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Love by Jaxon, Andi, Alexander, AJ (1)



I can’t wait to drop my shit and head to my girls. My Jeep better fucking start. It’s been a long fucking month with those bitches sending me pictures, teasing me. I don’t know how I survived when the head in my pants had more blood flow than the one on my shoulders. Everyone is calling me Hard-On, worth it if you ask me.

Halfway to my barracks room, I realize I can do laundry at the apartment.

Two birds, one stone, motherfucker.

I turn on my heel and jog back to my Jeep, toss my seabag in the back and pray to the gods of pussy that it starts. It takes a few tries, but she lives!

Fuck yeah!

I know the Twins don’t work tonight, so their only plans better include my cock. I’m off Coronado and heading over the bridge toward their apartment in record time. I pull up Amber’s number and hit call. Her sexy voice answers while moaning my name.


“Amber, you better not come until I get there. All your orgasms are mine. You hear me?”

My voice is husky, I barely recognize it. Just the sound of her voice makes me instantly hard.

“Get your hands off my pussy. I’m on my way. Both of you better be wet and ready for me when I get there.”

Her breath hitches, I know she’s close. I can tell she’s not listening, as I hear the squishing of her arousal.

“I need to cum. Please?”

God damn it! Their orgasms are mine!

“Amber, if you cum before I get there, I will make you watch while I fuck Avery. I won’t touch that pussy, do you hear me? You want my cock, don’t you, Sweets?”

Hopefully, my tone is hard enough to break through her orgasm haze.

“You wouldn’t,” she says in a shaky voice.

“Test me, little girl, see what happens.”

“Hurry up, Cockblocker. I can’t wait much longer.”

I can’t help but chuckle at her response. There’s the smart mouth I want to shove my cock into.

“Avery better be waiting for me at the door, naked, mouth open.”

Amber’s breathing quickens, my words have the desired effect. I have to concentrate on not crashing, it’s a lot harder than it should be.

No goodbye, I just hang up the phone. They both know the consequences if they disobey me. Just the thought of being balls deep down Avery’s throat has me ready to blow. That girl can suck the chrome off a tow hitch.

Almost there man, almost there.

Pulling up in front of their apartment, I grab my bag and head for the door. I don’t even knock, just open the door. Before me is exactly what I demanded.




Mouth open.

Before I can kick the door closed, I drop my bag, unbutton my cami's, and slam my dick between her lips. I wrap my hand around her head fisting her hair and shove my dick deep down her throat.

She takes it with no argument. Her nose is against my pelvic bone, and her hands wrap around my thighs as goosebumps erupt over my entire body. I let out a guttural moan, throw my head back on my shoulders. Her throat massages my cock, when I look down at her and pull out of her throat, she takes a deep breath. Her eyes are staring directly into mine.

“Did you miss me?” I chuckle at her.

She laughs around me, sending the vibration zipping up my spine.

“This is gonna be hard and fast.” She nods in understanding as I thrust down her throat again. I watch saliva drip down her chin. In three deep thrusts, I’m cumming down her throat. My entire body convulses as I empty with a moan down her throat. I’m almost empty when she wraps her fingers around my balls and gives a light squeeze. My breath catches, and I shoot down her throat again.

“Fuck. I needed that,” I growl.

I don’t bother putting my dick away, but I wipe Avery’s mouth before I lean down and kiss her. She moans into the kiss, a battle of tongues, lips, and teeth. Dropping down to a squat, I drag my hand down her chest, intentionally avoiding her nipples. Her skin is slick with spit and arousal when I get to her juicy folds.

“Need something, Sugar?” I say with humor in my voice, the tips of my fingers running up and down the outside of her lower lips.

“I need to come, asshat,” she says with a raised eyebrow.

Keeping my eyes locked on hers, I pull my fingers through her folds, gathering her moisture on my fingers before bringing them to my mouth to suck clean.

She inhales sharply, watching my fingers disappear into my mouth. “Mmmmm,” is my only reply before vigorously rubbing her clit.

Avery throws her head back and rides my fingers shamelessly.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCK!” she yells as she starts to tremble.

“Hurry the fuck up!” I hear Amber yell from down the hallway, making Avery and I both laugh.

“Man, she’s feisty when she’s horny,” I say as I stand up, helping Avery to her feet.

“That bitch is always horny.”

Amber’s door is open, a growl rumbles from my chest.

“Sweets, what a sexy picture you are.”

Walking towards the king sized bed, I pull my olive green t-shirt over my head and drop it on the floor. I crawl up the bed and lie between Amber’s silky thighs, sliding my thumb between her dripping lips.

“Did your pussy miss me, Amber?” I ask her.

She whimpers, eyes closed, head thrown back.

“Please,” she begs.

“Please what, Sweets?”

“Make me cum. Please.” She sounds on the verge of tears. I can’t help but take pity on the both of us, I suck her clit into my mouth as I shove two fingers deep into her pussy.

She screams out in surprise and pleasure, as her back bows of the bed and she grips tightly to the bed sheets as an anchor. It takes less than 30 seconds for her to cum on my tongue.

Trembling and gasping for breath, I slow to let her come down from the high. As I pull my fingers from her soaked pussy, I hear a slow clap from the doorway.

Fucking Avery.

Turning my head towards her, I raise an eyebrow and take in her body. Everything about her and Amber is curvy, full breasts, tight waists, round hips and perky asses, enough thigh to block out sound when I’m dining on their juices.

Fuck, these girls are sexy.

“Enjoy the show?”

She smiles a real smile, and I feel it in my bones. You don’t see smiles like that often, that light up the electric blue of her eyes.

“I always do.”

“Get the fuck over here, Sugar. I got pussies to fuck.”

I watch her sashay toward Amber and me on the bed, I can’t help but admire the beauty that is coming toward me.

“God damn! It never gets old.”

She stops right in front of us with her hand on her hips. “What’s that?”

“I love watching you cum, but sure do love watching you leave too.”

Avery throws her head back and begins to laugh.

“Get the hell off me!” Amber says, and she pushes me to the floor.

“What the hell was that for?” I say looking up at both of them from the floor.

“You wanted to go and be stupid, now you get to watch,” Avery says before she climbs on the bed and straddles Amber.

I watch from my spot on the floor as Avery reaches down and tweaks Amber’s nipples, leaning down to take one in her mouth while her eyes are locked on mine. Watching them makes my dick jump, so I stroke myself while I watch them play. Amber forces Avery off her nipple and kisses her hard, using her grip on Avery’s hair to control her movements.

It's a punishing kiss, teeth and nips, and bruising force.

Amber releases Avery’s hair to wrap a hand around Avery’s throat, a groan escapes my throat when Amber takes control, it’s sexy as fuck.

“On your back,” Amber growls.

Fuck, it's sexy when she gets that commanding tone in her voice.

Avery smiles, and her eyes brighten with excitement as she moves off of Amber. Amber sits up and scissors her legs with Avery, putting their pussies against each other. She starts a lazy grind, both obviously enjoying the sensation, Amber leans over and once again wraps her hand around Avery’s throat.

Amber begins putting some pressure behind her lean, just barely restricting her breathing. Their hips moving faster, breathing becomes more rugged.

“Are you going to cum for me?” Amber demands.

Reaching up, she grabs onto Ambers' hips, forcing her to move faster as she climbs towards her orgasm, the same time Amber does.

“Fuck that was hot,” I growl smacking Amber’s ass cheeks, turning them pink.

“I need a drink,” Avery says, making Amber and I both laugh.

Avery pushes Amber off her and climbs out of bed, not bothering with clothes, heading toward the kitchen.

“Hey, hooker! Get me one too!” Amber yells after her.

I laugh as I pull her onto my chest and fall asleep.


I head into the kitchen with the excuse of getting a drink, but honestly, I needed to get away. I love Amber with all that I am, and Charlie is quickly becoming deeply ingrained in my heart, there is no other way to describe it. Being with them is like breathing, this isn’t going to end well.

I walk toward the fridge and grab a beer, chugging half of it before taking a seat. I sit, staring out the window thinking of everything that can go wrong in this relationship. It’s always been Amber and me against the world, adding someone else to the mix is bound to cause problems. The thought of losing either of them will kill me.

Charlie is slowly becoming a reason for me to get out of bed in the morning. The sound of his voice takes my breath away. He commands my body in ways that no one, not even Amber, has been able to do. He owns my mind, body, and soul. I can’t help but think back to our drunk night at Katie’s while the guys were still in training.

I jump up from the floor. “Let me get this straight. You’re trying to tell me, that there is a reason why my heart skips a beat every time he enters the room or, why I feel like I can finally breathe when I can hear his voice for just a few minutes?”

“Oh shit, Avery you feel it too, don’t you?” Amber responds as she wraps her arms around me.

“No, no I was speaking hypothetically, about you. Not me.” I tried to take back what I just said, but I feel her grip tighter to me.

Amber gets up from her position on the floor and walks slowly towards us.

“Avery, you can love both of us at the same time. It’s okay.”

I shake the memory from my thoughts. I know I should get back, but I can’t bring myself to move. I continue to sit here staring out the window, wondering how long it will take before I give into these foreign feelings that have begun to consume my soul.


Charlie passed out hard, poor guy, we wore him out. He’ll get used to us, eventually. Noticing Avery hasn’t returned, I head to the kitchen.

Avery is sitting at the table, completely zoned out. Staring, but not at anything specific in the room.

“Hey, you okay?”

She startles as if I just appeared out of nowhere. She looks shaken up, and I have no idea why. Walking over to her, I kneel next to her chair, placing my hand on her knee.

“What’s going on?”

Looking down at my hand, she doesn’t say anything, just shrugs. I cup her cheek with my hand, moving her face to look at me. Avery closes her eyes and leans into my palm. This girl is my world.

I stand and kiss her forehead before wrapping my arms around her, the fact that we’re both naked doesn’t matter or even register, we spend most of our time together half dressed, at most.

Avery isn’t emotional, she’s my rock. Seeing her like this breaks my heart, but I can’t help if she won’t tell me what's wrong.

“Talk to me, please?” I whisper into her hair.

She wraps her arms around me and hugs me tightly.

“It’s nothing, promise. Just tired,” Avery tells me as she pulls away from me and heads toward the bathroom.

She’s so full of shit.

“Want company?”

She lets out a sigh. “It’s just a shower. I’m sweaty and… sticky.”

Avery walks past me as I chuckle. “You think I’m not?”

I follow her to the bathroom as she turns on the hot water.

“I’m starting to get crusty,” she says, and I can’t help the giggles that take over me.

Doubled over in the middle of the bathroom, I’m clutching my stomach as the laughter continues. Avery gets in the shower and sprays me with water hot enough to melt skin from bone.

I shriek as water hits my skin, but it has the desired effect, and I stop giggling. Standing up, I climb into the tub behind Avery, water burning my feet.

At my hiss, she snorts, but turns the heat down.

Just then, the door opens, and Charlie comes in. Pulling the shower curtain back a bit, I see that he has underwear on and is sitting on the vanity.

With a wink of his brown puppy dog eyes, he says, “You getting the party started again without me?”

“I’m hungry, we need food,” I tell him once the shower curtain is back in place.

“I’ve got something you can eat,” Charlie says, amusement in his voice.

I roll my eyes at him. “I’m pretty sure Avery sucked you dry, and I need FOOD!”

Avery and I finish washing the remnants of our sexcapades off and get dressed while Charlie cleans up.



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