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The SEAL’s Surprise Twin (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) by Rachel McNeely, Operation Alpha (1)


“Anais, sit down,” Anya said to her twin. “Do you remember the man who came for a session and I had worried about what he said?”

Anais nodded. “Did you go to the police?”

“Yes. But the police detective said I didn’t have enough evidence to prove my patient was a dangerous man. I told him that as a psychologist, I thought what my patient told me made him a danger to others.

“He said he’d look into it and get back with me. After three days, I called him back. Apparently, my patient happens to be a friend of this detective and he’d assured the police detective that I was overreacting.”

“Did you show the detective the bullet hole in your car window?”

“Yes, but he said they’d never find the person since the car went by so fast, and I didn’t get the license number.”

“I can’t believe he didn’t think it might be your patient who shot at you in the car.”

“Too many people get mad and shoot at each other nowadays. There must be some evidence, but it wasn’t Steen’s car anyway. I’ve watched out my window after a session, and I saw the car he drove several times.”

“What are we going to do?” Anais asked.

“I hate that I’ve put you in danger, too. If my patient picked a spot to attack from a distance, I don’t think he could tell us apart.

“We have to talk to Mom, and then we’ll move somewhere far off until the police or someone takes care of this guy.”

“That seems rather drastic,” Anais said.

“Do you have a better idea?”


“Then let’s talk with Mom. She won’t be happy and will want to hire bodyguards for us.”

“Why not try that first?”

“Because I reported him, and he’ll want to see me pay. He’s a scary man and will stop at nothing to get rid of me. I know his secret.”

“You must tell me what he said that frightened you. I need to know why we’re making this drastic move.”

Anya paced their living room. She stopped and turned to her twin sister. “You can’t tell anyone.”

“I understand it’s hard to break a patient’s privacy. But he’s made it necessary.”

“In his last session, he said he dreamed of choking women while having sex, only he added at the end, that it wouldn’t happen again. He quickly corrected himself and said he’d never actually do it.

“But I don’t doubt from his expression that he enjoys the dreams, and if he hasn’t already, he’ll soon do the act.”

Anais shivered. “I don’t understand why you like your work. It sounds scary and dangerous.”

“This patient is the exception from my usual ones. I’ll call a friend who’s agreed to take over my other patients to let him know I’ve decided to leave right away. Go pack, and we’ll visit Mom before we hit the road.”

“Will you tell her where we’re going?”

“No, it’s too dangerous. After we’re settled, we’ll go across into Mexico and send her a letter.

We will use our real last name only when necessary like applying for a job or getting our permits to carry a gun, but to regular people we’ll make up a different last name to use. Then if my patient does search for us it’ll make it more difficult for him to find us.”

“I hate this,” Anais said.

“I do, too. But I want us both to live.”