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The Mafia's Virgin Nanny (The Nannies Book 4) by Sam Crescent (1)





The Nannies, 4


Sam Crescent


Copyright © 2019


Chapter One


“All you do all day is fuck your little whores. You’re not even a man.” The sound of the slap was more than enough for Tessa Brown. She picked up Caesar and carried him out of the room where his mother was in the process of crying.

She had learned to never get involved with Jessica and Benedict Adesso. They were married, but she didn’t understand why. Actually, she knew perfectly well why. Alonzo Zanetti had declared it, and his word was law. Head of the mafia and ruler of those beneath him, his sister had just been another pawn in the game he played. At least, that was what she was told.

Two years into the marriage, and it looked like the couple were no closer to liking each other, even if they had brought into the world Caesar, the beautiful baby boy she nannied for.

Of course, all of this was done under Alonzo’s roof. He wouldn’t allow them to leave. Did he even have a clue what went on? She doubted it. From seeing Jessica herself, she knew the other woman hid the abuse she suffered with makeup or certain clothes, and it wasn’t like Alonzo spent all that much time staring at his sister. The house was large enough for them to have a separate wing, so no one would ever hear Jessica scream.

Holding Caesar on her large hip, Tessa started the walk down the wide staircase. She winced as she heard Jessica call him a bastard and a few other choice words.

Times like this, she wished above everything else that she didn’t have this job. Not that she had much choice in the matter.

After her parents died, she’d been taken in by the mafia, as her father had been an important soldier for them. He’d been well-respected, and even though he tried to keep his only daughter out of the line of fire, it didn’t happen. Which was why at twenty years old, she worked for the most feared man in the world.

From the moment she’d been employed, at Alonzo’s insistence, she’d been told to never be seen or heard. If men or women entered a room, she always vacated it quietly. It helped that she had perfected the art of being invisible. In a world full of violence and women in designer clothes, she didn’t exactly fit in. She never wore makeup and wouldn’t be caught dead on a treadmill. She was all natural, with large hips, thick thighs, a tummy that was the result of too much ice cream, and tits that were too big.

Even with her size sixteen body, she was able to get around silently. She liked being alone.

The other nanny, Michele, liked to be noticed and would often leave Caesar alone to fuck one of the soldiers. Only, before anyone would miss her, she’d be back, looking like she truly cared for the young boy.

Tessa wasn’t interested in relationships or anything else. All she wanted to do was live her life, and to one day maybe make a small home somewhere. If she was lucky enough to have kids, she’d want at least two or three. Four if her husband wanted that.

Still, that seemed like a long way off.

For now, she was content to help take care of Caesar. If she didn’t do it, no one else would.

Jessica was a nice woman but at times really jealous. Anytime Benedict would walk into a room, she’d scream at any other woman to get out, even Michele. Fortunately, Jessica knew Tessa wasn’t like that, so she didn’t get yelled at anymore, which was a relief.

The one thing Tessa couldn’t stand more than anything else was getting yelled at. Even when her parents or a teacher was mad at her, it would freeze her into place and she couldn’t move. Much to her embarrassment, she’d also cry, which served to make her the object of much humiliation at school.

She hummed to Caesar as he played with the cross she wore around her neck. It was the last gift her parents had given her when she turned eighteen. It was a beautiful silver cross, and she never took it off.

Her father had told her to wear it, that it would keep her safe and help her make good decisions.

Going to school that day had seemed like a good decision. When she came home, Alonzo Zanetti had been waiting for her. It was the last morning she saw her parents, and she had completed her schooling here in the Zanetti mansion before she became Jessica’s nanny.

Once she was down the stairs that led to the Adesso wing of the mansion, she came to the top of the stairs that would now take her to the ground floor of the house. Caesar loved being in the library, and as there was so much carpet, she would sit with him for hours. He had his own little box of toys that he would play all day with. Being only one year old, he was still very much a baby, but he liked to crawl around a lot, and he gurgled, which she found so adorable.

Michele would have to find them, but last Tessa saw she was taking one of the guards into a bedroom. She even believed the other nanny had been sleeping with Caesar’s father as well, but that was just speculation and she’d never caught them.

Not one to gossip or talk, or do much of anything, Tessa kept her thoughts to herself.

Her father told her the only way to survive in the mafia was to keep your mouth shut and to always look the other way.

She’d never been kept in the dark about what her father really did. They wanted her to know that even though they were part of the mafia, they’d want her to have a normal life. Most soldiers’ kids were allowed that luxury.

Right now, she didn’t see herself as living a normal life, or any other kind of life.

She was halfway down the stairs, too late to make an escape. Alonzo Zanetti stood there with several of his men. She recognized Cole and Demetri, who were his personal guards. There were also a couple of other men.

She turned on her heel and was about to head back upstairs when Caesar released a little squeal.

She cringed as a quick glance at Caesar clearly showed he wanted his uncle.

“Come down, Tessa,” Alonzo said.

The last thing she wanted to do was go down.

Ignoring his request could get her killed. Still, part of her was tempted to run, only because she’d seen him look so scary at times.

Turning back toward the stairs, she didn’t look at him, careful as she made her way to the bottom step.

Alonzo was already there, and as he grabbed Caesar, his hand grazed her breasts. She ignored it though. Biting her lip, she waited, not sure if she should look at him or leave.

“Where is my sister?” Alonzo asked.

She looked up at him. His brown eyes were so dark they looked almost black. His hair was a mess from clearly running his fingers through the long length.

“She’s in her quarters,” she said.

He sighed. “Benedict?”

“With her.”

“Ah, I see. There’s nothing like a lovers’ quarrel to send you running.”

Heat filled her cheeks.

“Where’s the other nanny?” he asked.

“I-I don’t know.”

He sighed. “Cole, go check one of the bedrooms. Please make sure Michele is aware that she’s in charge for now, that Tessa is not available at the moment.”

“Got it.”

“It’s fine. I don’t mind taking care of Caesar.” She didn’t want Michele to hate her any more than she already did for some reason.

“I pay you to do a job, and since you came here you’ve not had any time off. It hasn’t gone unnoticed, even if you try to act invisible.”

She heard Demetri laugh, and she glanced in his direction.

Caesar chuckled, and Alonzo did the same. “You are a handsome devil, aren’t you? Don’t worry. You have Zanetti blood inside you. You’re going to get all the women when you grow up. They will not be able to resist your charms.”

The sound of footsteps had her turning in the direction. Cole had Michele by the arm.

“Our little slut-in-waiting was able to be pried away from the dick she was riding,” Alonzo asked.

“I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Besides, Caesar was in good hands,” Michele said, shooting Tessa a scornful look as if it was her fault she’d been caught.

That wasn’t something Tessa was going to take the blame for. Did Alonzo even realize that Michele rarely did her job?

“I have no care about who you fuck, Michele, but do it on your own time. Get back to work. Caesar needs you. He can be in your capable hands. Cole and Demetri will make sure you do your job.” Alonzo kissed Caesar’s head, and then handed the baby over to her. “Now go, or would you like to leave my employment?”

“No, sir.”

Tessa chanced a look at Michele, who was already giving her dirty looks as if she’d been the cause of this.

Staring down at the floor, she hoped the ground would open her up and swallow her rather than deal with this woman’s wrath.

“Good, go.”

“You don’t want to come, Tessa?” Michele asked.

“Tessa is busy.” Alonzo answered for her, and she hated it but didn’t argue.

Locking her fingers together in front of her, she waited.

It was all too soon that they were alone.


Alonzo stared at the young woman before him. He knew she tried to leave whenever he entered a room and that any attention always made her run like a little bunny. She tried to be invisible, but that just wasn’t possible.

Not with him.

He noticed her every time he entered a room.

The sweet, floral scent she left behind always drove him crazy. Of course, he never stopped her.

She was a sweet young woman. He’d been the one to see her to deliver the bad news, on her birthday two years ago. She never celebrated her birthday. Louise, their cook, told him that she always declined a cake being made or any cards. In two years, she’d not celebrated her birthday, and she spent a lot of time at the graveyard where her parents were buried.

Since she worked for him, she didn’t do any of her studies. She’d graduated high school, but that was it. Before Jessica had her baby, Tessa cleaned his home to make her way.

He couldn’t even recall a time she left the mansion unless it was to go and see her parents’ graves. Once a year wasn’t healthy.

She looked way too pale to him.

“Come with me.”

“I don’t want to be a bother.”

“You’re not. Follow me.”

She nodded her head, and he held out his hand, which she took. Even if she hadn’t placed her hand within his, he’d have made it so.

Simple as.

When it came to Tessa, she was like a different kind of woman, one he didn’t really understand.

He was used to women who liked to fuck around. Play mind games.

Tessa didn’t have a boyfriend. She was a good girl.

It’s what her father used to say about her whenever he’d show off a picture. His daughter was his pride and joy. In the mafia, the men wanted sons, not girls. Having a daughter wasn’t to be celebrated. Not until she proved her use to them by spreading her legs for the right husband.

Maxwell Brown had been different.

For ten years he and his wife had tried for a baby. Much to their disappointment, they hadn’t been blessed with children easily. When his wife finally did fall pregnant, Maxwell was like a crazed man.

For nine straight months it was his mission to rid the world of every single evil man he could find, and to make them all pay.

Alonzo couldn’t blame him. The world was full of bad people who did bad things, the mafia included.

They didn’t want to know the sex of their child, so on the day she was born, it was a surprise.

Alonzo had been at the hospital the day she was born, as had his father. At fifteen years old, he’d known Maxwell’s loyalty was greatly respected by his family. They’d do anything for him, knowing he would take a bullet, a knife, his own life to see the Zanetti family thrive.

From the time she took her first steps, to her first word, all of it, Maxwell had been a proud daddy.

Alonzo released her hand as they got to the library, and he took a seat on one of the long sofas.

“Sit down,” he said.

She sat on the edge of the sofa.




He didn’t want her to be scared.

At thirty-five years old, he’d never felt anything for a woman other than the most basic need. With Tessa, it was different. The moment he told her about her parents’ death, he watched her fall apart. She screamed, cried, sobbed, and seeing that kind of emotion and love, it had torn at his heart.

A heart he didn’t think he had.

Her hands rested on her knees, and she wasn’t looking at him. He wanted her to look at him.

“You’re not supposed to be doing all the work with Caesar.”

She lifted her head.


“I’m his nanny.”

“Last time I checked I employed two of them. I’m not ignorant of the fact Michele likes to do anything but what I tell her to, unless she thinks she looks good. But I don’t have time to employ another nanny, especially one that will keep her mouth shut. You shouldn’t be doing everything.”

“I love looking after him. He’s a sweet boy.”

“He’s not going to stay sweet very long.” He had no choice but to remind her. He was Zanetti and Adesso blood. He would become a made man, a member of their mafia world, and because of that, he would have no choice but to make hard decisions. There would be no getting out of this world for him. “If you continue to mother him, he will not adapt well.”

“Why does it have to be this way? Why can’t your children take over?”

Staring at Tessa, he had an overwhelming feeling to see her heavily pregnant with his child, her virgin body belonging to him.

To have her look at him with an even deeper love and adoration than she once had for her parents. He’d never experienced that kind of emotion.

“Were you not loved by your mother?” she asked.

“No,” he said. “She knew what I was to become and gave all that love and devotion to Jessica. You ever wonder why she’s a spoiled little bitch, thank our mother. She made her that way. Whatever she wanted, she got. I was taught how to be hard. How to kill a man. By the time I was fifteen I’d already killed five men. There’s no room for softness in a man like me, Tessa.”

He saw tears fill her eyes. “Then I feel sorry for you.”

“You shouldn’t feel sorry for me at all.” He stared down her body. No matter how much she tried to hide them, her tits were like a beacon. He’d watched her for two years sneaking out of every single room that he entered.

She didn’t think anyone noticed her.

He did.

Every time he watched her leave a room it had always been on the tip of his tongue to make her stay because he knew he could. Being one of the most feared men in the world helped with that.

Tessa feared him. He saw it in the way her eyes would often go wide when he entered a room. Her hands always shook as well.

There’s no way he’d hurt her though.

Not after he heard the pain in her voice at losing her father.

He was many things, but hurting her like that, he couldn’t do.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

He smiled. “You don’t need to be sorry either.”

“I don’t understand what you want.”

“I want you to relax.”

“Mr. Zanetti, I work for you.”

“Call me Alonzo.”

“I can’t,” she said.

“Why not?”

“That’s disrespectful.”

“Only if I demand you call me that and you insist on not. I wish for you to call me Alonzo.”

He watched her teeth sink into her bottom lip. He’d give anything to taste her sweet lips. They looked so soft, so inviting.

His cock started to stir as he imagined those lips wrapped around it, taking him to the back of her throat.

She was a good girl. Two years without leaving his home, and before then, her father would always brag about her being a special girl.

He wanted a taste.

Craved her in ways he really shouldn’t.

He wasn’t a good man.

He wanted to make her dirty, to fuck her raw, and to make her beg. When it came to Tessa, it seemed his … obsession knew no bounds. He had her followed everywhere she went, not just for her own safety, for himself. There was also a guard at the house who he employed just for her.

Again, she didn’t know it, and few of his men were aware of it.

He didn’t allow everyone to know his business.

Tessa wasn’t just some random whore he liked to use. She meant more to him, and he wouldn’t dream of putting her life in danger.

“Come on, Tessa, give it a try. Let me hear my name from your lips.”

He hoped she’d argue. Instead, she took a deep breath and said his name so softly that at first he didn’t think he heard it.

“Again,” he said.


Damn. Her voice sounded so good. He’d gladly listen to her all day long.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

She shook her head.

“Good, from now on, at the end of the day, I want you to come here.”

“What?” she asked, the frown back in full force.

“You heard me.”

“I don’t understand what I’ve done wrong, sir.”

“I like that coming from your lips.” He winked at her. “You’ve done nothing wrong, but at the end of each day, I want you here so I can see you. I want to know what you’re doing and how your day has gone.”

“Is this what you do with Michele?” she asked, with no hint of jealousy in her voice.

“No, this is something special for you.”




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