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Love Like This by Melissa Brayden (1)

Reviewers Love Melissa Brayden


“Melissa Brayden has become one of the most popular novelists of the genre, writing hit after hit of funny, relatable, and very sexy stories for women who love women.”—


Sparks Like Ours


“Brayden sets up a flirtatious tit-for-tat that’s honest, relatable, and passionate. The women’s fears are real, but the loving support from the supporting cast helps them find their way to a happy future. This enjoyable romance is sure to interest readers in the other stories from Seven Shores.”—Publishers Weekly


Sparks Like Ours is made up of myriad bits of truth that make for a cozy, lovely summer read.”—Queerly Reads


Hearts Like Hers


Hearts like Hers has all the ingredients that readers can expect from Ms. Brayden: witty dialogue, heartfelt relationships, hot chemistry and passionate romance.”—Lez Review Books


“Once again Melissa Brayden stands at the top. She unequivocally is the queen of romance.”—Front Porch Romance


“Autumn Primm and Kate Carpenter are my favorite Brayden couple to date. This book had me laughing, crying and swooning like never before.”—Les Reveur


Hearts Like Hers has a breezy style that makes it a perfect beach read. The romance is paced well, the sex is super hot, and the conflict made perfect sense and honored Autumn and Kate’s journeys.”—The Lesbian Review


Eyes Like Those


“Brayden’s writing is just getting better and better. The story is well done, full of well-honed wit and humour, and the characters are complex and interesting.”—Lesbian Reading Room


“Melissa Brayden knocks it out of the park once again with this fantastic and beautifully written novel.”—Les Reveur


“Pure Melissa Brayden at her best…Another great read that won’t disappoint Brayden’s fans. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.”—Lez Review Books


Strawberry Summer


“The characters were a joy to read and get to know. Maggie’s family is loving, supportive, and charming. They’re the family we all wish we had, through good times and bad.”—C-Spot Reviews


“The tragedy is real, the angst well done without being over the top, and the character development palpable in both the main characters and their friends.”—Lesbian Reading Room


Strawberry Summer is a tribute to first love and soulmates and growing into the person you’re meant to be. I feel like I say this each time I read a new Melissa Brayden offering, but I loved this book so much that I cannot wait to see what she delivers next.”—Smart Bitches, Trashy Books


Strawberry Summer will suck you in, rip out your heart, and put all the pieces back together by the end, maybe even a little better than they were before.”—The Lesbian Review


First Position


“Brayden aptly develops the growing relationship between Ana and Natalie, making the emotional payoff that much sweeter. This ably plotted, moving offering will earn its place deep in readers’ hearts.”—Publishers Weekly


First Position is romance at its finest with an opposites attract theme that kept me engaged the whole way through.”—The Lesbian Review


“This book is thoughtful and compassionate, serious yet entertaining, and altogether extremely well done. It takes a lot to stand out, but this is definitely one of the best Traditional Romances of the year.”—Lesbian Reading Room


“You go about your days reading books, thinking oh, yes this one is good, that one over there is so good, and then a Melissa Brayden comes along making everything else seem…well, just less than.”—The Romantic Reader


How Sweet It Is


“‘Sweet’ is definitely the keyword for this well-written, character-driven lesbian romance novel. It is ultimately a love letter to small town America, and the lesson to remain open to whatever opportunities and happiness comes into your life.”—Bob Lind, Echo Magazine


“Oh boy! The events were perfectly plausible, but the collection and the threading of all the stories, main and sub plots, were just fantastic. I completely and wholeheartedly recommend this book. So touching, so heartwarming and all-out beautiful.”—Rainbow Book Reviews


Heart Block


“The story is enchanting with conflicts and issues to be overcome that will keep the reader turning the pages. The relationship between Sarah and Emory is achingly beautiful and skillfully portrayed. This second offering by Melissa Brayden is a perfect package of love—and life to be lived to the fullest. So grab a beverage and snuggle up with a comfy throw to read this classic story of overcoming obstacles and finding enduring love.”—Lambda Literary Review


“Although this book doesn’t beat you over the head with wit, the interactions are almost always humorous, making both characters really quite loveable. Overall a very enjoyable read.”—C-Spot Reviews


Waiting in the Wings


“This was an engaging book with believable characters and story development. It’s always a pleasure to read a book set in a world like theater / film that gets it right…a thoroughly enjoyable read.”—Lez Books


“This is Brayden’s first novel, but we wouldn’t notice if she hadn’t told us. The book is well put together and more complex than most authors’ second or third books. The characters have chemistry; you want them to get together in the end. The book is light, frothy, and fun to read. And the sex is hot without being too explicit—not an easy trick to pull off.”—Liberty Press


“Sexy, funny, and all-around enjoyable.”—



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