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Sweet Southern Summer (The Georgia Peaches Book 3) by Colbie Kay, Chianti Summers (1)

Fuck Mav for making me move in here with Cayden. Fuck him for getting his girl. Fuck Dex too! Fuck the both of them right up their asses for leaving me with the last sister. The middle sister. The sexiest of the three with the personality of a siren and the mouth of a sailor. She's been chasing me for a while, and she thinks I don't want her because that’s what I want her to think. However, too many times, she's made me want to drop to my knees and give in to her wicked, tempting ways…I hold back though. I can't let her in, can’t let her see my true colors, can’t reveal the me no one knows. If I did, there would be no turning back from Cayden Fisher.

To the world, I'm the funny guy, the jokester. Everyone loves me for it. In reality, I'm the darkest of them all. My secrets aren't for the faint of heart. How would they really feel about me if they knew the cold hard truth? How would they feel if they knew one of my stupid decisions hurt a lot of people? Would they still think I’m a great guy if they knew lives were destroyed, including my own?

"Gah! You’re so fucking boring!" Cayden’s velvety voice pulls me out of my dark thoughts. She jumps up from her spot at the other end of the couch.

My brow arches. "What the hell are you talking about? I'm sitting here watching this stupid ass shit that you picked on Netflix." I don’t even like the crap show she’s watching about a bunch of bikers, but I’m sitting here torturing myself just to be in the same room with her. All I hear is her fawning over the blond dude that’s cheated on his woman a few times and kills someone in every fucking episode.

She feigns shock by placing her hand on her chest and gasping in disbelief. "How dare you call Jax Teller stupid!" She points her finger at me. "He will be my husband one day. It's my goal in life."

I bust out laughing. "Yeah, good luck with that."

"I'm outta here." She sashays her ass toward the door, but I jump over the couch and beat her there.

I stand with my back against the wood. No way she can get past me. "Where do you think you're going?"

She glares at me through narrowed eyes. "I'm going to go and find a guy who’s less boring." She smirks, crossing her arms over her chest.

Anger rises within me. I mimic her narrowed eyes and lean in close. "You better go to the library and check out a copy of Moby Dick."

Her lip curls up. "Why would I do that?" She shakes her head.

"Because that's the only dick you're going to be close to as long as I'm living here." My lips tilt up in a satisfied grin.

Cayden huffs loudly and spins on her heels before stomping toward the hallway. "There's free cats down the street," She calls over her shoulder, throwing me for a loop.

My heavy footfalls chase after her. "What?"

She spins to face me. "Cats. Down. The. Street. Go get yourself one," She repeats her words with more attitude and a hand on her hip. Fuck, I love that mouth and sass of hers.

"Why would I want a cat?" I ask confused.

She smirks. "Because that's the only pussy you'll be petting as long as you live here." She stomps into her bedroom and slams the door closed.

I silently laugh because the girl can give just as good as she can get. Little does she know, I haven’t been with another girl since I met her. My hand has been my best friend since Cayden Fisher stormed into my life.

If shit was different, she would be perfect for me.



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