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Wolf On Fire by Sara York, H.L. Holston (1)


Francis Kirby approached the dark house set back from the road cautiously. The neighbors were too far away to be a bother. He’d not wanted to draw attention to his arrival, so he’d parked about a half mile away. The moon was just a thin sliver, keeping him in the shadows all the way to the front door. He glanced around, making sure no one had spotted him and snuck outside, ready to pounce on him.

There were no sounds, nothing moving, just a slight breeze in the trees. The scent of pine overwhelmed the area, but he caught the unmistakable musk of a deer underlying the sharp pine. He needed to hunt again, and soon.

Francis reached into his pocket and pulled out the thin piece of metal to pick the lock. He kept his movements clean, working fast to unlock the house. The locked clicked, and he paused a moment, not wanting to startle the home owner’s dog. When two seconds went past and there was no growl or bark, he continued.

With no lights shining in the house, he couldn’t see inside, even with his enhanced vision. A frisson of excitement snaked down his spine. Usually, an FBI agent wouldn't dream of breaking and entering, but these were exceptional circumstances.

Silence hung heavy. The home was much too quiet to be empty.

The hairs on the back of his neck prickled in anticipation. His eyes dilated further, allowing him to see better into the darkness, but he couldn’t see everything.

Francis could feel another presence close, but when he scanned the first room, he didn't see anyone moving. He blew out a breath and relaxed. He turned to close the door, and that's when someone hit him from behind—hard.

They both fell to the ground, and he scrambled to his knees. Without thinking, Francis threw a punch. He pulled back at the last minute, but it was too late, and his fist made contact with the all too familiar muscular chest of Jimmy Laughton.

A furious voice greeted him. “Fuck, Kirby, that hurt! What the hell are you doing breaking into my house in the middle of the night? Do you have a death wish?”

Francis ran his finger along Jimmy’s chest, jabbing the spot lightly where he’d punched him. “I wanted to see if you’d relaxed your security measures. We may have arrested a good portion of the Amity Brethren, but you still need to be alert. There are a few of them still out there.”

“Fuck you, asshole. You should have called to let me know you were coming.”

Francis snorted. “Then it wouldn’t have been a surprise.”

Jimmy groaned. “I’ve had enough surprises to last a lifetime. Next time, call.”

Francis thinned his lips and refused to break eye contact with Jimmy as he tried to prove his dominance, but Jimmy was doing the same thing, vying for the top position. Jimmy pushed him to the floor, and Francis rolled, pinning Jimmy. But Francis didn’t hold that position for long, and soon Jimmy was on top. It was hot as heck rolling around with Jimmy, trying to see who was going to be the Alpha today.

Francis let loose a low chuckle, and Jimmy’s lips pouted into annoyance, but Francis wouldn’t be deterred from teasing him. He pushed at Jimmy’s shoulder and flipped him, ending up on top. “Did I hurt the big, bad lawman? Want me to kiss it and make it better?”

Jimmy's response was to place his hand behind Francis’ head and pull him down for a breath-stealing kiss. His arms relaxed, and he allowed his body to shift, so he was lying on top of Jimmy instead of holding his body up.

In the three weeks since he’d last seen Jimmy, this is what he’d dreamed of. Francis’ body and mind quickly spiraled into a pit of desire that only Jimmy could evoke. The lust went so deep it left him drowning for more. Not even his ex, the asshole who’d dumped him, could have made him this hungry for sex so fast. Francis swiped his tongue over Jimmy’s lips, pressing at the seam, and Jimmy opened. He dove in, seeking out the recesses of Jimmy’s mouth, enjoying the taste of his man. Teeth scraped and tongues tangled as he searched for dominance. It was the story of their entire relationship whittled down to one kiss, each trying to outdo the other to be the top wolf.

But today Francis wanted to win. Planting a hand on Jimmy’s chest, Francis pinned him to the hardwood floor. He slid his hand down Jimmy’s broad chest, under his boxers, and firmly grasped Jimmy's engorged cock. A sense of urgency drove him. He'd wanted Jimmy for so long but couldn't claim him because he'd been undercover with the FBI and Jimmy had been his informant. It had been too dangerous to give in to their passion then. But now that the case was over, the majority of the Brethren arrested, he could finally have Jimmy. There would be time for slow later, but right now, Francis wanted to have Jimmy come undone from his touch.

He stroked slowly at first, sliding his fingers over the vein, tightening his grasp, then loosening just enough to slip his hand over the top and change the angle. The kiss ended, and he lifted so he could watch Jimmy’s face, taking in the tight curl of his upper lip on one side, the way his eyes narrowed, how his cheeks turned pink. Jimmy’s moan vibrated through Francis, sending tingles through his body.

His own cock was getting ready to blow, but he wanted to take Jimmy there first. His gaze traveled up Jimmy's taut body to his face, twisted in ecstasy. A powerful emotion made his heart swell. He sucked in a breath, thinking this man was the one. In all of his fantasies, he'd dreamed of seeing Jimmy exposed like this, begging for his touch. He'd been powerless to resist Jimmy's blatant sex appeal from their very first meeting. Jimmy Laughton had unlocked Francis' Zeta soul with one glance, and there was no going back.

Jimmy’s breath came in long, surrendering gasps, and Francis could tell he was close, so he sped up his stroking. Suddenly, Jimmy yelled out his name and came into his fist.

The smell of spunk set off Francis, and his own answering moan of ecstasy escaped through his lips, his hard cock pulsing in his pants. While passion coursed through his veins, he held back, wanting to take Jimmy in his bed. He envisioned the strong and beautiful Alpha on his back, his hole open and ready, waiting for Francis’ cock to take him. Another shudder ripped through him.

He glanced down and noticed a satisfied smirk on Jimmy’s face and his eyes were alight with merriment. “Now that’s a surprise I can get behind, Kirby. Although if you break into my house again, you might wind up with a hole in your chest. Give me a warning if you want to play rough. I can hurt you, you know.”

“Hurt me? In your dreams, Laughton.”

Jimmy growled, the tone making goose bumps pop out across Francis’ shoulders.

“Okay, okay. You’re the man. Now, can we get off the floor? ’Cause I was thinking we should take this to your bed. I've been thinking about my dick in your ass since we met.”

The growl turned into a chuckle. “I bet, but I was thinking about my dick in your ass, G-Man. Or aren’t you wolf enough to take an Alpha’s knot?”

Removing his hand from Jimmy’s boxers, Francis leaned down and lightly kissed Jimmy, letting his lips linger. The faint citrus scent of Jimmy’s aftershave wafted up and filled Francis’ senses. The scent reminded him of the Colorado Mountains he’d grown up in. Underneath that scent was Jimmy’s natural odor. Francis’ wolf howled in contentment.

The desire to stay next to Jimmy warred with his need to have more. He reluctantly stood and held out his hand. “You coming?”

Jimmy raised himself up on one elbow, his gaze raking over Francis, the lust evident. “Oh yeah, I'm definitely coming.”

Francis laughed and offered his hand to pull Jimmy up and into his embrace. “Show me what you’ve got, stud.”

* * *

Jimmy pushed the door closed to his room, making sure Nanook didn’t join them in the middle of the night. The last thing he needed was his dog snuggling up between them.

“Take off your clothes,” Jimmy said.

Francis turned and lifted a brow. “I think you should take off your clothes first.”

“No, house rules. If we were at your place, you decide. My place, my rules.” Jimmy watched disbelief flit over Francis’ face before he schooled his features.

“I’ve been undercover for a couple of years, so I don’t have a place...really.”

Jimmy slowly shook his head as his desire for this man intensified. "You came here for a reason. Strip, and we'll see what happens."

Francis rolled his eyes and tugged off his shirt with a huff that almost made Jimmy laugh. “Fine, I’ll play by your rules for right now, but don’t think you’re always going to win.”

Jimmy’s cock twitched as he watched Francis reach for his pants. “You keep on dreaming about that, Francis. I think soon enough you’ll be begging me for my cock.”

Francis snorted, and his eyes narrowed. "Don't count on it." He shoved his pants low but left his underwear on.

Jimmy palmed his cock as he watched the show. Francis’ tight body honed from years as an undercover operative cranked Jimmy’s arousal even higher. Francis looked amazing in his boxer briefs, the cloth barely covering his hard cock. Finally, when Francis shoved his underwear off, Jimmy swore the temperature rose by about fifty degrees.

He stalked forward, wrapped his arm around Francis’ shoulder, and tugged him close. Big blue eyes met his gaze before he dove in for a kiss. He won dominance on this kiss. His fingers made a lazy path as they trailed down Francis’ back to the crack of his ass. When his index fingers slid between Francis’ cheeks and pressed inward to his hole, Francis gasped and tilted his head back, allowing Jimmy to gain even more control of their encounter. Jimmy’s wolf preened as his mate bared his neck in submission.

Heat flashed as a million thoughts flew, finally coming down to one thought. Not yet.

Jimmy used his free hand to tweak Francis' nipples and then dip lower, skating over Francis’ abs to his hardening cock. The first touch to Francis’ cock made them both jump. Long and smooth, Francis' cock felt good in his hand. He squeezed, and they both moaned. After a few more strokes, he reached lower, cupping Francis’ balls.

His own cock had filled out again, straining to be free, but Francis wasn’t helping him undress. The need to have his cock out, rubbing against Francis’ won over his need to keep touching. The second his hands were on his boxers pushing them low, Francis changed his position and pinned Jimmy to the door.

Gone was the sweet wolf who’d been submissive. In its place was a snarling wolf, ready to assert himself. Jimmy chuckled, and Francis paused, pushing back to stare at him intently. “What are you laughing at?’ Francis spit out, his lips in a tight snarl.

"I just think it's cute you being all submissive, then turning into this possessive Neanderthal who thinks he's going to be on top."

Francis’ lips curled more, and his nose bunched as the heat in his eyes increased. “But I am going to be on top, and you’re going to submit to me.” Francis leaned in and licked a stripe up Jimmy’s neck and whispered, “And you’re going to love it.”

Francis dove in for an explosive kiss that rocked Jimmy's world, making it hard to think. His body responded, and for a second, he let it all go. Then his wolf woke up, and he fought back with his lips, trying to take control. The challenge was on. When he tried to twist out of Francis' grip, he couldn't move as his feet were restrained. His pants were around his ankles, effectively trapping him. They continued to wrestle back and forth until Jimmy eventually worked his pants off his feet, but Francis still had him pinned to the wall. Jimmy hooked his leg behind his lover's knee and tugged him close while pushing with his right side, effectively spinning them. Francis dropped back against the door with a whoomp of air.

Their gazes met, him checking to see if Francis was okay. He only saw surprise in those beautiful, expressive eyes. Just as quickly, it was gone. When his cock brushed up against Francis' dick, they both moaned. Jimmy thought he had the upper hand until Francis reached around and slid his fingers between his ass cheeks. The brush of fingers over his opening, then his taint made his balls pull up.

Francis pulled out of the kiss with labored breath. “I’m going to take you, Jimmy, and when I do, you’ll be begging for it.”

“Fat chance,” Jimmy countered.

“No, fat cock in your ass.”

Jimmy’s cheeks hurt from smiling as he tried to dive back in for a kiss, but Francis ducked low and caught him under his ribs before picking him up. The air was pushed out of his lungs as Francis carried him to the bed where he was dropped unceremoniously into the middle of it.

At first, he laughed, then stopped as Francis got between his legs and wrapped his lips around one of Jimmy's balls and sucked. The sensation made every muscle in his body clench. He sucked in a breath, gasping for air while his head spun.

“Jesus Christ!” His fingers tightened in Francis’ hair as he arched his back and gave into the feeling.

Desire raced through his entire body, and he reached for his own cock, but Francis batted his hand away. He needed to touch something, so he reached for Francis, but the man moved too fast and pushed Jimmy's knees up, exposing his ass.

Then Francis' spit-wet finger was at his opening, sliding in, filling him. Heat washed from his head to his toes. After he recovered from the twist of fire that had raced through him, Jimmy glanced down to where Francis still held his ball captive in his hot mouth. Their gazes locked as Francis slid his finger deeper and found his bundle of nerves. The earlier flash of pain was forgotten as pleasure filled him. He needed more. His wolf howled against the intrusion, and he struggled to submit. His Alpha cried out for dominance, but deep down, Jimmy knew Francis was his mate. This beautiful, complex, and completely stubborn wolf, who pushed every one of Jimmy's buttons, wanted to fuck him, and he wasn't going to let his Alpha ruin it.

“Oh God,” Jimmy cried out as Francis stroked his cock while he toyed with his ass. He refused to beg though. Alphas didn’t beg.

His ball popped out of Francis' mouth, and then his tongue was circling his finger, sending sparks of electricity through Jimmy. His mind shut everything else out; his sole focus was on Francis’ tongue, his mouth, and his hands. The sensations were almost overwhelming. His Alpha quieted as contentment rushed through him, calmed by Francis' strong presence.

He arched his back, needing more than just Francis’ finger. At that moment, he would have allowed Francis anything. His lover must have realized his change in attitude and surged forward. His cock pressed at Jimmy’s opening, pausing only long enough for the silent plea Jimmy sent out, granting him permission to take him. Francis’ lips crooked up on one side as he slid in.

The pain wasn't too sharp, and then there was pleasure spreading through him. He sighed and wrapped his arms around Francis and pulled him close for a deep kiss. Francis filled him just right, and his pleasure intensified. He imagined he could keep doing this forever.

His cock grew bigger, and his balls were tight against his body. Then Francis pulled out, and Jimmy groaned his dissatisfaction.

Francis cupped his cheeks, his smile wide. “Don’t worry, baby, this is going to feel so good.”

Jimmy half expected Francis to flip him over and start fucking him in earnest, but what he didn’t expect was Francis to straddle him and lower, impaling himself. His Alpha screamed in delight as his cock slid inside Francis’ tight channel.

His eyes rolled back as he lifted his hips to thrust. The sting in his ass flared from where Francis had fucked him just moments ago as he clenched his muscles.

Francis was still directing their lovemaking, but Jimmy was fine with that until his knot swelled. That was when his Alpha was done playing. He needed his seed spilled deep inside Francis, filling him like no other Alpha ever had or ever would.

Mine! Echoed through his head.

Jimmy rolled them over, pressing Francis to the mattress as he took over the direction of their lovemaking. He pounded in, his hips snapping as he fucked Francis like he owned the wolf. Their gaze held as he felt his balls ready to empty.

Francis’ ass clenched around him, and he came close to losing it. Just a few more seconds. He wanted to stay connected, to never lose this feeling of oneness they'd obtained. He'd found something so freaking amazing with this man. He didn't care that Francis wasn't an Omega, that he couldn't give him a pup. His wolf knew they were destined to be together, and that's all that mattered.

His orgasm hit, taking his breath, his mind, and his heart. Spinning on a wave of endorphins, he gave in. He felt Francis come too, his body seizing, then relaxing.

Jimmy breathed in, getting another whiff of Francis’ scent, thinking he would go crazy when they finally did mate. After his heart wasn't racing and his head wasn't spinning, he lifted and stared down at Francis. His knot had begun to deflate, and he already missed being trapped in Francis’ body.

"You're an amazing lover." Jimmy's voice was low and rough. He cleared his throat, and they both chuckled.

“Yeah, it was passable,” Francis said, his breathing stilled.

“Passable?” Jimmy’s voice rose in disbelief.

When Francis caught his breath, he answered, “Okay, okay, I’m not gonna lie. That was the best I’ve ever had.” Francis smirked. “And thank you for letting me fuck your ass. I told you you’d love it.”

He snorted. “Proud of yourself, uh?”

“Well, I did get the big, bad Alpha to roll over for me, so yeah, I’m proud.”

Jimmy smiled. “You’re an asshole.”

“I never claimed to be anything else, Laughton.”

"How about we clean up? I need to take Nanook out, and then we can sleep."

Francis nodded, but there was a strange look in his eyes, and something twisted inside Jimmy that made him feel off. A question hung on the tip of his tongue, but he didn’t ask.

“Sure, sounds good,” Francis said.

He pulled out, and they both gasped, the questions swirling in his head forgotten as Francis rose and stretched, his body on full display as he stepped into the bathroom.

“Such a sexy man,” Jimmy said.

“Oh no, you’re the freaking sexy one,” his lover called out.

As Jimmy lay there surrounded by their combined scents, it felt right, like a key fitting into a lock. In his mind, he saw a future developing where they were together, perhaps bonding later after they'd settled into a relationship.

Francis wasn't a pushover, and he'd be dominant like an Alpha, but being with him would be worth the loss of power. Jimmy never really wanted pups. That had been his parents’ dream, not his. Sure, if he had bonded with an Omega, he’d have been happy if his mate had given birth. But Francis challenged him, made his heart race, made colors brighter and life sweeter. That was more important to Jimmy than children.

Content in the knowledge he’d found his one and only, Jimmy got up and joined Francis in the shower. He yawned as they washed off, holding and kissing each other as they cleaned.

In the morning, Jimmy would ask Francis what he thought of moving to Lyons, closer to Jamie and Max. While Lyons was a good hour away from Denver and the nearest FBI office, perhaps he wouldn't mind the commute. Hell, Jimmy would even move to the city for this strange but beautiful wolf. He could apply to the state police.

His parents wouldn't like him mating with a Zeta, but they weren't the ones who had to live his life. He'd learned that lesson a long time ago and wouldn’t bow to their pressures again.



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