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WILD CHILD: The Wylde Ones MC by Naomi West (13)



I’m back to driving to school, which I appreciate—even if I miss arriving on the back of Booster’s bike. People talked the whole week that he took me to school, and though I’ve managed to dodge questions so far, other teachers in the English department corner me during lunch in the break room.


“So, Lena. Where’s the hunk from last week run off to, huh?” Mrs. McCallister slides into the table beside me. She’s one of the newer teachers in the English department, just a little younger than I am, and rather happily married—though that doesn’t stop her from gossiping about any and every hot male that she sees. It doesn’t surprise me that Booster’s caught her gossipy eye, and the other women in the department gather around, wanting to hear the juicy details as well.


Admittedly, I’m a little embarrassed, but I’m not afraid to talk about Booster. I take a bite of the sandwich that I packed for today’s lunch, amused at the way the others lean in to hear what I have to say. It’s almost like being a part of a special clique, or something. It makes me giddy, like I’m a younger girl again, talking about a popular boy that’s had his eyes on me.


I explain, without giving away too much, that I had a little accident the week prior with my new car. There’s a lot of concern (I hadn’t actually told anyone about the accident prior to this,) but what they are really interested in is the next detail that I give—that Booster was kind enough to give me a ride.


“Oh my god, that’s precious!”


“What a gentleman for such a rugged-looking hunk.”


“Just the kind of thing we read in all those books our kids aren’t interested in enough to read themselves!”


I laugh a little.


“Yeah. Kind of sweet, wasn’t it?”


All the teachers in the English department are huge, huge romantics, and they latch onto the idea of me having a bad boy rescuer after I explain about the wreck and how he took care of me—they even agree to keep the fact that I lied about being sick for a good cause.


This is the most that I’ve spoken with them about a man. I’m not the one in the department that dates (not like I can call what Booster and I are doing dating, but it’s better than calling it ‘baby making for profit.’)


As odd as it likely is, I find that I like this interest in my relationship with Booster—even if it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a ‘relationship’ as far as dating goes. I wonder if Booster would be interested in something like that, but I think that’s something better suited for considering in the future, if ever—things are already complicated enough trying to conceive a baby, and I’m still not sure how I’m supposed to confront that with my coworkers when it happens.


Only time can tell.




Booster doesn’t take me to and from school anymore, but he has gotten into the habit of surprising me at home sometimes. It’ll be a little late, getting close to dark, and I’ll have had a long, rough day and the thing that boosts me up is seeing him in my driveway, leaned against his bike as though he belongs there.


Tonight is one such night. I have every intention of heading into my house, turning on TV, and maybe getting in some reading while I put off grading the hefty number of essays that I need to grade.


Instead … I think my night is going to be a little nicer than that.


I slide out of my car and walk over to him.


“Hey there, stranger,” I say. He pulls me into his arms, kissing me deeply before I can say anything else. The action instantly warms me inside and out, and I flush against him.


“Hey there. You have some time for me tonight?”


“Of course I do.”


We don’t waste a lot of time getting inside. That’s the beauty of this all—I don’t feel like I need to be shy; I don’t feel like I need to take my time with him. I like having the freedom of getting away with having a feeling, an urge—being aroused—and being able to act on it instantly.


Booster leads me upstairs. He’s well aware of the layout of my home by now, having taken the liberty of fucking me in every room of it by now. For this reason, I expect him to take me immediately to bed. Instead, he tugs me into the bathroom.


“You look like you need to relax,” he says when I look up at him, puzzled. “So I’m gonna have you relax before I have you screaming my name a little too loud, all right?”


Something warm and fuzzy buzzes through me, and I don’t have enough resistance in me to even consider going against what he’s asking of me. That’s all right though. Booster starts undressing me, taking my mind away from anything else. He stoops down, pulling me out of my low heels, and then slides up to hook his fingers at my pantyhose. He pulls those down with my panties beneath my skirt, leaving me bare. The cool of the bathroom air chills against my excited, warm core.


I quiver as he moves up. He grins down at me, and for a moment turns away. Confusion sets in momentarily, before I see that he’s stooping over to get the bath running—so I don’t have to stand here naked and chilled before I get into the water.


Who would have thought that he was the thoughtful type?


The water begins to fill in the basin of the tub, and Booster turns his attention back to me. He gets me out of my top, undoing each of the buttons one by one before sliding me out of it. That just leaves my skirt.


I keep my eyes on Booster. The electricity between us is intense, and I almost tell him to just forget the bath and fuck me.


I’m good, though. I let Booster turn me around and, as he brushes his lips against the nape of my neck, he unzips my skirt and starts to shimmy it down on me, leaving me bare before him.


“Get in.”


His voice is low and husky. I know that he’s feeling this just as intensely as I am, and it makes me draw in a shaky breath as I comply with his request. The water is still running, and the bath is almost full. I turn the water off before stepping in and moan as the heat licks up at my legs, warming my skin.


“Oh … that’s nice.” I sigh and close my eyes as I sink into the water, letting it rush over my body and warm me up nicely. I hear Booster getting undressed, the zip of his pants and the dull thud of his clothing hitting the floor. It raises the anticipation of the act—making me want this even more knowing that he’s about to join me.


I keep my eyes closed, even as he slides into the tub behind me. He gently urges me forward, and I do so, sliding in the water to accommodate him being behind me. I feel the hardness of his cock press behind me, and I have to hold in a moan.


Oh god … it’s so easy to imagine just … scooting back and letting him slide inside me …


The thoughts don’t ease up as Booster wraps his arms around me. He pulls me back against him, and I go to him willingly, laying my head back against his shoulder.


“Hmm … You’re comfortable.”


“You’re only saying that because my dick’s against your back.”


I laugh. “Maybe in part, but it feels good like this. Don’t make fun of me; I thought you were supposed to be making me relax, hm?”


He chuckles. “Right, right.”


But he goes on to slide his hands up and down my belly, eventually bringing them up so that he run his hands up my arms and to my shoulders. The pressure of his fingers on my shoulders has me closing my eyes, leaning my head back. His fingers are just hard enough to work out the tension in my muscles without being painful, and the roughness of the pads of his fingers offers up another wonderful, relaxing sensation.


“It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a massage,” I murmur out.




“Yeah.” I let out a breathy chuckle. “The last time, it was as a reward. We had a competition among the English department over which teacher could get the most readership out of their kids in a semester—basically, the most books completely read in total by our classes.”


“And your kids read the most books?”


“By a landslide. We were at least … one hundred and fifty books ahead of all the other classes.”


“Holy shit.”


“Yeah. What can I say? I can get the kids to do what I want when there’s incentive … But, god, it was the worst massage that I had ever gotten. I should have known better. Principal Walters was the one that put the whole thing together, so he got a deal with the cheapest, shadiest massage parlor in town. I got my massage, but I ended up with worse back pain than I’d gone in.”


“Well, if I can help it, all you’re gonna be feeling from me tonight is good.”


“You’re already well on your way to achieving that, I’d say.”


Booster leans and chuckles against my ear. Sneakily, one of his hands goes from my shoulder to my breast.


“Is that so?” My breath hitches as he goes on to toy around with my nipple there.




He says nothing more, playing with my nipple between his rough fingers. He places a kiss to my neck, and his mouth stays there and he suckles and kisses me lightly. His other hand, previously forgotten, finds its home between my legs after nails are dragged along my thighs—and I sigh as he pushes between them.


There’s no rush in the way Booster touches me, but it feels amazing all the same. His fingers circle expertly at my clit, homing in on the little bud between my legs and collecting up the slippery wetness of my arousal there. It makes my clit twitch beneath his ministrations, and I spread my legs for him, giving him more room to play down there. Booster takes the offer in full, keeping his thumb on my clit while he slips one of his fingers inside me.


“Oh—” I bite my lip. The water sloshes softly around us as I begin to rock my hips with him. His finger probes, sliding expertly along my g-spot. He’s gotten good at hitting it without a lot of searching, and I find myself thankful for that; I love not having to direct him to where it feels best when he already knows how to find it himself.


“You like that?” he murmurs against my neck.


I nod. “Yeah. Fuck, it feels good.”


He chuckles again against my neck and bites a little harder. If I had any sense, I would be worried about bruises, but it’s hard to have a feeling of common sense when it comes to having Booster on me and in me. Instead, I moan, and buck my hips against him. In response, Booster pushes his fingers into me deeper, strumming my inner walls like an expert, and I cry out when he adds two more, filling me that much more.


I’m close. It’s almost embarrassing how close I am, but Booster’s learned how to play my body the way he wants it, and I’m little more than a pawn led where he wants me. That tends to be into a mess of whines and whimpers, which is how I am now—a complete, fucked-out mess, and he hasn’t even gotten to fucking me yet.




I continue to rock against his hand, and I find myself getting closer and closer with each pass. My hands come to the side of the tub, gripping the porcelain as he strums his fingers within me. There … almost there. So close—


Booster withdraws his fingers from me, and before I can ask him what he thinks he’s doing, he grips me by the hips and pulls me back. I cry out, a strangled moan as he enters me from behind, sitting me down on his cock with my pussy wrapped tight around him.


“Oh—oh my god!” My mouth stays open wide, brows furrowed. He says nothing—only grunts and holds me, sliding me up and down on his dick. I whine and tighten around him. I was close before, and now, with his length and girth filling me so expertly, I tip right over the edge. It’s so quick, but it’s intense, and I know I gush into the water with my orgasm.


“Booster, Booster!”


I call out his name, and it echoes in the bathroom, filling my ears with the sounds of my own pleasure. I start moving with his controlling hands, forcing myself up and down on him through the sensitivity of my orgasm. It’s got me tossing my head back, arching against Booster.


I thought that I would get used to how he makes me feel—but I don’t think there’s anything that could have prepared me, let alone gotten me used to, the way that Booster handles my body. It’s expert. It’s intense. He knows what he’s doing, and my body sings for it.


I want this, and so much more from him. My mind can’t focus on anything else but how filling his cock is, and how badly I don’t want him to stop.


And he doesn’t. He grips me hard and with my own movements, forces me up and down while he slides his cock hard in and out of me. His grunts and groans are wild, and when he sinks his teeth into my neck to hold me, I howl out.


Pain, pleasure; it’s one in the same with Booster. He fucks me hard and I know I’ll be sore, but it’s all worth it when he pushes me down onto him and finally—blessedly—spills inside me. He holds me down onto him as he fills me, and I feel the hot, wet, stickiness of his load spill within me hot and heavy. There’s nothing better, and I grind back on him.


“Just like that, doll. Fuck, you’re so tight and pretty. I can’t wait to put a baby in you.”


I don’t know why it turns me on, but it does and I whine as he says it. It’s such a strange and nasty thing to say to someone, but I don’t actually mind in the moment, and make sure to rut back against him, taking everything that he has to offer me. He likes that, growing against me.


Booster raises up, and for a moment I think that he’s going to pull out me. Instead, he pushes up on his knees, forcing me forward on my own and to prop myself up with my hands. Booster slides back, slow, almost torturing me with the sensation of being there but not enough, before he rams back into me, hard.




He pounds into me from behind, taking me roughly. I feel everything, and the pleasure tingles through my insides and up my spine that much more. I can’t do anything but let him have me—and I let him, willingly.


“Booster, Booster—”


My eyes roll and drool dribbles down my chin. I can’t contain my moans and I’m glad that I don’t have neighbors or live in an apartment; the noise level alone would get me into trouble, not to mention the frequency and how long Booster and I can go when we really get into it.


His hand comes around to my breast, tweaking a nipple. The other one goes down between my legs, fondling at my clit. I don’t know how he manages to keep track of everything, working pleasure into me through multiple places, but I don’t think that I really need or want to question it at this point. It’s mind blowing and my thighs quake, almost threatening to clench shut at his ministrations when it gets just shy of being too much, but Booster doesn’t stop. He never does. He always draws out the most pleasure from me that he can muster, and I let him do so, as though he owns my body and not the other way around.


“Come on, pretty,” he tells me, cooing in my ear, and I can almost hear the self-satisfied smirk in his tone. “Come on and cum for me again, why don’t you?”


I lose. I can’t help it. I clench around him before I can even consciously think about following his order, flooding around his cock with more of my satisfaction. It’s more intense this time, leaving me a throbbing, panting mess, aching between my thighs as my walls squeeze tight.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”


Booster only fucks me harder. Me cumming is like kryptonite to him, pulling out the most animal and primal of his instincts. I love the way it makes him fuck me that much harder, until he’s pressing against me again, snapping into me hard and spilling once more.


We’re a mess of cum and sweat. Water has sloshed all over the place, the level in the bathtub lower because of our activities. We’re panting, and the weight of Booster laying himself over me from behind is a strange but not unwelcome comfort to me. It grounds me and keeps me in the present, keeps my mind focused on Booster and nothing but Booster. I can’t help but love the feeling and the sensation in its entirety.


“Fuck …”




“That was … that was …”


“Something?” Booster finishes for me. I chuckle.


“Yeah. Definitely something.”


“I totally intended to let you have a bath in peace.”


“Did you really now?” I find that hard to believe with how quickly things turned around, and the thought amuses me.


He rocks against me, teasing a slowly softening cock within my sensitive walls. I moan, and arch. He laughs at my reaction.


“Yeah, I really did. But there’s just something about you that’s hard to resist. Wonder what that something is …”


“Yeah, totally wonder.” I roll my eyes. “Except I don’t.” I laugh a little and slide forward, turning around to flop into the water, facing Booster. My legs splay out on either side of his. I’m lucky that my bath is large enough to accommodate the spread, and Booster settles back comfortably, too.


“I like that you didn’t wait, though,” I go on. “That was much more entertaining than a normal bath.”


He laughs.


“I try. We should finish up … and maybe see if I can get you dirty enough for another one.”



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