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Quadruple Duty: All or Nothing - A Military Reverse Harem Romance by Krista Wolf (1)



~ Prologue ~






“Where are you going? Our bungalow’s this way.”

I stopped along the planks of the smooth wooden walkway, the crystal blue waters stretching in every direction beneath me. They reached all the way out to the picture-perfect horizon, where the sun seemed to be melting into its mirrored surface.

Bora Bora. The ultimate destination. My wildest, most insane travel fantasy…

My God, Sammara.

I still couldn’t believe we were actually here.

“That’s not our bungalow anymore,” Kyle called casually over his shoulder. “I upgraded us.”

He smiled and winked before continuing along the gangplanks, moving further out into the azure horizon. I could see his body was already sun-kissed from swimming and snorkeling all day. His magnificent shoulders looked tan and brown.

“What about all our stuff?”

“It’s already moved.”


“Come on!”

He held out his hand, and I ran to take it. Kyle led me past the last of the other low-slung huts, to a longer walkway that stretched away from the rest. It ended in a tremendous, stunning pavilion, three times the size of the one we’d rented.

“We’re staying there?” I asked incredulously.

“Uh huh.”

“It’s huge!”


My heart raced. As if I didn’t feel guilty enough…

It was one thing; having a gorgeous, muscle-bound Army Ranger for a boyfriend. Over the last three years, that part I’d certainly gotten used to.

But it was quite another thing… to have four of them at once.

“Who’d you think would love this place more?” I asked. “Jason or Ryan?”

Kyle laughed. “What about Dakota?”

“Well he’s from Iowa. It’s landlocked.”

“So? All the more reason he’d love it.”

The walkway ended, and we stepped onto the veranda of the most beautiful cabana I’d ever seen. White silk drapes floated in the breeze, acting as curtains. Just inside, I could see a sprawling common area with low seats and couches, covered in plush, colorful pillows and bamboo mats.

It was as beautiful as it was private. Like something straight out of a magazine.

It just didn’t look real.

“I wish they could see this,” I sighed, staring into the sunset. “All of them.”

“Me too,” said Kyle. He smiled back at me slyly. “But it’s not like they haven’t had their fair share of you, too.”

No, he was definitely right about that. While the guys had all been deployed or traveling at different times, they’d each managed to take me somewhere exotic on their own. Jason had flown me to Italy; or rather I’d taken him, because he’d never been. Ryan had surprised me with a European tour of haunted castles last summer, scaring me beneath the covers before making love to me there each night. And I’d curled up contentedly in an ice-igloo with Dakota, staring up into the Alaskan sky to watch the amazing spectacle of the Northern Lights.

It had all been incredibly romantic — every last magical moment. Even so, my favorite trips were when some of us could be together. I’d spent the better part of a month exploring Greece with Ryan and Kyle, sailing the Hellenic coast in nothing but a bikini bottom for days on end. And I’d never forget the trip to Sweden with Dakota and Jason. After visiting a genuine Nordic village for a day or two — where they’d dressed me up like a viking princess — we’d spent the rest of the time soaking ourselves in the volcanic mud of a geothermal hot springs… among other things.

“You feel guilty?”

I blushed at Kyle. It always did feel like he could read my mind.

“A little, yeah.” I shrugged. “But only because this is the most breathtaking place I’ve ever been. I mean… just look at it!”

He stepped up behind me as I admired the view. Two strong arms slid around my waist. My body shivered with pleasure as he lowered his lips to my neck.

“They’d understand,” he said, planting a string of gentle kisses along my bare shoulder. “We all want the same thing, Sammara. For you to be happy.”

Three years…

I clenched my jaw blissfully as I sucked in a long, contented breath.

Three happy, amazing years…

Had it really been that long?

I thought back, losing myself in the moment. It had been three years this month since I’d met Kyle. Three years since I’d first seen the ad, the one placed by four Army Rangers looking to share a ‘community girlfriend’. They wanted wife material. Long term only. A girl who would be there for them through thick and thin, who’d still love them while they were gone and wait for them during long, sudden deployments.

A woman they’d all share together… mind, body, and soul. Because on an individual basis, not one of them had been able to keep any woman happy. But four of them…

It was crazy. Absolutely ludicrous. And yet…

And yet I’d tried it. And I’d loved it. And even better than all that, I’d fallen in love with them. Each of them. All of them.

They were my four sexy soldiers, each different in his own way. All four of them with the same common goal: to love me. To protect and care for me. To cherish me as their own, the way I cherished them.

“Come on,” said Kyle, taking me by the hand. “Let’s get cleaned up before heading down to dinner.”

My muscles were sore, all over my body. A hot shower would feel baptismal.

I let him pull me inside, still watching trance-like as the last of the light went out of the sky. The bungalow was even more beautiful at dusk. It was lit up already by a beautiful chandelier in the center of the room, and two rows of red and white candles.

“It’s gorgeous,” I breathed, turning to kiss Kyle. “It’s totally perf—”

I stopped mid-sentence and looked down. Scattered across the floor, a trail of red and white rose petals followed the curve of the candles… leading straight into the bedroom.

“Okay, now you’ve thought of everything,” I quipped.

“Did not.”

“Did so.”

Kyle shrugged. “Okay, maybe a little.”

I sighed happily and pointed down at the trail. “So where’s that lead?”

My lover shrugged again. “Go and see.”

I walked the trail gingerly, the petals soft and fresh against my bare feet as Kyle followed just behind. The room ahead of us was dark. No lights at all, except for the flickering of more candles.

“If there’s a hot bath in there,” I warned him, “you’re getting the mother of all blowjobs.”

Kyle laughed softly. Almost nervously.

“I’m dead serious,” I told him. “I’ll drop to my knees right now. I’m talking a toe-curling, butt-clenching, gotta pull the sheets out of your asscrack kind of…”

The words died in my throat as I turned the corner.

What happened next took a moment to register.

The bedroom was stunningly decorated; an explosion of soft gossamer ribbon and fresh tropical flowers. It was all so bright and fragrant, even lit only by candles. In the center, a tremendous four-poster bed lay adorned with silken pillows. The canopy was draped with lilies, birds of paradise, exotic orchids…

But that wasn’t all.

I gasped, as tears rushed to fill my eyes. The room wasn’t empty. Kneeling before me were three people; three handsome, gorgeous men who over the past three years had become nothing short of my whole life.

I saw Dakota. Ryan. Jason…

All three of them were smiling. All three of them were dressed to the nines: identical black suits, white shirts, ties and everything!

And all three of them were down on one knee, too. All three of them holding something…

Oh my God…


I whirled, and there was Kyle. He was no longer standing behind me, he was kneeling as well. Kneeling with both hands cupped outward, his palm holding the most beautiful little wooden box…

“You probably know this already,” he smiled up at me. “But you’re our entire world.”

My hands went over my mouth. My eyes filled with tears to the point where I could no longer see anything!

“We’ve always been a brotherhood,” said Dakota, and I spun to face him. “But we’ve never really been whole. Not until you. Not until you made us.”

His country-boy grin was broader and brighter than I’d ever seen it before. And he was nervous! It was the first time I’d ever seen him anything but totally confident.

“I’ll admit, I never imagined this moment going down this way,” said Ryan. I looked to him and saw his wry, impish grin. “But that’s what makes this special. Our situation is extraordinary because you’re an extraordinary woman, Sammara. I couldn’t imagine myself — or any of us — with anyone else.”

I turned to Jason last, tears streaming down both my cheeks. He smiled up at me as I blinked them away. “You know a part of me was broken,” he said genuinely. “But you fixed it. Having you in our lives has brought the four of us that much closer. We can only hope to give you even a fraction of the love you’ve given to us.”

Their hands moved in unison, opening four identical boxes. Revealing four very different diamond rings. I was weeping openly as they spoke together.

“Will you marry us?”

I couldn’t breathe. I could barely see. I just kept crying and crying, wiping away my tears of joy. Smiling from ear to ear as my heart felt like it was about to explode with happiness.

My legs were shaking. I could barely stand…

“The question kinda requires an answer,” Dakota winked.


They all rose at once, closing in from all sides. Kyle took my hand first. He slid his ring onto my finger; a radiant-cut, perfectly clear stone on a yellow gold band. I cried as he kissed my cheek, then handed my wrist to Dakota.

“I love you,” Dakota whispered, in his sexy mid-western drawl. He slid on an identical ring, right next to Kyle’s, only his band looked silver, or platinum, or—

“We all love you,” said Ryan, going next. The band from his ring was a beautiful rose gold. He winked at me. “Just remember I’m the best.”

I laughed, and a fresh set of tears made their way downward. A tender hand wiped them away, and I looked up into the smiling face of Jason.

“Bullshit,” he said with a grin. “Everyone knows the best is saved for last.”

The band of his ring was a little darker, but no less lustrous. He slid it snugly against the others, looking deep into my eyes the whole time.

For a long moment, no one spoke. All eyes were on my one trembling finger, now sparking in the candlelight.

“Here,” said Kyle, stepping up again. “Let me show you something.”

He took my hand, rotating the rings slightly until all four diamonds formed a perfect square. Then he pushed them together, ever so gently…


The four bands snapped flawlessly into each other, forming a single ring. The diamonds formed what looked like a single beautiful jewel, made up of four equal parts.

I was completely speechless. Lost in a sea of thousand emotions.


Nothing could describe the moment. No words could ever say what I needed to convey. What I needed them to know, all four of them, in their hearts and minds.


My throat was locked up. My eyes, glassed over with tears.

I had to try anyway.

“I LOVE you!” I practically yelled. I was bawling now. Uncontrollably. “I love you, and you and you and you!”

I spun around, making sure I faced them all. Then I was reaching out for them. Hugging them, as they closed in around me.

“You’ve made me the happiest girl in the world!” I said, half-laughing, half-crying.

“World?” smiled Ryan. “More like universe!

I laughed again at our own little inside joke, feeling their arms go around me. Feeling each of them lift me, one by one, into their strong, powerful embrace.

Oh God, Sammara…

They took turns kissing me, as they so often did. Long, deep, loving kisses. Soulful. Beautiful. So hot, so wet, so incredibly amazing…

I could feel the love and excitement radiating off them. It soaked into my body as they took turns spinning me around. Laughing, kissing, making us all dizzy…

And I could feel their relief, too. I could only imagine the planning that went into this. Getting them all here, all at once. Somehow without me knowing!

“I— I can’t believe…”

“Oh you can believe it,” said Dakota, pulling me against him. His heart was pounding so hard I could feel it through his massive chest. “You’re no longer our girlfriend,” he said, kissing me again. “You’re our fiancé now!”


The word rang musically in my ears. It sounded glorious. It sounded perfect

“We’re here the entire ten days,” said Jason. “All four of us.”

My stomach exploded in a flock of butterflies. All four of them, with me, here in paradise! It was unbelievable. Unimaginable.

I glanced around the wide, beautiful pavilion. No wonder they’d upgraded.

“Don’t worry,” said Ryan. “There are more than enough bedrooms.”

“And you’ll get to use them all,” Dakota winked.

I swallowed past the lump in my throat. Just the thought forced my stomach to do a sexy backflip.

“Does this mean I get to start planning our wedding?” I asked excitedly.

“Ha!” laughed Kyle. “As if all girls don’t already start planning that at birth.”

He was right of course, which only made it funnier. Still, no matter how many times I’d imagined my wedding, the venue, my bridesmaids, my dress… I’d never once, in my wildest, most far-flung fantasies, imagined I would have four husbands.

“So I get four times the wedding budget,” I quipped. “Right?”

“Sure, why not?” said Ryan. “Four times the guest list. Four times the presents…”

“Four times the happy hour,” said Jason. “Four times the—”

I flung myself into his arms, stopping him mid-sentence. It was pure nirvana, closing my mouth over his. Feeling the heat and passion growing between us as Jason kissed me back, all strong and dark and handsome… not to mention, impeccably dressed.

My eyes crawled over my four gorgeous boyfriends — no wait, four gorgeous fiancés! — their sculpted bodies filling out their suits in only the best, most exciting of ways. Down below, in the area beneath my naval, I felt a warm, familiar tingle.

“Take me.”

I bounced onto the bed. My hair fell over my face as I looked up at them with my best, most sultry expression.

“The four of you… I want you all,” I breathed. “Take your fiancé now.”

Kyle smiled and started forward immediately. But Dakota’s hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Dinner first, bro. Remember?”

My heart sank. My body was ready to scream in protest.

“He’s right,” said Jason. “The other three of us are starving. It was a long flight. The food was inedible.”

“And we’re already dressed!” said Ryan. He yanked uncomfortably at the tie around his neck. “I didn’t put this thing on for nothing, you know.”

I couldn’t believe they were actually serious! I leaned back on the bed, spreading myself before them. Intentionally I let the towel wrapped around my waist fall away, displaying my bikini…

“You sure you don’t want dessert first?” I winked. “Dinner afterward?”

Dakota stood firm. But I could see Jason’s resolve slipping.

“C’mon,” I purred. “I’m not really your fiancé until we all christen this bed together.” I patted the spots on either side of me. “Those are the rules.”

Dakota shook his head in disbelief. Ryan just laughed and looked away.

“Really? Those are the rules?”

I smiled and hooked a finger sexily into one corner of my mouth. “Uh huh.”

Kyle moved forward again, and this time Jason came with him. I could feel my skin going flush with excitement as they crawled up on either side of me.

“You’re fighting dirty,” lamented Dakota. “You know that?”

I blew him a kiss, giggling on the inside. “C’mon baby,” I pouted. “How often do you get to eat dessert before dinner?”

He didn’t answer, so I stretched out, cat-like, across the bed. My blonde hair flowed down either side of my shoulders as I scissored my long legs.

Ryan folded under the pressure, stepping forward. Jason and Kyle were already kissing either side of my neck, their hands reaching for my body.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you,” I cooed at Jason, raising a hopeful eyebrow. I maintained eye contact with him even as Kyle began kissing me. Kept a steady gaze, as Jason’s fingertips traced their way up the insides of my thighs…


Reaching down to my hip, I pulled on the tiny string tie of my bikini bottoms. Looking Dakota right in his crystal blue eyes, I bit my lip and offered it to him.

“Fine,” he sighed finally, pulling at his collar. “But if we’re gonna do this right now?”

I gulped, half with excitement, half with the breathless anticipation of what was coming next. I hadn’t been with the four of them at once in way too long.

“You’re getting every last inch of what you’re asking for…”




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