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Sexy Jerk by Kim Karr (14)


SNOW DAYS COULD be compared to hitting the jackpot—when I was a kid that is.

As an adult, usually I see them as a giant pain in the ass. With schools closed, businesses closed, and roads closed, conducting work as normal is just a wet dream. Today though, I find myself saying—I fucking love snow days.

The Rover can get through anything, but by noon it’s completely unnecessary to engage the four-wheel drive. The snow has stopped and the sun is out. Instead of going to the office though, I decide to take Tess and Max out for the day. We all dress warm and go skating at Warren Park Ice Rink. There I get to show off my skills on the ice. Having played hockey most of my life, I can honestly say I know how to skate. Tess isn’t so bad herself. And Max is having a blast wearing blades for the first time.

After that we make our way to Cloud Gate. I haven’t stopped by the giant bean in years. Neither has Tess. In front of the giant silver sculpture, Tess takes a million pictures of Max and texts them to Fiona and Ethan. She also insists I take a selfie, of which I refuse. Somehow she manages to wear me down and I end up snapping one just to shut her up. She’s relentless when she wants something.

We then make our way to Mindy’s Hot Chocolate to warm up. Max has two cups, and Tess has one. I settle on coffee, but Max makes me taste his hot chocolate because it is the best ever with so many extra marshmallows.

We spend the later part of the afternoon driving around Printer’s Row. There I give Tess a tour of the whats and wheres. Once I’ve showed her around, I take her and Max into my office just to check on things, after which we hit the drive-thru at McDonalds to feed Max because he pleaded. And then we make one last stop at a local Italian restaurant for the adults.

By the time we get home it’s after seven and Max is out cold. Carrying him up the stairs has become a habit, but I don’t mind. The little guy has so much energy that his body just can’t keep up.

In his room, I lay him down at the foot of the bed.

“I guess I’ll bathe Max tomorrow,” Tess says as she pulls off his shoes and then tugs down the bedcovers.

I pick him up again and carry him to the head of the bed. “Shit, I forgot about that. Don’t tell Fi we put him to bed without a bath, she’ll freak.”

Tess laughs as she turns on his nightlight. “That secret is safe with me. Fiona is a little crazy about baths, and I think she’d have my head for putting him to bed without one.”

I raise a brow. “You could have my head.”

Tess shoves me toward the door. “Out,” she orders.

In the hall, I lean against the spare room door with one foot propped up and wait for Tess to finish tucking Max in.

Today has been filled with illicit touches and covert looks. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this much sexual tension without satisfying it. So yeah, right now the word head makes me think of my throbbing cock. Just like watching her bend down earlier made me think of her sweet pussy. And seeing her pucker her lips around her cup of hot chocolate created visions of how that mouth would feel wrapped around me.

Tess comes out of the room, closes the door, and then turns to look at me across the hall. “We should eat while the food is hot.”

I shrug. “We could always warm it up.”

She eyes the door I’m leaning against, the one to the spare room. “Ask me nicely.”

I remain right where I am. “Ask you what?”

“If I want to fuck?”

Amused, I go ahead and ask, “Do you want to fuck?”

She shrugs. “I am hungry. Maybe if you ask a little nicer.”

“What? Do you want me to beg?”

Her eyes light up. “That just might satisfy my hunger for now.”

I raise a brow. “I don’t beg.”

She doesn’t move, or say anything.

We’re at a draw.

Let’s see if she’s feeling the same urgency that I am.

“Okay, let’s eat,” I say, and slowly step for the stairs.

Within seconds she grabs me by the collar of my shirt and tugs me inside the spare room.

I let her.

Once inside, I kick the door closed.

Then she tugs my shirt off and pushes me against the wall.

Starving for a taste of her, I yank her sweater off and then rip her blouse open to see those tiny pink nipples, to pinch them, lathe them with my tongue. Before I can remove her bra and close my mouth around one of them though, she drops to her knees in front of me.

Holy fuck.

Without fumbling, she yanks my belt open, undoes my button, and unzips my zipper. My straining cock pushes at the front of my boxers and I’m in her fist before I even have a chance to make a sound.

Tess uses one knee to nudge my legs farther apart as she pulls my pants down to my thighs. My boxers, too. I’m mostly naked for her in half a minute.

My cock pulses against her palm as she skims her hand upward, barely brushing my head, but enough that my hips jerk forward in excitement. As soon as they do, she grips my shaft, keeping me in place.

Oh, fuck.

I flatten my palms against the wall and hold on. I have never been at a woman’s mercy like this. Sure, I’ve been blown a million times, but never when I wasn’t the one in control. And never have I wanted to be out of control as much as I do right now.

I look down at her, my gaze darkening with an unbelievable bout of lust. Her gaze drifts up, and I see in it the same.

And in that single moment that our eyes lock, she opens her mouth and let’s her hot breath seep over my even hotter flesh.

It makes me shiver.

With a smile on her face, she brushes my cock against her cheek, close, so close, and yet my tip is not quite close enough to be inside her mouth.



A little lower.

Not low enough.


Teasing me, she breathes against my cock as her hand works it. And then she turns her head, mouthing the inside of my thigh, nuzzling it, and then she nips it and I cry out. I want to reach down and push her head so her mouth is right there, right on my cock, but I don’t.

I’m giving her this.

Letting her control this.

When she runs her tongue along the underside of my cock, stopping just before she reaches the tip, I close my eyes and let my head drop. The long, tortured cry that escapes my throat isn’t a sound I’ve ever made.

Oh, fuck, she’s using her teeth and my body is shaking in a way I am powerless to stop.

Soon her hands are moving up and down, up and down, and then a little higher to graze my cock head—that’s when I pump my hips, needing to be in her mouth, needing to fuck her mouth.

I open my eyes and look down.

Her body has gone still.

And then, with small, quick flicks of her tongue, she slides it up my cock from my base to just below my head. Up a little higher to let the wet, hot abyss of her mouth hover over my tip.

I look down another time.

Again she has gone still.

I lick my lips.



Wait some more.

Still, she does nothing.

I can’t take it.

And so I beg. “Please, Tess, please.”

At last she engulfs me, takes me down the back of her throat. Tastes me. Sucks me. Devours me.

That’s it.

Oh, fuck.

That’s it.

Greedy, she sucks me hard, concentrating on my head, while her hand, slick with her saliva, strokes up my shaft.

Shards of pleasure spike in every single one of my nerves.

Unable to control myself, I slide my fingers into the back of her hair and anchor her right where she is.

When I give a little tug, she gasps, and this makes her fuck me with her mouth faster, harder. She’s all mouth and teeth and tongue.

Pleasure coils tight and hard, low in my belly and balls. I fuck her mouth harder, faster, and I groan, or maybe roar it’s so loud.

That’s when she lets her jaw go slack to take me deeper. And I fuck her mouth with an urgency I’ve never felt before.

“Tess,” I groan.

My fingers twist and tangle in her hair.

“Shit,” I say, “oh, shit, this feels so good . . . I’m going to come, Tess, I’m going to come.”

I prepare myself to pull out of the blissful cavern that is her mouth, but she doesn’t let me.

“Fuck. Yes.”

My thighs shake as my body starts to surge toward an explosion. Muscles tensing and nerves rapid-fire releasing as I get ready to come.

And then it happens.

I groan.



And I’m coming. Coming. Coming so hard.

Her name on my lips.

Tess takes everything I give her, sucking hard until I’m spent and softening in her mouth. Even then she’s not done. She places small, tender kisses in the most sensitive places. And her mouth is on my balls, licking, touching, driving me crazy and sending bolts of energy racing through me.

Never wanting this feeling to end, I watch her take everything I have, and I know something about her is different.

Good different?

Bad different?

I don’t give a fuck right now.

Moved in a way so unlike me, I tug her to her feet. “Fuck, Tess,” I mutter, “What are you doing to me?”

“I think it’s called blowing you,” she laughs.

Shaking my head in amusement, I slump back against the wall and look at her. My hair is damp with sweat, my body ablaze like it never has been before, and the fire in my eyes matches what I see in hers. “Always a smartass.”

She leans closer. “It takes one to know one.”

That’s when I twist her around and pin her to the wall. My hands hold her. My mouth finds hers. My tongue probes hers. “Just so we’re clear,” I start, “that is the one and only time I will ever beg.”

With eyes half-lidded and super sexy, she looks up at me. “Don’t count on it.”

And fuck, she’s probably right.

If she keeps looking at me like she is right now, I might be begging . . . a lot.



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