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Zenith Point (The Sector Fleet, Book 4) by Nicola Claire (1)


<systems check>

all programmes nominal

<security check>

all locks engaged

<life support check>

air filtration functional

<engine check>

core temperature within allowed parameters

<souls on board>

one thousand one hundred ninety-six

<communications check>

fleet-wide communications operational

<locate passenger 0002>

passenger located

<open channel>

channel open

good morning adi

Good morning, Aquila. What’s the plan for today?

i have found a book you might like in the library

<check engine>

engine check

main boost thrust operating at 97.354%

engineering advised

power diverted to main boost thrust

anomaly found

anomaly corrected

system diagnostic running

Oh, great. Is it a classic?

the great gatsby

by f scott fitzgerald

it is set in the jazz age

your favourite music genre

Sounds good. Send it to my pad.

book sent

Thanks, Aquila. I’ll tell you what I think of it.

i liked the roaring twenties

it looks like they were fun

<weapons discharge detected>

locating origin

origin located

deck a

mayoral office

security advised

Times were simpler then.

read the book

not so simple after all

Right. Got it. I’m reading.

have fun adi

Thanks, Aquila. You have a fun day too.

<alarm activated>

location search

location found

mayoral office



alarm suspended


<recording deleted>

<directive received>

<level 10 privacy setting>

privacy setting documented


<alarm activated>

check location

air filtration system

divert core systems to air filtration

<life support check>

air filtration non functional

power diverted to air filtration system

origin fault located


<life support check>

air filtration functional

<check mayoral offices>

privacy setting deleted

no evidence of weapons discharge

security stood down

documentation erased


<alarm suspended>


<directive received>