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One Knight Stand by Prince, Jessica (1)



The blonde across the bar had been shooting fuck me eyes at Camden all damn night. His cock responded to each and every flirty look she gave him, but deep in his gut, he knew tonight was going to be like every other one-night stand. He’d get in and get off. The orgasm would probably even be good… but it wouldn’t be enough. There’d still be that gaping hole left behind that no meaningless encounter could fill. That gnawing in his gut telling him he wanted more… needed more.

Blowing his load wasn’t cutting it anymore, not with the darker desires he had lurking beneath the surface. Unfortunately, if knowledge of his particular tastes made it out into the world, he knew there was no way in hell he’d be able to come back from that. His reputation as one of the hottest, most famous alternative singers on the planet would be ruined, the media would have a field day, and his best friend-turned-manager, Tatum, would skin him alive.

So keeping those baser instincts in check was necessary but left him feeling no less empty, like a part of him was locked away in a cage, slowly withering away due to neglect.

All his life, Camden Knight only wanted to do one thing—write music and play his songs for people to hear. He thought fame and notoriety would provide him with everything he could ever want. But as the years ticked by at a snail’s pace, he was starting to regret every decision he’d made in the past several years. He was no longer his own person. He belonged to the masses. His every move was stalked by relentless, dogged paparazzi, and privacy was a thing of the past.

He missed the simple days when he could do something as menial as go to the grocery store on his own. Now his life was full of photogs invading his space for a goddamn picture when all he was doing was walking down the sidewalk, interviewers probing into his life with invasive questions just to garner higher ratings, and psychotic bitches breaking into his home because a song of his flipped a switch in their fucked-up brains and had them convinced they were soul mates.

Sucking back the last of his beer—that had unfortunately gone lukewarm—Camden plunked the bottle on the table and decided to make his move. After all, a vanilla orgasm was better than not getting off at all, and it was the only thing that gave him a modicum of relief in this twisted, unrelentingly cutthroat world.

Pushing between the blonde’s barstool and the empty one beside her, he propped an elbow on the bar top and gave her a look that he knew without a doubt would get him laid—for the simple fact that it had worked like a charm more times than he could count.

“Hey, gorgeous.”

“You’re Camden Knight,” she breathed wantonly, trailing her finger along the low-cut neckline of her top that was only one line above skank.

“That I am. And you are?”

“Me-Meagan,” she stuttered breathlessly.

“Well, Meagan, you have two choices. You can let me buy you another drink—” Camden replaced her finger with his, dragging it across the swells of her firm, round tits. “—or we can go somewhere more private.”

The innuendo in his tone wasn’t lost on the chick, and she eagerly hopped off the stool, grabbing her tiny purse and tucking it under her arm as she ran the tip of her tongue along her bottom lip.

“Privacy sounds nice. I know just the place.”

Hooking his arm around her waist, he pulled the woman against his side, her ample curves molding against him. “Then lead the way, baby.”

* * *

Camden knew he was being a bit too rough as he fisted Meagan’s hair, using his grip to hold her in place and fuck her mouth, but sometimes he got too lost in what he was feeling to maintain control of his needs. Besides, if the way her fingers were working her clit as she hoovered his cock were any indication, the chick seemed to be getting off on the brutality.

“Fuck yeah,” he grunted, his hips snapping as he powered in and out of her hot mouth. “You like that?”

She hummed around his dick and lifted her gaze to his, plain brown eyes watering as Camden forced his way down her throat. He could feel that tingling at the base of his spine, could feel his balls tightening and drawing up closer to his body. He knew he was close, but he didn’t want to come down her throat.

Using the hold on her hair, he yanked her off his cock with a loud pop, dropping the condom he’d been holding on the ground at her feet. “Put it on. I wanna fuck you.”

She smiled naughtily and bit down on her swollen lip as she picked the gold foil packet up off the floor and tore it open. One second later, once he was covered, he gripped her under her arms and threw her to the bed.

“Roll over,” he commanded on a rough growl. “Want you on your hands and knees.”

She complied without a single objection, arching her back and wagging her ass tantalizingly. Camden ran a hand down one creamy mound before giving it a harsh smack, the crack of it echoing through the room, followed a moment later by her sharp gasp.

“You like it dirty, baby?” he teased, rubbing the sting from her ass.

“Like it however you wanna give it to me,” Meagan purred.

He landed two more slaps in quick succession before grabbing hold of her hips and driving in balls deep in one punishing thrust, not even giving her a chance to get used to his size. With one hand at the back of her neck, he forced her face into the mattress as the tenuous hold he had on his control snapped, and he fucked her with a mercilessness that caused a sweat to break out along his skin.

“Yeah, baby, yeah. Just like that. Fuck me hard,” she begged, driving him on. “Give it to me rough, just how you like it.”

“Jesus, fuck,” he grunted, slamming into her so hard her body jolted across the bed.

Meagan’s head flew back with a loud “Yes!

Camden’s hand at the back of her neck traveled around and gave her throat a tiny squeeze, not enough to hurt, just enough to test her limits. At the slight pressure, Meagan let loose, rearing back and fucking herself on his dick as she begged for more, harder, faster, rougher.

She wanted it in a way Camden hadn’t had in years, and that part inside of him that had laid dormant for so long roared to life and took over completely. His fingers clasped tighter. It wasn’t enough to choke her, not even close, but she’d see his marks on her body long after he was gone.

“You like that?” he panted, holding her throat with one hand as he used the other to spank her.

“Yeah, baby. Fucking love it. God, you’re amazing.”

Her pussy clenched and rippled around him, tightening until it was almost impossible to pull out. One last slap on her ass and she burst, crying out loud enough for her neighbors to hear as she came all over Camden’s cock.

Forcing her hips down into the bed, he used Meagan’s body, powering in and out, in and out, fucking her into the mattress with everything he was once, twice, three more times before his head fell back on a groan while his balls drained every drop of his cum into the condom.

It was amazing. He hadn’t come that long or that hard in fucking years. He’d have liked to push the boundaries a little more, really get off, but in spite of everything they’d just done, she was still, for all intents and purposes, a stranger, so he had to be careful and watch his own back.

“That was fuckin’ phenomenal, baby,” he panted once he finished riding that high. “Thanks for that.”

He pulled out and she rolled to her side with a smug grin on her lips. Propping her head in one hand, she ran the other down her naked body and teased, “Any time, sweetheart. You weren’t so bad yourself.”

He wanted to get her number. He wanted to keep it going with her simply so he could test the limits and get what he really fucking needed in bed. But he knew better. One-night stands were the safer option. Anything longer and he ran the risk of having the chick go full-on Fatal Attraction on him. Fame and money did that to people; it was a lesson he’d learned well enough.

So instead of setting up a repeat, he headed for the attached bath and went about ridding himself of the condom and cleaning up. When he came back, Meagan was still in the same position he’d left her in.

“So,” she hedged, pushing up to her knees and sitting back on her haunches, spreading her thighs to give him an enticing view of her wet pussy. “You up for round two, or you need a breather?”

He gave her that signature cocky grin that made women hot. “As tempting as that sounds, I gotta be on my way. Shit to do tomorrow.”

The enchantress facade she’d pasted on quickly fled, and her face grew hard as she said, “Okay. But you’re gonna call, right?”

Well shit.

Leaning down, Camden placed a quick kiss on her forehead and muttered, “I’m gonna be busy for a while, so I can’t make any promises, but you give me your number and I’ll do my best,” he placated.

He wasn’t going to call.

He wasn’t going to text.

Hell, he probably wasn’t ever going to see Meagan again.

And when a week went by and her phone never rang, he’d come to discover he’d made a big fucking mistake.

Because what he didn’t know after quickly dressing and bolting from the room was that she’d secretly recorded the entire goddamn thing.

As the saying went, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

And when Meagan got tired of waiting on his call, she got pissed. And when she got pissed, she decided to get revenge. And she did just that when she took that video and mailed it to every gossip rag in the tri-state area.

The cat was out of the bag.

Camden was well and thoroughly fucked… and not in the way he liked.



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