deadpan voice. She laughs.

“Alright, Justin, I would love to go out with you on Saturday. What time are you picking me up?”

“How does six sound?”


“See you then.”

“Looking forward to it.”

Damn, what am I getting myself into?

Hopefully, I will be getting myself into Sloane Hart.

All I know is I’m torturing myself and doing something I know is wrong—wrong for her and wrong for me—but I just can’t stop myself.


“You can just drop me off,” Sloane says as I pull up in front of her building. Dinner and the club were a good time, but now I’m going to get what I came for, the whole reason I wined and dined her.

“No, a true gentleman walks his date to the door,” I say, pulling up along the curb, where I kill the engine and open my door.

“A true gentleman takes what he’s offered,” she says with a hint of sarcasm.

Ouch, that hit below the belt.

“And besides, this is not a date,” Sloane comments.

“How do you know? What makes you say it isn’t?” I ask.

“Trust me. I know you’re no longer interested in me, so this is not a date. You don’t have to worry. I won’t be crushing on you anymore. I got your message loud and clear last weekend.”

As I follow her up the stairs to her apartment, she looks enticing in her skintight short skirt, which clings to her every sinful curve. She wore it for my benefit, no doubt, to tease the hell out of me. The way she sways her hips has me hypnotized. Once we stop outside her front door, it gets awkward.

“Well, goodnight, Justin. Thanks for dinner,” she says softly.

I go in for a kiss, almost out of habit.

She backs off a little, not letting our lips make contact.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“Trying to kiss you.”


“I don’t know. Out of habit, I guess,” I reply, and instantly, I know I just put my foot in my mouth.

“Justin, you’re a player, aren’t you?” she asks.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.” Why am I such an idiot around her?

“You were right on the beach when you said I should be thanking you. Thank you for not taking me up on my offer last weekend. You knew best after all,” she says.

“To save you from me?” I ask.


“Well, I changed my mind,” I reply, leaning into her and whispering in her ear. My lips brush against her neck. “Let me come in.”

I can sense her body responding to me. I want inside after all.

“Maybe I’ve changed my mind now,” she says, not sounding very convincing.

“I’ll make it worth your while if you let me come in.”

I press my lips against her neck, right below her ear, and then suck her earlobe into my mouth. She lets out a soft gasp.

I know I’m making her wet. I want to venture up her skirt with my fingers and check for myself, but I know I need to go slow with this one.

“Justin, I can’t take your mixed signals.”

“Am I sending mixed signals now? I think you get my message, don’t you?” I say, pressing my body against hers as her back presses against her door. “Are you going to let me come in?”

Sloane closes her eyes, trying to refuse me.

But no girl ever refuses me.

My hand rests on her thigh, and I inch it up slowly until my palm reaches her bare cheek. She’s either wearing a thong or no panties at all.

“Justin,” she breathes out, and I know for a fact that she wants me. She looks up at me with her big brown eyes and I melt. She is so fucking gorgeous, and those lips of hers are parted, begging to be kissed.

“What’s it going to be, Sloane? Are you going to let me in?”

We both understand my double entendre.

“Are you sure you want in?” she asks way more suggestively than any virgin should.

“Yes,” I reply firmly.

“Sorry. Goodnight, Justin.”

She turns and unlocks her door, walks into her apartment alone, and closes the door.

Shot down Harlow.

When was the last time that ever happened?

Sloane is a smart girl, not letting me in.



“Hi, Sloane.”

“Oh, hey, Kylie.”

“Do you want to come with my family to Carmel for Car Week?

“When is it?”

“In a couple of weeks, mid-August. We are going to head up on Wednesday, the fifteenth.”

“Sure, that sounds like a fun time.”

“My parents are renting a house in Carmel. We’ll have our own room.”

“Cool,” I reply, wondering if Justin is going, but I don’t dare ask Kylie. She has warned me off her brother time and time again.

She knows he wouldn’t be good for me.

“Justin is coming and bringing one of his hot friends,” Kylie says.

“Who, Connor?” I ask, although if he knows I’m going, I doubt he would bring Connor.

“No, his friend, Scott, from college. He’s definitely swoon-worthy, let me tell you.”

“I will have to see for myself.”

“Trust me on this one.” Kylie laughs.

“We’re going to ride up with my brother and Scott. We’ll swing by and pick you up that Wednesday morning.

“Okay, great,” I say, trying to sound enthusiastic.

I have my reservations about being in a car with Justin for six hours and sharing a house with him for five days, but I don’t share that with Kylie.


They come and pick me up on Wednesday morning, and when I get outside to the car, Justin is standing at the back of his car with the trunk open.

Even though he has his mirrored aviator sunglasses on, I feel him eye me from head to toe. I’m wearing a short crop top and tight white denim shorts for him to feast his eyes on.

“Hey, beautiful,” Mr. Charming says in greeting.

“Hey, yourself,” I reply. I’m so tempted to give him a peck, but I think better of it. He takes my duffle bag from me and tosses it in the trunk. Being the gentleman that he is, he opens the car door for me to sit behind him and next to Kylie in the back seat.

“Hi, Sloane. This is Scott Morris, Justin’s friend from college,” Kylie says, greeting me and introducing me to Mr. Swoon-worthy. He’s pretty cute, in a boyish sort of way.

“Hi, Scott,” I say, and he returns the hello.

“I like what you have on. Is it new?” Kylie comments on my outfit.

“Thanks. Not really,” I reply as I sense Justin looking at me in the rearview mirror.

I still want him, of course. I will always want him, but I realize the real Justin is unattainable. I have had a glimpse of some parts of him, but he seems unwilling to give himself fully to any girl. For some reason, he holds back. He has told me he doesn’t do long-term relationships and that he tires of girls quickly, so I can’t ever give my heart to him. For me, it’s a lot easier said then done. That’s why we won’t take it any further. We can’t.

Resisting the temptation that’s sitting in the driver’s seat and taking me to Carmel this weekend will be difficult. This will be a tough five days.

Kylie has no idea that Justin and I went out a couple of times. I would never hear the end of it if she knew. She is so against us ever being together.

Our drive along the coast is breathtaking. We stop along the cliffs overlooking the water to take pictures like tourists. Kylie and I take selfies with the view behind us, and I can feel Justin taking me in as the wind whips through my hair.

Likewise, I find myself admiring his delicious backside as we walk back to the car. Oh, how I want to grab his buns in his just-tight-enough jeans, but I don’t dare. Kylie walks ahead and is doing her best at flirting with Scott, and he looks like he’s enjoying it.

Justin and I hang back a few paces from them.

“Those are pretty short shorts you’ve got on, Miss Sloane,” he says huskily.

“I wore them for your benefit.”

He takes me by surprise and wraps his arm around my waist. His hand lands across the bare skin under my crop top. He delicately lets his thumb skim my breast through my lacy bra. “Hey, Mr. Harlow, keep your hands to yourself.” I whisper so Kylie doesn’t overhear.

“This is going to be a tough five days,” he says close to my ear.

“My thoughts exactly. I should’ve never agreed to come.”

“I, for one, am glad you did,” he says with a smile that shows off his dimples.

We all get back in the car for another couple of hours up to Carmel. I drift off to sleep and dream of Justin. Long car rides always lull me to sleep.

“Wake up, Sloane,” Kylie says as she gently rubs my arm.

We are driving up a long, winding driveway, and then the charming Carmel Highlands home they’re renting comes into view. The house is an enchanting old world stone home, and once you go through the front door, you immediately get swept away by the spectacular ocean view from the huge bay windows in the living room. It’s a private and secluded retreat.

Kylie’s parents have already been here a couple of days.

“Hi, kids, how was the drive up?” Mrs. Harlow comes to greet us. Justin and Kylie have the nicest parents. I love them, and they treat me like a daughter.

“Sloane, dear, it’s good to see you.” Mrs. Harlow gives me a warm hug.

“Hi, Mrs. Harlow. This house is amazing. Something smells good,” I say.

“Dad is grilling some steaks, and I have scalloped potatoes baking. We thought you kids would be hungry.”

“Famished, Mom,” Justin answers for all of us.

“Come on, Sloane. Let’s put our stuff in what will be our room,” Kylie says.

“Yes, come on, girls. Let me show you to your room upstairs,” Mrs. Harlow says, and we follow her through the sprawling four-bedroom home.

Once we put our things down, we head out to the deck in the backyard and admire the awe-inspiring view of the Pacific Ocean.

“The view here is spectacular, Mr. Harlow,” I say as I walk up to Kylie’s dad, who is manning the grill.

“Hi, Sloane. Glad you could join us.”

We all sit down at the large table on the deck, and Mr. and Mrs. Harlow have a fabulous dinner prepared for us. Justin sits next to me, and I feel his presence throughout the entire meal.

After dinner, we help clear the dishes. Kylie wants to watch a movie upstairs in the family room, and I see Scott follow her upstairs.

“Let’s go back outside on the deck, Sloane,” Justin leans in and whispers to me before he walks away from me, expecting me to follow him.

Mr. and Mrs. Harlow are busy in the kitchen and don’t seem to notice us slip outside again.

“God, Sloane, now that I’ve had a taste of you, I can’t stop thinking about you. I still want you. I crave you—your scent, your taste.”

Damn, he’s a naughty charmer, isn’t he? His words alone turn me on beyond belief. He pulls me into his hard body, then dips his head down and nuzzles his nose into my neck.

“Your scent is intoxicating, Sloane. Don’t fight it anymore. I have to have you.”

“Oh, but I thought it wasn’t a good idea. I thought you never wanted to touch me again,” I taunt seductively. I want to bring the player to his knees. Make him beg for me. I love tantalizing him. I will never forget his “Get off me” comment. Payback time for how low he made me feel that night.

“Kylie will be looking for me. I need to get back inside.”

“No, stay out here with me a little longer. Let’s go in the Jacuzzi.”

“You can’t be serious. It’s too cold.”

“Oh, but I’m serious. I want to see your nipples get hard from the cold air blowing on them.”

“Don’t tempt me,” I reply, blushing from his comment.

“Why not? You tempt me all the time,” he says, trailing his fingertips along my arm and sending twinges to my girl parts below my waist.

“Sloane!” I hear Kylie calling out for me.

“I’m going in now,” I say as I start to walk away.

Justin’s hand grabs my wrist. “I will have you,” he says with a look of determination.

“Is that a promise, Justin Harlow?” I reply through narrowed eyes.

“Most definitely,” he replies, releasing my wrist.

“There you are. Let’s go to sleep. I’m tired,” Kylie says when I walk into the bonus room. She’s lounging on the couch and Scott is sitting close by.

We head to our room, and I catch a glimpse of Justin as he watches us walk down the hall to our room.

“Isn’t Scott a dream?” Kylie gushes once we’re tucked in for the night.

“He’s not bad,” I reply.

I only have eyes for Justin.

“He’s so nice and so funny. I love hanging out with him, but I’m afraid he only sees me as Justin’s little sister.”

I know the feeling. For the longest time, I felt that Justin only saw me as his little sister’s friend.

“You need to vamp it up.”

“Look whose talking, virgin girl.”

“Hey, I still know how to be sexy . . . I think.”

“Yeah, you do. I’m just teasing you. Help me then. Let’s go shopping in town tomorrow,” Kylie says.

“Sounds like a plan.”

We are at the mercy of Justin driving us into town this morning, but he obliges us.

Carmel by the Sea is the most charming seaside village. Many shops line the main street, Ocean Blvd.

“I love it up here. It’s so quaint, isn’t it?”

Kylie agrees as we roam into a shop that displays cute summer dresses and accessories in the storefront window. As we peruse the racks of clothing, I drape a few dresses over my arm and we head back into the dressing rooms.

“Here, try these on,” I say, shoving a few dresses at Kylie.

“What do you think?” Kylie asks, pulling the curtain open so I can see her.

“I like that on you. It shows off your curves in a casual way. Get it in both colors, the turquoise and the red.”

“What do you think of this halter dress on me? Is it too much? I can’t wear a bra with it.”

“No, I like the black on you. It screams sexy and sophisticated.”

The sales girl talks us into some cute earrings to go with our dresses, and we waltz out with a shopping bag each.

“Did you buy the whole store?” Justin teases.

“Let’s have lunch somewhere in town. Let’s go to the Inn at Spanish Bay for lunch,” Kylie suggests.

“Lead the way. I’m getting hungry.”


On Friday morning, we drive out to the Concourso Italiano at the nearby Laguna Seca Race Course. The Harlows are showing their Ferrari in this show.

Kylie and I roam around and check out all of the sexy Ferraris lined up, row after row, on the large, grassy field. Some of the Ferraris have equally sexy owners. Kylie and I can’t help noticing them. We make our way back to the Harlows’ car, and they’re chatting with the Ferrari owner parked next to them.

“This is the hottest Italian guy I’ve seen all day, and that accent is to die for,” I whisper to Kylie.

“You can say that again,” she replies, and we hold back our giggles.

“Girls, this is Giovanni Mennuci. He brings one of his Ferraris every year.”

We exchange hellos and furtive glances with each other. The sex appeal oozing from this guy is hard to resist.

“He keeps staring at you, Sloane,” Kylie says, nudging me.

“Stop it, he is not,” I say as he sidles up next to me.

“Sloane, which is your favorite car here?”

“That’s a tough one. All the Ferraris are super sexy,” I reply.

“Would you like to take a ride with me after the show?”

“I would love to,” I gush.

I hear Justin clear his throat, trying to get my attention. When I look over at him, he’s wearing a scowl. Don’t tell me he’s jealous.

“Are you staying with the Harlows?”

“Yes, in a lovely home with an amazing ocean view. Carmel is such a charming place. Where are you staying?”

“The Inn at Spanish Bay.”

“Oh, we had lunch there yesterday.”

“What do you do, Sloane?”

“I’m in my last year of college.”

“Where do you attend University?”

“Pepperdine; it’s in LA. What do you do?”

“I live in Milan and help run my family’s apparel business.”

“Does your family have a lot of exotic cars?”

“Yes, mostly Ferraris.”

“Hey, Sloane, come on. Let’s go walk around,” Justin says, rudely interrupting us. Giovanni glares at him, but Justin stands there and takes my hand.

“Excuse me, Giovanni. I will be back later for that ride,” I say, smiling at him.

Justin tugs my hand, and we start to walk away.

“Justin, you were being rude.”

“That guy is a total player, with his Ferrari and Italian accent. Don’t fall for him.”

“And you are no different, Mr. Harlow.”

We continue to walk in silence, and I drop his hand.

“Why can’t a single girl have some fun? You’re putting a serious damper on my love life, and I’m getting tired of it.”

Even though the only love life I would like to have going on is with him.

Justin pulls me behind one of the exhibition tents, away from the prying eyes of Kylie and the rest of the family. He takes my face in his hands and kisses me. My lips part for his searching tongue.

“Sloane, don’t you dare ride with him. I mean it,” he commands, pulling away from the kiss.

“Justin, you don’t own me. You haven’t staked any kind of claim on me, so I suggest you back off,” I say heatedly.

I’m starting to get angry at his demands on me. Who does he think he is? Certainly not my boyfriend—he’s made it clear he would never want to be. He just wants something physical with me. I start to walk off, and he lets me.

Once I find Kylie, we decide to grab some lunch. Justin and Scott come and join us at our table. I refuse to look at Justin. What the hell am I going to do with him?

When he isn’t looking in my direction, I steal glances at him in his dress shirt with its sleeves rolled up, and I admire his toned and tan forearms. He looks devastatingly handsome in his aviator sunglasses, very cool and male model-like. He has some razor stubble going on, and his wavy, dark brown hair is always styled to perfection.

“Sloane, did you hear me?” I finally hear Kylie talking to me.

“No, I’m sorry. What did you say?”

“Are you going for a ride with dreamy Giovanni?” she asks loudly enough so her brother overhears, and I know he’s looking at me through those mirrored glasses of his. Even though I can’t see his eyes clearly, I can sense them.

“Yes, probably. If he asks me again.”

“Oh, believe me, he will.”

“Whatever,” I reply, shrugging my shoulders.

“Bella, there you are. Are you ready for that ride?” Giovanni comes up to me at the table and asks. Kylie nudges me with her elbow.

“Yes, I would love to.”

“I’ll give you a ride back to where you’re staying.”

“Sounds divine. See you back at the house,” I say, turning toward Kylie.

“This is a beautiful car, Giovanni,” I gush once we get into his sporty yet luxurious Ferrari.

“Thank you, Bella. Not as beautiful as you,” he replies in his seductive Italian accent.

“I bet you say that to all the girls,” I tease, remembering what Justin said earlier about Giovanni being a player.

We roar out onto the highway, and I can feel the rev of the engine. It’s a complete turn on. I feel sexy in this car, especially with an Italian Stallion sitting next to me, giving me his undivided attention. This is just what I needed to feel desired again. Take that, Justin Harlow.

I catch Giovanni eyeing my legs in my short dress. I have the sudden urge to kiss him. I want to let loose and be wild.

“Let’s drive along the coast,” he says.

“Sounds perfect. I have really fallen in love with Carmel. It’s so pretty here. I love being by the ocean.”

“I know. I feel the same way about this special place. My family has been coming for the past eight years.”

“How old are you?” I ask.

“Twenty-five. How about you, Sloane?”


“Come out with me tonight?”

“I can’t leave my friend, Kylie.”

“Bring her along, and I will bring my cousin, Luca. You met him back at the car show.”

“Let me text Kylie.”

Sloane: Can we go to dinner tonight with Giovanni and his cousin, Luca ?

Kylie: Yes, absolutely!

“Kylie said yes,” I say.

Once we get back to the house, Giovanni drops me off and promises to return in a couple of hours.

“Until tonight,” I say, and Giovanni leans over and gives me a peck on the cheek.

When I walk into the house, I immediately see Justin standing in the entry. He must have been waiting for me to return.

“Tell me you’re not seeing him again.”

“Yes, Kylie and I are going to dinner with him and his cousin.”

“You are so naïve, Sloane, to be taken in by that Italian playboy.”

“What do you care?”

“Unfortunately, I do care.”

“Whatever, Justin. Where’s Kylie?”

“Up in your room. The last time I saw her, clothes were strewn all over your room. Don’t stay out too late,” Justin cautions.

“Who are you, my warden?”

“Just be careful with that guy,” he warns.

“I’m a big girl and can take care of myself. Thanks for the warning though.”

Justin looks none too happy.

“Kylie, what a mess you’ve made,” I say as I walk into our messy room.

“I can’t decide what to wear tonight.”

“I’m wearing this black halter dress we bought yesterday. What do you think?

“Va-va-voom. Are you going to wear a bra?”

“No, I can’t because of the halter style.”

“Giovanni will be all over you.”

“Maybe that’s what I want. I’m in the mood to let loose tonight,” I say with a devilish grin.

“Sloane, I’ve never seen you like this before.”

“I’m tired of being the good girl. It’s time I lost it and gave up on the idea of saving myself for love that may never come.”

“So you would do it with Giovanni?” Kylie asks in surprise.

“He sure gets me going. Don’t you think he’s sexy?”

“Most definitely. I wonder if his cousin is just as much of an Italian Stallion?” We both start laughing.

“What’s so funny?” nosy Justin asks, leaning in the doorway with his arms crossed.

“Girl talk, Justin. Get out of here. We’re changing.”

“Close the door next time,” he gripes as he eyes me from head to toe.

We go downstairs once Kylie and I are ready to go.

“You’re not wearing that, are you?” Justin asks, staring at my chest.

“Yes, I am. What’s wrong with it?”

“First of all, I can tell you’re not wearing a bra—that’s what’s wrong.”

“Leave me alone, Justin,” I say.

“I can’t,” Justin says with no elaboration.

I hear the roar of Giovanni’s Ferrari pull up to the house.

“Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad,” Kylie calls out to her parents.

“Goodbye, girls. Have a good time,” Mrs. Harlow says, coming to the door.

“Good evening, Mrs. Harlow,” Giovanni says, standing at the front door. Justin hangs back in the foyer with that scowl on his face and his arms crossed.


I don’t like the way this Italian guy is looking at Sloane. He’s trying to impress her, and I don’t like it one bit. She’s receptive to his advances and agreed to go for a ride with him. It burns me up inside when I hear she is actually going out with him tonight. I’ve never felt this jealous or possessive about a girl before in my life. It feels strange and uncontrollable, and I try to be in control at all times.

How can I stop her from going out with him?

I find myself stalking them on their date. I’m pathetic, but I can’t stop myself. She dresses so provocatively in that dress that clings to her every curve. I can see her breasts sway as she walks, and it’s driving me crazy. I can only imagine how Giovanni will react to her.

Scott and I walk into the Gooding Automobile Auction and unexpectedly find them there. He has his arm around the back of her chair. I want to walk up to them, but I show some self-restraint, as hard as it is.

Then I spot them get up and start to leave, and Sloane won’t even meet my gaze. Luckily, Kylie tells me where they’re going. I decide to follow them to the Inn at Spanish Bay, as if there’s something I can do to stop him from making his move on her. The guy has international player written all over him. From the slick Italian good looks and the flashy car to that Italian accent, I can see why a guy like him would seduce Sloane. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Why can’t I just let her do her thing? Why am I so concerned about what she does or doesn’t do with other men? I need to get a grip on this jealous monster I’ve become. Let her go, man. Walk out of here. She’s a big girl.

I walk into the bar and find them sitting cozily together in a booth at the back, and I crash her party. She looks none too happy about it, but I don’t care.

Once Scott and I take a seat with them, Giovanni and Sloane get up to leave the bar and go outside to the patio. The guy is going to make his move, and she’s going to let him. Panic washes over me. What can I possibly do to stop this?

I find my feet walking and following them outside. Then, I stop and think better of it. I need to get out of here before I make a fool of myself by doing something stupid.

“Let’s go, Scott,” I say, walking back into the bar.

We leave and drive back to the house. She’d better not go to his room. I’m tormenting myself by imagining them together. I’m imagining the worst, and it’s eating me alive.

It’s not like we’re together, so why does it bother me?

I fight my feelings for her every day.

I want Sloane. I admit it. She should be mine, but I can’t do that to her. I know how I am, and I’m not a long-term relationship guy. Not looking for one, not that this Italian guy is either. He just has a weekend fling in his mind, and she seems willing. At least, that’s the signal she’s sending. She needs to be careful.

Kylie and Sloane come home after midnight.

I hear them stumble in, giggling.

The next morning, I try and avoid her. I can’t even look at her. I’m pissed at her and at myself for being so possessive and letting her make me jealous and angry.

She finds me sitting out on the deck.

“Hey,” she says, sitting next to me on the deck chair.

“Hey. Are you hung over this morning?” I ask.

“No, I didn’t have that much to drink last night. I wanted to keep my wits about me.”

“How did you like the auction?”

“Very fun and exciting. I can’t believe how much those cars sold for. It’s insane how much money some of these people have to just blow on a car!”

“How far did you let the Italian take it with you?” I need to know.

“It’s none of your business,” Sloane clips out.

“You know he’s just using you for a weekend fling, right?”

She looks down as if she is thinking about it and doesn’t say a word, which tells me she knows.

“Isn’t that what all guys do?” she asks, challenging me.

“What can I say?” She’s right on that one. I’m no better. “Are you seeing him again tonight?” I ask.

“I haven’t decided.”

“Come out with me tonight.”

She tilts her head to the side and gives me a look. “Justin, don’t do this again. First, you did it when Connor wanted to take me out, and you’re doing it again. Give it up, okay? I’m getting tired of it.”

“I can’t help myself. I don’t want anyone taking advantage of your innocence.”

“Yeah, anyone besides you?”

“Yes, precisely,” I say, giving her my drop dead wicked grin.

I hope she’s considering going out with me tonight.

“Will you come out with me tonight?” I ask again.

“Are Kylie and Scott coming too?”

“Yes, it will look funny if we go out alone,” I reply.

Sloane looks out at the ocean and takes a deep breath.

“The air up here is so fresh. I love Carmel. It’s magical,” she says, not answering my question.

Is she purposely prolonging my agony? She won’t agree to go out with me yet. I try and keep my cool and don’t press her for an answer. I’m just enjoying her company.

“Let’s take a walk down to the water,” I say, standing and offering her my hand. She looks up at me and hesitates for a moment before she takes it.

I don’t know what’s happening between us. We walk in silence along the trail down to the water. The beaches up here have beautiful white sand for miles. We slip our sandals off and walk onto the sand toward the water.

“I have fallen in love with Carmel. It’s so beautiful up here along the coast. The people are so friendly and laid back, too,” Sloane says.

I look over at her and watch as the wind blows through her long, sexy brown hair the color of caramel. She doesn’t have an ounce of makeup on and she still looks naturally pretty.

I want to steal another kiss from her. Why do I feel like a thief when I take a kiss from her? She makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. I usually take whatever I want from women, and they give it to me willingly.

With Sloane, I find myself second-guessing my every move with her. I think too much before I act, which is so unlike me.

“We’ve been coming up for Car Week for the past four years. I love it up here too,” I say.

“I love seeing all of the cool cars. Ferraris are the sexiest cars—in my humble opinion, that is,” Sloane says.

“You didn’t sleep with him, did you?” I blurt out.

“What do you think?”

“I hope not.”

“I don’t want to talk about my personal life with you.”

I want to protect her innocence. Don’t ask me why.

“Justin, what are we doing?”

“I have no idea,” I reply, looking out at the blue ocean.

“You can’t run my love life, Justin,” she tells me.

“I know, I know,” I reply, looking down at my feet in the sand.

I turn and look at her, and she stares right back at me. Her eyes search mine.

“I know I still want you, even though I wrestle with it every single day and night. When I see you with someone else, it drives me insane with jealousy.”

She raises her hand and strokes my cheek. “I wish you wouldn’t fight it. Why can’t you let something happen between us?”

“Sloane, you don’t know me. I’m not good at relationships.”

“I want to know you better, Justin,” Sloane says, and I watch the words roll off her lips. I move closer to her and hold her face in my hands. My lips take hers in a searing kiss. I’m finding it near impossible to resist this girl who has turned into one incredibly sensual woman. Her lips part, and her tongue coaxes me in. Damn. This girl may be a virgin, but she knows how to kiss. She’s driving me crazy with lust, judging by the rise in my jeans. I press my rigid manhood against her belly, pulling her in tight against my hardness.

“Justin,” she whispers softly. Her breath hitches, and I know she’s getting hot and bothered by this kiss.

“Dammit, Sloane, you’re impossible to resist.”

“Don’t fight it anymore, Justin. Just let what happens happen. I want this. I want you,” she says, wrapping her hand around my stiffness through my jeans and giving it a light squeeze.

“Sloane, don’t. Not now, not here. Come to the bonus room tonight after Kylie falls asleep. No matter how late it is, I’ll wait for you.”

“I don’t know, Justin. What if someone catches us?”

“We’ll be quiet,” I say with a wicked look in my eyes as my lips brush hers. “Say you’ll come to me.”

“I can’t make any promises,” she murmurs with a twinkle in her eye that gives me hope.

“At least come out for dinner with me tonight.”

“Deal,” she agrees, and I breathe a sigh of relief that she’s not going out with the Italian playboy.

We arrive early and put our name in at the Mission Ranch Inn. It’s Clint Eastwood’s Ranch resort, and you can see sheep grazing. Something about this place is special. I wanted to show it to Sloane. We take a seat out on the patio and order drinks.

“I love the cute sheep. Look, there’s only one black one,” Sloane says in excitement. She’s so adorable. This girl has gotten under my skin. There’s such a sensual innocence about her that I find refreshing, very different from the girls I usually spend time with. “They have the life here, with an incredible view of the ocean.”

“These sheep are the chosen few.”

“I’ll say. Have you ever seen Clint Eastwood here?” Sloane asks expectantly.

“Yes, once.”

“Wow, how cool.”

Our drinks arrive, and we relax and joke around with my sister and Scott. Kylie is flirting with Scott any chance she can get, but she’s barking up the wrong tree. Scott would never go for my kid sister. He’s too smart for that. Besides, I would have to beat the crap out of him if he even touched my sister.

Our remote buzzer goes off, letting us know our table is ready. Once we’re led to our table, I pull out a chair for Sloane.

“Why, thank you,” she says as I get to watch her cute ass sit down in the chair. I notice Scott do the same thing for Kylie, and she lights up at the attention.

“I love it here. The view of the bluffs and the ocean are so serene and calming. So different from home.”

“This is one of my favorite places to come every time we come up to Carmel.”

“I can see why.”

I wish Sloane and I were dining alone tonight. This is a romantic place. I’d love to stay in a suite here with Sloane. Where’s this all coming from? I find myself wanting to do special things with her, and we aren’t even together.


The house is quiet, and I’m waiting impatiently.

All I can hear is my heart thumping loudly in my chest.

The anticipation is making my heart race.

I’m lying down on the sofa upstairs in the bonus room.

This is where I told Sloane to meet me as soon as my sister fell asleep.

I poured two glasses of wine for us and brought a blanket from my room to keep us warm in the event she shows up.

I stroke my hard on in my jeans.

Damn, I hope she shows up to take care of my needs tonight.

I hear her walk into the room. She stops dead in her tracks, staring at me with apprehension.

“Come here,” I beckon her over to me.

She lies on top of me, and our lips lock together while my hands rake through her long hair.

She straddles me, rubbing against my steely shaft that is dying to come out and play—and find some relief.

My hands reach to cup her breasts. She lets out a soft moan.

“God, I want you,” I whisper in her ear.

“You feel good pressed up against me,” she whispers back, gliding her sex against me.

“I can make you feel a whole lot better,” I breathe as my hands guide her hips along my rigid shaft.

I maneuver her so now she’s on her back. I lift up her cropped t-shirt to expose her incredible breasts. I take her ripe, pink nipple into my mouth and hungrily suck on it and then torture the other bud. Her hands run through my hair and her hips swivel into me. She wants it. Her body wants me. I trail kisses down her soft, taut belly, and I can’t wait to taste the nectar between her legs again. It’s all I can think about. I tug at the waistband of her pajama bottoms, and she lifts her hips.

Mmm, her fragrance intoxicates me. I dive into her, lavishing her sensitive, swollen bud with my tongue. She tastes divinely sweet.

She’s trying to suppress her moans of pleasure. We need to be careful that no one hears us in our throes of passion.

“Justin,” she whispers as I slide two fingers into her tight channel, slick from her wetness.

I crawl back up toward her face and settle myself between her legs.

I still have on my boxers. I want to take her right now, but think better of it. I want our first time together to be private, where we don’t have to worry about someone walking in on us. Her hands start to tug at my waistband, and it takes every ounce of resolve I have to not plunder into her.

“We’d better not—not here,” I whisper into the darkness.

Her breath is ragged and so is mine, but we have to stop.

“You’re right,” she agrees.

We pry ourselves apart and go to our separate rooms to try and catch a few hours of sleep.

I wake up before anyone else stirs this morning, and I’ve come to my senses.

I’ve got to stop trying to control her. I must stop caring what she does and with whom, because I know I can’t give her what she wants, what she deserves—a man who will love her, who will cherish her mind, her body and her soul.

Hell, I know myself well enough to realize that I could only deliver in one of those areas, cherishing that sinful body of hers.

She walks into the kitchen this morning looking adorably rumpled in her pajamas, which hang loosely on her curves, but she’s still beautiful. My eyes catch a glimpse of the soft, smooth skin of her belly as her crop top rises. She runs a hand through her hair, and I wish it were my hand.

I drop my head back down and continue to read my newspaper to distract myself from my lustful thoughts. I have to keep it in my pants. Only two more days of this torture of practically living together 24/7 under the same roof. The temptation of Sloane is driving me mad. It’s killing me.

I toss and turn at night, knowing she’s just down the hall.

She toasts herself a bagel and pours herself a cup of coffee.

“Hey, Justin,” she says quietly, joining me at the breakfast table.

“Good morning,” I reply, not even looking up from my paper.

We sit in an awkward silence.

“Where is everyone?” she asks.

“Parents went for a walk. Scott is still sleeping.”

“Kylie is dead to the world, too.”

“Look, Sloane, I’m sorry about last night. I let the alcohol get the best of me. I’m sorry I came on to you so strong.”

“Oh, great. So you’re sorry yet again, sorry it happened?” she asks, and I can hear the hurt in her voice—the anger too. She’s clenching her fists.

“Yes. I need to control myself around you. I promise you as well as myself that I won’t let it happen again.”

“Hmmm, whatever you say, Justin,” she says as if she doesn’t believe me.

She finishes her breakfast and takes her plate to the sink.

My eyes immediately watch her walk away, and I find myself admiring the shift of her hips and her being braless. Damn, she tempts me without even trying. Just two more days, I tell myself, just forty-eight more hours of blue ball torture.

Kylie and Sloane come downstairs, ready to go to the car show, and Sloane literally steals my breath away.

I can’t take my eyes off her.

She has on a dark purple sleeveless dress, snug against her curves. She looks gorgeously sophisticated with her long, thick, wavy hair framing her perfectly made up face.

Her lips are a glossy plum color, and damn, do I want to kiss them.

Her skirt is short enough to show off her amazing pair of legs.

She catches me staring at her, and I quickly avert my gaze.


We arrive at the Concourse D’Elegance, and Sloane is definitely turning heads today.

It’s chilly and windy on the Pebble Beach Golf course, which sits right on the water. Rows upon rows of beautifully restored vintage cars are on display for as far as the eye can see. Each entrant is hoping to walk away with a prestigious award.

I watch Sloane and Kylie wind their way through the throngs of people and the automobile exhibits.

The young and the old—no man is immune to Sloane’s subtle beauty.

“Son, Sloane has grown up into quite the young lady, hasn’t she?” my father asks.

We’re strolling together, admiring the stunning automobiles on display.

“Yes, she has,” I reply, clearing my throat.

“Tread lightly there, my boy. I’ve noticed the way you look at her now that she’s all grown up. She’s a sweet and well-poised young lady. Don’t you dare toy with her. I’m well aware of how you can be with the ladies, Justin. Keep it in your pants around her, understood?” my father says sternly.

I heed his warning with a slight nod of my head, but I can’t meet his eyes.

Little does he know how desperately I’ve been struggling to do just that—keep it in my pants. My big head knows he’s right and agrees with him, but tell that to my little head.

I watch Sloane from a distance as she roams through the car show with my sister.

A handsome and wealthy looking gentleman approaches her. I see her tilt her head back and laugh. What’s he saying to her? He’s trying to pick her up. There’s no doubt about it.

“What’s wrong with you?” Scott asks, coming up next to me.

He follows my gaze.

“Oh, I see. You’re watching her. You’re like a stalker. You want her, don’t you?”

“Yeah, and I can’t have her.”

“Why not? She’s yours for the taking. She’s into you. I know you guys have been stealing moments together.”

“That has to stop.”

“Why deny yourself the pleasure?”

“Let’s just say it’s complicated and leave it at that.”

“She’s not the kind of girl you just mess around with. You do know that, right?”

“Yes, I am well aware, and my own father just reminded me as well,” I grumble.

“Here’s your problem, Justin. You want to have your cake and eat it too. A girl like Sloane needs to be treated right. Just like your sister, Kylie,” Scott says.

“What does my sister have to do with any of this?” I ask.

I stare at Scott, and his eyes cast down as he shuffles his feet.

“Wait a minute—you don’t like my sister, do you?”

“What if I said I did?” Scott says timidly.

“No. No. No way, man. You leave Kylie alone,” I growl.

“I know I should, and I will.”

“Promise,” I say firmly.

“Promise,” Scott sighs out, not sounding very convincing.

“We’re both in trouble, aren’t we, bro? We’re a sad pair, hung up on girls who we should never be with, period. End of story, right?” I ask Scott.

“Come on, let’s corral the girls and grab some lunch.”

BMW hosts a deck overlooking the vintage automobiles, and we were lucky enough to be their invited guests for a delicious lunch. We flow through the buffet line and then find a table along the railing. We have a great view for people watching.

“Are you having a good time?” I ask Sloane.

“Yes. This is such an over-the-top, lavish exhibit of insanely stunning cars. I especially love the vintage ones. Many are restored so beautifully. And the people watching is so much fun, too,” she says, giggling with my sister.

“It’s all very Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ,” I reply.

“Hey, look, there goes Jay Leno. He looks like such a nice man, and he’s so funny too,” Kylie says.

I notice her and Scott exchange glances.

What’s going on between them? I’ve been so wrapped up in my own obsession with Sloane that I haven’t noticed what’s been going on right under my nose between my sister and Scott.

“You’ll have to come with us every year now, Sloane,” Kylie says.

I groan inside at the thought. I look at Sloane and she looks in my direction, but I can’t tell if her eyes are on me or not. She’s got these dark celebrity sunglasses on.

Damn, Justin, you have it bad for this girl. I shake my head slightly, trying to shake some sense into this brain of mine. Stop staring at her. I manage to glance away and just people watch as the three of them talk about the automobiles that impressed them the most.

“Justin, which car is your favorite?” Sloane asks, touching my hand softly to draw me into the conversation.

Her touch goes straight below the belt, and something stirs—the little head, no doubt.

I’m a pathetic and desperate man.

Thank God we drive home tomorrow.


Sloane sits behind me on the way home and I steal glances at her in the rearview mirror all the way home.

Eventually, she falls asleep. She looks like an angel, with a serene expression on her face. I could watch her sleep all day.

I’m quiet most of the drive home, lost in my fantasies of Sloane and me together every which way possible—in bed at night, waking up with her, or just hanging out with her and hearing her laugh.

“Justin.” I finally hear Scott talking to me.

“What?” I reply.

“Did you hear a word I said?” he asks.


“What’s up with you? Let’s stop and get something to eat.”

I pull off the freeway and go through In-N-Out’s drive through, just outside Santa Barbara.

After a couple of hours more on the road, we finally make it back into LA. I drop Sloane off last. Hoping for what, I don’t know exactly. I park my car in front of her building, and then I get out to help her get her stuff out of my trunk.

“Thanks, Justin,” she says, taking her duffle bag.

“Let me walk you in.” I make a last-ditch attempt at spending more time alone with her.

“No, it’s not necessary. I’m good. See ya,” she says and then turns on her heel and walks into her apartment building without even a glance back at me.


It’s been a couple of weeks since our Carmel trip, and numerous times throughout the day, I’ve had to stop myself from calling or texting her. I’ve tried to cease all communication with the girl.

But I have to admit, it’s been tough.

Take this past weekend, for example. I really should’ve taken some other girl out, a woman to satisfy my basic primal needs. I have several women who would’ve been more than happy to provide me with a night of pleasure. I should have, but I didn’t. I guess you could say I wasn’t in the mood.

I call my sister, Kylie, to find out what she’s up to—maybe find out what her and Sloane are up to. As far as I can tell, Kylie is hanging with her USC friends. She doesn’t mention Sloane, and I don’t want to give myself away and ask her directly.

I try to be subtle about it until Kylie flat out tells me, “In case you’re wondering what Sloane is up to, she’s been hanging out with her best guy friend from school.”

Oh yeah, I remember the smug bastard. I met him once at her apartment. He was acting like the good friend. Study partner, my ass. He wants her. She just doesn’t know it yet. The guy was a silver spoon, woosie boy on the make. I couldn’t stand him.

“Look, Justin, I know you have thing for her, and I already told you not to go there, didn’t I? Sloane is the sweetest, most pure person. Don’t you dare mess with her. Do you hear me?”

Like I would listen to my baby sister.

“Yeah, yeah. Where are you and your USC friends going tonight?” I ask.

“Some new hot club in Hollywood called Spin,” she replies.

“That place is a little wild. Be careful,” I warn her, as any good big brother would.

“Don’t be such a prude, Justin. Actually, Sloane said she and Bryce might meet us there.”

My ears and other parts of my body perk up at the sound of that, but I play it cool.

“Talk to you later, Sis.”

You know where I’m headed tonight.


Justin Harlow is a walking, talking contradiction.

It’s absolutely maddening.

I can’t keep my sanity for much longer.

Up in Carmel, one minute, he’s all over me. The next minute, he’s pushing me away, apologizing and promising never to let it happen again.

Honestly, I can’t take being around him another freaking minute. The week was a painful sort of torture. My heartstrings were being pulled in every direction.

I need to give up this idealized dream of us ever being anything together.

He’s just toying with you, Sloane.

And time and time again, you let him.

You’re one foolish and naïve girl to ever think he would ever be serious about you, ever want something real with you.

I’m such a dreamer.


I haven’t heard a word or gotten a single text from Justin since we’ve been back from Carmel. I try to throw myself back into school, as that’s where my focus should be anyway. It’s a good thing he never contacted me. He would just be an unwanted distraction.

Unwanted? Yeah, right. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life than I’ve wanted Justin Harlow. I’ve pined after him for years. Who am I fooling?

Now that I’ve experienced his kisses, his sensual caresses all over my body and his talented tongue in my most intimate places, I crave him.

I just need to give myself to the next guy—someone, anyone—to erase Justin’s touch, which I can still feel on my body.

“Kylie texted me. They’re already inside, in a booth toward the back,” I tell Bryce.

We just arrived at the latest hot club in Hollywood, called Spin, and we’re meeting up with Kylie and some of her friends.

Once we’re granted access, Bryce takes my hand as we weave through the dense and crowded club.

As we make our way past the bar, which is situated in the center of the room, someone pats my rear, and I quickly turn to see who the culprit is.

It’s none other than Justin Harlow.

He looks angry once I see his eyes notice that Bryce and I are holding hands. Bet he thinks we’re a couple, and why should he care? We’re nothing to each other. He’s tried to make that perfectly clear on numerous occasions.

Good, I will let him think I’m with Bryce.

We find Kylie with her entourage of friends. I sit down next to her and start drinking from her Cosmo. I need to get hammered tonight and forget Justin Harlow even exists.

“I’ll take a Cosmo,” I tell the waitress when she comes by our table. I really wanted to order two. Bryce is sitting next to me, and I lean in real close to him as he whispers something in my ear. I laugh at his joke.

Ohhh, those Cosmos are starting to kick in and I’m feeling good, like I don’t have a care in the world.

Then I feel a tap on my shoulder.

I turn around in my inebriated state and see that it’s none other than the man I’ve been trying to avoid all night.

“Dance with me,” Justin commands, holding his hand out for me to take.

I look up at him and pause.

Can I get away with ignoring him and pretending I didn’t hear him?

Probably not.

I place my small hand in his large hand and manage to get on my feet, but it’s a challenge between my stiletto heels and the three Cosmos I’ve had.

Justin pulls me to the darkest corner of the dance floor, away from the prying eyes of our group.

At least it’s a song I love, Get Lucky , and I start dancing my heart out. Justin’s eyes scan my undulating hips, and I watch his eyes undress me. I tease him as I turn around and grind my ass on his crotch. I’m a bad girl, aren’t I?

His hands go to my hips and pull me against his rigid cock.

How my body still wants him, his body, all of him.

I continue dancing and rubbing up against him. I have no shame tonight. It’s dark, and I’m horny and very tipsy.

It’s my turn to blame it on the alcohol.

What’s his excuse going to be?

Because he always has one where I’m concerned.

“God Sloane, you are so fucking sexy. How can you possibly still be a virgin when you move like that? You won’t be for long,” he growls into my ear before he nips at my ear lobe.

Damn, that’s hot.

“Feel what you do to me.”

He presses his rock hard shaft against me. His hands skate over my body, heating me up in the darkness. One hand skims over a breast and squeezes lightly.

“I’m hot,” I gasp.

“You’re damn right,” Justin says.

“No, I’m really hot. I need some air,” I say, turning on my heel to go to the outside patio for some air. I’m suffocating.

Once I get to the patio, I realize Justin has stuck to me like glue.

“Justin, you promised me and yourself that you weren’t going to touch me again,” I practically slur out.

“So, are you with Bryce now?”

“With who?”

“Your friend, your ‘study partner’,” he says, using air quotes.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

The cool breeze sobers me up.

“Are you with him? Has he gotten into your panties?”

“How dare you ask me,” I cry, coming this close to slapping him across the face. I’m sick and tired of his accusations. “That’s none of your fucking business.”

Justin’s incensed by my words. His jaw clenches and his eyes burn into mine. I have to look away or be burned.

“God, Sloane, what is it about you that makes me want to make it my business?” he says, in a softer, questioning tone of voice.

“I don’t know why. Why don’t you tell me?” I ask.

“There you are, Sloane. I’ve been looking all over for you. I thought some thug kidnapped you,” Bryce says, glaring at Justin.

“I just came outside for some fresh air.”

The men stare each other down.

“Let’s go. I’m tired,” I tell Bryce.

I almost see steam coming out of Justin’s ears.

“See you around, Justin,” I say, walking past him with Bryce following close behind me.

Bryce brings me home, and I make it into my bed alone tonight.

Justin: So are you with him?

Do I even bother replying to Justin’s text?

Sloane: NO. Goodnight.


“Will you have dinner with me on Saturday?” I ask Sloane nicely, once she answers her cell phone.

“Justin, we’ve been through all of this before. Let’s just be friends.”

“Have dinner with me.”

“You’re persistent, aren’t you?”

“You should know me by now. I always get what I want.”

“Are you saying you want me now?” she teases.

For someone who’s supposed to be so ‘innocent’, she sure knows how to play the game and do the mating dance.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying, but I want to show you on Saturday night.”

I admit the cold, hard truth, and I’m met with silence on the other end of the line. I can almost hear her swallowing hard, panting for me.

“Hello? Sloane, are you there?”


“So is that a yes to Saturday?”

“I have to think about it. I’m not sure we should do this. Maybe you were right all along, Justin. Let’s not start something that will just end in heartbreak for me, ok?” she asks. She’s right. She’s smart not to start something with me.

Why am I pushing for this now? Is it a conquest thing for me? Even I don’t know for sure. All I know is that I want her. She’s gotten under my skin and into my head.

All I can think about is her. I can’t get her off my mind.

“Look, Sloane, I’ve been fighting this for a while now, ever since I saw you at our first party of the summer. Then spending the week together under the same roof in Carmel was almost unbearable. I want to try and give you what you deserve. Let me take you out on a proper date on Saturday, please?”

Damn, I can’t believe I’m fucking begging.

Not a good look, Harlow.

I’m met by silence on the other end.

“What’s it going to be, Sloane?”

“All right,” she replies softly, putting me out of my agony.

“Wish you sounded a little happier about the prospect of having dinner with me.”

“I feel it’s against my better judgment to agree to go out with you.”

“We’ll have a good time. I promise. I’ll pick you up at seven.”

“See you then. Goodnight, Justin.”

“Sweet dreams,” I say, wishing I were there to tuck her in tonight.


What’s going on with Justin?

Just when I decide to stop pining for him, stop hoping we could ever have anything real together, he calls to tell me he has decided he does want me after all.

During our time together in Carmel, I felt like a human yo-yo. Back and forth with him. He’d reel me in and then push me away. I know he wants me physically—that much I’m sure of. The question is, for how long until he casts me away and moves on?

Is it really worth a few stolen moments of passion, a few moments in his arms and in his bed, only to be left with a broken heart?

“Hey, Emily,” I say, walking out to the living room and joining her on the sofa. She’s watching The Voice .

“What’s up?” she asks.

“Justin just called and asked me to dinner on Saturday. He said he wants to try and give me what I deserve, whatever that means.”

“Hmm. I’m worried for you,” Emily says.

“I told him I didn’t think we should go there. All that would happen is a broken heart for me. I was boldly honest,” I admit.

“Yeah, I don’t know what to make of him and his intentions for you.”

“My thoughts exactly. He was rather persistent, and I finally agreed to go, but I must admit, I’m a little nervous about it all.”

“I don’t blame you one bit. So, I guess you’re going to follow your heart?” she asks.

“I guess I’ll just go with it, see where it takes us, and throw caution to the wind,” I sigh out in resignation.

I feel like I will be walking into the lion’s den on Saturday.

Justin Harlow will eat me up and may spit me out.


I take my time getting ready for my date with Justin. I’m filled with nervous energy and anticipation.

I start off with a long soak in the bathtub to quiet my nerves. The steam rising off the water feels nice against my face as I breathe it in, willing myself to relax.

Knowing Justin, we will be going someplace superb to dine, so I decide to wear a dress tonight. He seems like the savvy man about town who knows how to wine and dine the ladies, who he then takes back to his sleek bachelor pad to have his way with, no doubt.

Just thinking about it sends my pulse racing. I close my eyes and take a few calming breaths. Sloane, get ahold of yourself. It’s just Justin, the boy you’ve known for over a decade. The only thing is, now he’s a man—one God of a man—who wants the woman I’ve become, I think as I admire myself in the mirror.

Who is this self-assured girl, with the long, wavy caramel colored hair, the just-made-up face and the sweet but sexy smile? It’s me, Sloane Hart, and tonight, I’m going out with the boy I’ve been in love with for almost a decade.

I’m in trouble, big time. I’m his for the taking, and he knows it.


I haven’t felt this much sexual tension, this much build up for a woman in I can’t remember how long. And I struggle to believe these feelings I have are for Sloane . . . Sloane Hart, the same awkward little girl who is Kylie’s best friend.

Sloane has morphed into one incredibly sexy and irresistible woman. Her sinful curves and the enticing way she carries herself leave me thinking of one thing and one thing only—burying myself inside her.

When I’m around her, I can’t think straight. I become an irrational fool around her. Whenever I replay that night in Carmel where I literally stalked her and her international Italian playboy, I cringe inside at my behavior that fateful evening.

I can’t stand seeing her with someone else, but you knew that already.

I stop at the florist to buy her a bouquet of flowers. After our rocky start, I need to woo her, get her to welcome me with open arms.

I arrive at her apartment and park in front of her building. God, do I actually feel nervous? Grabbing the bouquet from the back seat, I head up the stairs two at a time. I need to approach this just right. I can’t blow it by making any sudden moves with her.

I knock on the door, and within two minutes, she opens her door and steals my breath away.

“Wow, Sloane, you look stunning tonight,” I compliment, eyeing her curves.

“Thank you, Justin. Won’t you come in?” She greets me pleasantly, as if she’s now looking forward to our date.


We pull up in front of Giselle’s, and the valet opens Sloane’s door for her. I come around to her side and take her hand in mine as we walk into the restaurant.

The hostess seats us in a booth in the quieter room toward the back of the dimly lit restaurant.

“This place is nice. I’ve never been here before,” Sloane says, glancing around the room, her eyes twinkling. I’m happy to bring her someplace nice for dinner and show her the finer things in life. She deserves it.

“You look beautiful tonight,” I say, and I mean it. It’s not some line I’m giving her to get her in bed tonight.

“Why, thank you, Mr. Harlow,” she says. “Stop staring, please.” She giggles. “What do you recommend?”

“Everything here is good. My favorite is their braised short ribs.”

“Mmm, that sounds good.”

“How’s school going?” I ask.

“All right. I’m really struggling in one of my law classes. Luckily, it comes easily to Bryce, so he’s been helping me study.”

“I bet he has.” I scoff, looking away. That guy wants her. I know it.

“Why do you dislike him? He’s really a good guy.”

“Yeah, whatever you say.”

Sloane just shakes her head at me.

“Did you tell Kylie we were going out tonight?”


“Good, let’s keep this quiet for a while.”

“Oh, ok, I understand,” Sloane replies, but I don’t think she really does. She looks a little hurt, as if she thinks she’s my dirty little secret.

“Kylie and my Dad warned me not to take you out. They said you’re too innocent, too nice for the likes of a guy like me,” I admit to her. They’re right, I know . . . but I just can’t seem to resist Sloane’s temptation.

“I take it you’re not heeding their warning?”

“No one tells me what to do. You should know that about me by now.”

“Yes, I know what an alpha male personality you have. You always want to be in control.”

“So you noticed.”

“The way you try to control who I date? Yes, I noticed,” she huffs out, looking adorably angry.

“Well, that’s done with.”

“What do you mean?”

“You will only be dating me from now on. I plan on making you mine . . .tonight,” I say confidently, pinning her with my panty-melting smirk.

Sloane pulls her eyes away from my heated gaze, and she flushes. She’s turned on by my words. I can tell by the way she shifts in her seat. I’ve rendered her speechless for a moment.

“Sure of yourself, aren’t you?” she finally says, meeting my eyes again.


The waiter interrupts our exchange and tells us the daily specials, but Sloane takes my recommendation and orders the short ribs.

“You won’t be disappointed with your choice,” I say after we order.

“Are you talking about the ribs or about yourself?” she smiles wickedly.

“Both,” I banter back at her quick wit.

My eyes cast down, eyeing her delicious cleavage in her form-fitting dress. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into her tonight.

“Justin, my eyes are up here,” she says sassily.

I’m caught staring again.

“I know your mom taught you better manners than that,” she scolds.

“My apologies, sweetheart, but you look ravishing in that dress that leaves little to the imagination . . . and imagine I do.”

“How are your parents?” she asks, changing the subject off her hot little body.

“Good. They’re busy planning a trip to Europe.”

“That sounds like fun. I’m hoping to go to Europe right after I graduate. Kylie and I have talked about going together.”

“Oh, really? When were you thinking of going?” I ask.

“June probably, or late May. Have you been to Europe?”

“Yes, I went for a month right after I graduated. Had a total blast backpacking with some buddies. We hit ten countries. There’s so much to see.”

“I want to see it all,” Sloane says, her eyes wide with excitement.

Dinner arrives. We enjoy the food, the wine and each other’s company.

“Do you know I had the biggest crush on you growing up?” Sloane admits.

“Had, as in past tense?” I ask.

“Maybe I still do,” she says, her eyes teasing yet seductive.

“When you first started having ‘sleepovers’, as you girls would call it, with my sister, you were so young,” I start.

“And giggling, immature girls, right?” she finishes my sentence for me.

“Your words, not mine, but yes, giggling, immature pains in the ass.”

“Hey, I take offense to that last comment,” she objects.

“No, seriously, you guys weren’t that bad. I’ll admit, once you started growing up in high school, I did start to notice how hot you were getting.”

“Really? All I remember is that you were hot and heavy with that cheerleader—what was her name?”

“Rachel Adamson.”

“Yes, that’s her. Whatever happened to her?”

“I have no idea. I lost contact with her.”

“Were you dating anyone in high school?”

“No, not really.”

“Oh, I remember now. A couple of my friends wanted to take you out, and when they asked you, you shot them down,” I say, laughing at my friends’ expense.

“I’m picky. What can I say?”

“What about once you got in college? Anyone special?”

“No, I’ve just been sitting around, pining for you, Justin Harlow,” she says, all innocence, and I can’t tell whether she’s being serious or sarcastic. Probably the latter, no doubt.

“Stop it. I’m sure the guys were after you, and are still after you.”

She plays coy, like what I’m saying is wrong.

“I’ve kept my nose to the grindstone studying. I have lots of guy friends.”

“Who all want to be more than just friends, I can assure you.”

“Stop it.”

“Look, the only reason a guy bothers to be friends with a girl is because he’s interested in her.”

“That’s not true,” she tries to deny.

“Trust me, it is.”

“Maybe for a player like you, but that’s not how my guy friends are. Take Bryce, for instance. We’re just good buddies.”

“Yeah, that’s what you think. He’s just waiting patiently for the right time to make his move.”

“Bryce is just a friend,” she adamantly insists.

“To you, from your side, I believe that’s true.”

“Whatever, Justin.”

“How did you enjoy your dinner?”

“These were excellent. You were right. I wasn’t disappointed with my dinner choice,” she says, adding a sexy wink for good measure. Being out with Sloane is so easy. She’s fun to be around.

We walk out into the cold night air and wait for the valet to bring my car around. I see her rubbing her arms, trying to warm up. I put my arm around her.

“You cold?”

“Yes, it’s chilly tonight.”

“I’ll warm you up,” I say, and she bursts out laughing.

“Justin, do those lines really work on girls?” she asks, still wearing a smile that reaches her sparkling eyes.

“Actually, they usually do,” I say with an air of arrogance. “You won’t be laughing when I’m done with you.”

“Is that a promise?” she teases.

“Absolutely. Get in the car, my dear,” I reply, opening her door for her.

I’m going to make her regret ever laughing at me.


Justin showed up tonight with flowers. He’s really trying to woo me. Then he takes me to the nicest restaurant in Beverly Hills, Giselle’s. I’ve only heard wonderful things about it, and now I can say I’ve been, thanks to Justin wining and dining me. The food was fabulous, and so was the company.

I couldn’t believe I was finally out with Justin Harlow, and he made it clear this was more than a friendly date.

He seems intent on making me “his”, so he says.

I’m pretty sure it’s a conquest thing for him. I’ve gone back and forth in my head all week, debating on whether to go through with this, with someone like the player Justin has become. But because of him, I’m more anxious than ever to lose it.

We’re in his car now. I’m not sure where we’re headed, but I can only assume back to his place. I get quiet in the car, still debating on letting him have his way with me tonight or if I should make him wait a little longer. Make him work for it. Waiting would be something new for him. Milk this for a few more dates, prolong the agony for him, and tease him—that’s what a player like him deserves.

“I’m taking you back to my place and teaching you that no one challenges me. You’re going to pay, little lady. You’re one hell of a tease, aren’t you?” he asks.

“That’s what the boys tell me,” I banter back.

“I can’t believe you’ve held out this long.”

“Me neither, to be perfectly honest.”

Am I really going to give my V-card to Justin Harlow?

We pull into his high-rise condominium building in Downtown LA. I look up, and it looks at least twenty stories tall.

We take the elevator up to the top floor. Once we walk into his place, my breath is taken away by the view of the city lights from his floor to ceiling windows in the living room.

“What a magical view you have of the city,” I breathe.

His place is plush. I’ve never been out with a man like Justin—only boys from college. It’s dark, with the exception of a dim light in the marble entryway.

Justin’s condo screams seductive bachelor pad all the way. He has a remote for the music that plays throughout his entire condo, then another remote for the blinds and the lights, creating a romantic ambiance with the click of a button.

“Can I get you something to drink? How about some white wine?” he asks.

“That would be great,” I reply, walking into the living room with him as he goes to the bar.

“This is quite the bachelor pad you have here.” I smile.

“Yeah, I’m pretty happy here. Let’s go sit on the sofa,” he replies smoothly, handing me my glass of wine.

I can’t help but wonder how many times he’s played this exact scene out, and with how many lucky ladies. I guess, tonight, I’m the lucky one to be keeping Justin Harlow company.

“Relax, Sloane,” he says.

He must be able to tell how apprehensive I am about being here with him.

I take a sip of my wine and just gaze at him as he places his glass on the coffee table. I swallow hard. He’s making his move, going in for the kill.

“Do you know how much I want you, how long I’ve been trying to resist you?” he says, holding my gaze as he takes my glass out of my hand and sets it on the table.

“I have an idea, but it’s not as long as I’ve been crushing on you,” I tease with a small smile.

“I’m not a patient man,” he says, leaning into me as one hand caresses my neck and he pulls me in for a kiss. His other hand snakes around my waist, and he pushes me back on the sofa.

Oh my God, this is it. My heart starts racing in my chest.

He moves on top of me, taking my lips in a passionate kiss. My lips immediately part for his searching tongue.

Mmm, he’s a good kisser. Of course he is. He has me melting in minutes.

“God, Sloane, you’re so damn sexy,” he says, pulling away and staring down at me.

He pulls off me and stands, holding his hand out for me to take.

I sit up and take his hand, and he leads me to his bedroom.

We stop at the edge of his bed.

“Turn around,” he commands softly, and I do as he says.

He draws the zipper down from the back of my dress and slides it off my shoulders. He lightly bites my shoulder, sending a shiver down my entire body.

I turn around to face him, and his eyes cast down to my breasts spilling out of my lacey bra that I wore especially for him.

“God, Sloane, you’re incredible. Lie down.”

I pull back the comforter and climb into his bed.

He stares down at me as he undresses down to his briefs. His body is beautifully sculpted. I can’t wait to spread kisses over every inch of it.

He covers me with the weight of his glorious body.

“Do you know how beautiful you are?” he says, inches from my lips.

I pull him to my lips. “No more talking,” I say.

We start kissing, devouring each other. My hands run through his hair as his lips travel down my body.

He slowly draws a nipple into his warm mouth, sucking lightly until his teeth graze my sensitive peak. I groan at the pleasurable sensation. I feel myself melting in my panties.

Then he starts to descend soft petal soft kisses down my belly.

My hips buck up involuntarily in anticipation.

Once his lips settle on my most intimate and private place, I suddenly feel shy.

I try to close my legs and pull away.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Justin scolds, spreading my legs open with his strong hands.

“Relax and enjoy,” he coaxes.

He slides a finger inside me, then another.

“You’re so tight and wet for me,” he says.

I will myself to relax. You want this, Sloane. You know you want him. Don’t fight it, I tell myself.

He continues to flick his tongue along my slick folds as his fingers work their magic.

“You ready for me?” he asks softly, coming up to my face.

I answer him with a hard, passionate kiss.

He breaks away from our kiss and reaches toward his nightstand drawer. I see him open the drawer and fumble with a box of condoms. He’s prepared, but there should be no surprise in that. Once he sheaths himself, I try to not think about all the other women who have come before me, no pun intended.

He settles his hips between my thighs. I spread my legs wide, inviting him in. Then I pull my knees up and guide his rock hard shaft into me. My breath hitches as Justin presses forward and sinks slowly into me. I feel a slight burn as my body adjusts and accommodates his girth.

I try to relax and breathe out as I open my eyes and look up at Justin. The man of my dreams is gazing down upon me.

“You okay?” he asks softly.

“More than okay,” I whisper back, a dreamy quality to my voice.

“God, Sloane, you feel incredible wrapped around me,” Justin murmurs into my ear, his warm breath tickling my heightened senses.

“Justin,” I whisper, getting lost in our slow rhythm. It hurts and feels good at the same time. I feel so incredibly close to him.

He continues thrusting slowly in and out of me. His breathing is growing ragged as he kisses my temple, then travels down to my cheek before he takes my lips in a passion-filled kiss, never breaking the rhythm as he pounds the weight of his hips into me.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” he growls in a strained voice.

Justin lets out a primal growl as he pumps into me a few last times, burying himself deep inside me, before I feel him pulse inside me.

“Damn, Sloane, you are heaven,” Justin grunts, coming down from our wave of ecstasy.

Tonight I lost it, lost it to the boy/man I’ve been in love with for as long as I can remember. I hold him close and bury my face into his chest, never wanting him to go. I wish I could freeze this moment forever.

“Sloane, that was amazing. You’re amazing,” he says softly.

A feeling of euphoria sweeps through my body and warms me. My wish, my hope of giving myself to someone I love has come true.

He rolls off me, and I snuggle up to him and lay my head on his warm chest. I can hear his heart is still racing. He wraps his arms around me and plants a tender kiss on my forehead.

“Do you know how hard I had to fight wanting this, wanting you?” he murmurs.

“Not as long as I’ve wanted you,” I reply.

“Those nights at the house in Carmel, I longed to go into your room in the middle of the night and ravish you,” he admits.

“What stopped you?” I tease.

“The whole house was filled with my family, not to mention Kylie was sleeping in the bed next to you.”


The intimacy that settles between us catches me off guard tonight. Usually, I never feel with anything other than my cock, but with Sloane, it’s different. She’s different, but in the best way imaginable. I pull her sinfully sexy warm body against me, and it feels amazing to finally have her in my arms and in my bed. I kiss her forehead and she murmurs into me. She almost purrs, like a satisfied kitten. My little sex kitten.

I fought being her first, but I find that I love being her first. I never thought I would embrace that, but I find that I do.

“I need some water. I’m thirsty,” she says.

“Let me get it for you,” I offer and walk to the kitchen buck-naked to grab a bottle from the fridge.

Once I get back into the bedroom, we go for round two.

I’m propped up on top of Sloane, my hips settled between her legs. I’m primed and ready to enter her slick, warm channel.

I gaze down at my beauty, her long hair splayed across my pillow, and I get even harder.

She looks up at me, and her soft hand caresses my cheek.

Sex with Sloane is incredible, so intimate, and so special.

I can’t remember it ever feeling this good.

The closeness I feel when we are joined so intimately overwhelms me.

She wraps her legs around me, and I sink into her.

“Ahh, you feel amazing wrapped around me so tight and wet, babe.”

Her eyes are hooded with desire for me and how I make her feel inside.

She lets out a soft purr, and I know she’s come to enjoy our lovemaking immensely.

It’s written all over her face.

What can I say?

I’m good.

I can melt any woman’s panties and have her dropping them for me in no time.


Sloane and I have been dating exclusively for over a month now.

I brought her over to my place tonight.

I’m making my specialty, grilled steaks and my famous macaroni and cheese—and it’s not from a box.

I find myself wanting to do special things for her, take care of her, and pamper her. She is so unlike the string of girls I’ve been dating as of late. She’s sweet, caring and innocent, untouched. It’s a refreshing change.

I like it.

“Justin, you surprise me,” Sloane says. She’s perched on a stool in the kitchen, sipping her wine. She’s dressed super-casual, with little makeup on. She’s a natural beauty. She doesn’t need any makeup to look gorgeous.

“How so?”

“I didn’t know you could cook.” She smiles.

I love her smile.

“There are only a few things I know how to cook.”

I set the table, dim the lights, and put on some mood music.

“How is your dad doing?”

“Okay, I guess. He told me he’s dating someone.”

“Have you met her?”

“No, and I don’t want to.”

“How long has it been since your mom passed away?”

“Almost a year. Sometimes, it feels like yesterday. God, I miss her. She wanted my dad to wait one year before he started dating again.”

“She told him that?”

“Yes, it’s a respect thing. I don’t blame her.” Sloane’s eyes cast down, and I reach for her hand to comfort her.

“Not a day goes by when I don’t still hear her voice or think about her.”

“I know it must be hard for you.”

“She was my best friend.”

“You look a lot like her.”

“Yeah, that’s what people tell me. My mom was beautiful.”

“And so are you, Sloane.”

Sloane offers me a small smile.

“Thank you. I hope I take after her. She was beautiful on the inside and out. She was so good to me. She spoiled me.”

“You deserve to be spoiled. I find myself wanting to spoil you, wanting to take care of you.”

“You do make me feel cared for, Justin. Underneath all of your cocky bravado lies a caring and sensitive man,” she replies, looking at me like I’m something special.

“Don’t let it get out,” I tease.

“Your macaroni and cheese is to die for,” she compliments.

“Better than Kraft Macaroni and Cheese from a box?”

“Way better, and this steak melts in your mouth. Mmm.” Sloane closes her eyes and moans, and it’s so sexy. My cock twitches at the sight of her.

Having her here, in my condo, dining with me makes me want her here all the time. She makes this place feel like a home. This scary, scary thought passes through my mind. I’ve never felt this way about any woman I’ve had over. Everything feels so easy with Sloane. I can be myself. There are no false pretenses. She seems to love me just the way I am. Heck, she’s known me since I was a hormone-filled teenager, and she still loves me for me, not for the trappings I can provide her or a lifestyle. She doesn’t seem to care about any of those materialistic things.

I think losing her mother took a toll on her, but she’s learned what’s important in life—the love of friends and family.

I know my mom and Kylie have been there for her. My mom treats her almost like a daughter, and so does my dad.

There’s something so genuine about Sloane. I can’t get enough of her, as hard as I try to deny it. I’m falling for her.

“I’m stuffed. Everything was delicious.”

“Glad you enjoyed it. Do you want to watch a movie? Go see what’s on Netflix, and I’ll clear the dishes.”

“Can we watch a chick flick, or do you want to watch the latest Bond film?” Sloane calls out to me from the living room.

“My vote is for Bond.”

“I figured as much.”

We make it through the first half of the movie until Bond falls into bed with one of his many Bond girls and it gets me in the mood. I lean over and start kissing Sloane, my Bond girl.

“You’re my Bond girl.”

“Justin, you’re distracting me from the ‘good’ part,” she teases.

“Let’s go into my room and make our own ‘good’ part happen,” I say with a wicked grin, standing and offering her my hand.

She let’s out a sigh and looks up at me over her long lashes. She takes my hand without a word and lets me lead her to my bedroom of sin.

I get her naked and on her back in no time.


I still can’t believe Justin and I are finally together. Things between us have been going better than I ever dreamed.

We’re together in every sense of the word. I’ve given him my special gift, and as of now, I don’t regret it one bit.

It’s like a dream come true for me. I need to pinch myself daily to remind me that all of this is real.

He’s an amazing lover, but then, I knew he would be.

Come on, look at the guy, and he delivers in the bedroom.

There is no better place in the world than in his arms, in his bed, with him loving me so completely.

I’m in love with him. There’s not a single doubt in my mind.

Now, for Justin . . . in the back of my mind, I still wonder if I’m just a conquest thing.

I won’t ever dare say I love him to his face. It would send him running. I know that much.

Men like Justin don’t do love. He told me so from the beginning, but even with the warning, I couldn’t stop myself from falling into his arms and into his bed.

I tried fighting it, but it was useless.

I’ll take whatever time he gives me.

He doesn’t do forever, and I would be a first class fool to believe otherwise.

But I can dream. I can fantasize that he’s the perfect boyfriend for now.

I will enjoy every inch of him and all he has to offer me in and out of the bedroom.

He treats me like a princess and acts like he cares about me.

At least I’m delusional enough to believe it.

Tonight, we’re staying in at Justin’s sleek high-rise condo in Downtown LA.

I’ve grown to love just being here with him. He’s cooking dinner for me tonight.

He surprised me. He’s so sweet, actually. Who would’ve ever imagined he’d be the type to cook dinner for a girl?

He makes me feel special, like he genuinely cares about me. I didn’t expect all of this from a cocky, arrogant guy like Justin. I’m learning, the more time I spend with him, that there’s a caring and sensitive side to Mr. God’s Gift to Women.

He asks about my dad tonight, and my pain and grief come to the surface. I miss my mom terribly. I wish I could share with her my trials and tribulations with Justin, share with her that I’m in love and we’re in a good place right now, Justin and me. I suppose she can see us. I like to believe she’s still here with me in spirit.

I hope she would approve. She would know whether Justin was good for me or not. Mothers always know those things. But I’ll have to go it alone, learn the hard way if Justin and I are good for each other and if we will last.

It’s utter bliss being in his arms, letting him love me. Giving myself to him feels so right because I love him.

I still have these nagging doubts about whether he feels the way I do. But I never question him. I don’t want to push it, and I’m afraid it may send him running. I let him take the lead in this relationship.

He’s never said those three words to me, and I’m fine with that—really. I’m taking it one day at a time.

“What are you thinking?” he asks after he’s loved me completely and we both lie here completely satisfied.

“It’s blissful being in your bed.” I’m willing to admit that much. He knows how I feel. I know he does.

He just turns and kisses my forehead, and his gestures make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I love him. Does he feel it too?

“I love having you in my bed.”

He used the word love tonight.

I’ll take it and drift off to dream land.

He doesn’t say anything more, and we fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Saturday morning, we wake up and I notice a text from Kylie.

“I just got a text from your sister. She wants to know if I want to go to Club 21 with her and some friends tonight. What should I tell her?” I ask.

Justin still wants to keep us a secret from his family. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. If he really were serious about me, he would want his family to know. I know this in my heart, but I try and deny it.

He doesn’t answer me right away.

“Do you want to go?” he asks.

“Would you come with me?”


“It’s alright if you don’t. But I’m in the mood to go dancing. It sounds like fun. I can just go. You don’t have to come.” I’m testing him, waiting to see what he says.

“You go on then. I’m good with just staying home alone tonight. I don’t want to stop you from going out with your friends once in a while.”

My heart sinks with disappointment, but I try not to let it show. I wish we could go out as a couple, let the world know that we are, indeed, together, not some dirty little secret. He’s obviously not ready to show the world that we’re together, and maybe he never will be. It’ll probably be over soon, for all I know. He may be right.

“All right.”

I start texting Kylie.

“So, you’re going to go without me?”

“Isn’t that what you just told me to do?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”


So I let her go out with her friends tonight, my sister included.

I give Scott a call to see if he wants to be my wingman and spy on Sloane.

I don’t know why I didn’t want to go with her. I’d never hear the end of it from Kylie, for one thing. She’d ride me about it. Then she would tell my parents, and after what my dad said to me in Carmel, I know I’d be in for a lecture from my old man.

Scott and I show up at Club 21, and it’s packed tonight.

“This place is always standing room only,” Scott says once we get inside.

“Yeah, I know. Let’s look around and see if we spot them,” I say.

We go upstairs so we can look down on the dance floor. That’s probably where Sloane is, out there shaking her awesome ass.

Some lovely ladies are giving Scott and me the eye from across the balcony.

They’re pretty hot, but I keep my eye on the ball.

I scan the crowd on the dance floor. No sign of her.

“Do you see Sloane and Kylie?” I ask Scott.

“Hey, is that them?”

I follow Scott’s eyes and see them dancing in a group. Some guy is grinding up against my girl, and I don’t like it. She’s talking to him now, and then I see her body shake with laughter.

“Who’s the guy?” Scott asks.

“I have no idea.”

“Does she know you’re here?”


“Are you going down there?”

“I don’t know.”

I continue standing along the railing, thinking of my next move, when one of the girls that was eyeing us earlier sidles up next to me. Aggressive, isn’t she? I give Scott a sideways glance.

“Hi,” she flirts.

“Hey, how are you doing?” I say to be polite. She’s got quite a rack on her, and a nice pair of legs in her short dress.

“I’m Candace. My friends call me Candy for short.”

“Are you sweet?”

“You’ll have to taste me to find out,” she says with a wink.

Damn, this girl is mine for the taking. But they usually are.

I glance down at the dance floor where I last saw Sloane dancing with some guy, and she’s gone. A flurry of panic runs through my veins.

Why am I so fucking possessive of her?

“Do you see them anymore?” I turn and ask Scott.

“No, they went back to the VIP section. Do you see them there in that booth?”

I squint and can barely make them out.

“Is she still with that guy?”

“I think so. He followed her back to her table. Do you want to go down there?”

I do, but I’m hesitant to confront her, to let her know that I followed her here.

I turn, and Candy is still standing next to me.

“Do you want to dance?” she asks.

If I go down there and dance with this hot girl, there’s a small chance Sloane might see me. But it’s so damn crowded. What are the chances of her seeing me with this girl? Do I risk it?

“I’m good for now. Sorry, I’m not much into dancing,” I reply.

“I guess most guys aren’t really into dancing. Do you come here often?” she asks, trying to engage me.

But honestly, I’m not really interested.

“On occasion,” I reply.

My eyes scan the dance floor again, looking for Sloane.

“Do you see her?” I ask Scott impatiently.

“Man, just go down there,” Scott says.

I can’t stand the thought of Sloane down there, flirting with some other guy. But if she finds out I’m here, I don’t know . . . will she embrace me and call attention to us in front of my sister?

It could get a whole lot of awkward.

“We should leave,” I tell Scott.

“There she is, dancing.” Scott nods his head in her direction, and I see her.

The same guy is stuck to her like glue.

Do I blame him?

Sloane’s the hottest girl in this entire club.

“I’m going down there.”

I don’t give a shit anymore what Sloane thinks. She’s mine.

“It was nice meeting you, Candy.”

“Are you leaving?” she asks.

“No, I just see someone I want to say hello to.”

“Oh, okay.” Candy looks a little put out, wondering why I didn’t take her bait—why I didn’t try and taste her.

“Come on,” I say to Scott.

I don’t know what I’m going to do once I approach Sloane, but I need to get down there and get this guy away from her.

Once we make our way down to the dance floor, I practically stalk onto the dance floor, weaving between hot sweaty bodies trying to get to her.

When I reach her, her eyes are closed and she’s getting lost in the rhythm, gyrating her hips seductively, and this guy is practically drooling, his eyes scanning her body.

“Sloane,” I yell over the thumping music.

Her eyes open and her mouth drops.

“Justin, what are you doing here?”

The guy she’s with stiffens, and his head jerks my way.

I tower over this guy as he eyes my biceps and steps back away from Sloane.

I stare daggers at him and he wanders off.

I pull her to me and lay a hard kiss on her lips.

She swoons into me.

“Justin, what are you doing here?” she asks again.

“Come on, let’s go,” I command and grab her hand.

“No. I’m not ready to leave. I’m having fun.”

“Really, with some other guy?”

“We’re just dancing,” she says defensively.

“He was eye fucking you,” I growl.

“Stop it, he was not.”

“Get your things. Let’s go.”

She just stands there, obviously exasperated with me.

I tuck her under the chin. “Come home with me tonight,” I say, staring seductively into her eyes.

She gets my message loud and clear.

“Alright, let me tell Kylie I’m leaving.”

“I’ll wait for you by the door.”

Once we get in my car, Sloane tells me, “I told Kylie I was leaving with that guy.”


“Because we’re a secret, remember? Why, was I supposed to tell her YOU were taking me home?”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Justin, what are we doing here?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are we together, a couple? Or would I have been free to give that guy my number or go home with him?”

“Don’t you dare even think about it.”

She doesn’t say anything more. She just stares straight out the window.

I’m angry and jealous that she would even think about giving another guy her number.

I’m going to take her home to my bed. She won’t want anyone else once I’m finished loving her.


A few of us from Goldman Sachs are at our local watering hole after work tonight.

“Hey, Alexis Cavanaugh has a thing for you,” Connor says.

“I’m aware.”

“Well, you going to do anything about it?”

“Not sure. If the mood strikes me, perhaps,” I reply vaguely.

“I thought you started something with Sloane?”

“Yeah, we’re seeing each other.”

“You’re a lucky man, Harlow. I wouldn’t blow it if I were you.”

“Mind your own business.”

“My, aren’t we testy? Speak of the devil.”

“Hi, gentlemen,” Alexis purrs as she walks up to us in the crowded bar.

Damn, this is a real woman. She’s got her sexy going on. A real sophisticated siren who screams take me to bed . The type I usually go for.

“How goes it?” I ask to be polite.

Connor just stands there next to me, drooling. Close your mouth, Connor.

“The Asher account is so high-maintenance. I’m at their beck and call 24/7. It’s absolutely exhausting,” Alexis replies.

“Blake Asher?” I ask.

“The one and only.”

“He seems like a man you could handle,” I say. That sounds laced with innuendo, but I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.

She looks at me like she wants me. I’m all too familiar with that look of wanton lust. I’m God’s gift to women. Why wouldn’t she want me?

“Oh really, Mr. Harlow?” she replies, looking me up and down from head to toe, and then her eyes settle on mine.

“Yes, Alexis, I’m sure you can hold your own with Blake Asher.”

“He’s a man who gets everything he wants,” she says in her throaty voice.

“Does he want you?”

My suit trousers are feeling a little tight right about now.

“I try to keep it professional.”

I have to glance away.

Alexis is pure, unbridled temptation.

She’s mine for the taking. Connor is right.

The way she speaks to me, the way her eyes lock onto mine, the way her body moves, all scream she wants me.

Alexis dresses elegantly professional, but her dresses and skirts hug her curves perfectly.

Connor is still standing next to me.

“Excuse me,” I say, and walk over to the bar to get another drink. I need to put some distance between us.

Sloane and I have been going at it for a couple of months now. I’m nearing my limit, my expiration time with any girl I’m seeing. But I do thoroughly enjoy Sloane. I gave into my desire, my yearning for her, against my better judgment. I do care about her. She’s sweet and sassy, innocent yet seductive. She can be such a walking contradiction, but that’s what I love about her.

And sex with Sloane—what can I say? It’s special and she’s special.

She trusts me implicitly, even though I thought I would never go there with her, ever.

Unfortunately, the grown up Sloane is just too damn alluring for her own good. The week together in Carmel killed me. All of my resolve to resist her slipped away, and in its place, I resigned myself to officially making her mine. Not just a fling, but my attempt at dating her, trying to give her the steady relationship a girl like her deserves, and it’s been going well, for the most part. She satisfies me completely, which is saying a lot for me.

But as satisfied as I am, do my eyes still wander?

Hey, I’m still a living, breathing, hot-blooded man.

Have I noticed Alexis?

Sure I have, but I’ve tried to keep it professional. Not until Connor mentioned it and pointed out the obvious did I start to notice the bait floating on the hook at the top of the water.

The question is, will I take the bait, nibble on it, and get hooked?


“How’s it going with Justin?” Emily asks once I sit down at the dining table with my bowl of cereal this morning.

“Okay, I guess,” I reply.

“That doesn’t sound good,” she says.

“Lately, he keeps getting these text messages from some girl named Alexis. He works with her.”

“Do you think something’s going on between them?”

“I have no idea.”

“You sound so down about it.”

“I should’ve seen this coming. Justin warned me from the beginning, before we even started something, that his attention wanes after a couple of months. That’s about how long we’ve been together now. I should have seen the writing on the wall and heeded his warning.”

“I’m sorry. We knew he was a player from the beginning. Look at the guy.”

“I know, I know. I should never have let this start. You know how I feel about him.”

“Your heart is all in, I know. You’ve been in love with him forever.”

“I’d better just cut him loose now, let him go do his thing.”


“Yeah, why prolong the inevitable?”

“Are you sure? Maybe you’re jumping to conclusions, and nothing is going on between him and this other girl.”

“I suppose that’s possible.”

“He’d better not ever cheat on you. He should have the decency to break it off if he does want to see someone else.”

“I totally agree. That’s why I may just give him an out before he tries to do it behind my back.”

“So are you going to confront him about it?”

“I don’t know how I’m going to do it. All I know is that I’m unsure about where I stand with him, and it’s killing me. I’d rather know one way or the other, you know?”

“Has he been his usual attentive self? Honestly, when I see him around you, he seems to really care about you.”

“He has, just those texts are bugging me.”

“I don’t blame you.”

“I’ll figure it out, one way or another.”


I’m having dinner at Sloane’s apartment tonight, and I hear my cell alert me to text.

“Who’s the text from?” Sloane asks.

“Alexis from work,” I answer after I see her name flash across the screen.

“A fan of yours, no doubt.”

I don’t respond, because Sloane called it. She gets quiet.

She clears the dishes after dinner.

We head for the sofa and flip through the stations until we find something to watch.

“I’m letting you off the hook with me,” she finally says.


“You go ahead, have your dalliance with this woman from work. She obviously wants you. I’m fine with it.”

I don’t believe what I just heard.

“What are you talking about?”

“Look, Justin, I knew going into this—two months, tops, and your eyes would wander. I’m totally cool with it. You gave me fair warning from the beginning.”


“Yes, really.”

Didn’t know it would be this easy to continue doing what I want. You know I hate being tied down. I usually won’t let myself be, and just like that, Sloane is willing to cut me loose.

“Is this what you want?”

“I’m good either way. I’ll let you decide.”

I sit here, dumbfounded, while she gets up and leaves me sitting on the sofa to putter around in the kitchen.

Sloane, Alexis, Sloane, Alexis plays in my mind.

Is a roll in the sheets with Alexis worth losing Sloane?

I suppose I won’t really know until I try it.

Take Alexis for the proverbial test drive.

Sloane is so unbelievably cool, another reason I love her.

Justin, you don’t love her. You care about her, but you don’t love her.

“You sure you’d be good with it?”




Justin leaves, and I managed to hold it together until after he walked out my front door.

Luckily, Emily isn’t home to witness my breakdown.

I crawl into bed and cry myself to sleep as gut-wrenching sobs wrack my body.

My memory takes me back to years ago.

When I was a girl, maybe twelve years old—that was the first time I laid eyes on the fifteen-year-old Justin Harlow. He was already a stud at fifteen.

My new friend, Kylie Harlow, invited me over to her house after school one day.

I remember the first time I saw him was in the kitchen of their house. Kylie and I were eating cookies and drinking milk, like the juveniles we were, and in saunters the cutest boy I’d ever laid eyes on. My heart actually fluttered in my chest at the sight of him. I can still remember that feeling. He was so incredibly gorgeous—dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and those lips of his.

He barely noticed me as he went rummaging through the refrigerator looking for something to eat.

Even at fifteen, Justin already had a body like a man. He had a weight set in the garage, and I would steal glimpses of him lifting without his shirt on. I would swoon every time.

When I think back, he never took a second glance at me.

My crush was so one-sided it wasn’t funny, but you remember how you were as a silly schoolgirl, the hormones.

We all were dying to have a boyfriend.

Gain some ‘experience’. But it never happened for me during high school.

Sure, I had loads of guy friends, but I never felt a spark or an attraction for any of them, not like I felt for the unattainable Justin Harlow.

He was God’s gift to women, or girls, even back then.

Once we got into high school, while I was a freshman, he was a senior dating the hottest cheerleader, of course.

I would watch him from afar and dream of what it would be like to have his arm draped across my shoulders like it was wrapped around his blonde girlfriend.

Then he graduated from high school and set off to an Ivy League college.

Where else would the perfect Justin Harlow go?

I remember it all like it was yesterday.

Now I lie here in my bed, crying my eyes out.

And I made it that easy for him to walk away, and he took the opportunity.

My broken heart is nobody’s fault but my own, all because of my inability to resist Justin Harlow.

My heart will never be the same.

I’ll never be the same since I let Justin into my heart, my body and my soul.


Alexis and I are working late together tonight.

We’re in my office when she gets up and walks to the door. She quietly closes it.

She turns to face me with a look of pure seduction on her pretty face.

“What are you doing?” I ask as I stand, remaining behind my desk.

“I want you, Justin Harlow,” she says breathily, pressing her tight, curvaceous body against mine.

“This isn’t a good idea. We work together,” I say, desperately trying to resist temptation.

“Oh, come on. That never stopped anybody,” Alexis says, lightly biting my ear lobe, her warm breath tantalizing me.

Then her hand lands on my crotch.

Damn, this woman is aggressive.

She knows what she wants, and it’s me.

“Sit down, big boy,” she says seductively as she pushes my chest while staring deep into my eyes.

She undoes my belt, and I can’t find my words to stop her, stop this.

I’m hard as a rock. I’m a hot-blooded man, aren’t I?

God, she looks up at me just as her lips wrap around my stiff shaft.

“Ahh,” I groan as she takes me in.

I can’t believe Alexis Cavanaugh, Miss Sophistication, is down on her knees before me, sucking me hard.

I’ve got to stop this now.

“Mmm,” she moans, and the vibration reverberates straight to my balls.

She’s good at this. It feels too good.

“Alexis, we can’t,” I manage to say.

Who the hell just said that?

“We just did, and we’re going to do a lot more,” she says, standing up and wiping the corners of her mouth.

“No. Really, we can’t.”

“What’s with you? Do you know how many men would love to be in your shoes right now? I chose you, Justin Harlow, and I will let you have me,” she says confidently.

“Believe me, it’s not that I don’t want you.”

“Then what’s stopping you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Come now, you can do better than that. What is it? Do you have a girlfriend? I don’t care if you do,” she says.

“Not exactly.”

“Then what is it?”

“I don’t know,” I say again.

I stand and tuck myself back into my pants and buckle up.

“You’re serious?” she asks woundedly.

“I’m afraid so. I have a pressing matter I need to attend to.”

After I get Alexis out of my office, I drive straight over to Sloane’s apartment.

I pull up in front of her building, and I can see her bedroom light is on.

Is ten thirty too late to make a social call?

Too bad. I know she’s still up, and I need to see her.

I need to talk to her.

I knock on the door.

“Who is it?” she asks.

“It’s me, Justin.”

“Hey Justin, what brings you over at this hour?” she says, opening the door.

“I needed to see you. I need to talk to you,” I say, stepping into her apartment.

“I’m studying with Bryce right now.”

“Where is he, I don’t see him.”

“He’s in my room.”

“You’re studying in your bedroom?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?”

Fuck, I don’t like the sound of that one bit.

“I need to talk to you privately,” I say just as Bryce comes walking out of her bedroom like he belongs there.

I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me.

“Go ahead, talk,” Sloane says.

“Never mind.”

I turn and walk out the front door and head to my car.

“Hey, Justin.” I hear behind me.

I turn around and see that it’s Bryce.

“I planned on being around to pick up the pieces after you dumped Sloane. We both knew it was just a matter of time before you moved on. I knew, you knew, and so did she. You were just playing with her. She was your flavor of the month. It was just a conquest thing for you. That’s how guys like you operate. She was heartbroken like I suspected would happen all along. Why did you even touch her? I’m sure there are countless women, more experienced women, more your type out there. So why did you have to go and mess with her, mess with her heart? She’s my friend, and I care about her—more than you ever will. Don’t come around here anymore,” Bryce tells me in no uncertain terms.

He doesn’t give me a chance to answer. He just turns and walks back into Sloane’s apartment, and maybe into her heart.

I stand there feeling so small, like such an asshole.

Everything Bryce said is true.

Why didn’t I stop myself?

I’ve made a mess of everything.

I hurt the girl I’m beginning to realize I care about—really care about.

Do I try and make it up to her, or should I just move on?

Alexis is a beautiful woman, and we do have so much in common.

Then why don’t I want her like I want Sloane?

My dear, precious Sloane.

I blew it.

I should leave her alone, let her find a better man, not a chump like me.

Bryce is eager to fill my shoes. He made that loud and clear.

To say my first night without Sloane was a disaster would be an understatement.

~To Be Continued~

~Just Love Me 2~

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I see Sloane again after all these years and the attraction is undeniable.

Now that I’ve had a taste of her, I want more.

She gives herself to me physically, because I’m good.

But she will no longer give me her heart.

I want to own her, make her mine.

The problem is, she’s not cooperating.


I was invisible to him.

At twelve years old, I was just his annoying kid sister’s best friend.

Fast forward ten years later and Mr. God’s Gift to Women decides he wants me.

We start something beautiful, then in a moment it’s over.

He wants me back.

But do I let him break my heart again?

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