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Loving Marcus (Mafia Generations Book 1) by Roxanne Greening, R. Greening (1)




Chapter 2


I was in the dark room. The red glow was comforting as I slowly brought my pictures to life. The small room with its white walls was perfect for this. Although, it was too small for the both of us.

Marcus, my ever-present shadow, was standing on the other side of the door. It confused me. Why was he out there? I was in my apartment, and he didn’t follow me anywhere else but here.

I had a show coming up in just a few days. These pictures would be a part of my showcase. I have this dream that I will one day own a little gallery. My family offered more than once to buy me my own, but I’ve turned them down every time. I wanted to do this on my own. No, I needed to do it on my own.

My family didn’t understand why I wouldn’t let them help me. I was a mafia brat. My father was a contract killer and my older brother Tripp, and sister Lilyanna was following in his footsteps.

I respected them for that. Although, I wanted to create art, and share the beauty that I saw in the world.

“Willow, it’s time for you to eat.” Marcus’s voice echoed throughout the room.

He was always on my case, like when I should eat and how much. I guess without him I wouldn’t be as healthy as I was. I would get lost in the beauty that surrounded me, and I would forget the important things, like eating.

“Okay Marcus,” I called out.

I opened the door and walked out into the cooler air. The walls were stark. Nothing decorated them but the peach paint I adorned them with. My bedroom, living room, and kitchen were all brick, just like the outside. All of the other walls were peach.  The brick wall was a continues thing throughout my bedroom and living room, only separated by a sheet of drywall.

The kitchen had a bar separating it from the living room giving it an open concept style. The dark butcher block counter top and light covered cabinets were a stunning combination. The beautiful wood floors were a lighter shade than my cabinets. They were just pure wood with a clear gloss coating it. Sighing, I looked at the bare walls again. I was so busy looking for art to share that I never thought of decorating my own walls.

I was doing everything I could to distract myself. I was trying to pretend that I didn’t remember tonight was his night off. That meant Marcus would be out there with another woman. She would get to experience all the things I dreamt about.

“Do I need to remind Slade to feed you dinner?” He asked.

And, there was my reminder. I hated whoever she was.

“I’ll be fine.” I tried to sound upbeat, but all I did was growl the words like an animal.

“Willow?” Marcus asked.

“I’m fine, Marcus,” I replied quietly.

“The fuck you are. This happens every time. Is Slade…” he snapped.

“No. Slade’s fine. I’m fine. Everyone is fine,” I told him quickly.

I couldn’t and wouldn’t tell him about Slade. The stupid man fell for it. He nodded his head and proceeded to make me a sandwich. It felt childish when he took care of me like this. Just moments ago, I would have thought it romantic. Foolish Willow, he will never see you as anything but an annoying job.