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Nailing My Wife (A Rough Hands Novella Book 2) by C.M. Steele (1)



“When are you going to take my refusal seriously?” I ask him, puffing my chest out with my hands clutching onto my tablet. He inches closer, moving so that we’re both hidden by the staircase, and my back is less than a foot from the wall. I feel the heat between us grow with every step he takes.

He has asked me out for the hundredth time since he started working here three years ago. I have done my best to say no every time. Dane Harris is super freaking hot. He has an athletic build that is perfectly sculpted with muscles. He’s not as massive as the boss Benedict, but his size his nothing to sneeze at. At six-two, he’s all man. I hate how much I want to give in and say yes, but a man like Dane could be my undoing.

He wraps his fingers around my bicep, giving just a hint of power in his hold. A light gasp escapes from the jolt of electricity dancing on my skin. It travels through to my core, striking the parts of me I only dream of him touching. I’m doing my best to stay in control, but those eyes won’t let me. They stalk me, command me, and own me. I don’t know if I can resist my feelings for him anymore. “When you seriously mean it. When you stop staring at me when you think I don’t fucking notice. There’s just one thing Brenda. I notice everything about you. From the way your pulse speeds up when you see me to the way you get excited about ice cream even though you try to stay cool. Trust me, Brenda I notice…every single thing.”

“Really?” I answer, panting as I slip my tongue out to lick my suddenly dry lips.

“Really,” he growls. With quick movements, he snatches my tablet out of my hands and sets it on one of the stairs. I feel my back hit the wall as his hands wrap around me. One on my waist, the other on the back of my neck with his fingers massaging the base of my skull. His mouth comes down roughly on mine, and I don’t hold back. I thrust my hands into his hair, letting go of my fear. I moan when he pulls my pussy against his hips, letting me feel every long inch he has for me.

The hand on my waist works down to my thigh. He lifts my leg around him, grinding on me while he moves to cup my ass. I’m about to come in the boss’s house with workers all around, and I don’t care. I toss my head back and cry out, he pulls my head back to his, kissing and claiming my orgasm for himself.

“Fuck, that was sexy as hell. Next time, you scream out my name it’ll be with your pretty little cunt wrapped around my face and not a soul but me to hear.”

The sound of someone pulling up the driveway forces us apart. “We’re not done, Brenda. Not until the day I die, beauty. You’re mine.” The truck door closes, and I know it’s Ben and Mira his wife. I have to get out of here and back to the office. There’s still so much to do. And I need to get away from Dane. I rush out, grabbing my tablet and straightening my hair on the way. I pass by Ben, trying to hide what just happened. He doesn’t buy it; instead he smiles and raises his brow knowingly. I’m not doing this right now, so I hurry back to work at the office.


I ring her doorbell. It’s already eight, but I had just enough time to go home and shower. I can’t let this go one more night. She’s mine, and it’s time we made it official. For three long years, we’ve been playing cat and mouse games. Brenda has been the only woman I’ve wanted from the first time we met. I don’t know why the games, but times up and I’m claiming her. There’s no more going back to just coworkers. I’ve only been here twice to fix some shit she needed to be done. Her condo has a manager that is here every day, but why would she have him do it when she has me.

She opens it with a smile and a pair of shorts so tiny, I can see the seam where her ass meets her thighs. I step through the door, closing and locking it before I turn to take her all in. “Do you open the door for everyone like that?” I growl out, unable to hide my jealousy one damn bit.

“No, but I was about to go to bed.”

“That’s right you are.” She lets her tongue peek out between her soft pale-pink lips, and I’m done. I move forward, kicking my shoes off. I pick her up, dragging her lips to mine in a deep kiss, then carry her sexy ass to the bedroom.

“Dane,” she sighs, pulling her lips away from mine to kiss my jaw. Hell, I’m going to come in my pants from the way her voice caresses my name.

I drop her on the bed, so she’s sitting while I stand in front of her. I take off my shirt and look down into her beautiful blue eyes. I press my thumb and finger under her chin, and say, “There’s no going back.”

She nods in acceptance. I reach down and grab the hem of her top, taking it off. Fuck, her breasts are full and her nipples hard for my touch. I lean down, kissing and pushing her flat on her back. My hands slip between us as I unbutton my jeans. I have to give my cock a little breathing room before I break my zipper. She has no idea how long I’ve waited for this. At twenty-six, I’m holding onto my virginity for her. I thought waiting until I had my shit together was tough enough. Then spending three long years waiting for her has been torture.

“I need you,” she cries out, rubbing her covered pussy against my cock. I stand up and get rid of the rest of my clothes. Then I grab her tiny shorts and panties, dragging them down her sexy legs. I slide up between her legs, kissing her thighs inch by inch until I reach her mound. My tongue slips out eagerly wanting to taste her and own every inch of her. Her body rocks and moans for me. I lick her over and over unable to get enough of the way she tastes. I push a finger inside her, needing to get her as ready as I am. She’s so tight, I wonder if I’m going to hurt her. Fuck, I doubt she’s a virgin, but I’m a big guy. I thrust two fingers inside her, and that’s when I feel it, holy fuck. She’s a virgin. The rough need to claim her takes over, and I climb my way up her. My hands caress her breasts. “I can’t wait anymore, Brenda. We lose our virginity together. You’re mine, only mine. And I’m only yours.”

I push forward, sending my long, thick cock tearing through her barrier and making us one for-fucking-ever.