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Worth The Wait (A Military Romance Book 2) by Phoebe Winters (5)


After freshening up, Luke checked the time. 9:30 a.m. Today was his first official full day back home. Luke hadn’t even reached out to his parents because getting to Amy had been the only thing on his mind. That and he knew when his parents found out he was home, they would shower him with love and attention, and rightfully so. He couldn’t shoo them away, but for selfish reasons of his own, Luke wanted to spend at least the first night with Amy.

Leaving the bathroom, Luke crossed into the bedroom only to find Amy sitting upright with the sheets pooled around her waist. Her breasts stole his attention and his dick hardened instantly.

“Shit girl,” he said. “What’re you trying to do to me?”

Amy smiled softly and blushed causing a layer of golden blonde hair to sweep off her shoulder and bounce against her face.

“I got cold,” she said.

Luke strolled over to her and Amy’s gaze drank in his strong arms, biceps and muscular physique. She shuddered at the mere art of his mold and held her breath as he approached. The bed sank when his weight was added, and Amy’s hand instantly skipped to his fingers in need of his touch.

“I missed you. Your body heat kept me warm.”

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I was hoping you’d sleep longer. You need your rest.”

Amy did feel drowsy but not because she was tired, but because Luke had rocked her world so hard, she’d felt as if their tango had gone to the moon and back.

“Should I put you back to sleep,” he asked.

Amy’s eyes lit up and she smiled widely. “You’d like that wouldn’t you,” she teased.

Luke leaned forward and bit the bottom of her lip. The move sent a tremor falling down her flesh. He sucked in her lip then took total control of her mouth in a mouthwatering kiss.

“Mmmm,” Amy moaned.

They tasted one another, reveling in the plush softness of their mouths.

“You’re so sweet,” he said. Luke swiped his tongue up her lips like a dog would lick his owner.

Amy melted and without noticing, she fell back as Luke’s body covered hers. In between her legs, he sank to his stomach and perched on his elbows while positioning her thighs over his shoulders. Amy’s body shuddered when his tongue cruised across her labia. The heat from his mouth and the wetness from his tongue sent Amy into an instant vibration from the pressurized plunging of his soft muscle.

“Oooh shit…” Amy moaned. Her head thrashed side to side as Luke took in the fullness of her pussy. “Luuuuuke!”

He slurped and sucked on her vagina before plunging his tongue inside her trying to taste the walls of her womb.

“Oh my God in heaven,” she screeched.

She tasted of something sweet that Luke couldn’t put his finger on, but whatever it was gave his palate a clandestine pleasure that rippled through him and caused a growl to trek from his throat.

“Aaaah!” Amy squealed.

Her thighs began to quake, and she gripped the sides of his head.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” she moaned.

Luke latched on to her clitoris and as he sucked, his tongue needled her sensitive flesh, sending Amy into oblivion.

She bucked, her body thrashing against his mouth then dropping to the bed. She was delirious and out of her mind, the discombobulation sending her into another realm where she spoke another language.

As if it couldn’t get more blissful, Luke bullied her clit with his tongue and Amy couldn’t hold on to this ride any longer. She came hard with a shout.

“Luuuuke! Ah!”

A spasm ripped through her and a wave of crème filtered like a blanket on his tongue.

“Hmmm,” Luke groaned slurping her up like she was his last supper. “You taste so damn good.” He continued to suck her, and Amy’s nerves began to cause a riot. Chills attacked her skin and another rocking orgasm broke through her. The vibration rocked her like an earthquake and her body fell against the bed as she scurried to get away from him. But Luke would not be denied. He held onto her vagina with his hands planted against her thighs to keep her in position. Amy screamed, and her hands clutched his head to pull his mouth from the suction he had on her.

Finally, after much dismay, he pulled off her and Amy scurried across the bed to get away from him. With his lids lowered and Amy caught under the brim of his stare, she shuddered and clutched the sheets, hoping beyond hope he stayed on the other side of the bed.

“You know I’m not done with you, yet, right?”

His thick voice sent another shrill of chills down her skin and the threat heated her flesh.

“Lu-Luke,” she stuttered. Amy shook her head, torn between undeniable pleasure and surreptitious agony.

“Luke what,” he said. “Is it too much for you, baby?”

“That was everything, but I need a minute to- to-,” she stuttered. To get her mind right is what she wanted to say but she could barely form a sentence.

“Maybe you should eat breakfast. That should fuel you, yeah?”

Amy’s eyes widened. “And then?”

Luke’s gaze darkened. “Round eight.”