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Daddy Seal (The Navy Seal Collection Book 3) by Angela Blake, Chloe Maddox (1)

Chapter 1


Chris Bradley was lost in his thoughts while polishing the antique Indian necklaces. He was humming the tune to his favorite song, Hallelujah, while listening to the birds chirping outside his store.

He was always extra wary of cleanliness, wanting to preserve this one specific necklace with all his heart, remembering how years ago the diamond lay in between the breasts of his co-worker, Tania. This was one piece in his shop that was not for sale, but contributed to the attraction of customers like no other.

A red ruby stone attached to a thin gold chain. Thinking about it was making Chris feel a tingle down there.

He couldn’t help but take that trip down memory lane, the times with Tania back in New York, when the two were engaged in their secret relations. Surprisingly, on this fresh and bright morning, the memory most vivid in Chris’ mind was the drunk night when he crashed at her place.

In the flashback, he could sense the dark and creepy feel of the apartment, the ticking of the clock, the distant whooshing sounds of cars. Every fragment of existence in that moment was heightened for him, as he made his way inside, losing his balance at every step.

The moment because of which this memory was so vivid, was when he opened Tania’s bedroom door. She lived in a studio apartment with one bedroom, one kitchen, and a lounge. Having met only a month before at work, him and Tania had recently started having sex with each other. But what he saw after opening the room door took a long time for his eyes to believe.

Tania was lying down on the bed, naked, her body straightened out. She was blindfolded, and beside her on the bed were small ropes, a vibrator, and a whip. Only the last time they had had sex, Chris had spanked her for the first time, and fallen in love with the way she moaned his name. But this was way more, he could sense that Tania wanted him to treat her bad.

He could remember the distinct naughty smile on her face, he knew that she knew how naughty she was being. Chris’ erection sprang up at the sight of her, pulsating as if in one thrust he would come. He closed the door behind him, took off his shirt, and his belt. Holding his belt from near the buckle, he moved around the bed, observing her from every angle.

Just by lying down there, Tania was teasing his cock so much, he wanted to punish her. Since it was rough dirty sex she wanted, he wanted to show her what exactly she was asking for. They had never discussed bdsm properly, but Chris realized that either he must’ve hinted it enough, or she was dirtier than he could’ve guessed.

He stood next to the bed, and whipped the belt in air, producing a piercing, hitting sound. He could see Tania’s body rise when she heard this, her breathing getting heavier, he was making her wet with every whip. With the belt in one hand, Chris slowly ran his other hand along her skin, teasing her by going close to her vagina then pulling away.

He knew that his fingers on her stomach tickled her, but here he was in a position to do whatever he wanted. After giving one last whip to the belt he threw It on the ground, and then he tied her four limbs to the bed, stretching her body out, open. Tania did not say a word during all of this, making it clear that she was all his for this night.

After fastening the ropes, Chris took off his pants and boxers, then got on the bed. He knew that her eyes were covered and she had no idea when to expect his touch, and where. Suddenly, his tongue touched her stomach near her belly button, and trailed along her body as he crawled upward.

Reaching her boobs, he grabbed the left one with his hand, and started sucking on the right nipple. Tania was sighing heavily, her arms and legs pulling on the ropes. He wanted to tease her, and turn her on more than she could bear.

While sucking on her tits, he lowered the rest of his body down until his thick and long erection touched her clit, and Tania’s body jerked in pleasure.

“Oh wow.” she said finally.

“Shhh……” said Chris, placing his finger on her lips.

Tania smiled naughtily in return, and started licking his finger and her lips. Chris chuckled, wanting to tease her even more roughly. He got off the bed to get a thin cloth and rolled it up. Tania’s face curled in confusion of where he went, but she realized that he was probably teasing her. She was almost about to tell him to give it to her, when suddenly she felt his hand lifting her head.

She did as he directed. He made her open her mouth, then placed the rolled up cloth on it, and tied it behind her head.

“This is your punishment for speaking.” he whispered in her ear.

Tania bit the cloth in her mouth, tasting the wetness of it, and moaned. She couldn’t wait to be fucked.

He buried his face back into her tits and with one hand grabbed her pussy, and pressed into it. He rubbed it for a while until he could feel the hardness of her clit and the wetness pouring out. He knew that she wanted to kiss him, as he looked at her licking her lips. He put one finger deep inside her hole, and feeling it clench, put one finger inside her mouth next to the cloth.

Wanting to wait no longer, he got up on the bed and wrapped his hands around her body. He caressed her face a bit, and then placing his dick against her wet and warm hole, thrust forward. He placed his hands next to her shoulders and rammed into her pussy as hard as he could.

Tania moaned with every thrust, feeling her pussy being destroyed by his thick cock. After every few thrusts, he would stop, go deep inside, circle around for a bit, and then with one hard pound would begin again.

His body was lying on top of her completely, and as he felt himself nearing orgasm, he grabbed her ass tightly, and pounded her pussy with his hard cock.

As he felt her pussy clenching around his dick, he bit into her neck and sucked, keeping the momentum going. In just a few seconds, while she was still orgasming, he blew his load inside her, still sucking in the same spot.

When he let go, he saw that he had left a huge mark near her collarbone. From the smile on her face he could tell that he had managed to satiate her.

He was undoing the harnesses, when suddenly, the ruby necklace, the white cloth, his shop, and everything in the present pulled the curtains on the flashback.


Chris was still humming the same tune, still cleaning the same ruby necklace, and wondered if he was ever going to give that necklace to someone. The weather seemed quite pleasant today, and of all things, he found himself wondering what Tania might be doing.

After getting done with the cleaning, Chris locked up the shelves, and stepped outside for his first cigarette of the day. He stood tall on that pavement, thinking how much reason he had to be proud of himself. He was quite attractive from what he had heard from a lot of people, something about his black hair and stubble they said.

He was 6 feet tall, and had a good build, having spent quite some time serving as a navy seal. After retiring he had started this business, which was now running smoothly with a good reputation.

After lighting his cigarette, he scoped around the street for any familiar faces. He was used to receiving nods and smiles from passerby’s, but there was one notable smile from the newspaper guy at the corner, who Chris knew to be dealing weed as his side business.

Giggling at some good old times, Chris threw the stub on the ground, crushed it under his foot, and walked back inside his shop, expecting his first customer soon. Chris’ shop had uniquely different procedures than his competitors, which weren’t many anyways. He was quite well known in his line of work.

The customer for this afternoon was this lady named Roxanne Hunt. Quite a hot name, he said to himself as he was going through the emails on his laptop, and sipping his coffee. He was surprised that of all things Tania was occupying his mind this morning, and he was trying to get her out of his mind, fearing the thoughts would interfere in his interaction with his customer.

He barely had enough time to read the morning news, when suddenly he heard a knock on the door. Must be Roxanne, he thought to himself, and got up to receive her.

“Why hello, Madam. If I’m not mistaken, you must be Roxanne Hunt?” he asked in his charming voice, knowing how well it worked on the ladies.

“Hello! Yes, it is Roxanne, nice to meet you!” she said, giving a kitten smile and shaking his hand.

“Pleasure to meet you too ma’am, I’m Chris Bradley.” he replied.

Roxanne had the most innocent face Chris had ever seen. For a while he was stunned out of his mind, unable to accept how much humility someone’s appearance could have. Her eyes, her smile, her small nose, were all captivating.

As she entered the shop, the space was filled with a warm rose scented perfume, and Chris was being reminded of all the tender nights with wine. He was trying to guess at her age, and had this nagging feeling that though she looked as young as eighteen, she was probably much older.

She was wearing casual clothing, but the status from which she came was showing regardless. Her short pink shorts were revealing most of her legs, and on top she wore a big lose vest with a black tank top underneath. Her hair were tied behind her neck, and her figure was slim and slender. She wore no lipstick, and had small gold tops in her ears.

Chris was still trying to kill the naughty thoughts inside his head, and while he was seating her on the sofas, he had to contain the urge to wrap his hands around her waist.

Roxanne had just had a rough morning, and had to drag herself to the appointment at the shop, only because she didn’t want to cancel it. But now that she was here, she was in a pleasant mood seeing such good hearted and jolly people. She was in love with Chris’ smile, and was quite impressed by his dressing and demeanor.

“Please make yourself comfortable. Would you like anything? Tea? Coffee? Any specific music you want me to play?” he asked in a welcoming tone, pointing around the shop.

“Thank you very much for offering, but I’m good, I was just here to look at some necklaces.” she replied, quite surprised by how well this shop was being operated.

“Very well then! You have any design in mind? Or should I fetch you our most popular ones?” he said, looking straight into her eyes for any hint of desire.

“Don’t really have much of an idea about jewelry. To be honest, I’m only buying this because my mother wanted me to. I would really appreciate some help.” she replied.

“I understand, parents can be quite difficult that way. I’ll just go fetch a few pieces!” he said and walked over to the counter opposite the sitting area.

The sitting area comprised of three single person luxury sofas, golden in color, with a glass table at the center with a dark wooden outline. Being an elite jeweler in town, Chris had paid close attention to making the experience worth it for the rich.

The shop was equipped with the best coffee machine, speakers, and scents. The shelves for the jewelry pieces and stones were covered with glass, each containing a warm spotlight for the items.

Chris was picking out specific pieces from the shelves, when suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he noticed a figure standing right outside the shop, peering inside. The man had a smoke dangling from his lips, and wore a black raincoat. Chris wanted to go out and ask him what he wanted just to be safe, but for now he could not afford to make his customer uncomfortable.

He dismissed the presence of the man, and went back to the sitting area as soon as he could.