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Little Liar by W Winters (1)

Chapter 1


I like how she’s acting like she doesn’t recognize me. The way she twirls the pen in her brunette curls, looking up at the professor and then slips the tip of that pen between her teeth.

Fucking tease.

Her name’s Allison. I love the way it slips off my tongue.

I didn’t look at her twice the first day we sat in this room. But I noticed when we crossed paths in the building next door, the one with the cafeteria. And I noticed when she started walking away from campus and toward the houses down Connell Street, only two blocks down from Broom Street.

The tiny glances and the subtle way she shifts her thighs each time she sees me… that got my attention even more.

Maybe it’s the curve of her waist or the way her lips are almost always just slightly parted. But something drew me to her and now the idea of her on her knees in front of me as I make her lips open wider with the head of my dick is all I can think about.

And then she can treat me to the same sucking she’s doing to the tip of that pen right now.

Maybe it’s just because Chem 201 is boring as hell.

Or maybe it’s because Little Miss Allison looks like she’d be down for a dirty fuck, but she’s avoiding me at all costs.

Like right now. How she knows I see her. She’s got to know I want her.

But all she’s doing is slipping that pen across her bottom lip, making my dick twitch with need.

“And you?” the professor asks, his voice directed this way. I’m one row behind and two spots to the left of her.

“I’m sorry?” she asks Professor Grant. My lips curl up into a smile, although I hide it behind my fist as I lean my elbow against the desk. Yeah, I know I’m getting to this broad.

“What’s the constitution of the nucleus of an atom?” he asks her, and my brow raises slightly. We’re only five days into the semester and this class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Week one is too fucking early for this shit.

“Electrons and neutrons,” she answers hesitantly.

“Wrong,” the professor’s voice rings out and Allison purses her lips. The pen in her hand taps on the textbook as the class know-it-all pipes up in the front row, not even waiting to be called on.

Apparently, it’s protons and neutrons, not that I give a shit. I’m undecided… on most things in life, and college is no different.

I lean over, feeling my weight push into my ribs as I lean across the metal bar.

“Maybe you should pay attention,” I whisper my first words to Allison, and she finally looks at me.

She gives me a side-eye with a slanted smile and I give her a charming smile back before letting my weight fall into the seat and relaxing.

She looks over her shoulder after the professor turns his back to us, ranting about something he’s scribbled on the chalkboard.

Her teeth sink into her bottom lip and she blushes, peeking at me and then once again pretending to pay attention to him and not me.

That only makes me want her more. I know she’s thinking about me. I want to know exactly what she’s daydreaming about. So, I can make it come true.

I know she didn’t recognize me yesterday on the field; I’ve been sitting in the back of this classroom, but I recognized her. She’s fucking gorgeous, assertive. Doesn’t know what’s in an atom though. I smirk at the thought and pretend to give a shit about what’s on the board when Professor Grant turns back around and looks right at me. I even nod for his benefit.

The desk groans as I readjust in my seat and get another peek from Allison when the lecture continues and his voice drones on.

Not a lot of women approach a group of men with confidence. There’s a shyness but also a playfulness in this one that I like. It’s something I want to explore, and judging by the way she acted yesterday, compared to how she’s been in class the last two days, quiet and reserved, I’m guessing she’d like to explore some shit too.

The large, simple clock above the door ticks by so damn slowly as I wait for the class to end. Every time Allison puts that pen into her mouth, my dick gets a little harder. She lets it roll down her bottom lip and she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t doing it on purpose.

By the time two o’clock hits, I’m hard as fucking steel.

I stay in my seat as everyone around me packs up, my eyes still on my prey.

As she closes her book, she deliberately avoids my gaze, again. I know she is.

“I thought you’d be shy,” I tell her as the person to my right leaves, blocking my view of Allison for only a fraction of a second. She sets the heavy book into a backpack and zips it up, all the while looking at me with an expression that tells me she doesn’t know how to answer.

“When I saw you the last two classes,” I tell her and then close my book, “you seemed shy and not at all like you did yesterday.”

“Is that right?” she asks, tucking her hair behind her ear and setting her bag back down on the floor. She turns in her seat to face me and says, “I didn’t know we had a class together. I guess it was just nerves.”

“You didn’t look too nervous yesterday.”

“Why do you say that?” she asks me, but there’s a spark of mischievousness in her eyes. It makes my smile widen.

“It seemed like you wanted something particular.”

“And what would that be?” she asks me. I notice how her chest rises and falls with her shallow breathing.

I lean forward and lower my voice. “Can I tell you something?”

“What?” Her lips stay parted just slightly and she stares at me with curiosity.

“I called dibs when you left,” I tell her. It’s not true. After she left, her hips swaying and a small bit of that shyness returning when she saw me watching her fine ass walk away, all the guys were talking about was how much ass they’re gonna get in college.

Her ass, any ass. It doesn’t matter to them. But this one I’d noticed before. This one came to a group of men and is obviously in need. So, when she left the field, the vision of her soft lips stayed in my mind.

“Did you really?” she asks me and then shakes her head like I’m ridiculous.

They don’t get this ass. Not until I get my fill first.

“Yeah,” I tell her and look around the now-empty room. “Where’s your next class?” I ask her.

“I don’t have anything else after this,” she admits.

“Me neither,” I tell her, and she throws her head back, laughing.

“You’re such a liar,” she says, calling me out on my shit with a voice full of humor. Her genuine smile grows and that beautiful pink colors her cheeks. “You want to get into my pants badly enough that you’d miss your class?”

My adrenaline spikes. “How’d you know?” I ask her.

“Your schedule’s right there,” she mocks me and rolls her eyes. She grabs the paper off my desk and verifies that she is, in fact, right, before tossing it back to me.

“It’s right next door and you’re going to be late,” she says confidently and stands up, swinging the backpack over her shoulder.

“It can wait if you want to get out of here,” I offer her.

“You’re shameless,” she says and then she grips the strap of her bookbag and asks me softly, “You think I’m that easy?”

“I think you want it; you might be afraid to get it though.”

Her expression slips just slightly, so quickly I almost don’t see it and I second-guess my approach. “I think you know what you want,” I speak clearly and wait for her light green eyes to reach mine. “I fucking love that.”

“Oh yeah?” she says, her confidence returning and the space between us heating again. The tension between us thickens as I stand up, closing the small space that separates us. She stays still, letting me get close enough to touch her.

“Yeah, and I know what I want too,” I tell her and lean forward, so fucking close, but she turns her shoulder to me, brushing against my chest and arm as she walks away, leaving my heart beating hard.

“Well, right now, I want to go home, Dean,” she says over her shoulder.

“Love the way you say my name too,” I tell her, and she pauses in the doorway. “I can make it sound even better when you scream it.”

She lets her head fall back with a feminine chuckle. “You really are shameless.”

“We have a game thing tonight,” I say quickly before she can leave. It grabs her attention and she looks back at me. “On the field. Nothing big, but you should come.”

“You’re inviting me to your game?” she asks me with a hint of a smile. It makes her happy, I can tell.

“I’m going to win you over,” I say, picking up my bag and following her out of the room. “I know you want me,” I tell her, cocky as fuck.

“We’ll see,” she says softly, letting her gaze roam down my chest to my cock, then back up to my eyes. “Not today though. Get to class,” she commands, and her voice hardens.

“Bossy,” I tease her as she turns left. I debate following her. But now’s not the time. She’s just the right mix of shy and curious, but also confident and sexy as fuck. I watch her disappear before turning right to go to my next class. “Alright, Allie Cat, round one goes to you,” I say lowly, under my breath.

My dick’s still hard and there’s a trace of a smile left on my lips.

College just got that much better.