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Saving Ventra: Alien Romance (Lovers of Ventra Series) by Amelia Wilson (1)





Space is a true beauty. There are literally thousands of planets hidden like secret pearls amongst seas of stars, waiting for us to find them. Colorful swirls of galaxies light up the dark vastness of the universe, like pillows of cotton candy. Every day, there’s something new to see. The further we dive into this universe, the more beauty and wonder we end up discovering, and the more we can share with species all over


Of course, I don’t really give a shit about any of it. Instead, I’m locked up tight in my private quarters, enjoying the sight of the executive admin assistant as he stands over me, completely exposed. His name is Cal, and he’s been yearning for a taste of me, ever since our ship left Earth just a few months ago. Rippling muscles, a commanding attitude, and a massive cock, what more could you ask for? My answer is nothing much, especially when I have him here all to myself. I even like the cute military tag tattoo he decided to get near his collarbone.

Cal strokes himself as I sit up on my knees on the bed next to him, pulling off my constricting military uniform. He sighs deeply at the sight of my tits, bursting out as I remove my bra and toss it onto the floor with the rest of our clothes. He rubs his face in them, breathing me in, sucking on my nipples and grabbing as much of them as he can. “What are my orders?” I say coyly, spreading my hands over his chest, eventually reaching down to grab in between his legs.

He’s hard and throbbing, my two favorite things.

“You seem like the type who doesn’t listen to orders,” he says, moaning as I gently rub my thumb against his tip.

“You can still try,” I tell him with a sly smile. I bend down, wrapping my lips where my thumb was, gently sucking on him. He tastes just as good as he looks, and I can feel myself getting wetter, wanting him to be inside of me. He runs his hand through my hair, whatever he can grab of my pixie cut as he guides my mouth further around him.

“On your back, cadet,” he commands, and I’d be insulted if I didn’t know he was joking. He reaches around, slipping through the band of my undies and grabbing my ass with both hands. I take his cock out of my mouth and lie down on the bed. He shakes his head at me. “I didn’t say on the bed,” he clarifies, as he hooks his bulging arms around my waist, lifting me up and forcing me against the window panel. Luckily it’s covered up; otherwise everyone on the left side of the ship would see my breasts pressed against the glass. Cal pulls down my panties, adding them to the clothes pile as he slaps my ass. I’m dripping now, practically begging for him to enter. He gives me his fingers instead, slipping them around inside and out, checking to see if I’m ready.

“I thought you said on your back,” I say. He pulls my ass closer to him. “Someone’s a little impatient,” he responds, his breath feeling hot and heavy in my ear, as I sense him easing his way into me. He’s so huge, I let out a soft cry of sheer surprise, but he gently covers my mouth.

“You can’t let the whole bridge know what we’re up to,” he says with a playful laugh. I bite his finger, and he lets go of my mouth in shock. I smile mischievously. Nobody should ever really tell me what to do, but sometimes I like to make him think he can. He grinds into me, soft and slow, the veins of his dick still throbbing as he slides in and out. I bend my back, just right, so he can get himself even further inside. He loves this, moaning so loud that I turn around and cover his mouth.

“Bite me back, and we’re done,” I say in a demanding tone. He rolls his eyes and enters me again, this time pressing my back against the wall. I remove my hand from his mouth, gently patting his cheek. I smirk to reward him for following orders. I lift my leg up on my desk, wrapping my arms around his neck as we grind into each other. Sweat forms between us as our bodies slide closely together. It drips from his forehead, as our gentle grinding turns into harder, rougher thrusting. I like this part the most.

“Lex …” He says heavily. I can hear the strain in his voice. He’s trying not to finish. He presses me further against the wall, and I wrap my legs around him. I kiss his neck, tasting his salty skin. I bite his collarbone, right on his tattoo with a soft moan. He grabs for my ass again, holding me up as his pace quickens. I’m dripping all over him, and it’s not sweat.

“Give it to me,” I moan,

“You better cum for me, and that’s an order,” he demands through his teeth; and oh yes, I want to so badly. It’s enough to send me spiraling into a wave of pleasure. I grind my hips further into him, rubbing my clit against him, adding to the intense throbbing I’m already feeling. My breath is heavy, and I can feel an amazing tingle spreading throughout my entire body. I’m so close I’m about to scream.

“Harder!” I say, “Yes! Oh, Cal!”

Just as about to climax, a blaring telephone-like ring interrupts us. Cal slows down, despite my pleas for him to continue.

“Just ignore it,” I breathe, trying to get myself to finish, but the blaring continues as a screen lights up behind me, projected on the window. A red square with a flashing gold emblem shows behind the curtain. There’s no way I can hold this call.

“Damn it!” I exclaim, throwing Cal off of me.

He gathers up his clothes, annoyed at the disruption of our carefully calculated screwing session. He steps off to the furthest side of the room as he covers up his gorgeous body with his drab high-command uniform. He knows full well whom I’m receiving a message from… Captain McKinley of the spacecraft Cordelia. Oh, and also… he’s my dad. I find whatever shirt’s within reach and wipe the sweat off my face before throwing it on. I wave at Cal and wait for him to sneak out. He winks at me, knowing we’ll just have to finish this later. I pull up the blinds and answer the call, a little frazzled, but still presentable.

“Captain,” I say dutifully.

It’s actually pretty rare for me to call him ‘Dad,’ and to be honest, I’m so used to being shuttled around, with the military, that it would feel weird for me to even address him so informally. My dad’s face fills up the screen. He’s a hard-edged man; with a clean buzz cut and a goatee, such a retro military look for such an advanced ship. I sometimes think it’s silly, but I’d never tell him that to his face. “Working hard?” He asks. I nod, trying to keep a straight face. “Catching up on some manuals for the bridge,” I lie.

“I see. Any idea where my executive would be?” he quizzes. My gut feels heavy. Some lies aren’t so easy to hide, but I try my best. “I haven’t seen him since the mess hall: around fourteen-hundred.” I hope it’s enough, and the look on dad’s face tells me that my lie has been accepted. I would hate for Cal to be discovered. It would mean he’d be shipped off at the next docking station, and probably even demoted.

“Come down to the bridge,” Dad says, “our visitors are finally on the schedule.”


Space was obviously going to be the next best place to look for sustainable energy to keep Earth going. I stand next to my father on the bridge, a sprawling area towards the front of the ship, which is always buzzing with activity, lights, and irritating sounds. There’s an enormous window overlooking our destination. After months of gliding past nothing but stars and space rocks, we’ve finally made it to Ventra, a lush planet known for the bountiful and cold moons that surround it.

“There’s Ren Two,” my father points out, as our ship passes over the barren deep-purple atmosphere of one of these moons.

In the distance, another ship waits. This one looks more complicated than ours; more formed organically than constructed. Most alien ships looked this way; crafted from rare resources we’ve never seen before.

“Those are the Krillux,” Dad explains.

“What kind of species are they?” I ask, watching as their ship closes in on ours. We’ve negotiated to meet them here to discuss our potential excavation plans.

“The Krillux aren’t any particular species,” Dad says. “It’s an army; an organization made up of thousands species from nearby galaxies. The best of the best; at least, that’s what they’ve told us.” He smirks, as if he already knows whomever we’re about to meet isn’t going to be nearly as well-trained or as strong as the people he’s trained.

A chime sounds across the bridge. They’re going to board soon.

“Preparing for lock-off,” someone says nearby. The ship jostles a bit as syncs up clumsily with the Krillux ship. I look over at my dad, expecting the same smirk from before. Instead, he looks concerned, his face showing a hint of regret and uncertainty. For once, I feel the same way, and silently hope we’ve put our complete trust in the right hands.



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