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Scout's Legacy (Charon MC, #7) by Khloe Wren (1)

Chapter 1


Even if I lived for a hundred years, I’d never get tired of waking up like this. With my son kicking at the palm I had resting over my old lady’s rounded belly. Our boy was strong, that’s for sure. I moved my hand, stroking over Marie’s soft skin gently until he settled down his morning football practice.

Despite having woken up with a hard-on that was throbbing for some relief, I didn’t want to wake her. Growing our baby boy was really wearing my girl out and he did a good job of keeping her awake during the night. I wasn’t a heavy sleeper so knew there were often nights she tossed and turned for hours, unable to get comfortable. Glancing over her to the clock that sat on the table beside the bed, I saw it was still early. We had maybe another two hours, if we were lucky, before Ariel would be up and around.

Just thinking about my adopted daughter brought a smile to my lips. That little girl may not have an ounce of my DNA in her, but she was mine and if anyone ever dared hurt her, I’d rain hell down on them like they’d ever dream possible. She’d already been through so much in her young life. Her first lessons were to be unseen and unheard. When we first took her in seven months ago, she barely spoke. Born into a compound where she was the only child, we had no idea which of the fuckers out there was her biological father. Her mother, Sarah, had been the only woman and they’d been testing a drug on her, a drug that not only made her horny and lowered her inhibitions, but it also fucked with her memory. Poor Sarah. Guilt swamped me. She was Marie’s foster sister and twenty-six years ago, when they’d gotten into trouble at a party at the Iron Hammers MC clubhouse, their foster father had brought them to me to keep safe. Fine fucking job I did of it.

After their ordeal with the Hammers, Sarah had been scared of all bikers. She’d left within a month of arriving and hadn’t looked back. Marie had been gutted, but had refused to leave with her foster sister. Then, last year all hell broke loose and she turned up. The leader of the cult she’d fallen in with came after me. Stupid fucker took me off the side of the road when he caught me riding alone. Turned out the Iron Hammers had taken his sister and destroyed her, and the stupid bastard blamed the girls for the fact they got free while his sister didn’t. It was a complete clusterfuck. I was used as bait to get Marie and Sarah and Marie fell for the trap. My boys came after us, but got there too late to save Sarah. She’d been injured and died in the hospital a few days later. After all she’d been through, it was probably a blessing, but it had left little Ariel an orphan.

Before Sarah died, she’d woken from her coma briefly and told Ariel that she should stay with me and Marie, that we would take care of her and she could trust us. We hadn’t realized Ariel could even talk before she’d whispered a few words to her mother. And even after Sarah told her she could trust us, she didn’t speak to us. She was more like a mouse than a child, sneaking around everywhere, trying not to be seen or heard. The poor girl was only a child. Originally, we’d all thought she was around two, but once we found Sarah’s diary, we discovered she was actually four. Years of not eating properly, not getting enough sunlight or fresh air, had taken its toll, stunting her growth. She’d turned five last month, and thankfully she’s grown some since we took her in. I’d never thought I’d be so excited to buy little girl clothing, but twice she’s needed a bigger size, and Marie and I were overjoyed. Our daughter was getting better, and we were hoping like hell she wouldn’t have issues in adulthood from her rough start.

I’d never forget those early days and weeks when she would eat everything she could get her hands on before dashing off to hide in her room. None of us had any idea what she’d really been forced to suffer through in that fucking compound, but watching her recover from it made me want to kill each one of those fuckers all over again for what they’d done to her.

With a small moan, Marie wriggled her ass against me, rubbing over my already hard cock, making it twitch. Unsure if she was awake or asleep, I held still, trying to decide what to do next. I’d love nothing more than to roll her over and slide in deep, but she needed her rest more than I needed to fill her up. Maybe. To be honest, in my mind, it was a close call on which was the more pressing need.

Her hand slipped over my hip until she could dig her fingers into my ass and pull me in tight against her. Realizing she was, in fact, awake, my blood heated and I grinned as I nuzzled my face in against her throat while shifting my palm up to cup her breast. I gently rubbed my thumb over her nipple—pregnancy had not only made her tits bigger—it made them super sensitive, so I made sure I was always careful not to hurt her with my playing.

I kissed my way up her neck until my mouth was over her ear.

“Morning, love.”


She squirmed against me, trying to push me, but I didn’t budge. I knew she wanted me to shift over to allow her to roll over onto her back, but I had other ideas. Running a hand down her body, I lifted her leg and hooked it back over mine. With another of her little moans, she got what I wanted and tilted her ass back at me. Trailing my fingers down her inner thighs, I then ran them over her pussy, growling at the moisture I found.

“You’re so fucking wet, babe. What were you dreaming of?”

“I was down at the beach staring over the water, when...” she paused for a moment as I slipped two fingers inside her and began to tease her. “Jason Ma— Hey!”

Her words cut short when, with a growl, I pulled my fingers out of her heat and gave her inner thigh a sharp tap.

“Woman, that’s not nice.”

She was giggling as she reached a hand back to run through my hair and pull my face in against her neck. “Sugar, you know full well you’re the only one who gets me worked up like this. And you do it by just being yourself. I wasn’t dreaming of anything, simply waking up in your arms does this to me.”

“That’s a much better answer.”

I didn’t let her get another word in before I shifted, then thrust forward and buried my cock deep within her soft, slick core. Our moans filled the air when I pulled back and thrust back in again.

“I’ll never get enough of you, of this. I love you, Marie. So fucking much.”

She arched her body, tilting her hips back and taking me deeper.

“Back at you, Charlie. Love you more each day.”

I can’t believe I was so stupid I nearly missed out on this. I have no clue what the fuck I was thinking, ignoring what we had for over two decades, but now I’d woken the fuck up, I was all for making the most of every moment. Needing to see her face, I pulled free of her body and rolled her over onto her back. Cupping her face in my palm, I took her mouth with mine, kissing her deeply, until she was moaning and squirming beneath me. When her hand snaked down and gripped me, my cock twitched against her palm as a groan tore from my throat. I pressed my lips to hers once more before I pulled back and shifted until I was kneeling between her thighs. I let my gaze run over her body. From her messed-up hair and half closed eyes, to her belly swollen with my son growing inside her, down to her slick pussy that was wet and waiting for me, she was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. And she was all mine.

Taking my cock in my fist, I stroked myself twice as I smirked at her, stroking my beard with my other hand as she grew restless. I loved teasing my woman. She was a sight to see all riled up.

“Stop teasing me already!”

A ripple ran over her belly and my attention zeroed in on it instantly, my focus shifting from my cock to my son. My heart softened as I rested both my palms over her stomach, stroking our son as he rolled around within her. The breath froze in my lungs for a few moments. Even after all these months I could scarcely believe we’d created a life, that Marie was so fucking perfect that she could take my seed and grow a baby within her with it.

Tears pricked my eyes as I leaned in and pressed a kiss to my woman’s belly. I’d never be able to thank her for everything she’d gifted me, for the way she’d forgiven me for all the shit I pulled and took me in. Made me fucking whole and giving me a family I hadn’t realized I’d needed.


In an instant, all levity evaporated from between us. Our boy had rolled over, his knee or maybe his elbow, raising my skin as it shifted around, gaining Scout’s full attention instantly. The laughter vanished from his gaze as he caressed my stomach, soothing our son with his big hands. As serious as the moment was, it didn’t cool down my arousal for my husband. Nope—if anything, it increased it. Seeing this big, strong man completely humbled by the fact his baby was growing inside my womb did things to me.


My voice broke with emotion. This man was the center of my universe, had been for decades, but now that he was officially mine, it was different. Better. No more of only being able to dream of how it would feel. Now I could wake up and with a roll of my hips, have him inside me. Life with Scout and Ariel was so much better than what I’d had before. All I’d had was my cafe and empty dreams. My pining for this man had nearly driven me over the edge, but it had been worth it. Every single thing we’d been through had been worth it, because it had led to this. We were living together, married, with a daughter and were pregnant with a son.

He lifted up from kissing my stomach to gaze up to my face. His eyes shone with unshed tears and my heart melted.

“Make love to me, Charlie. I need you.”

I needed the connection I only felt when he was inside me. Nothing beat how it felt to have his thick length stroking within me while his big body hovered over me.

Without taking his gaze from mine, he moved with smooth efficiency, sliding his hard erection into me. I felt every ridge as he slowly glided in, taking his time, clearly enjoying me squirming beneath him. I tilted my hips, trying to get him to go deeper, faster. He was driving me nuts with his teasing today.

“Shh, Marie. Let me love you right.”

He leaned forward, holding his weight on one arm as he cupped my face with the other. My belly pressed against his as he leaned down and gently kissed me, his lips teasing mine. It wasn’t enough. When he tried to move away, I threaded my fingers in his hair and pulled him back for more. He kept the slow pace of thrusting his dick deep within me as he ate at my mouth. He nipped and licked between kisses until I was drunk on him and my hands loosened their grip, allowing him to pull back to kneel between my thighs. He ran a palm over my stomach, grinning when our boy nudged his hand.

“Love you, Marie. So fucking perfect.”

Tears pricked my eyes as I stared up at my man, his muscles bunching and releasing as he kept his movements slow and steady. He was so damn beautiful, and this slow lovemaking had my arousal gently building as it curled through me. It was sweet and gentle, but I wanted more, needed more this morning.

“I love you too, Charlie. But you’re driving me crazy with this slow and steady thing. Please, babe, I need you to take me. Own me.”

He smirked, tilting his head down until he could look at me through his eyelashes.

“But if we keep it slow, I can keep at you all fucking day, and I don’t ever want to stop.”

I chuckled at that and glanced over at the clock.

“I think Ariel’s a little young for the sex talk, so you’ll have to save tormenting me all day long for another time.”

His body tensed for a moment, as though he’d forgotten we had a little person in the house who liked to come and say good morning when she got up.


His rough hands gripped my hips and his movements sped up. I nearly sighed in relief as he leaned forward and got serious about taking me. I ran my hands over his face, gave his beard a tug, then ran my palms down his arms where I gripped his biceps as he took me just like I wanted him to. The faster movement had me spiraling toward my climax, but before I could go over, he growled and pulled out of me. Before I could ask what the hell he was doing, he had me flipped over and on all fours, running a palm over my stomach, making sure it wasn’t pressed against the mattress, before he moved in behind me.

“Hold on, babe, and no screaming. I don’t want Ariel scared.”

A blush heated my face. Soon after Ariel had moved in he’d made me scream loud enough that the next morning Ariel had refused to be anywhere near him, or speak. Worried about what had happened I had a talk with her, and eventually got her to tell me she’d been scared he’d hurt me and she didn’t know how to deal with him after that. Poor little love.

With a hand wrapped around the back of my neck possessively, he thrust in deep, drawing a moan from me as heat flared through my body. He set a fast and furious pace, my mind emptying of all thoughts aside from the pleasure rapidly building within me. Turning my head, I buried my face against my arm, muffling the sounds I couldn’t help but make as my man showed me exactly who was the master of my body.

With a low growl, he shifted a hand under me, finding my clit and teasing the little nub until my body stiffened and I flew apart, crying out against my arm as he thrust in a few more times before holding himself deep. His dick twitched within me as he came.

Once he was spent, he pulled free and gently guided me over so I was laying on my side. Lost in bliss, I let my eyes close and was only vaguely aware of him cleaning me up and spooning up behind me.

It was later that I woke again, a small hand slipping into mine. As sweet a gesture as her wanting to hold my hand was, it still scared the shit out of me every time. There was something spooky about being woken up like that, but I couldn’t tell her not to do it. I refused to risk setting her back with such a comment.

“Hey, sweet angel, you sleep well?”

She nodded and glanced down at my belly, as she did every morning since I’d started showing. I threw back the blankets, leaving just the sheet covering me. Ariel shifted so she could rest her little head against me, her ear pressed up against the sheet. She’d told us she could hear her little brother, that he told her secrets. The first time she’d mentioned it, Scout freaked the fuck out, but I thought it was sweet—and imaginary. I was quite sure my boy wasn’t talking to his sister just yet. Ariel was completely enthralled with her baby brother already and I knew she’d be an awesome, mostly likely, over-protective big sister to him. Just like she already was with the other Charon babies. I couldn’t wait to watch them together as they grew older.

Scout buried his face in my neck, his beard tickling my skin as he kissed me. Then he reached over to run a palm over Ariel’s hair. The contrast between his darkly tanned skin and her white-blonde hair had me mesmerized for a few moments.

“Morning, angel. You ready for breakfast?”

After pressing a kiss to my tummy and whispering something too quietly for me to hear, she turned a big grin up to Scout.

“Oh, yes. Waffles!”

Not waiting for an answer, she flew off the bed and out of the room, leaving me chuckling, along with Scout.

“Can’t believe how far that kid’s come so fast. You want some waffles too, babe?”

I rolled over and ran a palm over his cheek, before stroking my fingers through his beard, twirling some hair around one and giving it a small tug.

“She is a marvel. And I’d love some. I need to head into the cafe this morning. Do you think you could watch Ariel for a few hours?”

I had pies to take in, and it would be much faster if I could do it on my own. After turning to press a kiss to my palm, he smiled as he moved to get out of bed, which gave me a great look at his very fine ass before he dressed and covered the view.

“Sure, babe. We’ll just hang out here and have some daddy-daughter time. I’ll go get a start on the waffles so you can get cleaned up in peace.”

The twinkle in his eyes told me he’d much rather help me in the shower than go cook, but that wasn’t going to happen this morning. Not now a certain little girl, who had Scout firmly wrapped around her finger, had made her breakfast demands known. He couldn’t resist her. None of us could. I ran a palm over my belly. Soon there would be two in the house making demands on us.

I couldn’t wait.