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Inked by Her (Queen of Hearts Ink Book 3) by ChaShiree M., MK Moore (1)


It feels good to be getting off the plane in Minnesota. At least, for the next five days I get to be me. Not, me the lawyer or me the dutiful son. No. I get to be the real me, Perry Gentry. It feels good to let loose and forget who I am for a while; plus, all the responsibilities I have on my shoulders.

It’s funny, because my mom tells me quite often that I need to take time for myself. The difference in her advice is it’s usually followed by an attempt to marry me off to some pretentious snob or an overly polished socialite. I suppose she is right about me needing to date or something, but the truth is I find the whole thing hopeless and daunting.

The problem I always have is my family is considered a legacy in Boston. Which means, no matter where you go once they know your name is Gentry the red carpet is rolled out immediately. We are the premier law firm in Boston and have been for over one hundred years. My mom and dad first met at the firm many years ago. Currently, my older sister and now my younger brother work at the firm.

I’m sure you have guessed that I work there also. As one of the seven heirs, we are expected to put in double the amount of time as the other associates. It makes dating a pain in the ass, because I literally have no time.

I had always assumed that by now I would have at least found someone I can see building a life with. Someone who is understanding and accepting with the way my life is right now. Then we would be on our way to having a family, but alas no and I have given up on finding them. There is no Angel out there for me. Because, what woman in her right mind would want to deal with the amount of pressure I have on a daily basis. No chance of ever having time to go out and be a regular couple together. So, I gave up. Said ‘uncle’. Waved the white flag.

Right now, I am not going to focus on any of that. Instead, I continue to walk away from the luggage train after grabbing my bag and start searching for my ride. According to my best bud Dex, his brother in law El is coming to get me. I have no clue what he looks like but looking around the crowd I see a sign with my name on it and a man holding it.

Walking over to him, I extend my hand.

“Hey. I’m Perry.”

“Perry. Nice to meet you. I’m Eldridge, but my friends call me El. You got everything?”

“Yes. I am packing light for this trip.” I say with a shrug. “You’re the one who is married to Kitty, I hear? How is she? The one time I met her I could tell she was a cool chick.” It must have been the wrong thing to say because his eyes start to squint and his jaw twitches on one side. Suddenly, he looks bigger than he did a second ago, and that’s when I get it.

“Ah. Ok, you are the jealous type. It’s alright, go ahead and cool down man.” I say, while holding my hands up in surrender. “I have had no desires one way or another about her. She is pretty and not my type. I like my woman to be a bit more… wholesome. Do you get what I am saying?” I can see him visibly losing some of the tension in his body and I let out the breath I am holding, because I never understood the whole possessiveness. ‘Me man, you jane thing.’ It makes no sense. You either trust your lady or you don’t.

“Are we cool, man?” I ask him, because I am done with this already and would like to get back to being carefree again.

“Yea man. We’re cool. Sorry. I am a bit protective over Kitty and my daughter. Let’s go.” He says as he starts walking to the vehicle.

The drive over is very uneventful. El seems as if he is a solid dude even if a bit quiet. He did not say one word the whole ride. It makes me wonder if it is me or if he is this way with everyone?

Breathing a sigh of relief as we finally pull into the driveway, I climb out and turn to grab my bag when I hear another car engine pull in beside us. Turning to see who it is I can feel the hairs on my neck stand up, before I even glimpse the driver. My heart picks up double time confusing me, until the driver side door opens and out climbs an Angel. I mean, literally she is so radiant and beautiful that it only makes sense for her to be sent from heaven.

Her brunette hair is long and shines against her snowy complexion. I cannot see her body and who the fuck cares because she is perfection. Something deep inside of me shifts and though I cannot put a name on it I do know it is life-changing. My brow begins to sweat and my dick, the one that has been laying at rest for at least a year is suddenly at attention. I am not sure how to handle the sudden urge to rut like an animal. I need to stop staring at her, but I literally can’t. I hear El speak on my left.

“That must be Carrie’s friend Portia. You can go on in. I’m going to see if she needs help.”

The thing I couldn’t explain earlier, well I know what it is now. Possession. A fierce need to have her. Own her. Claim her. I turn and find myself telling him as much.

“Thanks. But, no thanks. She is no longer anyone’s concern but mine.” With saying that I stalk over to her like a lion hunting his prey. As I round the car I am almost knocked on my ass. She is a little pixie. So tiny in every way that I feel like I could carry her everywhere.

When she finally catches onto my presence she inhales, and her eyes grow wide. As she is looking me up and down my spine straightens causing me to stand tall. I hope she likes what she sees, and I pass her litmus test, because I don’t know if I can give two fucks enough to walk away from her.

“Hello Angel. My name is Perry. And you are?” She gulps, which brings attention to her long neck and causing me to want to put my brand there. Right here and now.

“Portia.” She whispers as she looks down at the ground.

Wanting her eyes back on me, I pull her chin up to meet my eyes and wrap a strand of her hair around my finger. For the longest time, I stare into her brilliant blue eyes and search for my way in.

Unfortunately, my time is cut short by the squeal of whom I presume to be Carrie. My Angel excuses herself and runs toward her. Instantly I start feeling lonely and bereft and I need that warmth back. It will be my sole mission the whole time I am here.

Leaving the two women to do their thing, I walk inside and am greeted with a knowing grin from Dex. Huh. He must have saw us.

“Perry. Great to see you man.” He says as he pats me on the back.

“You as well my friend. I am glad to be here. Besides meeting your lady love and your boy, what else do you need me to do?”

“Can you help with the grill? I had every intention of doing it, but my son is all dad right now. If I so much as pay attention to anyone else, he has a fit.”

“Sure, no problem. Let me put my bags down and then lead the way.”

Unfortunately, most of the BBQ passes as I am playing grill master or some shit. I don’t mind, but it hasn’t given me a chance to catch my girl and that won’t do. There were a few times I caught her staring at me while licking her lips. But the minute she knows I am looking back she turns red and looks away. We do need to get better acquainted.

Almost as if he is reading my mind Dex comes over to relieve me.

“Man, I owe you big time. DJ is in his bed for the night, so I can take it from here. Go mingle. Tomorrow it’s me, you, and my son. Fishing in Rot lake.” I love fishing.

“Sounds good.” I say as I walk away going in search of the only thing that matters. I find her alone in the living room.

“Found you.” I say in her ear from behind her. She gasps at first and then visibly relaxes as she turns to face me. Her cheeks are flushed like a cherub and her eyes glassy. I look down and notice she has nothing but water, so she is not drunk.

“What has put that fuckable look on your face, Angel.” She seems shocked at my boldness and if truth be told, so am I. There is something about her that calls to the caveman in me and I am going to answer.

“Was it me Portia? Were you thinking about me taking you? Tell me how. How did I do it in your mind?” My mind is trying to tell me to slow down and give her time. Space. But my instincts will not let me.

I grab her around the waist with one hand and on her neck with the other, and before I can stop myself I slam my mouth onto hers with barely a second thought of slowing down. Licking the seam of her mouth I coax her to open for me. When she does, that’s it. I am a goner. She tastes like every forbidden and innocent thing alive. Moaning in her mouth, I become rock hard when she mewls into mine and melts into me.

Going on pure instinct I walk us backwards towards the formal dining table, while not taking into consideration there are dozens of people in the backyard that could walk in at any time. The only thought on my mind is this incessant need to smell her. Taste her.

“Was it my mouth baby? Huh? Did you picture my mouth on you? Licking and sucking all of the sweetness between your legs?” Although she hasn’t answered me, she hasn’t stopped me either. When she moans louder and lifts her back off the table I take that as a cue to continue. I lay her back and fall to my knees. One could say in worship and someone else could say in supplication. Both counts would be right. I would gladly serve at the feet of this angel if it means I get to keep her.

Without preamble and any more hesitation, I lift her skirt and press my nose to her panty covered pussy.

Addicted. That is the only word that comes to mind, and my mouth hasn’t even touched her. She begins to shake, and I don’t know if it is from fear or arousal but given the wet spot on her panties I think it is arousal.

“Don’t worry Angel. I will take care of you.” I tell her.

With that, I remove her panties and kiss her thighs over and over taking little nibbles as I go. Marking her.

When I finally reach her naked, slick, and leaking little honey pot I take a second to squeeze my cock to keep myself from cumming, while I am down here. I will not waste any of my jizz on a floor. It will be for her womb. Finally calm I lean in and inhale.

Fuck. How the hell am I going to not erupt with that fucking smell in my nose. Sugar and spice and everything nice. It is what she smells like. I lick the outside of her lips and my body feels like Popeye with his can of spinach. Suddenly, I feel… everything. I cannot go slow anymore. My tongue dives into her pussy greedily as I am licking and sucking my way to driving her to ecstasy. I lick the sweetness she is leaking and not letting a drop hit the table.

Her moans and begging are making me frantic. Right as I am about to put my finger in her to see if she is as untouched as I think, I hear the patio door open and giving us mere seconds to look decent. Standing up quickly and pulling her with me, I pull on my shirt I don’t remember removing and put her panties in my pocket.

When Dex and Carrie walk into the room I block his view not wanting anyone to see her in an indecent state.

Wow. Looks like I am possessive after all.



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