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Surviving The Chaos Of Life (Demented Revengers MC: Quitman Chapter Book 4) by Vera Quinn (1)

Chapter One


I just arrived at the Quitman Chapter’s clubhouse for the celebration of Brain’s life. Brain may not have been a Demented Revengers member, but he lost his life fighting a war that belongs to the Demented Revengers, and not the BlackPath MC. That made him a soldier fighting for us and we do not forget our friends, and we celebrate the life they chose to live, and that is what tonight is about.

I haven’t been looking forward to being back at the Quitman’s clubhouse for anything. I know being the Vice President of the Tyler chapter or Mother Chapter of the Demented Revengers, I’m expected to be at things like these when Shine can’t make an appearance. Shine, and I are still adjusting to our new positions. It’s only been two weeks since Cap stepped down as President, and it was a surprise to most people. Not me. I knew that Cap had been wanting to get Lil away from this life. I think it broke all our hearts when Lil lost some of her beloved farm animals, they were her babies, and Cap was torn between staying with Lil while she mourned her loss and fighting this damn war we’re fighting. Cap has stepped down, but I know until we get rid of every Hell Keeperz MC member and all the community people that there is no way he’s walking away to take Lil to see the world. Cap promised Lil when his time at the club was over he would take her to see the world. Lil has stood by his side and supported him every day, and Cap will keep his word to her or die trying.

Cap took Shine, and me in when we were young, but Lil made us family. Where Cap gave us structure and guidance, Lil always gave us love and made a home for us. It’s the first time I felt love, and I would die before I would let anything bad touch Lil.

I know Shine and Katie will be here tonight, but they’re bringing their cage and they will be leaving early. Since Katie found out she was pregnant, Shine has been in protective mode. It didn’t help the day Katie was at a doctor’s appointment that her and the prospect were attacked on the way back to the clubhouse. I’ve never witnessed Shine lose it the way he did until Katie was safe back at the clubhouse. I thought we were going to need to sedate my brother until Katie was in his arms. Katie is the perfect woman for Shine. She is strong and stands beside Shine. She gives him the support and love he and I have both craved since we lived on the streets. I’m happy for Shine, but I don’t think that kind of love is in the cards for me. Katie is like a little sister to me and we all fit as a family, but I know things are changing, and soon I will be the outsider looking in and that is alright by me.

Being domesticated isn’t something I think I would be good at. When I watch Shine or Cap with Katie and Lil, I want it and then I think of being with one woman for the rest of my life. I’m a man that likes to drink, and I like a variety of pussy. I don’t deceive the women that I’m with. I tell the woman, or women, I choose for the night what the score is and then they can either agree with it, or I walk away. I like to fuck but being a bastard and trying to deceive a woman isn’t my thing. Lately there has been only one woman on my mind and she is too damn young for me to have those thoughts about her. I’ll give her a few years to spread her wings, and then maybe, or I might have fucked her out of my thoughts. I don’t think so, I worry about her safety, and if she is happy. I worry some other man is going to take advantage of her, she’s so naïve, but I would kill whatever asshole that touched her. I worry the community will get their hands on her. She’s been through too much because of them. It’s been hard the last two weeks staying away from Quitman. I have fucked every club girl who hangs around that has been at our clubhouse, in Tyler, trying to get that female out of my mind. It hasn’t worked. I’m not even into younger chicks. I have always wanted mine on the seasoned side. Big hair, big tits, some cushion in the ass and hips, thick makeup, and up for a nice hard ride. It takes experience to learn how to please a man the right way and to be perfectly honest, the older ones know the score with the brothers. They enjoy what I give them and smile the next time I show up. Is that being an ass? I’m pretty sure it is, but I don’t give a fuck. I need to get tonight over with, and get back to Tyler, and stay as far away from Faith Connors as I can for the next few years.

I drive into the parking area for visitors and park in the first spot designated for any visiting officers. The parking area is almost full. I see bikes I recognize and know that this place is going to be packed tonight. I make my way to the door and as soon as I walk in the lights are dim, so I step in and let my eyes adjust. I look around the room and I see Cap and Lil have already made it here. I also see Chief and Rebel talking close to Cap. I make my way through the crowd and stop and hug Lil and nod at Cap. I make a quick assessment of the room. I see some of the brothers from Tyler have made it, but they’re at the bar drinking. Shine and Katie aren’t here yet. I see Sarge and Shield walking up to Rebel and Chief. I see a table full of women, but I don’t take them as club girls, they have too many clothes on, so they must be ol’ ladies. I don’t see Brody, Charity, or Faith. I also don’t see Kaden. I see Katie and Shine walk through the front door. They’re walking towards me as I walk towards them. We meet half way and I point out where Cap and Lil are seated. We walk Katie over and leave her with the two of them. We know she will be safe there. Shine, and I don’t need to say a word to each other. We make our way over to Rebel and Chief and we see that Sarge is standing on the other side. I give nods to them all as we step up. Shine gives the half hug greeting.

“We have a problem. Faith is missing. Brody and Charity thought she stayed at our clubhouse when they went home. We thought she was at Brody’s house with them. Charity texted her every day and checked in with her and Faith lead her to believe she was here at the clubhouse.” Rebel looks at me. “Faith stopped texting back a few days ago when Charity insisted they needed to go dress shopping for the wedding, which is supposed to be the end of next week. We have searched the clubhouse, and I questioned everyone, and no one remembers seeing Faith since the night before we left the bunker.” Chief is looking at me closely.

“How the hell does a woman just disappear, and no one notices it? We were supposed to be protecting Faith.” I’m outraged but I catch myself. I need to keep my rage to myself. I have no ties to Faith. I catch Shine with a smirk on his face, until he sees that I see and then Shine’s poker face appears. I’m pissed everyone keeps looking at me. I’m not the one that should be in question.

“Con, I’m going to tell you this once and only once. You touch Faith a day before she turns eighteen and you will answer to me.” Chief surprises everyone standing in our small circle. “My Baby Girl was young when she got mixed up with the likes of Devil, and I thought she was too young then, and I still do.”

“What’s it to you? You’re not her blood, but I have no intention of touching Faith at all and you don’t even like those two Connor girls anyway. Every time I heard you talk to either one of them you were a complete asshole to them both.” I give back to Chief. He’s nodding his head back and forth and looks at Shine. Shine smirks at Chief.

“Give it to him old man or I will.” Shine tells Chief. Shine and Chief haven’t always seen eye to eye, but lately the hostility seems to be gone, and they have formed a friendship. That is the best thing for both the Demented Revengers and the BlackPath MC’s.

“If you have some great wisdom just give it to me so we can form a plan to find Faith.” I stare Chief down, but he never flinches.

“You two need to remember why we’re here tonight. Just keep your voices to a quiet roar. Brody should be here soon and then we will see what everyone has come up with. Brody has had some of his investigator associates looking at Faith’s messages.” Rebel gives us all a reminder of why we’re here. We are celebrating the life of Brain. We lost him when he was trying to keep Charity and Faith safe and he lost his life in the attempt. Brain was Chief’s tech guy and brother. The BlackPath MC provided a memorial since his family would not let any of us attend his funeral, but the Demented Revengers wanted to pay Brain respect by celebrating his life.

“Con, I don’t dislike Faith and Charity. I respect the two sisters because they have a survival instinct that is rare, and they are also loyal to those they care about. I was being hard on the two of them because that is the behavior they respond to the best. They have been conditioned to it, and they needed to listen to stay alive. Being nice isn’t anything they would respond to because they weren’t accustomed to people being nice to them. We didn’t have the time for us to show them we were trustworthy. I used what I had and knew they would respond to, simple as that. I don’t usually explain myself, but I see that Faith has gotten under your skin already.” Chief stopped to size me up or catch a breath. “Just remember eighteen is the magic number and if you were a man with patience, which I know you aren’t, then I would say twenty-one. I think that little hellion might be exactly what you deserve so you can grow some damn patience. Are you feeling me?” I don’t know why anyone here thinks I have no patience. I’m a man of many kinds of patience, just so no one pisses me off or no one is after one of my loved ones. Then I realize what I just thought. Faith Connors is nothing to me.

“No worries, I’m just worried about the girl. I don’t want to attend another funeral because of this war between the Demented Revengers, and the Hell Keeperz. Faith doesn’t deserve it.” I feel foolish trying to explain. I don’t even understand the situation. I need a damn drink.

“You made Chief’s point over the last few minutes.” I look at Shine and wonder why he is siding with Chief, he’s my brother.

“Go ahead Shine and tell me how that is.” I know I am being sarcastic and Shine will call me on it later.

“You first called Faith a woman but then when you were reminded of her age, you changed it to girl. Faith is under your skin and all Chief is saying is to not step over any lines until she is of age. In other words, keep your dick in your pants, and your hands off. You know it’s the right thing to do.” Shine tells me. I think about what Chief and Shine have told me and even though I am fighting this thing inside myself they’re right. I don’t like being told what to do but I know this is what is best for everyone. So, I say the only thing that comes to me and it’s a little too close to the truth for my likings, but I can’t lie to my brother. I don’t like discussing feelings and sharing my personal thoughts. I have a cock and not a pussy.

“I don’t know if she is a damn woman or a child, but I know my cock isn’t getting close to her ever. I won’t hand my balls to any female. I’m going to get a drink and salute Brain and then get on my bike and go straight back to Tyler. The only time I will be back is on club business.” I don’t wait for anyone’s reaction. I walk over to Lil and give her a hug, and I see Cap is over close to the bar talking to Cue Ball. I approach the two men and they both turn to look at me. “You two want to help me give a salute to Brain?”

“Let’s do it the right way.” Cap says. We have buried a few of our brothers since I have been with the Demented Revengers MC, more than I want to think about but we do it the same way every time. Cap walks up to the bar and tells the man behind the bar what we need. He starts yelling at prospects to the bar and handing out trays of alcohol to every biker in the room. This is usually only for Demented Revengers MC members but tonight every member of every club here will be participating, everyone else can look on but we don’t include them, not even prospects. As soon as Cap sees everyone has their shots in front of them he looks to Shine. “Do you want this one Shine?” Cap is trying to show Shine respect for his new place in our club, but I know Shine will not take Cap’s place on this one.

“It’s all yours.” Shine says so everyone can hear and they all understand the respect Shine is showing Cap, and every man respects him for it including me. Rebel comes towards us and takes Shield’s place. I look at Shine, so he can take my place, but he shakes his head no. He understands this is important to me. I owe Brain for taking care of the Connor sisters. I look at Cap and he stands tall and raises his shot glass.

“Tonight, we celebrate Brain’s life. It is the Demented Revenger’s custom to give a brother a three-shot salute” Cap looks solemn. He started this tradition and he goes on with the salute. “Life starts with tears mixed with innocence. A brother is born. We salute Brain with the finest Anthem for the life he began. Salute.” Cap downs his shot, and we all do the same. I look at Rebel for his salute is next. Rebel stiffens his back and raises his shot glass in the air.

“We never know the unknowns of life. A man becomes a brother with the test of loyalty, discipline, and gaining the trust of his family. Only doing this with balls to the wall and for this we salute Brain with the Rock That Bites for the endurance that he showed. Salute.” Rebel raises his shot and we all drink. I step up but look at Shine to make sure he hasn’t changed his mind. Shine just nods his head.

“Time is something that we never get back and we never know when it’s up. A brother was lost to his family and we all mourn a great brother and friend. We salute Brain with Pappy.” I raise my shot glass and every brother follows my lead. Chief steps up to our circle and he hasn’t taken his shot yet.

“We’ll miss you brother and we’ll see you on the flip side. Salute.” Chief says and drinks his shot. It’s fitting that Chief has the last say. I put my glass on the bar and turn and leave. If I come back to Quitman, then I need to have my head on straight and I know of only one way to do that.



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