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The Scarred One by Sam Crescent (1)



Deadly Duet, 2


Sam Crescent


Copyright © 2014




Chapter One


Henry fisted the whore’s hair as he pumped his dick into her waiting mouth. The good thing about paying a woman to suck his cock was they never complained about how dirty he wanted it. He loved it when a woman took him to the back of her throat and swallowed down every inch she could. Sometimes they gagged, and other times the women just took what he gave them without complaint. This woman, she was good, an expert in taking his thick cock. The woman between his thighs had dyed blonde hair and a nice pair of fake tits that didn’t fit into his palm. The whole package was a disaster. She wasn’t anything he wanted, and yet if he closed his eyes to the suction of her lips and imagined another woman, he was close to orgasm.

Staring at the ceiling for several seconds he tried to stop himself from imagining her, but it was a struggle. He thought about her long brown hair wrapped around his fist. In the last few months she’d grown out her hair, and it was lovely and long. He’d seen the waves caressing down her body when she visited Donna. Caleb wouldn’t allow his woman to be cut off from her friends even though Henry had advised him to keep Lydia out of all the problems. Would her brown eyes be bored or filled with fire as she took his cock?

Fuck, his thoughts when it came to Lydia were driving him insane. There was nothing special about her. She was chunky, mousy, and entirely boring compared to the woman swallowing his dick.

But even as he thought about the boringness of Lydia, he couldn’t stop from thrusting into the woman’s waiting mouth and spending himself between her waiting lips. She swallowed down his cum, moaning as she did.

She’s paid to like it. Lydia would never be paid.

Opening his eyes, he stared at the white ceiling. Caleb had had several decorators in last week to do a nice job of this part of the club. Ecstasy was a club he and Caleb owned together. They were known as the “deadly duet” with him being referred to as “the scarred one”. They held a good portion of the drugs, girls, and guns within the city and were their own bosses. Together they made a living out of everything illegal while using the clubs they opened as a front. Ecstasy was one of the places where they distributed to the public. They’d met many years ago when they were both fighters. Neither of them believed they were going to last as fighters, and so their business interests expanded and they were now two of the most feared crime lords in the city. Currently they were in talks with another man, Elijah Weston, who owned drugs all over the country. They were hoping to get together to expand their distribution, and maybe go overseas.

“How was that, baby?” the woman said, smiling up at him.

“Fine.” He got to his feet, pulling up his pants and securing his belt into place.

“You’re going?”

“I’m not interested in seconds.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that about you.” The woman sighed, taking a seat on the bed. “All the girls said you were the love and leave ‘em type of guy.”

“I don’t waste my time on pussy that’s known more cocks than a fucking lavatory. You’re a fucking whore, and I don’t need to waste my fucking time with you.” He threw some notes down on the bed, hating the fact he’d used another whore. His reputation was starting to piss him off when it came to the whores who worked at Ecstasy. He didn’t like the fact he was becoming known amongst the women. Without looking left or right, he made his way back to the main part of the club. The blowjob hadn’t done what he wanted. He was still tense and ready for a fight.

“Get me a fucking beer,” he said to a passing waitress and sat down in his usual seat. Caleb was coming back with Donna from the dance floor at the main part of the club. Henry didn’t like how happy the two fuckers were.

He stared around the room wondering what the hell to do with the rest of his night. Usually he spent the night fucking one of the whores until he kicked them out to finish sleeping. He wasn’t interested in fucking anyone or anything for the rest of the night. One blow job would have to do for the night. Henry didn’t know why he was so pissed off about the time he spent with the whores who worked for him, only that he was.

A soft voice interrupted his thoughts, forcing him to turn to see Lydia walking up the steps toward the table. She held a drink in her hands, which she placed on the table. “I’m sorry about that. Your barman, Richard I think his name was, kept flirting with me. He wouldn’t leave me alone.”

Richard was one of the new men that Caleb had hired a few weeks ago. Henry was looking into his references as he thought there was something off about the fucker.

“Be careful, he might end up like your last one,” Henry said, glaring at her. He didn’t like Richard. The bastard was too fucking arrogant for his own good, and Henry just didn’t like him. Henry had watched the other man sneer at the whores and turn his nose up at some of the waitresses in the last few weeks, as if he was better than everyone else. No one was better. They were all fucking equal. Now Richard was flirting with the best friend to the boss’s woman. Many of their associates didn’t know Henry was partners with Caleb. Henry liked it like that. It was the added element to their partnership that people didn’t expect. Ever since Caleb had fallen for and married Donna, however, Henry had attended more meetings on his own. He didn’t like it even as he understood what was going on. Donna wasn’t an awful woman. She was sweet to the core, and that, as far as he was concerned, could cost them in the long term. Once their enemies realized Caleb had a weak spot, they were going to go after her.

Sleeping with the whores meant Henry didn’t have to worry about anyone or anything.

Lydia glared at him, sipping at her drink.

He stared at her, waiting for her to say something. She did not, averting her gaze away from him. The fact she wouldn’t growl at him or get angry pissed him off. She’d been there when he’d had to kill her boyfriend. He’d been the one to clean up the mess alongside her while she cried.

“Did he ask for your number?” Donna asked.

“Yeah, but I’m not going to give it to him. I don’t know him.”

“You don’t want to appear too desperate, do you?” Henry asked.

Again, she glared at him without giving him anything else.

“It’s time you started dating,” Donna said.

If he heard any more he was going to get his gun out and start shooting. He wasn’t interested in women’s shit.

“I’m not ready. I’ll start dating when I’m ready.”

“Don’t leave it too long. Your pussy will dry up and you’ll be next to useless,” Henry said, barking the words at her.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Lydia got to her feet, continuing to glare at him as she passed. He didn’t care and stared right back at her.

Donna followed her.

“What’s your problem?” Caleb asked once the women were out of earshot.

“Why do you have to bring your woman here? She’s vulnerable here, and shouldn’t she be at home caring for your son?”

Donna being at the club also bought Lydia along with her. Considering the two women didn’t work together anymore, Henry had assumed they would pull apart. Donna no longer worked as she and Caleb had a young son at home. Lydia worked as a receptionist at a hotel chain. She worked the morning shift. He knew, as he’d followed her.

“Donna deserves to have some time out. I asked her to come with me to the club. She’s my wife, Henry. Be careful how you speak about her.”

Holding his hand up in surrender, Henry shook his head. “Fine, consider myself out of it.”

“You’re being a prick again. The whores not giving you satisfaction anymore?” Caleb asked.

“My trip to the whores was more than fine.” He saw the waitress approaching their table. “It’s about fucking time,” he said, taking the beer from her. She stuttered something that sounded like an apology. “Fuck off.”

“Okay, seriously, whatever’s bothering you, you’ve got to stop. The club is not your ground to piss people off. I’m always having to replace our staff or give an excuse for shit behavior, and I’m not in the mood to be pissed with, Henry.” Caleb glared at him as he spoke.

“You’re not the one doing all the employing anymore. I’m the one doing all the shit while you play fucking husband with your girl. I’m not interested in hearing you moan.” Lydia and Donna cut off more of what he was going to say. “Fuck this.” Henry snatched his beer off the table and stormed off. Henry refused to listen to Caleb any longer.

Leaving the table and the VIP area he made his way toward the bar, securing his own corner.


“Don’t let Henry bother you. He’s always a little mean,” Donna said. They were standing in the bathroom, and Lydia washed her hands under the tap. She knew how mean Henry could get. She’d witnessed that cruelty at first hand. Lydia hated the man. He was rude, abrasive, and cold. There was not any redeeming quality about him, yet she remembered him kneeling beside her as she scrubbed the blood off the floor.

Cutting the memory off, she dried her hands and waited while Donna did the same.

“I won’t let him bother me.” Lydia ran fingers through her hair, trying to put some order to the long length. Lydia had let the length grow out in the last few months. “Let’s not talk about him anymore. How is your son?”

“Luke’s a dream, and I swear, Caleb would do anything for him.”

She’d changed the subject in the hope of luring Donna away from talking about Henry. The scarred man terrified her. The coldness in his eyes always sent a shiver down her spine. Only once had she seen him look different, and that had been at Donna’s wedding. There had been something dark, almost alive within his gaze. Unlike Donna, Lydia wasn’t in the dark when it came to Caleb and Henry. Both were bad men, criminals of the highest order. Darren, before he was killed, had told her everything about the Deadly Duet. They were known for being a team, and anyone who tried to take them on ended up dead.

Darren didn’t leave anything out of his description of the two men. No, she wasn’t intrigued by the scarred man. He scared her.

Leaving the bathroom, she listened to Donna talk about Luke and Caleb together. She didn’t know how much Donna knew of Caleb’s business. Lydia wasn’t stupid. Caleb had warned her to keep her mouth shut or risk being dead. She had a shit life, but she didn’t want to lose her life by opening her mouth to tell the truth.

Back at the table, she watched Henry get to his feet and leave. She blew out a sigh of relief that was short lived as Caleb tugged Donna into his lap.

Sitting at their table feeling like the third wheel, Lydia took a sip of her soda. The barman had tried to get her to buy something alcoholic, but she refused. She was no longer drinking alcohol. Every time she drank, she took a man home who she later regretted having in her life. In her search for love she’d met too many toads.

There was no Prince Charming for her.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Caleb was stroking up the inside of Donna’s dress. Lydia’s drink was empty, and she needed an excuse to get away from the couple. Their love made something clench deep in her gut. She didn’t need her own lack of love thrown in her face.

“I’m going to get a refill.” Getting to her feet, she left right before Caleb attacked Donna’s mouth.

Her friend was chalk to Caleb’s cheese, yet they were both totally in love. She stepped around the table, giving them as much room as possible. On the way to the bar she paused when she saw Henry was drinking alone. The only space was right next to him as the bar was filled with people lingering for a chance to get in on some action. Closing her eyes, she counted to ten then headed toward him.

She placed her glass on the counter, trying her hardest to ignore the man beside her.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I’m getting a drink. Do you have a problem with that?” She glared right back at him. Lydia wouldn’t let him scare her. After everything she’d seen, she refused to let him see how much he unnerved her.

He wasn’t the one to pull the gun first.

No, Darren, her now deceased boyfriend, had been the one to pull the gun first and almost get her killed. If it hadn’t been for Henry reacting fast she wouldn’t be here now. God, he’d been so quick to draw his weapon and take out Darren.

“I’ve not got a problem with that. I’ve got a problem with you still being around when you’re not wanted. Can’t you take the hint and leave?” he asked.

“Why are you being so rude? I’ve never done anything to you.” She fisted her palms, wanting to hit him. There was no need for his attitude.

“This is who I am.”

“Our friends are married. I know you hate me, but you’ve got to learn to be civil.” She rested her hand on the counter, turning to face him. His gaze ran up and down her body.

“Stop checking me out.” She didn’t like the thrill that rushed through her at the interest in his eyes.

“Baby, I’ve got plenty of pussy on hand.” He took a sip of his alcohol. The glare from the bar’s light illuminated his face, showcasing the scar down the side of his face in harsh light. “I don’t need or want your fat pussy. You’re not the right woman for me. I like my women slender.”

His words cut her hard. She’d never been good at saying no to food and could afford to lose several pounds, but she never got around to it.

“Hey, honey, can I get you anything?” the barman asked.

What was his name again? Richard? She couldn’t remember.

Her chest was hurting from Henry’s cutting remarks. Tucking some hair behind her ear, she shook her head. “No, thanks. Erm, it’s time for me to go. Could you tell Donna I’ll see her another time?” She didn’t give either man a chance to respond.

Lydia walked out of the club, taking in the warm air as she started walking down the street. It was late, dark, and the noise from the city was loud. Henry’s words kept rolling around her head, and she couldn’t make any sense of them. She rubbed at her chest. Why did they have to hurt? It wasn’t like he was the first man to call her fat and he sure wouldn’t be the last man.

The pain was something she didn’t understand. She’d been called fat or other names for a long time. Yeah, some men liked her, as she was pretty, but it had been a long time since they were intentionally cruel like Henry had been.

“Shit, Lydia, stop,” Henry said, invading her thoughts. She glanced over her shoulder to see he was walking to catch up with her.

She didn’t stop walking. The last person she wanted to be around right now was Henry. His cruelty knew no bounds. She’d done everything he asked after Darren got himself killed, and yet it still wasn’t good enough for Henry. When was he going to leave her alone?

“Fuck, you sure walk fast,” he said, walking in beside her.

“What? I walk fast considering I’m a fat person with a giant ass?” She didn’t even look in his direction. He was the last person she wanted to see.

“Look, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize to me. I don’t need to hear any words coming out of your mouth. I understand that you’re a cruel man, but I feel sorry for the other women. Oh, that’s right, they’re your whores. They’re paid to overlook your disgusting language and general hatred for our sex.” She didn’t know why she kept talking, but she couldn’t stop. “I’m not being paid to stay in your company, and I refuse to be a near a man who’s so mean and horrid.” She folded her arms over her breasts, trying her hardest to block him out.

“I’m really sorry.” He grabbed her arm, and she pulled away from his touch.

“You don’t get to touch me.”

Henry held her purse up. “You forgot this.”

She snatched her bag from him without saying a word. “Are you done? You can go back to your women. You know, the ones you pay to keep you happy?” She started walking away again.

Why are you angry?

You hate Henry.

This makes no sense, and you’re starting to sound like a crazy person who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

If she wasn’t careful she was going to start talking to herself, and that would be too embarrassing.

“Wow, I think that’s the most you’ve spoken about in the last couple of minutes.” He held her still. They were stood at an entrance to an alleyway that would lead to where she lived.

“Ugh, you’re an insane, crazy, horrible man. You’re a murde—”

She didn’t get to finish her insults as he covered her mouth and pressed her up against the brick wall. “You’ve got to keep your fucking mouth shut. I mean it, Lydia. It’s fucking dangerous to be going and opening those lips of yours.”

Once again his touch awakened the desire in her body, and she hated him all the more for it. She’d seen how dangerous he was firsthand. There was no way she’d ever trust him enough to get close to him.

He released her face, and she stared at him, waiting.

“Don’t speak words you don’t understand.”

“I know what I saw,” she said.

“Seeing is not fucking knowing. You and I both know that bastard you were fucking would have killed you. I saved your life. I deserve a little fucking respect.”

“You’re mean and cruel.”

“And I’m never going to change, so stop taking what I say personally. I don’t think about what I fucking say, I never have. You’re beautiful, and you should already know how beautiful you actually are.” He cupped her cheek, surprising her further.

“I hate you.”

“Good. You don’t even know me.” He took a step back.

She went to open her mouth to growl at him some more, but the squeak of tires interrupted her.

Henry glanced toward the sound as a van with blackened out windows pulled up beside them on the road. “Fuck, run, Lydia.”

Three men poured out of the van attacking Henry before he got to his gun. She watched the weapon fall to the floor as they started to hurt him. Instead of running, she threw herself at them, hoping to stop them from hurting him. She hated violence in all forms.

She was no match for them, and neither was Henry. One of the men slammed his fist against the side of her face and slammed her against the brick wall. Everything suddenly went black.



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