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Hungry Cowboy by Charlize Starr (1)

Chapter 1 - Connor


I’ve never gotten over the ivy covering the facade of my family home. Some might say that it is the nicest thing about the house. The moment you walk in, you’re hit by the excruciatingly bright glittering light of the crystal chandelier in the foyer. After that, shit just goes downhill from there. Uniformed maids and valets greet you by taking your coat, champagne is served on a tray immediately, and you’re expected to make an entrance into the parlor carrying the glass in your hand and have a collection of choice greetings ready to dish out to my mother’s group of elegant friends. Oil paintings hang in place on the walls, specially ordered Turkish rugs match the upholstery on the furniture, and a pianist is hired to play Beethoven in the corner to entertain our guests.

It had been five years since I left this place, and it wasn’t very often that I returned to the Hamptons. When I did, I was always struck by the opulence and a strange feeling like I didn’t belong – even though I very much belonged. I was still the only heir to my father’s billion-dollar legacy and my mother’s only hope for the future. The fact that I was also a huge disappointment in her eyes was another matter. You don’t wash your dirty laundry in public.

Tonight was a reunion. I had returned home after two years of radio silence and Mother had thrown a party in my honor. A party that consisted specifically of all those friends who had daughters of a marriageable age. Mother was at it again – she was determined to find me a bride. As if the first time around wasn’t good enough.

“Ah, Connor, you look tanned!” Mrs. Grantham kissed the air beside my cheeks like they did in Europe. Her hands were bony and cold as she gripped my arms. I smiled and looked immediately to the left, where her daughter was standing beside her, staring up at me from under her heavily mascaraed eyelashes.

“It’s the Texas sun, no doubt. I’m forever telling him to wear sunscreen.” Mother had interrupted the conversation with a swoop of her arm. She had brought Mrs. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore, and Mr. Frasier with her to join our group – and their daughters with them, of course. They were all standing around me in a circle like I was a trick monkey in a zoo.

“I heard something about Texas, yes. What kind of work are you doing out there?” Mr. Frasier asked, taking a sip of his specially imported scotch. I opened my mouth to speak, but Mother cut in before I could say anything. She had decided that she was going to do all the talking.

“Taking care of the business, of course. We’re looking into purchasing a chain of ranches in Texas. There’s good money in horse breeding, you know,” Mother said with a stiff smile ready on her lips.

I clenched my jaw. What was she talking about? It was one ranch. I’d already bought it, and I worked with the horses every day myself. She was making it out to sound like some sort of international corporate model.

“A ranch? Like those cowboys from the movies?” One of the daughters had spoken up. I didn’t know whose she was. They all looked the same to me anyway: blond, face caked with makeup, perky breasts, diamonds glittering around their necks, and waists small enough to circle one of my palms around. I’d grown up around girls like these – I’d married one of them! – Only this particular group belonged to a younger generation.

“Yes, exactly like that,” I replied honestly and watched as the group of girls looked at each other and giggled. It was Mother who wasn’t pleased with my response.

“Connor has always had such a sense of humor!” she said and added a forced nervous laugh before linking her arm in mine and gently tugging me away from the group.

“You’re ruining it!” she hissed, dipping her face towards me as we walked out of earshot.

“Ruining what, mother?” I asked her lazily while taking a sip of the scotch. I preferred beer, but it was considered to be ditch water in this household. I knew exactly what she was talking about.

“Ruining your chances. These people aren’t going to be thrilled about marrying their daughters off to a tanned, callus-handed cowboy! Keep up our appearances, Connor, at least for tonight!” she hissed and I pulled my arm away from her.

“Mother, do you remember what your matchmaking skills landed me with the last time?”

“There was nothing wrong with Natalia. She was a perfectly fine young lady!” Mother retorted and I took in a deep breath. Mother was never a woman to admit her mistakes.

“Yes. She also divorced me within two years and left our son to be raised by me and a house full of servants,” I said through gritted teeth and took another sip of the whisky. These days, I couldn’t bring myself to talk about Natalia without feeling like punching a wall.

“This is exactly why you need to marry again. Alfie can’t possibly grow up without a mother in his life!” she snapped and then, turning on her heels, she walked away to join her friends. She didn’t even want to wait and hear what I had to say.

I emptied the remaining whisky down my throat in retaliation. Why did I even bother accepting this invitation? I should have known what this was going to be about.

“So, do you ride horses all day?” I heard a voice behind me. When I turned, I found one of the blonds standing there, swirling a glass of wine in her hand. She bit down on her bottom lip suggestively and I noticed how her blue eyes were sparkling. The suggestion was very clear and I smiled at her.

“Sometimes I feed them and brush them as well,” I replied and the girl walked up closer to me.

“I’d like to go for a ride too,” she said and grazed her arm with mine. I looked up at the people around the room and took in a deep breath, and then looked back at the girl. Ah, fuck this shit.


She said her name was Margaret, but all her friends called her Maisie.

I’d led her up to my old room, the one at the end of the corridor on the second floor of the house.

“I’ve heard so much about you, Connor,” she whispered in the dark as I walked over to the king-sized bed in the middle of the room. I didn’t want to switch on the lights for two reasons – because I wasn’t particularly interested in this girl’s face, and also because I didn’t want to look at my old room and be reminded of the old life I had so gladly left behind. No way was I going to allow Alfie to grow up in a place like this.

“Oh, yeah?” I said and plonked myself on the bed, folding my arms behind my head.

Maisie nodded her head enthusiastically, her sequined cocktail dress shimmering in the pale moonlight streaming into the room.

“My older sister said she used to have a huge crush on you and that you kissed her once at a house party, but then you took a different girl home. She talks about that night like it was her biggest regret,” Maisie was pulling down the straps of her dress without me even asking.

I stretched my legs out on the bed, watching her breasts pop out of the dress. Perfect, milky white tits and pale pink nipples. I could feel my cock moving in my pants.

“So, are you planning on telling your sister about tonight?” I asked her as the dress slid down to her ankles. She wasn’t wearing panties. This girl wasn’t shy about her nakedness. She rejoiced in the fact that I was looking at her pussy and her tits.

“Definitely. She’s married now, has two kids, and she’s really bloated up. If she hears I slept with you, she’ll be really jealous,” Maisie giggled and then walked around to my side of the bed.

I undid my belt and pulled out my cock. It was hard and throbbing already and I stroked it. Maisie’s eyes fell on it and I heard her gasp.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked, in a soft, husky voice as I stroked my cock harder. At least there was going to be one good thing to remember from this night. Life on the ranch, surrounded by a group of male ranch hands, could get pretty boring. The Hamptons, on the other hand, were never empty of totally fuck-able pussy.

Instead of replying to her, I grabbed Maisie by her waist and pulled her up on the bed. She giggled in the air and I sat her down on my legs, just inches away from my engorged throbbing cock. She reached up to play with her nipples, tugging and pulling them while moving her hips seductively.

“You want me to ride you? You want me to ride you like a horse?” she said, forcing me to watch her tease her pebbled nipples. I wasn’t sure how to respond to that . . . Sure?

I pulled her up again. This talking business was proving to be useless. All I was interested in was that pussy and somewhere to deposit my cum.

Maisie giggled again, her voice annoying me a little. I settled her down on my cock. At least her pussy was tight. I thrust my cock into her and she moaned.

I reached for her tits, grabbing them with both hands and squeezing as she moved her hips. I started thrusting in quick deep bursts, and Maisie’s body bounced on top of me. She was holding my chest for support, moaning and squealing in a shrill, low voice as she rode me. I felt the milky softness of her tits in my hands as I watched her bounce.

“Oh my God, Connor! You’re so big!” she squealed as she pleasured herself on my cock. I didn’t stop thrusting. Deeper and deeper, I pushed myself within her folds till I heard her scream a loud whistling scream, her face was turning red. She was coming hard. She clutched my shirt in both fists as she came, her juices gushing out of her in full force. I kept ploughing into her. When she was done, I pushed her off of me.

She crashed to my side with another giggle as I burst, my cum jetting out of me in spurts and dribbling down my belly. Maisie rolled around on the bed beside me, messing up the covers, writhing and smirking as she watched me come.

When I was done, the relief of a much needed release washing over me, I finally looked at Maisie. She was stretched out on the bed beside me.

“I don’t want to go downstairs just yet,” she said as I reached for the box of tissues on the bedside table.

How was I going to put this as delicately as possible? That I didn’t exactly want to spend any more time with her than absolutely essential for the purposes of a sexual encounter? That she was a silly young girl and was boring me to death?

“Stay here for as long as you like. Have a nap if you want!” I exclaimed, wiping my cum off my belly. Maisie giggled as I sat up in bed, swinging my legs off the edge.

“Where are you going?” she asked, her voice changing its tone when she saw me walking towards the window in my room.

“Making a smooth exit,” I said, looking at her over my shoulder with a smirk.

“You’re leaving through the window?” she asked in a shrill voice as I slid the glass pane up and stuck my leg out, feeling for the drain pipe I always relied on.

“Always have, always will. Thanks Maisie. You’re a doll,” I said before hauling myself out of the window in one smooth motion.




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